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Tokyo international photography competition. Deadline: June 28, 2016

Open to photographers worldwide. Winners will be Showcased in Traveling Exhibition

Building on the success of last year’s critically acclaimed touring exhibition of the 2015 Tokyo International Photo Competition winners, presented in Tokyo, Japan; Guatemala City, Guatemala; New York City, USA; and Sydney, Australia (still on view for a few more days at the “Head-on Photo Festival”), the theme for the fourth edition is Origin.

Etymologically speaking, “origin” denotes “beginning”, “source”, “birth”, “rise” or “start”. Marcus Garvey, a renowned civil rights activist at the turn of the previous century, said “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we belong?

Since the dawn of time, cultures have shared origin myths, weaving an intergenerational chain linking the past to the present. From the Norse cosmology of nine home worlds unified by the World Tree Yggdrasil, to modern-day endeavors in genealogy and mapping one’s family tree, origin stories provide us with a sense and a place of belonging. Origins allow us to live in the present, with an eye on a future shaped by our collective past.

At a time of increased uncertainty and tension on both the interpersonal and global stages, photography’s role in helping us negotiate our daily existence has never been stronger. For our fourth edition of the Tokyo International Photography Competition, we ask you to capture Origin.



The Tokyo International Photography Festival competition is open to photographers worldwide, over the age of 18.

THEME: Origin
ENTRY FEE: $35 per series (up to 6 images, thematically connected)



A group of 8 photographers will be selected by our Jury to to present their work in a traveling exhibition in Tokyo (JP), before heading out to New York(USA), and beyond!


In addition to the group exhibition, one photographer will be chosen by the Jury as the Grand Prix Winner who will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the Opening Party of the exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.



Gwen Lee– Director, Singapore International Photography Festival (Singapore)

Keizo Kitajima – Photographer / Founder, photographers’ gallery (Japan)

Mark Pearson– Founder / Director, ZEN FOTO GALLERY (Japan)

Sujon Song– Co-Founder and co-diretor, Seoul Lunar Foto (S. Korea)

Christine Barthe– Curator, Musée du Quai Branly (France)

Erik Kessels– Artist / Photography Curator (The Netherlands)

Marc Prust– Independent Photography Consultant / Curator (The Netherlands)

Sandra Phillips– Senior Curator of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (USA)

Alejandro Castellote– Independent curator / Writer / Professor (Spain)

Allegra Cordero di Montezemolo– Exhibition Coordinator / Curator, Center for the Image (Mexico)

Azu Nwagbogu– Founder / Director, African Artists’ Foundation (Nigeria)


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Art Olympia Prize and Exhibition, Tokyo. Deadline: Mar 25, 2015

—-> 以下に日本語 Japanese version below <—-
Art Olympia is an open art competition held as a biennial event with the goal of discovering talented artists around the world and supporting their activities. The judging will be conducted by a panel of judges from both in and outside of Japan. Also, Art Olympia aims to promote world’s cultural exchanges through art.
Artworks of approximately 240 artists selected from three location bases in Tokyo, New York, and Paris, will undergo the final review in Tokyo by a panel of judges invited from around the world. Cash and extra prizes equivalent to the total value of approximately US$500,000 (Approx. 50 million JPY) will be awarded to support the activities of artists, in an “Open Category” (Approx. 180 winners), and a “Student Category” (Approx. 60 winners).
Sounds a bit strange but could be interesting, if you into what they call “two-dimensional artwork” (sic!).
What I do not find very compatible with the Olympic spirit is the participation fee:
General: $60 for 1 image, $100 for 2 images, $140 for 3 images
Students: $40 for 1 image, $70 for 2 images, $100 for 3 images
Anyways, check it out for yourself at http://artolympia.jp/enart/index.html






1. 世界のアーティストの文化交流の場となるハブ(拠点)の形成 ……… (HUB)


2. 世界のグローバルアーティストとなる人材の発掘 ……… (Excavation)


3. 世界のアーティストによる次世代に向けた新たなアートの創出 ……… (Practice)



① 世界を舞台に作品を募集


② 世界の美術関係者による審査


③ 公平・透明性のある審査


④ 若手アーティストの支援


⑤ チャレンジの場として


賞金・副賞総額 約 500,000 US$    表彰総数 約240名


1位[金賞] (1名) $120,000 (トロフィー+副賞*1)

2位[銀賞] (1名) $30,000 (トロフィー+副賞*1)

3位[銅賞] (1名) $20,000 (トロフィー+副賞*1)

4位 (1名) $ 3,000 (賞状+副賞*2)

5位 (1名) $ 2,000 (賞状+副賞*2)

6位 (1名) $ 1,000 (賞状+副賞*2)

