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PRIX VOIES OFF 2016. Deadline: Feb 20, 2016

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Les émergences photographiques à Arles

Appel à candidature


En 2016, le Prix Voies Off se dote d’un nouveau montant
5000 € pour le soutien des auteurs !

Prix Voies Off :: 5 000 €
Prix Révélation SAIF :: 2 500 €
Prix lacritique . org :: publication en ligne d’un portfolio

Inscription en ligne sur http://www.voies-off.com
Date limite de candidatures : 20 février 2016


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Emerging photography in Arles

Call for submission


2016, the Voies Off Prize adopts a new amount
€ 5,000 for the support of authors!

Voies Off Award :: € 5,000
SAIF Revelation Award :: € 2,500
lacritique . org Award :: online publication of a portfolio

Online application: http://www.voies-off.com
Submission Deadline : 20 février 2016

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Open Call for Photonic Moments festival in Ljubljana. Deadline: May 19, 2014

International photo contest for evening projections in frames of Photonic Moments festival in Ljubljana

We are proudly announcing international open call for submissions, open to all artists and photographers working in the field of contemporary photography. Selected works and series will be shown in frames of Photonic Moments – Month of Photography festival in Ljubljana as part of evening projections during the opening week of the festival. The projections will take place in the magnificent venue of ZRC atrium in Ljubljana which will host the majority of accompanying programme of the festival.
The seventh edition of Photonic Moments – Month of Photography Ljubljana festival is dedicated to promote, popularise and present local and international developments in the field of contemporary photography. The festival is organised by Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography.

Evening projections in ZRC atrium will enable participation of artists and photographers who could not be presented on several exhibitions within the festival. Their works will be shown to both, wider audience and professional public. The evening projections are aimed at presenting wide spectre of artistic projects and therefore the jury will primarily look for fresh approaches and topics that reflect developments on the local and global photographic scene. The winner of the contest (selected on the last day of three-day event) will have a chance to exhibit a solo show at Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography in 2015.

We invite all photographers, artists, art groups and collectives working in the field of contemporary photography to participate, irrespective of age or nationality!
There are no application fees!

Deadline for submission is 19 May 2014

The application must contain:
• portfolio of the applicant and proposal for the projection (containing from 10 to 20 photographs) in PDF or JPG format;
• maximum size of each photo is 5MB;
• description of the project(s) (in Slovene or English language) up to 1000 signs;
• biography of the applicant;
Each photographer can apply with several projects / series. The materials are accepted only in digital form and via designated email.

Applicants shall send the submissions to following email address:
photon.centre@gmail.com with the subject line „evening projections contest“ until 19 May 2014!

Additional information available on email photon.centre@gmail.com and telephone number +386 59977907 (weekdays from 12 to 6 pm).

Contact person: Jasna Jernejšek

The selection will be conducted by three-member jury:
• Borut Peterlin (freelance photographer)
• Jasna Jernejšek (curator-coordinator at Photon)
• Miha Colner (curator-coordinator at Photon)

The applicant will be be notified about the results of the open call via email until 30 May 2014!

PhotoIreland Festival Presentation in Barcelona. April 17, 19:30h, Fotocolectania Foundation

The prestigious Foundation Fotocolectania in Barcelona will host a projection of some of the authors of the 2012 edition of PhotoIreland, in the framework of their program El Proyector.

Featured projects are Dinu Li’s Mother of All Journeys, Max Becher’s & Andrea Robbins’ 770, David Monahan’s, Leaving Dublin, Isabelle Pateer’s series Unsettled and Jean Revillard’s Sara on the Bridge, as well as the book dummies of Francisca Lopez’ Bandi Binder project & Gergely Laszlo’s Collective Man.

Tuesday, April 17, at 19:30 in the Foundation, Calle Julián Romea 6, D2. 08006 Barcelona

El proyector Program

OMNIVORE PHOTO SESSIONS Call for Photography Slideshows. Deadline: May 14, 2012

----- English Version here // Versión en español mas abajo ------

OMNIVORE PHOTO SESSIONS is a audiovisual-based platform of
debate and promotion for fine art photography. Through public
screenings of photographic works we hope to achieve a low cost,
widespread scope.
We look for photographic works in a slideshow format. We will
chose 9 of these works and they will be screened to the public in
our first OMNIVORE PHOTO SESSION. This screening will take place
in Asociación Cultural La Azotea, in Murcia (Spain), on May 24th.



The theme of this session is RAW. We look for works where intuition
commands over reason, where personal involvement builds
the way of looking.

Deadline for the submissions
The deadline for the reception of submissions will be May 14th, .
Any submission after this date will not be accepted. The decision of
the jury will be made public on May 18th.

Format of submissions
Every participant can submit to omnivorephoto@gmail.com a
single photographic project in slideshow format (.mov, .avi,
.mpg…) The slideshow can include audio and video, but photographic
image should be its main content. Every slideshow should
include the name of the project, the name of its author and the
appropiate credits. The participants could send links to Youtube or
Vimeo or use file transfer services such as Dropbox or Wetransfer.

