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Photobook Club Aarhus

If you live in the Jutland area and want to help us in setting up a Photobook Club in Aarhus — something which would extend the  conversations that happen around Aarhus Photobook Week throughout the year, please get in touch with us.

This new association would be part of the worldwide Photobook Club Network.

Hoping to hear from you!


VI Photobook Dummy Award RM. Deadline: August 15, 2016

Here we have another edition of the RM photobook contest for those in the latin world looking to publish their works. Good luck!

1-Who can participate?

Only photographers residents in Spain, Latin America and Portugal.

2-How many projects can present each participant?

There is no limit.

3-What will be presented?

Your photobook proposal in a pdf with a sequence of images, format and layout the most advanced possible

4. What projects are not accepted?

They are rejected those previously published in book form or whose ownership can not be demonstrated by the participant works.

5. How to register for the competition?

Through the website: http://www.concurso.editorialrm.com, section “Registration”.


Publication of the winning project in a photobook in Spanish and English international distribution and a minimum print run of 1,000 copies.
50 copies of the book of gift to the author.
Photobook diffusion through media, social networking, website and catalog RM, and sending numerous copies opinion leaders, experts, media and students of photography worldwide.


500 pesos for registration in Mexico.
30 euros or 35 USD for international registrations.


Tuesday May 3 to Monday, August 15, 2016.



The Portfolio Reviews 2016 List

The Portfolio Reviews 2016 List:

We have compiled this list for all of you who might interested in showing your work to qualified professionals around the world!

Entries are shorted by date and simplified for a practical use. For more info, go to their respective websites.

If you know of any other ones we should add, let us know🙂




-PHOTO ALLIANCE Portfolio Review (March, USA)

-FORMAT Portfolio Review (April, UK)

-PALM SPRINGS Portfolio Review (April, USA)

-CODICE MIA 2016 (April, Italy)

-FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA Reggio Emilia Portfolio Review 2016 (May, Italy)

-RIGA PHOTOMONTH Portfolio Review (May, Latvia)

-CONTACT Portfolio Review (May, Canada)

-KRAKOW PHOTOMONTH 11th Portfolio Review (May, Poland)

-ART PHOTO BARCELONA Portfolio Review (May, Spain)

-DESCUBRIMIENTOS PHOTO ESPAÑA Portfolio Review (June, Spain)


-ATHENS PHOTO FESTIVAL Portfolio Reviews (June, Greece)


-PHOTOIRELAND Portfolio Review (July, Ireland)

-PHOTO FOLIO REVIEW Arles Portfolio Review (July, France)

-FESTIVAL DE LA LUZ Portfolio Review (August, Argentina)

-OBSCURA FESTIVAL Portfolio Review (August, Malaysia)

-LANDSKRONA PHOTO FESTIVAL Portfolio Review (August, Sweden)

-FILTER FESTIVAL Portfolio Review (September, USA)

-ENCONTROS DA IMAGEN. Portfolio Review (September, Portugal)

-MDF BERLIN Portfolio Review (October, Germany)

-CENTER REVIEW SANTA FE  Portfolio Review (November, USA)

-PHOTO NOLA Portfolio Review (December, USA)





Organizer: American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP NY)

Date and place:  February 23, 2016, The Center, 208 W 13th Street, New York, NY.  (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: influential members of New York’s photography/arts community: gallerists, curators, collectors, publishers and dealers.

Registration Fee: Only ASMP members are eligible to register for this free, 2 1/4 hour, event. Registration is required and places fill up quickly. There will be a wait list. Link to register.

Number of reviews: 4 to 8 reviewers (10 min. each)

Price / Review Ratio: Free for all members

Email: asmpny.fineart@gmail.com

Web: http://asmpny.org/

Presentation Text: Fine Art Photographers, its time to make the connections and get the feedback you’ve been looking for to move your career forward!

ASMPNY’s members only Fine Art Portfolio Review will take place on Tuesday February 23rd. Don’t miss this opportunity to get real feedback on your work from the art world professionals. Recent participating organizations have included: the International Center of Photography, Aperture, and New York Foundation for the Arts; galleries included: Flowers, Howard Greenberg, Steven Kasher, Yossi Milo, and Yancey Richardson; individuals included: Elizabeth Avedon, Julie Grahame, and Mary Virginia Swanson.

This event is free for all members, however you must register to reserve your spot, space is limited.


Organizer: FotoFest

Date & Place: The Meeting Place is organized into four 4-day sessions. Different reviewers are invited for each session of the Meeting Place. Dates for each session are as follows: March 12-15, 17-20, 22-25, 27-30, 2016. Houston, Texas. Between each session of the Meeting Place, there are “break days” (March 16, March 21, and March 26) where workshops, curatorial forums, exhibition tours, lectures, and symposia take place. The dates and details of these specific events will be announced at a later date.

Application Deadline: Early Registration period – June 17 to July 29, 2015. (Registration period has closed). 

Number of Participants: 450 from 34 countries and 37 U.S. states,

Profiles of Reviewers: 160 reviewers from 26 countries and all sectors of photography

Registration Fee: The fee to participate in one session of the Meeting Place is $925. Online registrations only; no telephone or walk-in registrations accepted.
(Artists are able to register for one or two sessions. FotoFest will accommodate as many preferences as possible, however be aware that FotoFest cannot guarantee ALL preferences, as space is limited.)

Number of reviews: Minimum of 16 individual portfolio reviews during a 4-day session. Guaranteed a minimum of 4 one-on-one formal review appointments per day.
Each appointment lasts 20 minutes.

Price / Review Ratio: $925 /$58

Web: www.fotofest.org / http://home.fotofest.org/2016/portfolio-reviews/registration.aspx#.VjyxuWQvey8

Email: meeting@fotofest.org

Presentation Text: The Meeting Place is the largest, most international program of its kind in the world offering sixteen days of portfolio reviews. Meeting Place registrants have special access to Citywide Exhibitions, Curatorial Forums, Artist Talks, and Open Portfolio Nights – Evenings with the Artists, where reviewers, collectors, and the public are invited to meet registrants and view their portfolios. Over the course of the last 20 years, the Meeting Place has been the catalyst for exhibitions, publications, and wider acclaim for many artists.


Organizer: PowerHouse Books

Date and place: March 6, 2016, Brooklyn, NY

Application Deadline: February 18, 2016  (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: publishers, photo editors, commercial photography agents, gallery directors, photography critics, art book packagers, and designers. Mostly from the US, especially from New York.

Email: info@powerhouseportfolioreview.com

Web: www.powerhouseportfolioreview.com/

Presentation Text: The Power House PR is a platform for all levels of aspiring and professional photographers to present their body of work to be reviewed and critiqued by leading experts in the fields of photography, art, media, and advertising and to receive guidance and mentoring for future artistic and commercial career development. The portfolio review accepts about 100 photographers, who will meet with a panel of experts that includes a range of publishers, photo editors, commercial photography agents, gallery directors, photography critics, art book packagers, and designers. Each attendee will be assigned five one-on-one reviews with members of our panel of esteemed photography professionals.


