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Video Call / Appel à candidatures. FIPA Biarritz. Deadline: Nov. 15, 2011

jeune création vidéo cinéma 2012 / emerging creation video cinema 2012

appel à candidatures / Call for Participation

Please find the french version below. The application form is in English and French.

The Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, in partnership with the emerging creation programme of the International festival of audiovisual programmes – FIPA – of Biarritz and Arte Creative, launch a new call for applications.This 8th selection of “emerging creation video cinema”, presented within the framework of the 25th edition of FIPA, in Biarritz, will be widely open.Fictions, creative documents, animation, dance videos, video art and all forms of digital expression are invited to participate in this selection whose mission is to give a comprehensive overview of the look of a young generation of artists participating in the rise of new expressions. Conditions to participate :Only 1 video per artist.
Maximum length : 12 minutes. The videos that do not exceed 6 minutes will be considered in priority.
DVD support in .avi or .mov format.
Subtitles in English or French.
Produced preferably in 2011. Download the application form :

PDF - 60.6 kb
Formulaire de candidature / Application form FIPA 2012

 The video must be sent with the application form to the following adress : Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistesDomaine national de Saint-CloudBP 8013292216 Saint-Cloud CedexFRANCE
The selected videos will be presented as part of a section of emerging creation in the FIPA, which will take place in Biarritz between January 23th and 29th 2012, and presented on Arte Creative.
 Deadline : November 15th 2011.For further information, you can contact us at : jeune-video-cinema@art4eu.net  


Les Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, en partenariat avec le programme jeune création du Festival international de programmes audiovisuels – FIPA – de Biarritz et Arte Creative, lancent un nouvel appel à candidatures.Cette 8e sélection de « jeune création vidéo cinéma », présentée dans le cadre de la 25e édition du FIPA, sera très largement ouverte.Fictions, documents de création, d’animation, de vidéo-danse, d’art vidéo et toutes formes d’expressions numériques sont conviés à participer à cette sélection qui souhaite rendre compte du regard porté par une jeune génération de créateurs qui participe à l’émergence de nouvelles écritures.Conditions de participation :1 seule vidéo par artiste.Durée maximale : 12 minutes. Les vidéos ne dépassant pas 6 minutes seront privilégiées.Support DVD format .avi ou .mov.Sous-titres en anglais ou français. Réalisée de préférence en 2011.

Télécharger le formulaire de candidature /Download Application form FIPA 2012

La vidéo devra être envoyée accompagnée du formulaire de candidature à l’adresse suivante :Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistesDomaine national de Saint-CloudBP 8013292216 Saint-Cloud CedexFRANCE
Les œuvres sélectionnées seront projetées dans le cadre de la sélection jeune création de la 25e édition du FIPA, qui se tiendra à Biarritz du 23 au 29 janvier 2012, et présentées sur Arte Creative.Date limite d’envoi : 15 novembre 2011.Pour toute information supplémentaire, vous pouvez nous contacter à jeune-video-cinema@art4eu.net


The Curator Ship presents: Duncan Caratacus Clark’s Material Collection

The Curator Ship proudly presents Duncan Caratacus Clark’s Art and Photography Links, Bookmarks, Materials. The research is mainly UK focused, and can be downloaded in ZIP files, either from the list hereafter, or from Duncan’s website duncanclark.prosite.com. Some of this will definitely stay on your hard drive for good! Take your time to browse through the categories and download the material, mostly in PDF format.

Important Note from Duncan Caratacus Clark:

Please note that I wish to ensure that the sharing of this material does not infringe the rights of the copyright owner.  If you may have any concerns please do let me know via my email and I will do my best to respond swiftly. This archive is shared free of charge and is not for further commercial exploitation by other parties who may download it. Please email me for further assistance: duncanclark1@mac.com

Material Collection:

Arts & Business Bookmarks – last compiled on the 07.09.11, this is a categorised list of useful website.

