About the Ship

The Curator Ship is a collection of useful articles and materials on contemporary photography and visual arts. It is a personal and subjective choice of the editors. As the project is open for collaboration to everyone, we encourage you to contribute information that you find useful!

Navigation and star maps: Have a look at the menu to the right: The posts are ordered by deadlines (open and closed), by languages, and also by categories.

Your feedback is important to me: If you have any ideas to make the Ship bigger, faster, slimmer, shinier or just more fun, please tell me how.

The idea for the Curator Ship was born in 2008, but it was not much more than a funny Logo for a while. The current haul was built and launched in August of 2010.In the beginning, it had only a few visitors a day. This has changed quite a bit. So, have a walk on the deck and open each and every door, hatch, or bull’s eye.


The Crew:

Captain (and cleaning lady): Moritz Neumüller

First Mates: Claudi Nir, Arcangela Regis, Eufália Cristina Paz de Almeida

Second Mates: Cristina Gomis, Alba Bru

There are still some jobs in the galley and the machine room available, so do not hesitate to let us know if you are interested in the experience. Ex-Pirates welcome.

Please contact us to get your Call published, or leave a comment here, for internal affairs and signing on.

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  1. Great concept! :-) Duncan

    Duncan Caratacus Clark

    I would like to share with you my free Fine Art Photography Research:


  2. This is great Mr.!!

  3. Hello Moritz,

    Im a photographer and editor of a online magazine in Brazil. How can i send you information about open calls to be published in your blog?

    Thank you!

    • Dear Felipe, I will invite you as a co-author and ordinary seaman on the Ship, so you can post things that are of interest for our readers. Welcome aboard, mate!

    • Felipe,

      I am moving to Brazil this year! (from Los Angeles)
      What is your online magazine called?

  4. Best Curator Ship,
    I would like to send you some information about a Scholarship we’re offering in LENS Escuela de Fotografía y Vídeo (Madrid). Deadline of the call: 30 april 2012.
    You can find all the information on: http://lensfotografia.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/beca-lens-de-fotografia-2012-participa/.
    I can also send you the information in english if needed.
    Best regards,

  5. MORITZ I love THE CONCEPT IS SO CLEAN and its has such of good content …my friends from The Lunch Box Gallery Miami told me about the blog -AMAZING- I am the founder of an art magazine IRREVERSIBLE and art projects (www.irreversiblemagazine.com) I would love for us to partner and exchange info and links to our sites, blogs and everything we could think of…I taget the world and we do huge cultural exchanges…please visit http://www.giantsinthecity.com

    I am sending out a CALL FOR ARTISTS for our COVER DEC 2012 Limited Edition
    how can I post this info?

    thank you and what an excellent idea…congrats FROM Miami!

    • Thank you for the flowers!!

      Just send me the information to moritzbarcelona(at)gmail and we will post it … if it’s worth it ;-)
      Seriously: Please provide the information (and the proposal for collaboration) and we will evaluate it, and then get back to you. And, again, thank you for your kind words! Moritz

  6. Looking forward to following and taking part in the adventures of the Curator Ship.

  7. Hi, Moritz. Thanks for an informative and useful blog…:)

    I am Co-Director of Goddard College’s MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Program, which was the first low-residency program of its kind when established in the mid-90s. Our program and its activities appeal to anyone interested in interdisciplinary arts praxis and/or education, whether visual, performative or otherwise. Could we somehow get the occasional notice on application deadlines or events posted on your blog? Would be much appreciated.



    • Dear Michael,

      maybe I am mistaken, but your program seems to be an educational program with some days onsite, correct?

      You will understand that we cannot make publicity for your course. Rather, you can send us more information on grants and scholarships for the program, with their respective deadlines, such as the ones you have listed at http://www.goddard.edu/admissions/goddard-scholarships

      Best regards, Moritz


  8. rosalind williams

    December 18, 2013

    I’d like tobe considered for a galley position. I think I can cook up some pretty interesting dishes.
    Congratulations and good luck.

    • Welcome aboard, Rosalind. I cleaned up the galley, as much as I could. Still a lot of empty bottles in the recycling bin (left behind by my cousin, Captain Morgan, the other night) and some dirty dishes in the sink, but a lot better than it used to be. So, when shall we start?

