Photoworks Annual Call on LGBTQ+ rights. Deadline: July 7, 2017.

Are we happy to help? Yes, we are!
The Captain and the crew
Hello Moritz
We’d be very grateful for any help you can offer us in spreading the word through your networks about a great opportunity we have for photographers and for artists using photography.
Deadline is this Friday 7 July 2017.
Our next Photoworks Annual, to be published in November, will explore how photography and visual culture can be used to foreground LGBTQ+ rights.
The international photography and visual culture journal, Photoworks Annual, is known for showcasing emerging talents alongside established names and for pairing writing from the forefront of photographic thinking with expertise from beyond the conventional art world.
The Editors welcome new or previously unpublished (in print), fully resolved projects, from UK and international artists at any stage of their career. Four projects will be published alongside an essay about the selected works, commissioned from a high-profile writer plus a number of short-listed entries will be selected for additional online publication.

Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase. Deadline: July 10, 2017

2017 Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase: Call for Submissions
“Recognizing the amazing quality of work being produced by woman photographers in Asia”

Slideshow Projection curated by Yumi Goto (Reminders Photography Stronghold) and Emmeline Yong (Objectifs)
In collaboration with Objectifs’ Women in Film & Photography Showcase

Submission Deadline: 10 July 2017


Call for Submissions 2017: Guidelines
Asian women photographers are invited to submit work for inclusion in a slideshow curated by Yumi Goto (of Reminders Project and Photography Stronghold) and Emmeline Yong (Objectifs). The slideshow projection will be part of the Women in Film & Photography Showcase at Objectifs (Singapore), 11 Oct to 19 Nov 2017.
The Women in Film & Photography Showcase at Objectifs is a tribute to the artists, photographers and filmmakers who have created works that tell stories with impact, break boundaries and inspire us.

The photo essays, series and bodies of submitted work may be about any issue, event or person but must have been photographed in the applicant¹s native country. Completed bodies of work and ongoing projects are both acceptable.

Applicants who are ethnically Asian but were born outside of Asia are also eligible, but must submit a body of work photographed in their forefathers country. We have received numerous questions about this stipulation, so would like to provide the following random examples:

1. A woman brought up in France but born in Cambodia may submit work from Cambodia.

2. An American woman with a Chinese mother and Filipino father may submit work from China or the Philippines.

3. A half­-Asian woman is also eligible.

See below for a list of Asian countries*.

Approximately 10 to 20 works will be selected for the slideshow projection, to be screened during an evening of the showcase at Objectifs. The slideshow may also travel to other festivals, with the permission of the participating photographers.

There are no participation fees and production of the slideshow will be undertaken by Objectifs. Photographers may submit more than one body of work for consideration. However, you must submit each one as a new entry.

*List of Asian Countries:
North Korea
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates


The Curatorial School Workshops, Malta. Deadline: June 30, 2017

This seems like an interesting program … even if the teaser image only shows utterly bored people (the lady in the background just fell asleep, didn’t she?)   😉

Anyways: There are student discounts and volunteering opportunities. So have a look!

The Valletta 2018 Curatorial School (28th August-1st September 2017) is a one-week intensive lecture programme hosted in the heart of Valletta, Malta, with leading curators from major international arts institutions. The theme for this year’s Curatorial School is Researching Curatorial Practices. By bringing together international and local perspectives, this year’s programme asks: What kinds of research do curators of contemporary art engage in?

The Curatorial School’s programme will explore a variety of topics that are highly relevant to practitioners and students today, including curating as research and curatorial research methods, curating the unfamiliar, the research involved in developing concepts, the temporalities of display, and the potentials and limitations of exhibition-making.

The Curatorial School offers participants the opportunity to further their curatorial career development through insightful lectures and professional networking opportunities. Participants may respond to tasks put forward by guest curators and receive extensive feedback on aspects of curating, researching, producing and presenting new ideas. Workshop themes include, “Curatorial Start Kit for Research the Art and Democracy Question,” “Modes of Curating / Curating as Research,” “Curating the Place and the Social” Art as Production of Public Domain,” and “Showtime: Exhibition Temporalities and Curating as a Mode of Political Enquiry and Critical Practice.”

International guest speakers and workshop facilitators include Alfredo Cramerotti (MOSTYN Gallery, 57th Venice Biennale, Manifesta 8), Bassam El Baroni (Manifesta 8, HOME WORKS 7), Fulya Erdemci (54th Istanbul Biennial, 54th Venice Biennale, 2nd Moscow Contemporary Art Biennale, 25th Biennale São Paulo), Maren Richter (REGIONALE12 Biennal, MOCA Taipei), Mick Wilson (Moscow Curatorial School, 9th Taipei Biennal, PARSE journal) and Sebastian Cichocki (Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 52nd and 54th Venice Biennales).