Name:PHOTO ALLIANCE Portfolio Review

Organizer: PhotoAlliance /Lens Culture

Date & Place: March 11-13, 2016. San Francisco Art Institute.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2015  (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: Top photography editors, publishers, curators, gallerists, and educators   

Registration Fee: Initial application fee: $45.00 for up to 20 images for screening. If selected, additional fee: $595.00 for full participation to meet with 10 reviewers.

Web: http://www.photoalliance.org/our-world-portfolio-review-2015-2

Email: PHOTO@PHOTOALLIANCE.ORG or call: 415.425.5608

Presentation Text: This event brings together top photography editors, publishers, curators, gallerists, and educators representing small, mid-sized, and major venues from around the U.S. and abroad to meet with engaged photographers, review their portfolios, encourage their careers and exchange opportunities.

Name: FORMAT Portfolio Review

Organizer: Format International Photography Festival

Date & Place: April 22 2016, Derby College in Derby, UK.

Application Deadline: (application opens March 1st)  (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: Curators and directors, art dealers, publishers and photo editors are brought together for two days during CONTACT to review portfolios of established and emerging artists, with a focus on documentary, photojournalism or photo-based art practices.

Registration Fee: 4 reviews – £120, 6 reviews – £170, 8 reviews – £200, 10 reviews – £230, 12 reviews – £260

Number of reviews: You can choose from either 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 reviews (there are maximum 12 reviews in one day – only select 12.

Price / Review Ratio: $30 per review

Web: http://www.formatfestival.com/portfolio-reviews

Email: portfolio@formatfestival.com

Presentation Text: Established in 2004 by Louise Clements and Mike Brown, the biennale festival celebrates the wealth of contemporary practice in international photography and is now one of the UK’s leading non-profit international contemporary festivals of photography and related media.

FORMAT is focused on developing opportunities to platform the work of international photographers and to provide links for local/national practitioners to show work, exchange opportunities, skills and knowledge and for audiences to see, debate, develop and engage in the best of what photography is and can be.

FORMAT is curated by Louise Clements, QUAD & FORMAT Artistic Director, and organised by QUAD in partnership with: Derby City Council, University of Derby & Derby Museums.

Name: PALM SPRINGS Portfolio Review

Organizer: Palm Springs Photo Festival

Date & Place: April 24-29, 2016. Palm Springs, California, USA

Application Deadline: April 7, 2016  (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: Publishers, photo editors, photography agents, gallery directors, photography critics, advertising agency creatives, magazine editors and museum directors from the US.

Registration Fee: Prices are $300 for 5 reviews. 10% discount for 10 or more reviews

Price / Review Ratio: 55$

Web: www.palmspringsphotofestival.com

Email: information@palmspringsphotofestival.com

Presentation Text: Over 1000 Portfolio Reviews will be offered during the week! A list of the most sought-after industry professionals of any event in the country will be posted online and every morning at the Portfolio Review area at the Hyatt, updated hourly. You may show your work as prints or on your computer. Please limit your presentation to not more than 20 images in order to allow the person you’re meeting with to properly respond to your work.

Name: CODICE MIA 2016

Organizer: Milan Image Art Fair

Date & Place: April 28-May 2 2016. Milan, Italy  (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: collectors, art advisors and curators.

Registration Fee: Request further information about registration procedures and fees and submit your applications by contacting Admira, event organizer for MIA Fair, at the following address/e-mail: Lucia Orsi – via Mercadante 3 – 20124 Milan – Tel. +39 02 6694278 / info@admiraphotography.it

Number of reviews: 4

Price / Review Ratio: TBD

Web: www.miafair.it

Email: info@miafair.it 

Presentation Text: CODICE MIA is a unique portfolio review, which will host some of the most renowned specialists among leading names in the world of international fine art photography: including important collectors, curators of corporate collections, managers of the photography departments of famous auction houses and art advisors.


Name: Fotografia Europea Reggio Emilia Portfolio Review 2016

Organizer: Portfolio Review 2016 are organized by Inside Training and Foto Superstudio, in collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

Date & Place: May 7-8, Biblioteca Panizzi, Reggio Emilia RE,Italia

Application Deadline: May 8 (Registration period has closed)

Number of Participants: 16

Registration Fee: Each review costs 35 €. Each participant can participate in one or more reviews, the cost of the reviews will be cumulative: 2 readings € 70, 3 readings € 105 and so on.

Number of reviews: Acumulative

Price / Review Ratio: 35€

Email: info@fotosuperstudio.it

Web: http://www.fotografiaeuropea.it/fe2016/en/portfolio-review/

Presentation Text: An important occasion for professional and amateur photographers to know influential personalities of photography, in order to receive advices and suggestions. A chance to promote your own work and to strengthen your career.

t the end of Sunday, May 8 sessions, at 1.30pm, the present reviewers, at their sole discretion, will announce the 3 best portfolio, which will be published on Fotografia Europea website.

In addition, the winner will be awarded with the print of his own photographs (printing approximately 30 fine art photographs on Canson paper, size 30 x 40, thanks to Foto Superstudio) and expose them, in 2017, at VisionQuesT contemporary photography gallery in Genoa, Riccardo Costantini Contemportary in Turin and MIA Photo Fair in Milan.

Name: Riga Photomonth Portfolio Review

Organizer: Riga Photomonth

Date & Place: 13-15 May, Riga, Latvia

Application Deadline: 18 April (Registration period has closed)

Profile of reviewers: curators, festival directors, magazine editors and photographers.

Registration Fee: 75€ (a reduced fee of 50 EUR for photographers from Latvia)

Number of reviews: 5

Price / Review Ratio: 15€


Web: http://www.rigaphotomonth.com/en/portfolio-review/

Presentation Text: The event is a platform both for those seeking professional feedback on their developed projects and guidance on the conceptual approaches in one’s artistic practice. The Portfolio Review is also a great place to establish contacts with the field professionals and other photographers, which can result in new exhibitions and publications in future.

Name: CONTACT Portfolio Review

Organizer: Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Date & Place: Sunday May 8 & Monday May 9, 2016. (10am – 5pm ). Toronto, Canada

Application Deadline: Registration Opens Winter 2015  (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: Curators and directors, art dealers, publishers and photo editors are brought together for two days during CONTACT to review portfolios of established and emerging artists, with a focus on documentary, photojournalism or photo-based art practices.

Registration Fee: $200 for 4 reviews

Number of reviews: 4

Price / Review Ratio: $50 per review

Web: www.scotiabankcontactphoto.com

Email: portfolioreviews@contactphoto.com

Presentation Text: CONTACT’s Portfolio Reviews provide an unparalleled opportunity for artists and photographers to meet with some of the most important professionals in the field of photography. The event is a platform for those with developed projects that are seeking opportunities for publishing and exhibiting nationally or internationally, as well as guidance on conceptual approaches or career development.

Each year, one artist will be awarded with a solo exhibition presented at the CONTACT Gallery. This award, chosen by a jury of international professionals in the field of photography, recognizes outstanding work presented at CONTACT’s Portfolio Reviews. The program was created to support and advance the careers of talented emerging photographers.