  9. Hola Moritz,

    Nos gustaría informaros de nuestra convocatoria de residencias / espacios de trabajo para artistas, cuya deadline es el próximo 10 de enero. Si pudierais publicar las bases en Curatorship os estaríamos muy agradecidos. Podéis encontrar información aquí:


    Mil gracias!

    Sant Andreu Contemporani

  10. open call for the 21° Course in Curatorial Practice Venice – for more information:


    Conference Name: Photography’s Shifting Terrain: Emerging Histories & New Practices
    Place: New York University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Date: March 8-10, 2015

    Language of Papers & Presentations: English

    Conference description:
    Photography’s Shifting Terrain: Emerging Histories & New Practices

    Our understanding of the histories and practices of photography is changing as more and more critical attention is being paid to photographic cultures from outside of Europe and North America, and to new forms and functions emergent in a variety of contemporary social and political contexts and digital formats. This conference will bring together up to forty scholars, photographers, curators and archivists from around the world in order to undertake new explorations of photography’s past and its present.

    Models for global, regional and local histories of photography are being rethought as a growing number of case studies develop our knowledge of previously unexamined or little known traditions as well as individual photographers. New visual vocabularies and practices are being constructed in vernacular, documentary and fine art forms; the same vocabularies and practices can also challenge these very categories and are often characterized by a turn to local histories and mythologies and personal experiences and needs. Emergent nations and cultural groups are using photography to construct their own histories and a sense of shared cultural heritage. At the same time, both photographers and photographs increasingly move between cultures, and the space between the local and the global has become a space of situatedness in its own right.

    Documentary photography has been the object of critique but photography committed to human rights or ‘peace photography’ is thriving – not just in new forms but also through new strategies of intervention. The concern with aesthetics has similarly been out of favor in some quarters but there is also a renewed interest in the relationship of aesthetics and ethics.

    In such contexts, the work of archives, galleries, photo agencies, festivals and other cultural organizations committed to the photographic image is more important than ever, as is the role of visual education. Where there is little state support for photography, such institutions often carry the responsibility for creating, preserving and disseminating photographic culture.

    These are some of the areas and issues the conference aims to examine. The conference will focus in particular on the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. However, work about and from other regions is also welcomed, as are suggestions for other topics.

    We invite both scholarly papers as well as presentations by those working with photography outside the academy.

    The organizers plan to publish a volume of selected papers and presentations.

    In addition, we would like to gather together important and previously un-translated writings on photography from the non-English-speaking world with a view of publishing an anthology in English. We would very much welcome suggestions and contributions in this area.


    Funding & Organization:

    All travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses will be covered for all participants presenting at the conference.

    The conference is funded and hosted by the New York University Abu Dhabi Institute. It is organized in collaboration with the Arab Image Foundation.

    Principal organizers:

    Shamoon Zamir
    Associate Professor of Literature & Visual Studies, NYUAD, and Director of Akkasah: Center for Photography at NYUAD.

    Issam Nassar
    Professor of Middle East History and Member, Arab Image Foundation


    Suggested topics:

    Possible topics for proposals include, but are not limited to:

    • New visual vocabularies in photography
    • Archives & archival practices
    • Alternative histories of photography
    • Photography & human rights / “Peace Photography”
    • Photography and history
    • Photography and aesthetics
    • Cross-cultural encounters & movements
    • Photographic genres, modes and audiences
    • Image & text / the photobook


    Proposal guidelines, submission process & schedule:

    Proposals for papers or presentations, or for panels should provide as much detail as possible but should not exceed 500 words.

    Proposals will be reviewed by the principal organizers and an advisory committee.

    All papers and presentations will be 20 minutes.

    Submit a 500 word abstract and a 150 word biographical note to:
    Özge Calafato
    Proposals should be submitted in the following format:

    Name of the author(s)
    Telephone and e-mail address
    Title of proposal
    Body of proposal

    DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: October 3, 2014

    You will be notified by November 7, 2014 regarding the status of your proposal.