Academics – Arts

Advertising Photography

Art Shops

Artists in Residence

Arts & Therapy


Awards & Competitions


Books & Writing

Business Research




Education Course Archive

Exhibitions & Projects

Fairs & Festivals

Galleries, Museums, Dealers

Grants & Funding

History of Photography & Arts

Lectures & Private Views

Legal & Contracts

Linkedin Group

Publication, Magazines



Newsletters- Over 2500 different PDF Invitation, blog, newsletters, & web pages


People of Interest

Photographers, Artists,Agents

Photography Practice

Politics & Arts

Research Methodology


Videos, Podcast

Writing an Artists Statement

Call for Media Artists from Northern Ireland and Finland. Deadline Oct. 14, 2011

Galleria Rajatila and Catalyst Arts, call for submissions, deadline October 14

Featherweight Portable Museum

MediaHolidays group from Art Association Rajataide, Tampere, Finland and
Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland are collaborating on a
media art happening taking place in both countries. MediaHolidays and
Catalyst Arts invite artists based in Finland, Northern Ireland and Ireland
to apply. We are accepting submissions of video art (max 5 mins), portable
m…edia installations, sound art, performances and art talks or

Submissions should include:
– a proposal of the work intended
– C.V.
– Max 6 images, good quality photographs of the work can be sent in hard
copy, via email or artists can send a link to a website containing the
– For video and time-based work, please send us a web -link or DVD, each
video should be no longer than 5 minutes (max 4 videos)

The submissions from artists based in Northern Ireland and Ireland should be
sent to:
Galleria Rajatila
Hämeenpuisto 10
33210 Tampere

The submissions from Finnish based artists should be sent to:
Catalyst Arts
Ground Floor
5 College Court
BT1 6BS, Northern Ireland, UK

Deadline for submissions is 14.10.2011.

Featherweight Portable Museum – media art happening consists of two events.
The first event is held at the end of November 2011 in Catalyst Arts
Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The second event is held at the
beginning of February 2012 at Rajatila Gallery in Tampere, Finland.
Featherweight Portable Museum aims to bring non-profit art associations
together in collaboration between different art associations around Europe.

Featherweight Portable Museum is a concept borrowed from Susan Sontag’s
book, On Photography, in which she analyses how we perceive photography and
how it transforms our self-image and society. We want to see the beautiful,
the strange and something that makes us see the extraordinary in the

Featherweight Portable Museum addresses the problem of how emerging artists
can show their work without undue economical strain and offers the answer by
using galleries slack time in between exhibitions and other unused spaces.
With a portable museum -concept we are collecting art works that are easy to
transport around art associations in different countries. The mix of Finnish
and Irish/British art in this event is a celebration for the art in slack
spaces, a tour of media art where nationalities come together, give
presentations about their actions and uses empty free space to show media
art in different forms. After the events in Tampere and Belfast the media
art screening will travel to different art associations, who are willing to
have a screening in their space for a day or two.
Enquires should be directed to catalystarts@gmail.com

Call for bloggers: The Black Box at Nofound/photofair. Deadline: Sept. 4, 2011

I hereby forward the Call for submissions for The Black Box, at Nofound/photofair in Paris, this fall:

Nofound/photofair, in partnership with the TV channel Souvenirs from Earth, is pleased to announce the launch of the project The Black Box. Located in the heart of the exhibition space of contemporary photography fair nofound/photofair, The Black Box is designed to promote the work of the photo curators the most active on the Internet through multimedia projects (slideshows, interactive exhibitions, etc.).

The Black Box is a 10 sqm booth closed in darkness. Fully equipped with sound and HD video, it is flexible according to the proposed projects.

The programme of The Black Box will be displayed in a loop during the entire time of the fair nofound/photofair.

The TV channel Souvenirs from Earth will broadcast The Black Box on several occasions between November and December 2011. *Schedule available from September 2011.

Featured in the form that suits its best, your project must emphasize the artistic direction of your website or blog. Accepted: slideshows, video sequences, interactive displays, etc. or any other photo projects requiring a HD projector, media player or computer speakers.

Project selection will be made online only, we do not accept files to download. Thank you to upload your project on a streaming website (Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) and send us the link for selection.

Closing date: Sunday, September 4, 2011.

Please send your link to info@nofoundphotofair.com accompanied by:
• The name of your site/blog and the link
• A short description of your project
• Contact information

After selection, we will ask you the HD version of your project and an image or screenshot (300dpi) to be able to promote The Black Box to the press and our partners.

To have a website or blog dedicated to contemporary photography active for over a year (November 2010).

Videoart Call “BODY VS. URBAN waste”. Deadline: April 20, 2011

For this second edition, the Cordoba-based ESPACIO A ROJO has elected the relationship between the body and urban waste as a link between the proposals received. This relationship may be physical or conceptual. They propose to rethink the theme of the relationship of our body, whether active or passive, with the city, especially one of the problems most difficult to manage: that of our own waste.
Special emphasis will be on the representation of contemporary issues that address our current situation. Time limit of 12 minutes, deadline on April 20th. The jury will address aesthetic issues, the use of contemporary language, the editing, originality and coherence with the call, to be found hereafter, in Spanish (the call is open to all nationalities, anyways….)