To register:

The fee to attend the Curatorial School is €110. We are pleased to offer a discounted student rate of €60 for students currently enrolled in studies.

A limited number of applicants will be accepted as event volunteers, for whom attendance fees will also be waived.


Registrations are open until the 30th of June 2017.

Three Photo/Book Calls in Spain. Deadline: 30 June / 3 July, 2017

In case you do not speak Spanish, please use Google translator or even better, a real person to help you with this.

I am posting these Calls because all of them are open for international candidates, even if  some of the documents have to be handed in in Spanish. So please give it a thought.

Here we go (¡vamos! ¡vamos!)


Cosecha 2017

Julio es nuestro mes de cosecha. Es el momento de juntarnos a ver, y celebrar, las maquetas en las que habéis estado trabajando.

Cosecha 2017 está organizado en colaboración con la Biblioteca-Centro de Documentación del Museo Reina Sofía y, por primera vez este año, con la librería La Fábrica. Cosecha 2017 es el encuentro anual para todos aquellos que trabajen sus proyectos visuales en forma de libro y tienen ya una maqueta que compartir. Nos interesan las maquetas como expresión del proceso de creación, como lugar de experimentación y de tránsito, como objeto material.

Como otros años, vamos a tener un encuentro en el Centro de Estudios del Museo Reina Sofía, en el edificio Nouvel. Los participantes tendrán un tiempo para presentar su maqueta al resto de participantes. No se aceptan pantallas, móviles, proyecciones, pdfs, powerpoints o similares, queremos maquetas en papel, físicas, tangibles.
Todas las maquetas presentadas serán expuestas en las mesas de la librería de La Fábrica, durante todo el resto del mes de julio.

Las plazas son limitadas, os podéis registrar aquí, antes del 3 de Julio. Al participar en Cosecha 2017 aceptáis participar en la presentación y en la exposición.

Podéis participar de oyentes. Cosecha 2017 es una convocatoria pública, gratuita y abierta independientemente del nivel de experiencia.

5 de julio, 2017, de 18:00 a 21:00 h
Centro de Estudios, Edificio Nouvel, Museo Reina Sofía
Aforo: 45 personas
Inscripción hasta 3 de julio, 2015, rellenando este formulario de inscripción.
Ronda de Atocha
metro: L1 – Atocha
BiciMAD: 51

Cosecha 2017
Inauguración: 6 de julio, 2017 – 19:30 h
Librería La Fábrica
c/ Alameda, 9
metro: L1 – Atocha
BiciMAD: 67



FotoCanal Libro de Fotografía 2017

La Comunidad de Madrid y Ediciones Anómalas convocan la II edición del concurso FotoCanal Libro de Fotografía 2017. El premio consistirá en la edición, publicación y distribución del libro, coeditado por la Comunidad de Madrid y Ediciones Anómalas.


  1. Podrán participar en el concurso todos los fotógrafos que lo deseen, sin limitaciones de nacionalidad, lugar de residencia o edad.
  1. El tema es libre. El trabajo deberá ser inédito, no habiendo sido publicado nunca en formato libro, y el fotógrafo deberá ser el único propietario de los derechos de autor de la obra.
  1. Los participantes deberán enviar un dossier que contenga:

– Un documento en formato pdf  con un pequeño texto explicativo del proyecto y un CV del fotógrafo, en español o inglés.

– Una serie de 30 a 60 fotografías calidad jpeg, 1500x 2000 píxels aprox. y 72 dpi.

El dossier completo se podrá enviar por wetransfer o dropbox a la dirección:

  1. No se aceptarán maquetas físicas, pero en caso de que algún participante tenga ya una maqueta desarrollada, podrá enviar el pdf a la misma dirección. Tendrán absolutamente la misma consideración maquetas acabadas que series de fotografías.
  1. Los participantes garantizarán que, en caso de ser seleccionados, entregarán todas las imágenes en formato TIFF, ancho mínimo de 30 cm i 300 dpi.
  1. No se aceptarán propuestas que no cumplan los requisitos solicitados.
  1. El jurado decidirá la propuesta ganadora, teniendo en cuenta la calidad del proyecto y sus posibilidades narrativas. Estará integrado por Jaime de los Santos, director de la Oficina de Cultura y Turismo de la Comunidad de Madrid, María Pardo Álvarez directora general de Promoción Cultural de la Comunidad de Madrid, Antonio J. Sánchez Luengo, subdirector general de Bellas Artes de la Comunidad de Madrid, Javier Martín-Jiménez, asesor de arte de la Comunidad de Madrid; Jessica Murray, fotógrafa y comisaria, Paco Gómez, fotógrafo, Andrea Coppetti, editor y fundador de Tipi Bookshop y Sema D´Acosta, comisario.
  1. Los coeditores firmarán un contrato de edición con el fotógrafo seleccionado, en el que se estipulará un pago en concepto de derechos de autor.
  1. Los coeditores pondrán todos sus medios para la edición del libro. Así, se harán cargo de los trabajos de edición, diseño, preimpresión, impresión, distribución y difusión del libro en todos sus canales nacionales e internacionales.