Name: KRAKOW PHOTOMONTH 11th Portfolio Review

Organizer: Krakow Photomonth

Date and place: 21 May, 2016, Centrum Biurowe Lubicz, at ul. Lubicz 23 in Krakow, Poland

Application Deadline: May 5, 2016 (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: This year, our reviewers will include professional photographers, editors, critics, curators, and owners of photography publications:

Number of reviews: 5

Registration Fee: 50 €

Price / Review ratio: 10€

Email: portfolio@photomonth.com

Web: http://photomonth.com/en/wydarzenia-towarzyszace/9th-portfolio-review

Presentation Text: As part of the 14th edition of Krakow Photomonth, applications are invited for one of the festival’s flagship events – the Portfolio Review! The 11th edition of the Review also features a competition with the Griffin Art Space Prize – Lubicz 2016 for the artist with the best portfolio! The prize is production of two copies of a folder featuring the photographer’s works, one of which will be purchased for the Griffin Art Space collection.

Name: ART PHOTO BARCELONA Portfolio Review

Organizer: Art Deal project

Date and place: May 27-29, 2016. Barcelona, Spain

Application Deadline: March 30, 2016  (Registration period has closed). 

Profiles of Reviewers: university teachers, curators, consecrated artists, gallery directors, cultural managers, museum and foundation directors.

Registration Fee: 35 €

Email: fotografos@artphotobcn.com

Web: www.artphotobcn.com

Presentation Text: ART PHOTO BCN is a Festival and a Fair of Photography specialized in the activation of the artistic circuit and the incursion of new creative values bringing over to the general and specialized public the works and projects of new artists.


Organizer: PHotoEspaña Festival. Madrid, Spain

Date & Place: June 1-6, 2015. Centro de Arte Alcobendas. Madrid, Spain.

Application Deadline: March 6, 2015  (Registration period has closed).

Number of Participants: 200

Profiles of Reviewers: International photography and art curators, museum and festival people, publishers all over the world.

Registration Fee:  pre-registration 10 € plus 240 € registration (before April 9, 2015)

Number of reviews: 7

Price / Review Ratio: 35,71 Euros per Review.

Email: descubrimientos@phe.es

Web: www.phe.es

Presentation Text: Descubrimientos PHE is the portfolio review of PHotoEspaña. Offering photographers  the opportunity to present their work to critics, curators and editors especialized in photography with the objetive of generating professional outlets for their work.

An independent jury will select seventy photographers to participate in the portfolio reviews. The jury will also determine a wait list in the event that there may be a cancelation. The portfolio of all of the selected participants will be included http://www.phe.es There is an inscription fee of 240 Euros for all participants.

Each photographer will have seven appointments, each with a duration of twenty minutes. The appointments will be held over three days and are celebrated with strict punctuality. The reviews will be given in English or Spanish. The organization will do its best to arrange appointments with the reviewers preferred by each of the photographers. The organization will send each participant a personal schedule close to the dates, once we near the dates of the event.

The winner of the award may have participated in the portfolio review on previous occasions, but cannot have been recognized with this award in prior editions. PHotoEspaña will make public the jury´s results when the festival awards are announced. PHotoEspaña reserves the right to promote the winner´s name and images in printed and digital materials.


Organizer: XV International Festival of Photography

Date & Place: 10-12 June, Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Lódz, Poland

Application Deadline: 10 May (Aplication period has closed)

Profile of reviewers: numerous, international and significant assembly of curators, directors of photography festivals, critics, journalists, publishers of books and magazines, galleries owners and photographers with a rich artistic achievements.

Registration Fee: 180 PLN (= 45 Euro, = 45 USD; the currency is converted automatically)

Number of reviews: 6

Price / Review Ratio: 7,5

Email: 0portfolio@fotofestiwal.com

Web: http://www.fotofestiwal.com/2016/en/events/portfolio-review-2016/

Presentation Text: The Fotofestiwal’s Portfolio Review is aimed at photography students and graduates, professional photographers and those who have at least one exhibition or publication in their CV. It is one of the most important forms of promotion which enable photographers to arrange individual and direct interviews with experts in the field of photography and in many cases results in establishing further cooperation.

Name: The Athens Photo Festival’s Portfolio Reviews

Organizer: Athens Photo Festival, International Festival of Contemporary Photography & Related Media

Date & Place: June 13-14, 2016.  Benaki Museum (Pireos St. Annexe) in Athens.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2016

Profiles of Reviewers: International experts in the field of photography. A total of 22 curators, editors, critics and festival’s directors from around the world.

Registration Fee: 80, 110, or 140€

Number of reviews: 4, 6 or 8.

Price / Review Ratio: 20, 18,3 or 17,5.

Web: http://www.photofestival.gr/portfolio-reviews

Presentation Text: The Athens Photo Festival’s Portfolio Reviews offer an opportunity for emerging artists and photographers to meet and network with internationally acclaimed experts. A total of 20 curators, editors, agency and festival directors and influential experts from different countries are brought together during the Athens Photo Festival to provide an opportunity for photographers and artists to receive advice on their work.

This year’s portfolio review programme will take place on Monday and Tuesday 13-14 June 2016 at the Benaki Museum (Pireos St. Annexe) in Athens. Participants can register for either 4, 6 or 8 one-to-one reviews. Each review session lasts for 20 minutes. Places are limited, so early application is highly encouraged.

In addition to providing professional advice, the reviewers will award the “Best Portfolio” and the winner will have the chance to exhibit at the Athens Photo Festival 2017 edition.


Organizer:  AnzenbergerGallery and OstLicht Gallery. Artistic Directors: Regina Maria Anzenberger and Michael Kollmann

Date & Place: June 19, 2016. Vienna, Austria (Brotfabrik Wien/Bread Factory)

Application Deadline: TBD

Profiles of Reviewers: Publishers, gallery owners, curators, critics, and collectors

Registration Fee: 125€

Number of reviews: 6 reviewers out of 15 aviable,  20 minutes each

Price / Review Ratio: 20€

Web: http://www.viennaphotobookfestival.com/2nd-viennaphotobookreview/

Email: review@viennaphotobookfestival.com

Presentation Text: The ViennaPhotoBookReview, which had its successful launch last year and will be continued this year, will take place one day before the festival starts, on Friday, June 19, 2015. Our goal is to offer talented photographers from around the world a forum to discuss their books with a wide range of photography experts, thereby producing a lively dialogue between the aspiring artists and the experts from various prestigious institutions. Photographers will have one-on-one meetings with the reviewers. Each review session will last 20 minutes and we will limit the number of participants to assure that everyone receives six reviews each.

Name: PHOTOIRELAND Portfolio Review

Organizer: PhotoIreland Festival

Date & Place: July 1-31, 2016. Dublin, Ireland / Portfolio reviews: Friday 3 July 2015

Application Deadline:  May 8, 2016

Number of Participants: Until full, the jury will select 45 portfolios for review from all submitted work.

Profiles of Reviewers: International and Irish Curators, Magazine Editors, Gallery Owners, Festival Directors, publishers and other photography professionals.

Registration Fee: Submission 25 Euros. If your work is selected an additional fee (cost of the portfolio review sessions) of 120 Euros within 24 hours.