審査員・実行委員特別賞 (約20名) $ 1,000 (賞状+副賞*2)

入賞 (40名) $ 700 (賞状+副賞*2)

入選 (約120名) $ 500 (賞状+副賞*2)


1位[金賞] (1名) $20,000 (トロフィー+副賞*1)

2位[銀賞] (1名) $10,000 (トロフィー+副賞*2)

3位[銅賞] (1名) $ 5,000 (トロフィー+副賞*2)

4位 (1名) $ 3,000 (賞状+副賞*2)

5位 (1名) $ 2,000 (賞状+副賞*2)

6位 (1名) $ 1,000 (賞状+副賞*2)

審査員・実行委員特別賞 (約20名) $ 1,000 (賞状+副賞*2)

入賞 (10名) $ 700 (賞状+副賞*2)

入選 (約30名) $ 500 (賞状+副賞*2)




※入賞・入選作品をホームページに掲載※詳細はこちら >>>>「審査と表彰」

主催 …… アートオリンピア実行委員会 >>>>メンバー

協賛 …… 山口アーティストサポート

人間国宝美術館 >>>>ホームページへ

協賛 …… 豊島区 >>>>ホームページへ

若いアーティストを支援するため、アートオリンピアでは「一般部門」のほかに「学生部門」を設けました。学生であれば1回のエントリー で全応募者と競える「一般部門」と同時に「学生部門」の2部門に同時エントリーとなります。学生部門だけで約60名を表彰します。

※詳細はこちら >>>>「応募」




※詳細はこちら >>>>「審査と表彰」

山口 伸廣 (人間国宝美術館館主 実行委員長)

北郷  悟 (東京芸術大学理事・教授)

横山 勝樹 (女子美術大学学長)

保科 豊巳 (東京藝術大学美術学部長・教授)

矢部 良明 (人間国宝美術館館長)

原  真一 (東京芸術大学准教授)




TEL:048-650-5544   担当:水戸、早川、脇澤、斉藤



The goal of the Tokyo International Photography Competition (TIPC) is to create a series of cultural and geographical bridges between some the world’s largest photographic communities. It provides a unique opportunity for photographers from across North America, Europe and Japan to present their artistic visions beyond their country’s borders and open up possibilities for cross-pollination and cross-border collaborations.

There are numerous competitions whose aim is to discover new photographic talent from around the globe, but many of these opportunities are often beyond the reach of those who do not speak a certain language or have a deep understanding of a particular culture. This has often been the case for Japanese photographers trying to enter foreign markets and for foreigners wanting to present and exhibit their work in Japan.

The highly celebrated launch of TIPC in 2013 was the first step of a three-year journey that will culminate with the launch of an international photography festival in Tokyo, starting in 2015. In August of this year, in addition to the second – expanded – edition of TIPC, The Tokyo Institute of Photography will present the first Tokyo International Portfolio Review, bringing together internationally-renowned editors and curators from around the world.

Nine internationally renowned jurors from around the world will review all the images submitted and nominate a diverse group of talented photographers whose work will be exhibited in Tokyo and Brooklyn in the fall of 2014, and Berlin in the spring of 2015.

Identity is the way we are defined and recognized by ourselves and others. Who do we relate to? How do others relate to us? Nationality, religion, and gender are some of the ways we place ourselves into collective groups; while unique characteristics distinguish us as individuals.

The Tokyo International Photography Competition invites you to explore this complex concept of “identity” in our ever changing world.

ENTRY FEE: $30 (USD) per series (up to 6 images)

A group of 8 photographers will be selected by other Jury to present their work in a group exhibition that will travel to Tokyo (JP), New York (USA), and Berlin (DE).

In addition to the group exhibition, one photographer will be chosen by the Jury to receive:

– All-expenses paid trip to participate in the Tokyo International Portfolio Review taking place in August 2014, in Tokyo, Japan.
– Double-page feature in PHaT PHOTO magazine.
– Special Feature in LensCulture.

MORE INFO: http://competition.tipf.jp

Reminders Photography Stronghold Residencies in Tokyo. Next deadline: September 10, 2013.

I was made aware of this opportunity through my friend Manik Katyal, who is one of the judges for this grant.
Mmmmh. I don’t like the small text that much: “*Printing, framing, insuring and transportation will be covered by the applicant”. However, have a look at this if you need a good excuse to go to Tokyo.