Inscripciones: Hasta 30 de junio

Anuncio ganador: 28 de julio

Publicación del libro: diciembre de 2017


Premio Begira Photo de Creación Fotográfica

Kinua, entidad organizadora del festival de fotografía contemporánea Begira Photo, convoca el I Premio Begira Photo de Creación Fotográfica con el propósito de dar visibilidad y promover la obra de nuevos talentos fotográficos mediante su inclusión en de la programación expositiva de Begira Photo 2017.



Se concederá un único premio que contendrá los siguientes reconocimientos:


1) Premio en metálico de 800 € (ochocientos euros). A este importe se le aplicarán las retenciones fiscales españolas correspondientes.


2) Exposición individual. La exposición se realizará del 26 de octubre al 18 de noviembre de 2017 dentro de la programación oficial de Begira Photo 2017.


3) Producción de la exposición a cuenta de Begira Photo 2017 con un máximo presupuestario de 1.500€. Las características técnicas de la exposición y la propuesta expositiva para la sala serán fijadas conjuntamente entre la persona premiada y el equipo de dirección de Begira Photo.

Condiciones de participación

1. Podrá participar cualquier persona mayor de 18 años y de cualquier nacionalidad. La inscripción es libre y gratuita.


2. Se presentará una serie fotográfica bajo la temática La montaña y con absoluta libertad técnica. No es necesario que el proyecto sea inédito. Se admitirán tanto trabajos individuales como colectivos.


3. El plazo de presentación finaliza el 30 de junio de 2017 a las 23:59 hora peninsular española (no se admitirá ningún trabajo después de esta hora). Los participantes recibirán un acuse de recibo vía e-mail que verificará la correcta recepción de la documentación.


4. Cada participante deberá enviar a un único documento en formato PDF de máximo 10Mb en el que figurará escrito en castellano:
• Nombre y datos de contacto.
• Biografía (máximos 10 líneas).
• Título y statement del proyecto (máximos 10 líneas).
• Un máximo de veinticinco fotografías.


5. Las propuestas serán revisadas por un Jurado convocado a tal efecto por Kinua. La decisión del jurado será inapelable, incluso en el caso del premio se declare desierto.


6. El Jurado considerará los siguientes aspectos en la evaluación de las propuestas:
• Calidad y coherencia del proyecto.
• Trayectoria del solicitante (premios, becas o ayudas, participación en exposiciones individuales y colectivas, formación académica, formación complementaria).
• Conexión del proyecto con el tema La montaña.


7. El fallo del Jurado se hará público el 31 de julio de 2017 en la página web de Begira Photo, y en las redes sociales del festival. Sólo se contactará directamente con la persona premiada.

8. La persona ganadora del premio deberá garantizar que es titular de los derechos de las fotografías que entregue a Kinua y se hará responsable de las reclamaciones que en cualquier momento pudieran formularse sobre la autoría y originalidad del trabajo y sobre la titularidad de los derechos sobre el mismo.


9. La persona premiada, si así lo desea, podrá aportar materiales ya producidos para ser expuestos. En ese caso, los costes del transporte de los mismos correrán por cuenta de la organización con un límite total de 1.500 euros, cantidad destinada a la producción de la exposición. Finalizada la muestra, las copias pasarán a ser propiedad de la persona ganadora del premio (el gasto del transporte para el envío de las mismas correrá por su cuenta). Una de las copias producidas deberá ser donada a Kinua.


10. Las fotografías de la propuesta premiada son propiedad de su autor. La participación en esta convocatoria conlleva la cesión de los derechos de publicación y reproducción en todos aquellos casos relacionados con la promoción del premio y las actividades desarrolladas por Kinua, ya sea en soporte electrónico y/o impreso o a través de cualquier material promocional.


11. La participación en el I Premio Begira Photo de Creación Fotográfica supone la plena aceptación de las presentes bases y, en lo no previsto en las mismas, el Jurado dictaminará. La organización de Begira Photo se reserva el derecho a resolver, en la forma que estime oportuna, cualquier aspecto no previsto en estas bases. En el caso de desavenencias insalvables con la persona ganadora del premio, Kinua se reserva el derecho a retirar la exposición.


12. Para cualquier consulta o aclaración escribir a

Paris Photo – Aperture F. PhotoBook Awards. D: Sept 15, 2017

Paris Photo is proud to announce the call for entries for the 2017 Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards.

Submit your entries now through September 15th for the three prize categories: First PhotoBook, PhotoBook of the Year, and Photography Catalogue of the Year. The First PhotoBook prize winner will receive $10,000.