“BODY VS. URBAN waste”
Pueden participar todos/as los/as artistas interesados, individual o colectivamente, sin límite de edad y de cualquier nacionalidad.
Para esta segunda edición se ha elegido la relación entre el cuerpo y los desechos urbanos como nexo de unión entre las propuestas a recibir. Esta relación puede ser física o conceptual. Continuando en la línea de trabajo de la edición anterior replanteamos como temática la relación del nuestro cuerpo, sea activa o pasiva, con una de las unidades de espacio que más condicionamos y nos condicionan: las ciudades. En este caso profundizamos en una de las problemáticas más presentes en nuestras vidas y de más difícil gestión: la de nuestros propios deshechos. Una problemática exclusivamente humana que en ocasiones deviene en la destrucción de la natura y en ocasiones, escasa, en su regeneración. Se hará especial hincapié en la representación de las problemáticas contemporáneas que abordan nuestra actual situación. Se establece un límite de duración de 12 minutos por pieza audiovisual. El jurado atenderá a cuestiones estéticas, a la utilización de lenguajes contemporáneos, a los acabados de calidad, factores de originalidad e idoneidad con la convocatoria.
La participación
1º opción: Entrega de DVD en la sede de ESPACIO A ROJO, sita en C/ Alfonso XIII, nº 2, 1º izquierda; 14001, Córdoba (ESPAÑA). 2º opción: Envío de link o vínculo a youtube, vimeo u otros portales en los cuales pueda estar el video “colgado”. Si el video es seleccionado mediante esta opción, es indispensable el envío posterior del DVD original para su emisión. En cualquiera de los casos, la fecha límite de recepción efectiva se fija el día 20 de abril de 2011 a las 14:00 horas (hora local). Junto con el DVD se deberá aportar este boletín debidamente cumplimentado, así como la información requerida en el apartado: documentación y obras.
La exposición / Incentivos
Se establece un total de tres ganadores en calidad de “Primer premio”, “Segundo premio” y “Tercer premio”. Se hará una selección de otros 5 trabajos que también serán mostrados en condición de “seleccionados”. Las videocreaciones serán emitidas en la Filmoteca de Andalucía el día 11 de mayo de 2011 en acto de presentación y reconocimiento de los seleccionados. En dicho acto contaremos con la presencia de autoridades locales y diferentes entes vivos del mundo de la cultura. Durante los días subsiguientes (por establecer) serán emitidas en la en la fachada del Ayuntamiento de Córdoba, así como en el Espacio 3 de la Filmoteca de Andalucía y en la web http://www.espacioarojo.com. Del mismo modo, bajo autorización expresa del/la artista, los videos seleccionados se depositarán en los fondos de la Filmoteca de Andalucía. Para el/la artista seleccionado/a como “Primer Premio” se establece además una exposición individual para la temporada 2011-12 comprometiéndose la organización en la gestión del espacio (por determinar), asistencia en el montaje y difusión. La organización corre con los gastos de organización tanto de la muestra en la Filmoteca de Andalucía como la posterior muestra en la sede de ESPACIO A ROJO.

Documentación y obras
Cada participante podrá presentar una obra.
1º opción:
Entrega de DVD en la sede de ESPACIO A_ROJO. Entrega del dvd debidamente protegido e incluido en un sobre cerrado con el eslogan “II Convocatoria Body vs. Urban Waste” en el cual se incluyan los datos de remitente y en su interior conste:
– El mencionado DVD
– Fotocopia del DNI
– Hoja con datos de contacto
– Dirección postal y electrónica
– Teléfono de contacto
– Declaración responsable de ser autor de la obra presentada.
– Currículo artístico
– CD o dossier muestra de otros trabajos artísticos.
– Autorización a ESPACIO A ROJO para la reproducción del material artístico entregado en los espacios ya descritos, así como para su difusión total o parcial en medios de comunicación.
2º Opción:
Envío de link o vínculo a youtube, vimeo u otros portales. Mediante correo electrónico a: gestion@espacioarojo.com con el asunto: “II CONVOCATORIA DE VIDEOCREACIÓN: Body vs. Urban Waste” junto con el envío en formato digital de la siguiente información:
– El mencionado link
– Fotocopia del DNI
– Hoja con datos de contacto
– Dirección postal y electrónica
– Teléfono de contacto
– Declaración responsable de ser autor de la obra presentada.
– Currículo artístico
– Dossier muestra de otros trabajos artísticos.
En caso de ser seleccionado se enviará el DVD original para su reproducción.
ESPACIO A ROJO se compromete a la realización de las actividades ya descritas o su implementación, así como a la correcta difusión del material aportado y sujeto a concurso.
Cualquier aclaración:
C/ Alfonso XIII, 2, 1º Izq., 14001 Córdoba,