    Contact & Link:
    For further information on the conference, please contact:

    Shamoon Zamir
    Arts and Humanities, New York University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Details of the conference and the call for papers & presentations are also available at:

  12. Reply
  13. Summer school in Curatorial Studies Venice – Open call
    8th June – 30th September 2015
    The School for Curatorial Studies is an ambitious and challenging project promoted since 2004 and conceived as a school committed to experimentation and interdisciplinary thinking. The main goals are to spread the knowledge in the field of visual arts and to introduce the students to the professions related to the art world, focusing on contemporary curatorial theory and practice and contemporary museology. The School’s activities are meant for all those interested and passionate in art, graduated students or professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their practical skills. The School’s teaching staff is formed by Italian and international professionals, scholars, historians and art critics of recognized experience. Among them: Agnes Kohlmeyer (curator), Angela Vettese (art critic), Luca Massimo Barbero (Peggy Guggenheim Collection), Francesca Colasante (Foundation Pinault), Andrea Goffo (Found. Prada), Tommaso Speretta.

    The program:
    The Summer School in Curatorial Practice will take place during the 56th International Art Biennale of Venice. With an interdisciplinary approach, the course provides practical training and experience within museums and exhibition settings. Its international faculty includes curators and museum professionals, artists and critics. The course is designed to increase students understanding of the intellectual and technical tasks of the curator figure. English-taught lectures cover both theoretical and practical topics that go from the history of contemporary visual arts and practices of exhibition-making, to Exhibition Management. The students will participate in weekly activities, such as artist studio visits, tours of exhibition spaces, networking events and workshops. The program culminates with the set up of the exhibition and the publication of a printed catalogue.
    The Summer School includes visits of specific art venues all over the city of Venice during the 56th International Art Biennale. A series of selected case studies will offer the students an opportunity to observe the development of contemporary art. The School’s goal is to align these specific theoretical lectures with a practical approach. Besides the theoretical lectures, a series of laboratories and workshops aims to introduce the students to the work of critical text writing, press releases and to structure all the different aspects of publishing. The students will be offered the possibility of a gallery training and of setting up together – with one of our tutors, their exhibition in Venice, as a final project of the course.
    The first module:
    June 8 – August 8, 2015
    The first module involves 350 contact hours:

    1. History of Curatorial Practices
    2. Exhibition Design
    3. Aesthetics and Cultural Theory
    4. Contemporary Art History
    5. Cultural Events Management and Organization
    6. Curating Exhibitions
    7. Fine Arts Management.
    8. Fundraising and Marketing / Workshop
    9. Communication Strategies and Artistic Events Promotion / Workshop
    10. New Media and Digital Technologies
    11. Workshop on Critical Writing
    12. Artist Studio Visits and Visits of the 56th International Art Biennale

    The second module:
    August 19 – September 21, 2015
    The second module is dedicated to researching and structuring the final project. The work will be discussed with the curators and project managers during several meetings hold once and twice a week. The weekly overhauls are moments of confrontation and examination of the theoretical and practical work produced by the students through autonomous research. During this period of time the students will have to face practical duties, such as coordinating the artists, managing transportation and insurance policies, promoting and curating the final publication.

    The third module:
    September 24 – 30, 2014
    The last part of the course lies in the production of the event. During this period of time all the work concerning the final event will take place. The students will coordinate the arrival and the display of the works of art and supervise all the different aspects related to the event, such as promotion, organization, last details about the publication, opening. After the presentation to the public, the student will be given the tools to professionally document the event.

    Duration and structure

    The course has a duration of 450 hours. The participants will develop themes as well as concepts, organization, acquisition, communication and the concrete implementation of their skills together with the course director and international guests (artists, curators, architects, critics, fine arts scientists and publishers of art journals).

    Application deadline: March, 31th 2015.
    The application form must be sent by e-mail before the deadline (March 31th 2015) of the Curatorial Program to:
    Xac – School for Curatorial Studies
    San Marco, 3073, 30124 Venice
    Email: curatorialschool@gmail.com
    Tel: +39 3477122456
    The application form can be downloaded at http://www.corsocuratori.com, where you can find more information about our curatorial program and your stay in Venice.

    Press office:Sara Benetti

  14. Travellers

    Calling for submissions
    Deadline Thursday March 19, 2015

    Submit your photos for free participation to “Travellers” exhibition

    Forty photographs from the ones sent will be chosen to be exhibited by our gallery in April.