All the best, Moritz

THERE ARE 4 DEADLINES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR and they will be selecting one grantee for each deadline:



Upon receiving you proposal our commissioned judges will review your proposal. If your proposal is successfully approved, you can use our gallery space for 5 days or more – up to 30 days for free.
Photographers, curators, galleriests, book publishers and organizations as either initials or a group are eligible to apply.
*Our gallery space is one of the largest individual galleries in Tokyo.
*Benefits of showing work in our exhibition space include world wide publicity . Using our global network, we will be supporting the publicizing of photographers and their works, your photographic presentation or campaign, or your book launch. Any alternative proposal on photography for the best use for this gallery space is welcome – but all proposals will be reviewed and only successful proposal will receive this grant.
*If you are selected, you will receive 5-days free stay at the RPS residence.
*Printing, framing, insuring and transportation will be covered by the applicant.


If you contribute to take part of in a photo exhibition, workshop, lecture or artist talk or make any contribution to the benefit of RPS – you can stay at our residence for up to 5 days. You need to submit the proposal and our commissioned judges will review the proposal.
*Printing, framing, insuring and transportation will be covered by the applicant.

To apply each grant, please go to http://reminders-project.org/rps/grants/.

Residence for Animation Artist, Tokyo 2014. Deadline: Sept 9, 2013

Application Guide

1. Aims of the project:

This project, organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunka-cho / Government of Japan), is an artist in residence program which aims to provide three outstanding young animation artists from around the world with an opportunity to come to Tokyo and create new works while directly interacting with Japanese animation culture. In doing so, we aim to promote both the creation of excellent works of animation and a better understanding of Japanese culture.

2. Target field: Animation production

3. Number of applicants accepted: 3

4. Duration of the program: 70 days between January 7th and March 17th 2014

5. Support provided

  1. Travel expenses
  2. Living allowance
  3. ravel insurance
  4. Rental accommodation (including workspace)
  5. Location: Tokyo
  6. Expert assistance
  7. Opportunity to present finished work
  8. Opportunities to interact with Japanese creators

6. Program summary

  1. Education/training: participants will give reports on the progress of their work being created as part of the program and will receive guidance from accomplished Japanese animators/experts on a regular basis.
  2. Visits/exchange events: participants will visit animation studios and participate in exchange events with artists and students enrolled in art programs at educational institutions.
  3. Creation of a new work: participants will begin a new work while in Japan and present the finished work or one part of a work in progress at the end of their stay.

7. Conditions of participation

Applicants must:

  1. Reside outside of Japan and be a citizen of a country other than Japan.
  2. Have had one of their animated works screened at an international film
    festival, exhibition or similar event.
  3. Be between the ages of 20 and 35 on September 9th 2013.
  4. Be able to speak either English or Japanese at least well enough to communicate in everyday situations.
  5. Be in good health.
  6. Have access to the equipment necessary to participate in a remote interview (i.e. a computer capable of connecting to the internet and using

8. Application period

Applications will be accepted beginning July 1st 2013. Application forms and all required documents/materials must be received by this office by September 9th.

9. Application procedure

A. Fill out the application formFill out the application form (you can download this( Excel ) form from the
Japan Image Council website)

B. Documents/materials to be submitted:

  1. Documents describing the work to be created as part of this program. It is preferable that applicants submit documents (story board, script, etc.) which make it possible to understand plans for the work in detail.
  2. Upload up to 3 of your previous works to YouTube or Vimeo (include a password if necessary). In the case of an installation, upload any additional materials other than video and write the link at which they can be accessed on your application form.
  3. Proof of a work having been screened at a film festival, featured in an exhibition, etc. (e.g. a copy of the list of works in a festival catalogue). Proof of more than one film having been screened is not required.
  4. Proof of age and citizenship (e.g. a photocopy of your passport).

To complete the application process, please send the application form (A) and the required documents and materials (B) via email attachments to the following address: entry2014@japic.jp
If your circumstances do not allow you to upload video to the Internet submission via DVD or other video media may be accepted. In such cases our office must be contacted in advance.

10. Selection

A selection committee composed of experts in this field will make two rounds of selections (the first based on applications, the second based on interviews conducted via the Internet) to arrive at a preliminary list of candidates to be invited to participate in the program. Those selected will be contacted at the beginning of November and once all conditions of participation have been confirmed the selection will be formally announced.

11. Notice of terms of application/participation.

By applying to this program applicants acknowledge that they agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. After the application period has ended applications cannot as a rule be rescinded. If unavoidable circumstances arise please notify us as soon as possible.
  2. Applicants will not as a rule decline an invitation after they are selected to participate in the program.
  3. Participants understand the purpose of their stay and will spend the entire period in Japan. As a rule applicants will not return to their home countries until the program has ended.
  4. Participants will actively take part in activities related to the program such as lectures, workshops, and visits to schools and studios.
  5. Applicants submit a plan for an animated work at least three minutes in length. If they are selected participants in the program will work on this animation project while in Japan and at the end of their stay will present either a completed work or a work in progress to show what they have accomplished during their time in Japan.
  6. If what is presented at the end of the program is one part of a work in progress (see (5) above), the participant will complete the work after leaving Japan and submit a DVD of the finished work by December 2014.
  7. The name of this program, “International Invitation Program for Animation Artists 2014″, and the logos of the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and Japan Image Council must be displayed in the credits of the completed work.
  8. As a general rule all equipment (computers, cameras, etc.) needed to produce the work created as part of the program will be brought by the participants.