The shortlisted books will be exhibited November 9-12, 2017 at Paris Photo and featured in The PhotoBook Review (published by Aperture Foundation) accompanied by the jury’s comments. The winners will be announced Friday, November 10, 2017 at the fair.

For more information and to submit entries, visit


September 15, 2017, 12:00 noon EST, 4:00 p.m. UTC (books must physically arrive at Aperture in New York)

September 2017

Shortlist announcement
November, 2017
Winner announcement
December 9, 2017 – February 3, 2018


First PhotoBook

  • A book in which the dominant content is photography, featuring the work of one or more photographer/artist,* produced in physical form, and available for purchase or distributed free of charge, whether via trade distribution, print on demand, a gallery or online outlet, or otherwise. (“Virtual” or electronic books that exist only in digital form are not eligible for entry at this time.)
  • A book that is the first by the given photographer/artist is eligible for entry, whether a first self-published book, a first limited-edition book, a first gallery-published collection, a first book made available by print on demand, or a first book published by a publisher for release in the book trade. A first book published by an established publisher is eligible for entry even if the photographer/artist previously released a self-published book or a limited-edition book for distribution outside the trade. However, once a photographer/artist has had a book published by a mainstream publisher in the book trade, a subsequent book (whether self-published or not) is not eligible for entry
  • Books must be produced or published between September 1, 2016, and September 13, 2017. Books produced before September 13, 2017, but not due for release or publication until a later date in 2017, are also eligible.

PhotoBook of the Year

  • A book in which the dominant content is photography, whether authored by more than one photographer/artist* or authored by an editor, produced in physical form, and published in an edition of no less than one hundred copies.
  • Books must be produced or published between September 1, 2016, and September 13, 2017. Books produced before September 13, 2017, but not due for release or publication until a later date in 2017, are also eligible.
  • Entries for either award may only be submitted by the photographer/artist, the publisher, or a third party acting with the consent of the photographer/artist.

Photography Catalogue of the Year

  • An exhibition catalogue or museum publication in which the dominant content is photography. Catalogues can feature the work of one or more photographers/artists, should be produced in physical form, and available for purchase or distributed free of charge, whether via trade distribution, print on demand, a gallery or online outlet, or otherwise
  • Text-only publications are not eligible, however, catalogues can include extensive research, writing, and analysis—whether dedicated to the oeuvre of a single photographer, or an exploration of a collection based in photographic history and practice
  • Catalogues must be produced or published between September 1, 2016, and September 13, 2017. Catalogues produced before September 13, 2017, but not due for release or publication until a later date in 2017, are also eligible.

*Books by or featuring the work of more than one photographers/artists are eligible in all categories.

Juror information

The awards will be judged in two stages. An initial jury will meet in New York to select the shortlisted entries in both categories. The final winners will be decided by a separate jury that will meet in Paris immediately before Paris Photo begins. The initial jury will include representatives of both Paris Photo and Aperture Foundation, and the final jury will include neither.
Each award winner will be chosen from the juried shortlist, all of which will be exhibited at Paris Photo. The fall 2017 issue of The PhotoBook Review (published by Aperture Foundation) will feature all of the shortlisted books. Following their display during Paris Photo, an exhibition of the thirty shortlisted books will travel to Aperture Gallery in New York and may be exhibited at other venues.

Register at

Artist Residency in Spain. Deadline : June 1, 2017

The Unifiedfield / el campo unificado is about to launch its third residency program and the first edition of an annual arts festival in Castellar de la Frontera, Cádiz (Spain). In November 2017, six international artists will coincide in a beautiful Andalusian home at a medieval fortress in the heart of Los Alcornocales Natural Park. For this program, artists are invited to work out of their comfort zone to experiment with collaborative processes and ephemeral interventions in the village and the natural surroundings.

Besides the main residency in Castellar, there is also the possibility to develop a project in two different settings during other periods:

-Granada city: the residency will take place at an old charming apartment in Albayzín – similar to the one we had in our former residency in Granada between 2012 and 2014. This new program will focus on relational art projects in San Miguel Alto where The Unifiedfield is starting a community garden.

-A dome in a village in Ávila, near Madrid: for projects which use the dome as a Temporary Autonomous Zone for internal experiences / art processes to happen in nature.

A new website for this residency program will be launched soon with more information about the locations, partners and the communities we are engaging with in Spain. We are currently expanding our network and other emplacements can be proposed, depending on the nature of the selected projects.

The Unifiedfield is an independent non-profit artist-run organization with no external funding. To cover the residency expenses we charge a residency fee and the amount will vary depending on each project. Please note that we do not accept self-funded artists. The Unifiedfield can assist the artists with letters of invitation to enable to raise funds to cover the residency as well as the artist’s production costs, living and travel expenses, etc.
+ info:

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