    Professional or amateur photographers from around the world, who are over 18, are eligible to participate in the contest.

    Blank Wall Gallery is calling artists to submit photographs for an exhibition with the theme “Travellers”

    Photographs of people in ports, airports, bus stations and train stations. People with luggage, departing or arriving, taken in the street, in metro stations or bus stops, waiting for a taxi or getting out of one during day or night. All means of transport are accepted.

    After you have submitted your photographs, in order to be informed about the progress of the contest, you should subscribe at our newsletter, as all information will be send to you through newsletters.

    The total cost of this particular contest (printing, matting, framing, press releases, leaflets, opening night, and invigilation) will be covered by Blank Wall Gallery. Blank Wall Gallery will provide both its floors for this exhibition.

    All you have to do is send the photographs you believe that have a position in this exhibition. 40 photographers will be chosen to present their work.


    You can submit your work via email at: submissions@blankwallgallery.com

    In the body of your email please include the following info:

    Your Name
    Exhibition Name
    Titles of Included Photos with corresponding file name
    (i.e. New York Train Station – firstname_lastname_1.jpg
    Heathrow Airport – firstname_lastname_2.jpg etc.)

    1. Submission is free

    2. You can submit up to three photographs, taken by any photographic means: digital camera, film or Polaroid.

    3. Prepare your files. Your photographs should be jpg files, 1200 pixels maximum, on the longest side, set to the highest quality, at 72 dpi.

    4. The name of the files should be: firstname_lastname_1.jpg

    5. The photographers who are selected into the exhibition will provide a high resolution Tiff or JPEG file for our gallery to print.


    1. Artists grant Blank Wall Gallery the right to use their images to promote the exhibition, for display on Blank Wall Gallery webpage and for inclusion in an exhibit catalog.

    2. The Artist declares that he/she is the owner of the Works that will be exhibited and they have their copyrights.

    3. The royalties of the Works are not bestowed to the Gallery at any time. The copyright of the Works remains in the creators and in them alone.

    4. The copyright of the Works during and after the exhibition remains with the Artist.

    5. The Gallery does not have the right to make use of or bestow the high definition files or the prints of the Works that will be used for the realization of the exhibition.

    6. The Gallery will not have any commercial profit from the Works that will be exhibited and it cannot exploit them at any time.

    7. The Works will remain at the Gallery premises only for the period the exhibition lasts for.

    8. The Works can remain at the Gallery premises only if the exhibition is prolonged for some time after the end of the programmed date.

    9. After the end of the exhibition, the Works selected for the exhibition, both digital and printed, will be destroyed with the responsibility of the Gallery. Only a small file in the size of 750 pixels will be kept for the prompt function of the web page.

    DEADLINE: MARCH 30th, 2015

    Incubarte 7 International Art Festival announces the open call for art proposals for its 2015 edition. The deadline to present the works is March 30th, 2015. As in its previous editions, the purpose of INCUBARTE 7 is to create an international platform for the promotion and exhibition of contemporary art in the city of Valencia. The Festival will take place on June 18-21, 2015.
    After the four days of the Festival, the exhibitions will remain open to public for another month.
    Terms and registration details for the open call can be found at http://www.incubarte.org
    Starting with its 7th edition, Incubarte will now take place biennially. Since its beginning, Incubarte has exhibited works of approximately 700 international artists, many of whom had
    been unknown or inaccessible to a larger audience. In the 2013 edition, the Festival counted with the participation of 175 artists of 26 nationalities.
    INCUBARTE 7 will count with the collaboration of prestigious Festivals and international Institutions. The 2nd International Casablanca Biennial will exhibit at Institut Français València a selections of its best works; Marte Castellon Art Fair will curate an exhibition; 8th
    Bang Videoart Barcelona Festival will show a selection of works from its past editions. These collaborations will allow for a bilateral exchange of artistic proposals.
    The participation in the open call is free of charge and open to everyone regardless of age, gender or nationality. The prizes in this free-themed competition are divided into four general categories: painting, sculpture/installation, photography and video art.
    In order to participate, the artist will fill out a registration form on INCUBARTE 7’s website at http://www.incubarte.org, where the terms and conditions of the open call, the selection process, the categories and prizes are detailed. The deadline for submitting artworks is March 30, 2015 at midnight, UTC+1 time zone.
    Each artist can submit up to three works in any of the categories. The inscriptions can be individual or as an art collective.
    The selection will be made public on the Festival’s website at http://www.incubarte.org.