Artist Call to save the planet? Deadline May 9, 2011

I am not so much a fan of artist calls that come with an entry fee… anyway, as I am friends with some of the jury members and if it helps to save the planet, let’s give it a chance…. 😉

Here we go:


The artist call will be launched at CINEMA PLANETA, Cuernavaca, Mexico, from March 11-19, 2011 (http://www.cinemaplaneta.org). It will be posted on our organizations’ websites, and disseminated through social and cultural networks. Artists from all over the world are invited to participate, in particular from areas that are most severely affected by climate change like Asia and Africa. We also hope to attract a wide diversity of artistic approaches. The deadline for submissions is May 9, 2011.


The ARTPORT_making waves directors will pre-select 40 finalists, which will then be presented to an international jury of art professionals to choose the 20 finalists and the final winner. The compilation will be premiered during ART BASEL 2011, where the final winner will also be announced.

Confirmed Jury:

– Mahen Bonetti, Founder & Director, African Film Festival, Inc., New York

– Fredi Casco, artist/editor/curator, Adviser Visual Arts Cultural Ministry Paraguay. Asunción, Paraguay

– Isa Cucinotta, Programming Associate at Film Society of Lincoln Center. New York

– Javier Duero, Art Critic and Curator. Madrid, Spain

– Alicia Marván, Programme Director, Guapamacátaro Arts & Ecology Residency, Mexico

– Macu Morán, Director VideoArtWorld

– Lyle Rexer, Curator and Critic, New York

– Dr. Sabine Maria Schmidt, Curator Folkwang Museum. Essen, Germany

– Kathleen Bühler, Curator Contemporary Art, Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland


The winner will be awarded an artist residency of 3 weeks in the artist residency Guapamacátaro in Michoacán, Mexico (www.guapamacataro.org) in May/June 2012. ARTPORT_making waves collaborates with international residency programs in order to foment the exchange of artistic ideas and promote intercultural understanding.



FORMAT: quicktime or flash. We are looking for diversity of media (i.e. vector or pixel animation, hand drawn cell animation, computer character animations, macromedia flash (SWF) animation for the web, animated gif, video or digital film, super 8, photo stories, clay tools animations, with or without sound, etc.)

LENGTH: between 15 seconds and 3 minutes



Only the 20 selected artists will be asked to submit original works that will be edited for the final compilation of COOL STORIES FOR WHEN THE PLANET GETS HOT III .

SUBMISSION: Please email the following information to anne-marie.melster@artport-project.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and communication@artport-project.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


– One submission only per artist/ artist group. Collaborations are welcome.

– Please do not submit work that is older than 3 years.

– Please do not send any material for the pre-selection—we will not return it.

– The 20 winners to show their work during ART BASEL 2011 will be notified immediately by e-mail and will be responsible to submit their work in a suitable format by Friday, May 16, 2011 (details will be communicated to the finalists).

– By participating in this contest you fully accept these terms and conditions and agree that if you are among the 20 selected artists, ARTPORT_making waves may show your work during ART BASEL from June 15-19, 2011, at a venue in Basel, Switzerland to be announced; post it on its website http://www.artport-project.org; show it at international art events and festivals through June 30, 2013; and use it in any of its communications and promotional material.

– Incomplete applications will not be considered for participation. PLEASE NOTE: Your application is only valid if ARTPORT-making waves received the admission fee of 30 USD or 20 EUR until May 9, 2011 on the following bank account: IBAN: ES4700490781922010212007, BIC/SWIFT: BSCHESMM

– Entry fee of 30 USD or 20 EUR (total amount to be received) must be wired by May 9, 2011 to the following bank account: ARTPORT_making waves, Banco Santander, Valencia, Spain; IBAN: ES4700490781922010212007, BIC/SWIFT: BSCHESMM

Please email the following information to

anne-marie.melster@artport-project.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and communication@artport-project.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First and Last Name:



Email address:


Phone / Mobile (include country code):

Link for submission*:

Short bio (2-3 paragraphs)


Title and Year:


Original format:

Presentation format:

Description (optional):

Please give us a heads-up and let us know if possible by April 15 if you plan to participate (simply mention your name; this is not a prerequisite to participate but facilitates a pre-count).