Number of reviews: 14

Price / Review Ratio: 10.35 Euros

Web: http://photoireland.org

Email: info@photoireland.org

Presentation Text: PhotoIreland Festival’s portfolio review weekend will take place on 3-6 July 2014 in Dublin city, representing a unique opportunity for emerging artists worldwide to highlight new photographic projects and meet with international professionals to further their careers. The winner of the portfolio reviews weekend will be offered a solo exhibition next year, during PhotoIreland Festival 2015.

Name: PHOTO FOLIO REVIEW Arles Portfolio Review

Organizer: The Rencontres d’Arles

Date & Place: July 4-9 , 2016. Arles, France

Application Deadline: TBD

Profiles of Reviewers: publishers, exhibition curators, museum directors, agency chiefs, gallerists, collectors, critics, press art directors and others

Registration Fee: 195€ for 5 appointments / 295€ for 10 appointments / 420€ for 15 appointments / 540€ for 20 appointments

Number of reviews: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20

Price / Review Ratio: 39€ / 29,5€ / 28€ / 27 €

Web: www.rencontres-arles.com

Email: photofolio@rencontres-arles.com

Presentation Text: The Rencontresd’Arles Photo Folio Review enable participating photographers to present their work to renown international photography experts. They thus benefit from experts’ advice, and for some, obtain real exhibition and/or publication projects. The Rencontresd’Arles Photo Folio Review is open upon registration to all photographers whatever their photographic practice or image treatment technique.



Date & Place: August 8-12, Salón Dorado of La Alianza Francesa, Buenos Aires

Application Deadline: July 20

Profile of reviewers: meeting between photographers and a group of international personalities: museum directors, gallerists, curators, art collectors and publishers.

Registration Fee: 10 reviews 250$, 5 reviews 190$, 1 extra review after the 10th 30$.

Number of reviews: Acumulative

Price / Review Ratio: 25 for 10, 38 for 5

Email: 0portfolios@encuentrosabiertos.com.ar

Web: http://www.encuentrosabiertos.com.ar/en/node/548

Presentation Text: – The Encuentros Abiertos-0Festival de la Luz 0(Open Encounters-0Festival of Light0) are an immense set of activities related to international artistic photography that takes place every two years, between the months of August and September in Argentina.It’s about the cared presentation of exhibitions of national and foreign photographers at different museums, cultural centres and art spaces all around the country; conferences, workshops and round tables lectures about artistic photography; urban interventions, screenings and actions in public spaces; book presentations, photographic calls and contests; as well as encounters between photographers and curators, specialized critics, collectors, editors, publishers and directors of institutions interested in the photographic image as a means for artistic, cultural and social relevance.

Name: OBSCURA FESTIVAL Portfolio Review

Organizer: Obscura Festival

Date & Place: August 19-21, 2016, Georgetown Penang, Malasysia

Application Deadline: TBD

Registration Fee: TBD

Number of reviews: TBD

Price / Review Ratio: TBD

Web: http://www.obscurafestival.com/2016/portfolio-reviews/

Email: info@obscurafestival.com

Presentation Text: Portfolio reviews are paid review sessions with some of the leading photographers, curators, editors and industry experts Asia and around the world. Portfolio reviews are instrumental in getting professional feedback on your work as well as networking with people who may be able to help you with your career development. Sign up for a review on the morning of the workshop to secure yourself a place. You will need at least two bodies of work either in print or on a portable device (laptop or tablet).


Organizer: Landskrona Photo Festival

Date & Place: 19-28 August, Landskrona, Sweden.

Application Deadline: TBA

Number of Reviews: TBA

Profiles Reviewers: publishers, art historians, artistic directors, photographers, photo editors, curators, chief editors, photography professors, etc.

Registration Fee: Free

Price / Review Ratio: TBA

Web: http://www.landskronafoto.org/en/

Email: portfolioreview@lphoto.se

Presentation Text: A good way to spread your photography is to exhibit at photo festivals in different parts of the world. It is important for us that portfolio exhibitions can lead to something more for the participating photographers. This year too, we have therefore invited curators from international photo festivals. This year’s reviewers together select the »Best Portfolio« and the winner is offered the chance to be part of the official festival programme during the Festival in 2015.

Name: FILTER FESTIVAL Portfolio Review

Organizer: Filter PhotoFestival

Date & Place: September 22-25 2016. Chicago. Illinois.

Application Deadline: Registration Opens June 1st, 2016.

Number of Reviews: 5 or 8 portfolio reviews

Profiles Reviewers: photo editors, curators, editors, etc.

Registration Fee: $275 for 5 and $375 for 8 before June 20th (early discount), $295 for 5 and $425 for 8 afterwards

Price / Review Ratio: 55$ / 46$ / 59$ / 53$

Web: http://www.filterfestival.com/portfolio-reviews/

Email: portfolioreview@lphoto.se

Presentation Text: Filter Photo is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Chicago, Illinois.

Filter Photo’s mission is two-fold: first, to serve and support the photographic communities of Chicago and the Midwest; and second, to highlight Chicago as a vital center of the national photographic community. Since 2009 Filter Photo has organized the annual Filter Photo Festival, a multiday celebration of photography that includes workshops, lectures, exhibition receptions, artist talks, and other diverse programming.

In the Portfolio Review, participants sign up for twenty-minute face-to-face reviews and receive candid advice about their work, as well as information on getting their photographs exhibited and published. We are thrilled to have so many of our attendees walk away with connections that have led them to publishing their work, gallery shows, online exhibitions and the indispensable opportunity to network with their peers.

All Filter attendees receiving blocks of 5 or 8 portfolio reviews are encouraged to sign up for our annual Portfolio Walk, where Filter VIPs will roam the room and the general public is invited to vote for their favorite portfolio for the 2016 Festival Portfolio Walk’s People’s Choice Award.

Name: ENCONTROS DA IMAGEN. Portfolio Review

Organizer: Festival Encontros da Imagen

Date & Place: September 21-November 5 2016. Braga, Portugal.

Application Deadline: June 10

Number of Reviews: TBA

Profiles Reviewers: Commissioners, curators, art critics, gallery owners, expert editors, etc..

Registration fee: TBA

Price / Review Ratio: TBA

Web: http://encontrosdaimagem.com

Email: emergentes@encontrosdaimagem.com

Presentation Text: The International Photography Award Emergentes dst is an initiative of Domingos da Silva Teixeira group, organized by Encontros da Imagem, with a prize money that will be granted to the best 2014 Contemporary Photography Portfolio.The Photography Prize Emergentes dst will be awarded aer the Portfolio Review which shall give photographers the opportunity to show their work to commissioners, gallery owners and expert editors, thus establishing solid foundations for the promotion of their work.

Name: MDF BERLIN Portfolio Review

Organizer: European Month of Photography Berlin in in collaboration with museums, cultural institutions, galleries, embassies, project spaces, and photography schools in Berlin and Potsdam.

Date & Place: October 1-31, 2016. Berlin, Germany.

Application Deadline: This year’s selection process is already complete. The next EMOP Berlin will take place in October of 2018.

Number of Reviews: 6

Profiles Reviewers: Important representatives of the photography scene, including curators, festival directors, photo editors, art buyers, photography professors, and photographers.