12. Contact information

Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2014
2-10-2, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, 150-0002 Tokyo, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-6670-5676
fax: +81-3-5466-0054
Website: http://japic.jp
Email: aair@japic.jp

Open Calls for Grants. Hangar, Barcelona. Different Deadlines.

————————————Spanish version below//

————————————Catalan version below//

Through its grant programme, Hangar lays out procedures for collaborating with art centres all over the world, both in terms of residency exchanges and in its willingness to participate in joint research and creative experimentation projects.

Hangar’s grant programme is open to Spanish artists or artists residing in Spain who would like to travel to centres abroad.

Through its International Exchange Programme, Hangar lays out procedures for collaborating with art centres all over the world, both in terms of residency exchanges and in its willingness to participate in joint research and creative experimentation projects.

The programme seeks to promote artists’ mobility so that they may have the opportunity to develop their work in research, creation and production areas in specialized production centres. Contact and interaction in a different setting favours the artistic working process.

Hangar does not currently award grants to overseas artists travelling to Barcelona. All artists, of any nationality, may apply to work in one of Hangar’s studios. Travel expenses and accommodation in Barcelona, as well as the cost of studio rental must be met by the artist.

More Information: http://hangar.org/en/category/beques/convocatories-beques/


Joana Cervià
+34 93 308 40 41 ext. 21

————————————Spanish version————————————

Con el Programa de Intercambios Internacionales, Hangar establece líneas de colaboración con centros de todo el mundo, tanto para intercambios residenciales como para abrir y participar en proyectos comunes de investigación y experimentación creativa.

Destinatarios: Artistas de nacionalidad española  y artistas extranjeros residentes a el Estado español.
Solicitudes: Mediante convocatoria abierta, una vez al año. La solicitud se realiza telemáticamente.
Se puede solicitar más de una beca, en el caso de ser sel·leccionat/da a varias sólo se podrá optar a una sola residencia.
El texto del formulario se puede escribir en catalán, castellano o inglés. Los artistas preseleccionados tendrán que transcribir la documentación al inglés para pasar a la selección final, a excepción de las becas de México y de China.
El proceso de sel·lecció corre a cargo de la comisión de programas (primera fase) y el futuro centro de  acogida del artista becado (segunda fase y final).

Hangar no cuenta, actualmente, con ninguna beca dirigida a artistas residentes en el extranjero que quieran viajar a Barcelona. Cualquier artista, de cualquier nacionalidad, puede optar a trabajar en un taller de Hangar. Los costes del viaje y estancia en Barcelona y el alquiler del taller corren a cargo del artista.

Más información: http://hangar.org/es/category/beques/convocatories-beques/

Joana Cervià
+34 93 308 40 41 ext. 21

————————————Catalan version————————————

Amb el Programa d’Intercanvis Internacionals, Hangar estableix línies de col·laboració amb centres de tot el món, tant per a intercanvis residencials com per obrir i participar en projectes comuns d’investigació i experimentació creativa.

Destinataris: Artistes de nacionalitat espanyola  i artistes estrangers residents a l’Estat Espanyol.
Sol·licituds: Mitjançant convocatòria oberta, un cop l’any. La sol·licitud es realitza telemàticament.
Es pot sol·licitar més d’una beca, en el cas de ser sel·leccionat/da a vàries només es podrà optar a una sola residència.
El text del formulari es pot escriure en català, castellà o anglès. Els artistes preseleccionats hauran de transcriure la documentació a l’anglès per passar a la selecció final, a excepció de les beques de Mèxic i de Xina.
El procés de sel·lecció corre a càrrec de la comissió de programes (primera fase) i el futur centre d’ acollida de l’artista becat (segona fase i final).

Hangar no compta, actualment, amb cap beca dirigida a artistes residents a l’estranger que vulguin viatjar a Barcelona. Qualsevol artista, de qualsevol nacionalitat, podrà optar a treballar en un taller a Hangar, per la qual cosa haurà de passar el concurs estàndard.
Les despeses del viatge i l’estada a Barcelona i el lloguer del taller corren a càrrec de l’artista.

Més informacio: http://hangar.org/ca/category/beques/convocatories-beques/


Joana Cervià
+34 93 308 40 41 ext. 21