The Mentor Ship


Mentoring and Reviews of Portfolios / Series / Books

In the actual situation, where many schools are closed and portfolio reviews have been cancelled, we have seen shipwrecked sailors floating in the Covid Sea and helpless landlubbers see their vessels sink without salvation. But do not despair! The Captain is now also offering online mentoring sessions for photographers & visual artists.

These mentoring sessions could help you if:

– you are working on a project but you are swimming in a sea of doubts and need some feedback or help to find your direction,

– you need help on finishing a project and finding the best way to present it (photobook, exhibition, installation, performance, etc.)

– you need another pair of eyes to look at your dummy & help you with the layout and the design,

– you want to self-publish a book and you need guidance on production themes, such as how and where to print, which papers to use, how to bind the thing, etc. etc. And of course, on how to find a platform to distribute your baby,

– you want to know more about the art market and/or the photography world, and need access to the international photobook landscape.

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Have a look at the video Promote your work, by Belfast Photo Festival. An online panel featuring Clare Gallagher – (Photography Lecturer, Ulster University, Belfast, UK), Stella Nantongo – (Uganda Press Photo Award, East Africa), Trish Lambe – Director & Curator (Gallery of Photography – Dublin, Ireland) and Anna-Kaisa-Rantenbeger – Professor (Academy of Fine Arts – University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland).

And here a really important video on the Female Gaze (and diversity in photography, in general), with Flossie Skelton — Journalist, British Journal of Photography; Nydia Blas – multidisciplinary visual artist; Holly McGlynn – award-winning fashion photographer (Levi’s, Chanel, Playboy, Tiffany) and Giya Makondo-Wills – British-South African documentary photographer.

More to come here…


We are working on workshop programs on subjects such as From the idea to the project, editing for exhibitions and books, Printing Techniques for exhibitions and artistic interventions and others. Are you interested in proposing a theme or want to get involved from the beginning? Contact us at!


Featured texts by invited authors and a text archive of my own contributions.


Have a look some exhibition views while we compile a list of links to useful resources in the curatorial field for you.