Registration Fee: Free

Web: www.mdf-berlin.de

Mail: mdf.berlin.2014@gmail.com

Presentation Text: The Portfolio Review is aimed at  freelance photographers, artists, and  photography students in advanced semesters. It provides a unique opportunity to experience new encounters, engage in interesting professional discussions, and to network with nationally and internationally renowned photography experts.

Name: CENTER REVIEW SANTA FE  Portfolio Review

Organizer: Center

Date & Place:  November 3-6, 2016. Santa Fe, Nuevo México

Application Deadline: March 25, 2016

Profiles of Reviewers:  curators, editors, publishers and gallerists

Number of reviews: 45

Price / Review Ratio: $745 members, $795 non-members; payment plans and scholarships are available.

Web: http://www.visitcenter.org

Email: eteller@visitcenter.org

Presentation Text: Review Santa Fe is the premier juried portfolio review event in the world. Considered one of the most important events for photographers who seek career advancement, Review Santa Fe is designed to facilitate relationships between photographers and leading industry professionals looking for new work.

Name: PHOTO NOLA Portfolio Review

Organizer: New Orleans Photo Alliance in partnership with museums, galleries and alternative venues citywide.

Date & Place: December 8-11, 2016, New Orleans, USA

Application Deadline:  TBA

Number of Participants: 70 / filled on a first come, first served basis.

Profiles of Reviewers:  Twenty-minute face-to-face meetings with gallery owners, editors, publishers and museum curators from throughout the U.S. provide photographers with networking opportunities, critical advice, and guidance for bringing their work to a larger audience.

Registration Fee: $500

Number of reviews: 30 / The registration fee will guarantee each participant 8 twenty-minute reviews over the two days

Price / Review Ratio: $20 / $65

Web: https://photonola.org/

Registration / Email: registration via website / info@photonola.org

Presentation Text: PhotoNOLA is an annual festival of photography in New Orleans, coordinated by the New Orleans Photo Alliance in partnership with museums, galleries and alternative venues citywide. Showcasing work by photographers near and far, festival programming includes exhibitions, workshops, lectures, a portfolio review, gala and more. PhotoNOLA draws hundreds of photography professionals to the city to partake in a variety of educational programs, and reaches broadly into the local community with exhibitions and events that are largely free and open to the public.


Organizer: Portland Photo Month

Date & Place: April 2017. Portland, Oregon. Biannual

Application Deadline: 2017

Profiles of Reviewers: gallery owners, curators, publishers, editors, and consultants

Registration Fee: info (at) photolucida.org

Number of reviews: 67 / TDB per session

Price / Review Ratio: TBD

Web: https://www.photolucida.org/portfolio-reviews/

Email: info (at) photolucida.org

Presentation Text: Photolucida is an arts nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to provide platforms that expand, inspire, educate and connect the regional, national, and international photography community.

By providing a venue for in-depth, informed, and supportive dialogue between photographers, gallery owners, curators, publishers, editors, and consultants, Photolucida promotes the culture of photography locally, nationally, and internationally. The next Portfolio Reviews Festival will take place April, 2017.


Organizer: Colorado Photographic Art Center has partnered with MoP founder Mark Sink

Date & Place: 2017 / RedLine Denver, 2350 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO 80205 Biannual

Application Deadline: Fall 2016 TBA

Profiles of Reviewers: Publishers, photo editors, photography agents, gallery directors, photography critics, advertising agency creatives, magazine editors and museum directors from the US.

Registration Fee: TBA

Number of reviews: TBA

Price / Review Ratio:  TBA

Web: http://www.mopdenver.com/about/

Email: mop@cpacphoto.org

Presentation Text: MoP – Month of Photography Denver is a biennial celebration of fine art photography with hundreds of collaborative public events throughout Denver and the region March and April 2017. We are joining multiple museums galleries and schools surrounding fine art photography creating an exciting artistic and educational event for the city of Denver and the region.


Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2016. Deadline:May 10, 2016

Application for Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2016 is now open!

The registration is open from March 10th until May 10th, 2016.
Do you want to make a photo book?
Have you made a dummy* of your project?
Now you have a chance to have it published.
By entering for the Photo Book Day´s Open Book Dummy Review you have the chance to win the Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award.

During Photo Book Day on August 20th there will be an Open Book Dummy Review. Here four photographers will be able to present their ongoing book projects to an audience and a panel. Each photographer will first make a short presentation of his or her project, which will be followed by a conversation about the idea.
The winner, the photographer with the most interesting idea for a photo book, will then be selected by an international jury.

The winner will be revealed/presented on stage as one of the closing events of Photo Book Day.
Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award enables the winner to have his or her book project published by Breadfield Press and Landskrona Foto during 2016/2017.
The prize includes all expenses for book production such as design, printing and distribution. The photographer will also receive a large number of books to dispose over and sell. The book will be printed in 500 copies.
The selected dummies will also be on display as an exhibition in the Theater foyer during the days of the festival.
The event costs 30 Euros to enter. This fee will go solely to aid the final four selected travel costs. Send a completed application together with your dummy in PDF format before May 10th, 2016.

*You can also enter a book that has been self-published, digitally published or produced by print-on-demand, e.g. blurb. You may not enter a book that has an ISBN or one that that has been on sale.
Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award is part of Photo Book Day, arranged by Breadfield and Omfotoboken during Landskrona Fotofestival.

To enter you you need to:

1) submit your PDF-Dummy(maximum 50 mb) and download PDF application form, at dummy.breadfield.com,

2) pay the entrance fee of 30 Euros.
For questions contact
Jenny Lindhe
Organizer of The Photobook Day, artist and founder of Breadfield Gallery

Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award 2015 was awarded to:

YOU WOULD BE EARTH by Meral Güler (USA) and Dan Porter (UK).

The jury’s citation
You Would Be Earth is a story unanchored in time and space. So difficult to grasp, define and classify. It is enticing yet elusive. Meral Güler and Dan Porter are awarded this prize for their ability to awaken the unknown within us.

The jury’s honourable mention went to Marco Frauchiger (CH) for the book M13.

Jury 2015
The 2015 jury consisted of Per Lindström (Landskrona Foto), Jenny Lindhe (Breadfield), Silvia Loddo (osservatorio fotografico), Nick McLean (Éditions du LIC) and Veronique Bourgoin (artist).

There was a big interest in the Awards and we received 112 Dummies from all over the world. The quality was very high throughout and it was challenging for the jury to select only four projects.

Nominees 2015
Meral Guler (USA) & Dan Porter (UK)
Nadja Bournonville (SE)
Marco Frauchiger (CH)
Rick Pushinsky (UK)

Göteborgstryckeriet, Papyrus & Sernekei

DOCfield Dummy Award. Deadline: May 11, 2016

Here you have a new chance to publish your documentary work, the information is in Spanish only, but the Call seems to be open to all international photographers, and it’s free! You just have to send a dummy to their mail address… Good luck!


