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Exhibition and residency in Cyprus. Deadline: Dec. 14, 2018

NeMe is pleased to announce this open call for the selection of 10 applicants to be represented in the exhibition with one work each. Each of those selected will be paid a small fee. In addition, one applicant will be selected as the featured artist who will be sponsored for travel with per diem for a 10 day residency at the NeMe Residency space in Limassol Cyprus. The call is open to artists, interdisciplinary collectives, researchers, and data visualisers.
Digitality has become an integrated experience, a depiction of our complex and hierarchical social reality. Although, by now, many users have become aware of the large degree Big Data involves the vigorous use of algorithms for analytics as well as software for surveillance, it has not curbed the mass use of social media. In fact, mass networking on social media has become the cultural tool for establishing a sense of intimacy despite the unease of personal disclosure. Real issues such as human rights abuses, homelessness or climate change cannot contest viral videos, fake news, cute pets and more recently, the controversial obsession with “dark tourism” selfies. We are informed by algorithms on who we are, selective advertisements help us to become skilled actors in our own self shaping. Users’ social activities are mined as data, making possible real-time tracking and monitoring. This colonisation of personal data is already manipulating social media content. Targeted personalisation on the Internet today purges reality with users becoming dehumanised commodities existing in a fabricated unreality. The control of the coloniser is now defined by the monopoly of the data colonised.
Areas of interest
Social Media Self shaping, Online personal and group identity, Corporate data mining, Biological labour versus human generated data labour, Artificial Intelligence, Colonisation of humans by non-human actors, Human obsolescence, Unpaid data workers, Dark tourism, Smart cities and tools of surveillance, Social and political implications on data mining human behaviours.
Download the application details in pdf format.
Deadline: December 14, 2018. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.
Exhibition dates: 15/02/2019-15/03/2019
Residency dates: 08/02/2019-18/02/2019 (approximate)

Shore Excursion No. 1: The Curatorship visits the Ecce Mono

After two years on board of the vessel, we thought it was high time to put on our feet on solid ground and dare a shore excursion. And which highly celebrated work of contemporary visual culture would be more fitting than the Ecce Mono (#eccemono for those of you who structure their lives according to daily trending topics) in the Spanish village of Borja.

Our inland expedition started from Getxo, where we left the Ship, anchored safely in the harbor, quite near to Marcos Lopez’ Sireno, and after visiting GetxoPhoto, which runs under the title “In Praise of Childhood” this year. Our journey southwards led us through the dry plains of Aragon, until reaching the village of Borja, and its Sanctuary of Mercy church, home of the now-famous Ecce Mono fresco, a partly restored 19th century mural painting depicting our Lord, which has  garnered worldwide attention in the past… mmmh… weeks, actually.

Inside the sanctuary, we found ourselves in company of many other admirers, and had to stand in line for some time, before being able to appreciate the masterpiece. A well invested time, as it would turn out, as the privilege of entering a face-to-face dialogue with the savior is really quite different from seeing it on a screen. Not only can you truly appreciate the work of Doña Cecilia Giménez, the 85 year old artist, who painted over the fresco in an attempt to restore it, but you can also see that the colors she used are about to fall off the wall soon, especially the ones used for the ill-fitting tunic, which seem to come from her personal collection of vernis à ongles (commonly known as Nail Varnish).

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Of course, we also took our photo in front of the chef d’oeuvre, without flash, in order to avoid any deterioration of the piece. After all, we are professionals.

Our first shore excursion ended with a stroll through the Monastery, which is as empty and boring as it has been for many years, before the Ecce Mono hype, which has caused a new appreciation of the ancient trade of Restoration. Maybe from now on, people will start to actually think twice before restoring monuments, and consults specialists that have been trained for years to take the right decision. Or maybe not, and it will just become another anecdote in the age of social media. Anyways, we were there when it was all happening, a story which we will be able to tell our grandchildren, in case they should still be interested in such old fashioned phenomena as twitter and facebook…

Now we are back on board, riding the waves of the Seven Seas of Visual Culture, and looking forward to the next Shore Excursion. Stay tuned!

PS: Here are some of our favorite images from the #eccemono Internet Phenomenon and the resulting real-world objects…