Deadline 07/2014 English

Residencies for Scholars, Artists and Practitioners at ZKU, Berlin. Deadline: July 27, 2014

19 May 2014 – 27 Jul 2014

2 – 8 Months Residencies for Scholars, Artists and Practitioners at ZKU, Berlin

ZK/U releases its new Open Call, with the following deadline: July 27th, 2014

Application Process:

Open Call conceptual frame:

In the context of its research and residency program, ZK/U offers a ‘living & work’ space for artists, scholars and practitioners working in the fields of urban research, geography, anthropology, urbanism, architecture and the humanities.


The residency consists of furnished studio-apartments (half of which have private bathrooms), communal facilities, an open platform for public events, lectures, discussions, screenings, performances and presentations.

ZK/U organises various events which allow residents to present their work to a selected audience. The residency also organises monthly curator studio visits, one public group presentation per month, online and local promotion of the public events, and the opportunity for the residents to propose their own format.

For individual fellows, depending on the type of studio-apartment and the length of stay, the resident’s costs are between 500 and 800 euro per month. The price covers all utility costs and space usage.



Before applying read with care the Guidelines


Application form

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