La Fundación Photographic Social Vision, con la colaboración principal de la Fundación Banco Sabadell y el apoyo de The Folio Club, abre la convocatoria y os invita a participar en la tercera edición del premio anual de maquetas de fotolibros. El premio DOCfield Dummy Award Fundación Banco Sabadell se enmarca dentro del festival de Fotografía Documental que reúne a más de 50 autores en torno a 30 exposiciones y convierte a Barcelona en centro de la fotografía documental y el fotoperiodismo durante dos meses. Con esta iniciativa, el Festival quiere fomentar la consolidación del fotolibro como soporte de difusión fotográfico de historias que valen la pena ser contadas.


Primer premio:

– Impresión de un fotolibro de edición limitada valorada en 3.000 euros.

– Incorporación de la maqueta y el fotolibro ganador a la Colección de Arte de Banco Sabadell.

– Asesoramiento previo a la impresión en la edición y diseño del fotolibro por parte de la Fundación Photographic Social Vision, siempre con el consentimiento del autor.

– Asesoramiento en la impresión, distribución y venta del fotolibro por parte de The Folio Club, siempre con el consentimiento del autor.



INSCRIPCIÓN GRATUITA Enviar ficha de inscripción a: ines@photographicsocialvision.org

Enviar una maqueta físca del proyecto a:

Inés Casals , FUNDACIÓN PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIAL VISION Docfield Dummy Award. Fundación Banco Sabadell Trafalgar 19, ppal 1ª B 08010 Barcelona Tel.: 93 217 36 63

LINK: http://docfieldbarcelona.org/premio-dummy-award/

DUMMY AWARD KASSEL / BEIJING 2016. Deadline: April 15, 2016

Available in english german 中文 chinese french español italian português português do brasil

The Fotobookfestival Kassel invites again all photographers to present their so-far unpublished* photobooks to an international public and to eminent experts. In 2016 the best 50 books will be shortlisted by a pre-jury and will be exhibited at international photo events amongst others in Beijing, Dublin, Madrid, Oslo and Aarhus. From these 50 titles, 3 winners will be chosen by an international jury of experts during the 8. Fotobookfestival Kassel at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing. The winner of the First Prize will be given the opportunity to realize their dummy as a »real« book in cooperation with our production partner, k-books, Germany, and will be will be featured in European Photography magazine. The Second Prize is a book production voucher valued at € 500; the Third Prize is a voucher valued at € 300 given by our partner, k-books.Who can enter?
Any photographer from around the world who accepts our entry conditions can participate by registering for the competition and submitting an unpublished* work as a book. Registrations will be open from 15 January to 15 April 2016. All self-published books or books published through publishing platforms like blurb can be submitted. Only books published already by a publishing house cannot be accepted. For up-to-date information please subscribe to our email-newsletter.

We require 2 copies of a physical printed book of all the entries sent to us by the photographers/authors. Entries can only be registered online. We charge € 34 per entry and book. There is no limitation to the number of entries per person. If you would like your book to be returned to you, then we will require a further postage and handling charge per entry: within Germany € 8; within Europe € 13; all other countries € 20. Payments can only be made online via our Paypal account during the registration process. Dummies that make the shortlist will be shown during different photo events as announced. Because some of these events take place at the same time, we request two copies of the dummy.

*»unpublished« MEANS All books published digitally or by self-publishing or through a photobook-publishing platform like blurb can be submitted.

Enter here


Das Fotobookfestival Kassel lädt auch dieses Jahr wieder alle Fotografen und Fotografinnen ein, ihre bislang unverlegten* Bücher einem internationalen Publikum und einer hochkarätig besetzten Jury zu präsentieren. Die besten 50 Bücher werden von einer Vor-Jury für die Shortlist ausgewählt und auf internationalen Fotografie-Festivals und Ausstellungen gezeigt. Aus diesen 50 Titeln wird dann die Haupt-Jury zum 8. Fotobookfestival Kassel in Peking im Juni 3 Gewinner auswählen. Der/die Gewinner/in des ersten Preises erhält eine komplette Buchproduktion seines/ihres Dummies in Kooperation mit unserem Partner k-books und eine Präsentation im Magazin European Photography. Der erste Preis beinhaltet zudem eine Präsentation auf dem folgenden Fotobookfestival in Kassel. Die 2. und 3. Preise sind Buchproduktions-Gutscheine im Wert von 500 Euro und 300 Euro für eine Buchproduktion bei k-books.
Jede/r Fotograf/in der/die die Teilnahmebedingungen akzeptiert, kann durch seine/ihre Anmeldung und die Übersendung eines bislang nicht verlegten Buches teilnehmenRICHTLINIEN
Es müssen 2 gedruckte Kopien* jedes angemeldeten Buches bis zum 15. April 2016 an unsere Festivaladresse in Kassel geschickt werden. Der Anmeldezeitraum endet am 15. April 2016. Das letzte Eingangsdatum der Bücher im Festivalbüro in Kassel ist ebenfalls der 15. April. Die Anmeldung kann ausschließlich online stattfinden. Pro angemeldetem Buch wird eine Gebühr von € 34,00 erhoben. Es gibt keine Limitierung der Anzahl an Büchern pro Anmelder. Möchten Sie den Rückversand Ihres Buches, werden zusätzliche Rückversandgebühren erhoben: innerhalb Deutschlands € 8,00; innerhalb Europas € 13,00; in alle anderen Länder € 20,00. Zahlungen können ausschließlich über Paypal während des Anmeldeprozesses erfolgen. Sie müssen dazu nicht bei Paypal registriert sein und können dort auch per Kreditkarte zahlen. Die Dummies der Shortlist werden an verschiedenen Stellen und u.U. zeitgleich ausgestellt. Hierfür wird die zweite Kopie des Buches benötigt.

* Alle selbstverlegten Bücher und solche, die über Online-Plattformen wie z.B. Blurb oder BOD erhältlich sind, können teilnehmen. Ausgeschlossen sind Bücher, die bereits bei Verlagen publiziert wurden.

Jetzt teilnehmen


卡塞尔样书奖2016 北京

卡塞尔摄影书奖再次向所有的摄影师征集他们未曾出版过的摄影书*并将它们展现给全球的公众以及专家们。2016年,由初选委员会遴选的50本最佳样 书将在包括北京、都柏林、马德里、奥斯陆、奥尔胡斯等地的全球各大摄影盛会上同大家见面。而在六月份,国际专家评委会将从这50本候选样书中选出3名优胜 者。其中,第一名将有机会由我们的合作出版机构k-books(德国)将其样书正式出版,并获得欧洲摄影(European Photography)杂志的报道。而第二名和第三名将分别获得由我们的合作机构k-books提供的500欧元及300欧元的的摄影书制作资助。

接受我们投稿条件的全球摄影师均可报名,并需提交尚未出版的样书*。投稿时间为2016年1月15日至4月15日。通过自出版方式或通过如blurb等出 版平台进行发表的作品均可提交。已通过出版社出版的摄影书将无法参与。请订阅我们的邮件通讯简报(newsletter)获得最新信息。

所有投稿摄影师或作者需寄送两册实体打印摄影书给我们,并通过网络提交报名信息。每次投稿报名将收取34欧元,但不设单人报名次数限制。如果你希望我们将 样书在评选后退换,需提供邮费及处理费用(德国境内为8欧元;欧洲境内为13欧元;其他国家及地区为20欧元)。投稿报名费用仅接受通过Paypal支 付。入围前50的样书将在国际各摄影活动中进行展示。由于这些活动可能在不同地区的相同时间进行,我们要求一次投稿需提交两本样书。