  16. Cityscape by Blank Wall Gallery

    Calling for submissions
    Deadline: Thursday May 21, 2015
    Urban and public places and scenes of everyday life. Everybody is on the run. The pace of life never slows down. There is a hectic rhythm full of noise and shouts. Images and situations pass in front of our eyes and disappear within seconds and all these happening around tall, impressive buildings that are part of the city. Buildings that contribute to the creation of the character and the atmosphere of each city. Photographs of such cities are welcome to take part in the “Cityscape” contest.
    Choices Announced: Saturday May 23, 2015
    Exhibition: Sunday June 7 – Thursday June 25, 2015

    20 photographs will be selected for an exhibition that will take place at “Blank Wall Gallery” space.

    All photographers, amateurs and professionals who are over 18, are eligible to participate to the contest.

    Entry Fee: From €7

    The Artists declare that they are the owners of the Works that will be exhibited and they have their copyrights.

    Any photograph used by Blank Wall Gallery will have a photographer’s credit.

    The royalties of the Works are not bestowed to Blank Wall Gallery at any time. The copyright of the Works remains in the creators and in them alone.

    The copyright of the Works during and after the exhibition remains with the Artist.

    Contest link: http://www.blankwallgallery.com/calls-for-entry/

  17. Portraits by Blank Wall Gallery

    Calling for submissions
    Deadline: Thursday June 18, 2015
    Everybody has photographed a beloved person at a moment or another. Photographs that depict what we see in the other person. Our personal projection of feelings and thoughts on the other. Photographs which are full of unspoken emotions.
    These portraits of family people, relatives or even unknown people, taken in the street, can take part in the contest “Portraits”.
    Choices Announced: Saturday June 20, 2015
    Exhibition: Sunday July 5 – Thursday July 23, 2015
    20 photographs will be selected for an exhibition that will take place at “Blank Wall Gallery” space.

    All photographers, amateurs and professionals who are over 18, are eligible to participate to the contest.

    Entry Fee: From €7

    The Artists declare that they are the owners of the Works that will be exhibited and they have their copyrights.

    Any photograph used by Blank Wall Gallery will have a photographer’s credit.

    The royalties of the Works are not bestowed to Blank Wall Gallery at any time. The copyright of the Works remains in the creators and in them alone.

    The copyright of the Works during and after the exhibition remains with the Artist.

    Contest link:http://www.blankwallgallery.com/calls-for-entry/


  18. zeynep

    July 1, 2015



    Application deadline: September 14, 2015

    Akbank Sanat announces the fourth edition of the International Curator Competition. Curators from around the world are encouraged to submit proposals by September 14, 2015.

    The competition intends to provide support for emerging curators, reinforce interest in curatorial practices, and encourage new projects in the field of contemporary art.

    The competition has an application-based process. The content and the quality of the proposals along with the reports of the reviewers are evaluated by an international jury consisting curators. This year, the jury members are Bassam El Baroni (Independent curator and theory tutor at Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem), Paul O’Neill (Curator, writer and Director of the Graduate Program at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York), Iris Dressler and Hans D. Christ (Directors of the Württembergisch Kunstverein Stuttgart). A reviewers system is incorporated to the evaluation process of the competition.

    In the first three years of the competition, proposals of Alejandra Labastida (Mexico City), Franz Thalmair (Austria) and Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk (Netherlands) won the competition. Their exhibitions were realized at Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, accompanied by programs of activities (performances, talks, and screenings) and exhibition catalogues.

    The winning curator is given opportunities to realize the proposal as an exhibition that will take place in the first half of 2016 at Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, accompanied by an exhibition catalogue and additional activities. The curatorial fee, the exhibition production, travel expenses of the curator/s and artists, the production of the catalogue and the additional activities will be covered by Akbank Sanat.

    Curators under the age of 40 are eligible to apply for the competition. There is no condition of residency or citizenship. Curators may apply for the competition as individuals as well as in groups (or as curatorial collectives). Curators will not be allowed to participate as artists in the projects.


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