Enter here


Le Fotobookfestival Kassel invite cette année encore tous les photographes à présenter leurs maquettes de livres
inédits* auprès d’experts et d’un public internationaux. En 2016, les cinquante meilleurs livres seront sélectionnés par un pré-jury et exposés lors de festivals et événements internationaux dédiés à la photographie qui seront annoncés.TROIS GAGNANTS SERONT CHOISIS PARMI CES
cinquante livres par un jury international lors du Fotobookfestival Kassel / Beijing en Juin. Le/la gagnant(e) du premier prix remportera la possibilité de produire sa maquette en « vrai » livre avec notre partenaire k-books, Allemagne, et sera présenté dans le magazine European Photography. Le premier prix comprend aussi, outre la production du livre, la présentation du travail photographique lors de la prochaine édition du Fotobookfestival Kassel en 2017/2018. Le deuxième et le troisième prix sont des bons de production à hauteur de 500 € et 300 €, offerts pour la réalisation d’un livre par notre partenaire k-books.QUI PEUT PARTICIPER ?
Tout photographe de tous pays qui accepte les termes et conditions peut participer en s’inscrivant et en soumettant son livre inédit*.

Nous demandons à chaque candidat d’envoyer deux exemplaires physiquement imprimés du livre à l’adresse du festival à Cassel, Allemagne. La période d’inscription se clôture le 15 avril 2016. La fin de réception des livres sera le 15 avril 2016 également. Les inscriptions se font uniquement en ligne. Un droit d’inscription de 34,00 € est facturé par candidature. Le nombre de candidatures différentes par personne n’est pas limité. Si vous souhaitez que votre livre vous soit renvoyé, veuillez verser un montant supplémentaire par inscription pour l’envoi retour et l’emballage : 8,00 € en Allemagne; 13,00 € en Europe ; 20 € reste du monde. Les paiements doivent être effectués en ligne via notre compte Paypal lors de la procédure d’inscription. Les cinquante livres présélectionnés seront exposés lors de festivals et événements internationaux dédiés à la photographie qui seront annoncés. Certains événements pouvant être simultanés, nous demandons deux exemplaires de chaque livre candidat.

* Tous les livres autoédités ou réalisés via une plateforme d’édition en ligne comme blurb peuvent être soumis. Seuls les livres déjà publiés par une maison d’édition ne peuvent être acceptés. Les participants attestent que les travaux présentés n’ont pas été publiés par une maison d’édition auparavant.


La Fotobookfestival Kassel invita de nuevo a todos los fotógrafos a presentar sus maquetas sin publicar de fotolibros a un publico internacional formado por expertos. En 2016 los mejores 50 serán seleccionados por un jurado y expuestos en eventos de calibre internacional en Beijing, Dublin, Madrid, Oslo, Roma y Aarhus. De estos 50 saldrán 3 ganadores elegidos por un jurado internacional de expertos y la organización durante el Fotobookfestival Kassel en Junio. El ganador del primer premio tendría la oportunidad de llevar su maqueta a producción en colaboración con k-books y será publicado en la revista European Photography. El primer premio también include, además de la producción del libro, la presentación del mismo durante el evento de 2017/2018. El segundo premio es un cheque de 500€ para la producción y el tercero de 300€, ambos patrocinados también por k-books.
Cualquier fotógrafo del mundo que acepte los términos y condiciones puede participar registrándose en la competición y enviando trabajo no publicado en formato de libro. Todos los libros auto editados o editados por alguna plataforma como Blurb pueden ser enviados. Solo los libros que han sido publicados a través de una editorial son los que no están admitidos. El participante admite que el trabajo enviado nunca ha sido publicado por una editorial.*GUIA
Necesitamos 2 copias físicas del libro. La fecha límite para enviar estas copias es el 15 de Abril de 2016. El último día para recibir las copias es el mismo. Solo se pueden registrar online. El registro tiene un coste de 34€ por libro. No se limita el numero de aplicaciones por persona. Si al finalizar quieres que te devolvamos el libro necesitamos un extra de: 8€ para Alemania, 13€ para Europa y 20€ para el resto de países. El pago solo se puede realizar a traves de Paypal durante el proceso de registro. Las maquetas que pasen la selección final serán expuestas durante diferentes eventos. Como estos eventos a veces ocurren a la vez, pedimos 2 copias de cada libro.

*»unpublished« means all books published digitally or by self-publishing or through a photobook-publishing platform like blurb can be submitted.

Enter here

Il fotobookfestival Kassel invita ancora una volta tutti i fotografi a presentare i loro libri fotografici non ancora pubblicati* a un pubblico internazionale e a un gruppo di esperti del settore. Nel 2016 una prima giuria selezionerà 50 libri che verranno poi esposti in eventi fotografici a Beijing, Dublino, Madrid, Oslo, Parigi, Roma e Aarhus.
A giugno, una giuria di esperti da tutto il mondo sceglierà i 3 vincitori fra questi 50 libri durante il Fotobookfestival Kassel. Il vincitore avrà l’opportunità di trasformare il suo dummy in un libro vero e proprio in cooperazione con il nostro partner nella produzione, k-books, Germania, e di vedere pubblicato il suo lavoro sul magazine European Photography. Oltre alla produzione del dummy, al vincitore del primo premio sarà dedicata la presentazione del suo lavoro sul libro durante l’edizione 2017/2018 del Festival.
Il secondo premio consiste in un contributo alla produzione del libro di 500 €, mentre il terzo in un contributo di 300 € devoluto dal nostro partner k-books.
Tutti i fotografi che accettano i termini e le condizioni di partecipazione, possono registrarsi al premio inviando un lavoro ancora non pubblicato in forma libro*. Possono partecipare tutti i libri autoprodotti o pubblicati con piattaforme come blurb. Non possono partecipare solo i libri già pubblicati da case editrici. I partecipanti dichiarano che i lavori proposti non sono mai stati pubblicati da una casa editrice.PER PARTECIPARE
Occorre inviare 2 copie stampate di ogni libro con cui si partecipa al concorso. Il termine per le iscrizioni è il 15 aprile 2016. La registrazione si può fare solo online. Il costo è di 34 € per dummy registrato. Non c’è limite al numero di registrazioni per persona. Per riavere il libro, occorre aggiungere al costo della registrazione un ulteriore costo di spedizione: 8 € a libro per la Germania, 13 € per l’Europa, 20 € per il resto del mondo.
I pagamenti possono essere effettuati solo tramite Paypal durante la registrazione online.
I dummies che rientreranno nella prima selezione, saranno in mostra in una serie di eventi fotografici. Vi richiediamo 2 copie perché alcuni di questi eventi si terranno in contemporanea.

*Per “non pubblicato” si intende che sono ammessi tutti i libri pubblicati digitalmente o autoprodotti, o pubblicati tramite una piattaforma digitale come blurb.

Enter here

O Fotobookfestival de Kassel convida todos os fotógrafos a apresentarem fotolivros inéditos* – ainda não publicados, a um público internacional e a especialistas de mérito. Será efetuada uma seleção dos 50 melhores livros, previamente selecionados por um júri de selecção, para serem exibidos em eventos internacionais de fotografia em Beijing, Dublin, Madrid, Oslo, Roma e Aarhus. Dessa seleção de 50 títulos, serão apurados 3 vencedores, escolhidos por um júri internacional de especialistas no Fotobookfestival de Kassel durante o mês de junho. Ao vencedor do primeiro prêmio será dada a oportunidade de transformar o seu fotolivro numa publicação em colaboração com o nosso parceiro de produção, K-books, na Alemanha, sendo o projetoposteriormente publicado na revista “European Photography”. O primeiro prêmio inclui ainda, além da produção do livro, a exibição do trabalho realizado durante o próximo Fotobookfestival em Kassel, em 2017/2018. O segundo prêmio consiste num vale para a produção de um livro no valor de €500; o terceiro prêmio corresponde a um vale no valor de €300, atribuído pelo parceiro, K-books.
Quem pode participar?
Qualquer fotógrafo de todo o mundo que aceite os termos e condições de participação, inscrevendo-se para a competição, e apresentando um trabalho inédito* de um livro. Todos os livros autopublicados, ou livros publicados através de plataformas de publicação como a Blurb, podem ser inscritos. Somente livros já publicados por uma editora não serão aceites, pelo que o participante deve declarar que o trabalho apresentado nunca foi publicado por uma editora.ORIENTAÇÕES
Solicitamos 2 (duas) cópias impressas do livro físico de todos os trabalhos enviados pelos fotógrafos/autores. As inscrições encerram no dia 15 de abril de 2016 e coincide com a data de recepção dos fotolivros. As inscrições só podem ser feitas online. Será cobrada Cobramos €34 por inscrição por cada livro. Não há limite para o número de inscrições por pessoa. Se pretende que o livro seja devolvido, será cobrado um custo adicional pelo envio e o manuseio da carga por cada inscrição – na Alemanha: €8; outros países da Europa: €13; todos os demais países €20. Os pagamentos só podem ser feitos online, através da conta Paypal, durante o processo de registro. Os fotolivros que forem pré-selecionados serão exibidos durante os diferentes eventos de fotografia, conforme previamente anunciado. Uma vez que alguns desses eventos ocorrem simultaneamente, solicitamos o envio de duas cópias do fotolivro.

*»Inédito« significa que todos os livros publicados digitalmente ou por autopublicação ou através de uma plataforma de publicação de livro de fotos como Blurb podem ser inscritos.

Enter here

O Fotobookfestival de Kassel convida novamente todos os fotógrafos a apresentarem seus fotolivros inéditos* – ainda não publicados até o momento – a um público internacional e a eminentes especialistas. Em 2016 os 50 melhores livros serão primeiramente selecionados por um pré-júri, para então serem exibidos em eventos internacionais de fotografia em Beijing, Dublin, Madrid, Oslo, Roma e Aarhus. Desses 50 títulos, três vencedores serão escolhidos por um júri internacional de especialistas no Fotobookfestival de Kassel em junho. Ao vencedor do primeiro prêmio será dada a oportunidade de transformar o seu fotolivro em um «livro verdadeiro», com a colaboração do nosso parceiro de produção, K-books, na Alemanha, sendo o trabalho será publicado posteriormente na revista European Photography. O primeiro prêmio também inclui, além da produção do livro, a exibição do trabalho realizado durante o próximo Fotobookfestival em Kassel, em 2016. O segundo prêmio é um vale para a produção de um livro no valor de €500; o terceiro prêmio é um vale no valor de €300, dado pelo nosso parceiro, K-books.
Quem pode participar?
Qualquer fotógrafo de todo o mundo que aceite os termos e condições pode participar, inscrevendo-se para a competição, e apresentando um trabalho inédito* de um livro. Todos os livros autopublicados, ou livros publicados por meio de plataformas de publicação como Blurb, podem ser inscritos. Somente livros já publicados por uma editora não serão aceitos – o participante deve declarar que o trabalho apresentado nunca foi publicado por uma editora.ORIENTAÇÕES
Solicitamos 2 (duas) cópias impressas do livro físico de todos os trabalhos enviados a nós pelos fotógrafos/autores. As inscrições encerram-se no dia 15 de Abril de 2016. A data de chegada dos fotolivros também se encerra no dia 15 de Abril de 2016. As inscrições só podem ser feitas online. Cobramos €34 por inscrição e livro. Não há limitação alguma para o número de inscrições por pessoa. Se você deseja que seu livro seja devolvido, será cobrado um custo adicional pelo envio e o manuseio da carga por cada inscrição – na Alemanha: €8; outros países da Europa: €13; todos os demais países €20. Os pagamentos só podem ser feitos online, através da nossa conta no Paypal, durante o processo de registro. Os fotolivros que forem pré-selecionados serão exibidos durante os diferentes eventos de fotografia, conforme previamente anunciado. Devido ao fato de que alguns desses eventos ocorrem simultaneamente, solicitamos duas cópias do fotolivro.

*»Inédito« significa que todos os livros publicados digitalmente ou por autopublicação ou através de uma plataforma de publicação de livro de fotos como Blurb podem ser inscritos.

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SELF PUBLISH RIGA Call. Deadline: April 30, 2016

Submissions open for the SELF PUBLISH RIGA international book dummy contest

ISSP and Riga Photomonth invite photographers and visual artists to submit their photobook dummies and yet unpublished books to the SELF PUBLISH RIGA international competition. The winning entries will be featured in the SELF PUBLISH RIGA exhibition during Riga Photomonth, May 2016. Submission deadline: 30 April, 2016.

The second edition of the SELF PUBLISH RIGA dummy contest will be judged by an international jury: Erik Kessels (founding partner and creative director of KesselsKramer, curator, publisher and photography collector, NL), Gordon MacDonald (co-director of GOST Books, UK), Hester Keijser (curator, co-manager of The Independent Photo Book blog, NL), Vincent Marcilhacy (founder and director of Eyes Magazine, FR), Tom Mrazauskas (photobook designer, DE/LT) and Arnis Balčus (editor of FK Magazine, co-founder and programme manager of Riga Photomonth, LV).

The winner of the contest will have the chance to attend a workshop at the International Summer School of Photography 2016 free of charge; best entries will be featured on YET Magazine (CH) and FK Magazine (LV). Top Ten books will be included in a special online feature. More information on the competition and submission requirements: www.selfpublishriga.com

SELF PUBLISH RIGA is a bi-annual series of events dedicated to photobooks and self-publishing, organized by ISSP in Riga, Latvia. It includes an international dummy competition, an exhibition of photobooks and book dummies, a series of talks on photobooks, self-publishing and book design by industry experts, and a workshop. The exhibition will run from May 12th till June 12th 2016, as one of the central events of Riga Photomonth. The first edition of the SELF PUBLISH RIGA dummy contest in 2014 received more than a 100 book dummies from over 30 different countries.

SELF PUBLISH RIGA is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation, French Cultural Institute in Latvia. Info partners: FK Magazine (LV), YET Magazine (CH).

More information:

Evita Goze