Results of the call
Selected works will be screened in our first OMNIVORE PHOTO
SESSION. This free and open to the public screening will be held in
La Azotea, on May 24th. Part of the chosen works could be later
selected for their inclusion in OMNIVORE PHOTO NOTEBOOK #1, a
photobook to be printed in the coming months. This photobook
will have a print run of 333 books, and 13 books will be sent to
each of the participants in the book.


Jury and selections
The jury of this open call will consist of Gustavo Alemán, Agus
Bres, Blanca Galindo, Julián Garnés García, Pascual Martínez and
Juanan Requena, founder members of Omnivore Photo. The jury
will chose a maximum of 9 submissions to be part of the
screening.The decision of the jury wll be final.

Author responsibility
The author is responsible for the work presented and declares that
he holds the full ownership of the work and the rights to it including
audio and audiovisual materials used in it and the image
rights of third parties. The organization recommends the use of
royalty-free or Creative Commons-licensed music in the slideshows.

Reproduction rights
The authors selected authorize the total or partial reproduction of
his work in the screening scheduled into this open call as well as in
the Vimeo channel of Omnivore Photo
(https://vimeo.com/omnivorephoto) . The works selected for the
screening could also be published later in a subsequent publication,
so the authors grant the the right of reproduction and exploitation
of the work to the purposes of this publication

OMNIVORE believes in photography as a tool for self-expression.
We make projects, small and big, to make fine art photography
grow. OMNIVORE PHOTO SESSIONS is the first of those projects.
Omnivore Photo is a nonprofit initiative. All the benefits of its
activities are intended to finance new projects.


----- Versión en español // English Version above ------

Omnivore Photo Sessions es una plataforma de difusión y promoción
para la fotografía de autor a través de formatos audiovisuales.
Mediante sesiones de proyección, se pretende obtener una difusión
de bajo coste y amplio impacto para trabajos fotográficos, en eventos
abiertos al público general.
Buscamos trabajos fotográficos en formato audiovisual. En nuestra
primera OMNIVORE PHOTO SESSION proyectaremos 9 de esos
trabajos, en una sesión pública y abierta al público que se llevará a
cabo en La Azotea, el día 24 de Mayo, a las 21 horas.


El lema de esta convocatoria es Crudo. La intuición sobre la razón,
donde la implicación personal construye la mirada.
Plazo de recepción de las obras y de fallo del jurado.
Las obras podrán enviarse a omnivorephoto@gmail.com desde el
14 de Abril de 2012 a las 00.00h del 14 de Mayo de 2012. Cualquier
obra enviada fuera de ese plazo no podrá ser elegible para su
selección. El fallo del jurado se hará público el dia 18 de Mayo de

Formato de las obras
Cada autor podrá presentar un único proyecto fotográfico en
formato audiovisual (mov, avi, mpg…) en cuyo montaje podrán
articularse elementos de audio, vídeo y foto, no obstante la
imagen fotográfica deberá tener un papel protagonista. Cada
proyecto incluirá en el montaje el título del trabajo, el nombre del
autor y los créditos pertinentes. Los trabajos podrán presentarse
mediante enlace a Youtube o Vimeo, o mediante servicios de
transferencia de archivos como Dropbox, Wetransfer o similar.
Resultado de la convocatoria
Los trabajos seleccionados serán proyectados en la Omnivore
Photo Session #1 que tendrá lugar en La Azotea el día 24 de Mayo.
La entrada dicha proyección será gratuita y abierta al público.


Los trabajos elegidos entrarán ademas a formar parte de un proceso
selectivo posterior para la edición de Omnivore Photo Notebook
#1, publicación impresa de tirada limitada (333 ejemplares).
Los autores elegidos para esta publicación recibirán 13 números de
la misma por correo postal de forma totalmente gratuita.

El jurado estará compuesto por Gustavo Alemán, Agus Bres, Blanca
Galindo, Julián Garnés García, Pascual Martínez y Juanan Requena,
miembros y responsables de Omnivore Photo. Dicho comité seleccionará
un máximo de 9 proyectos que formarán parte de la
proyección final. La decisión final del jurado será inapelable.

Responsabilidad del autor
El autor se hace responsable de que la obra presentada es original
y declara que ostenta la plena titularidad de la obra y los derechos
sobre la misma incluyendo los materiales sonoros, audiovisuales
utilizados en ella y los derechos de imagen sobre terceras personas
La organización recomienda el uso de música libre de derechos o
sometida a licencia Creative Commons.

Derechos de reproducción
Los autores seleccionados autorizan la reproducción total o parcial
de su obra en la proyección programada dentro de la convocatoria,
así como en el canal de Vimeo de Omnivore
(https://vimeo.com/omnivorephoto). Los autores seleccionados
pueden entrar a formar parte de una publicación posterior que
contará con una tirada de 333 ejemplares por lo que ceden los
derechos de reproducción y explotación de la misma a la organización
a efectos de su inclusión en dicha publicación.

En OMNIVORE apostamos por la fotografía como medio de expresión
personal. Para eso queremos llevar a cabo proyectos, pequeños
y grandes, que hagan crecer esas miradas de autor. OMNIVORE

PHOTO SESSIONS es el primero de esos proyectos que os presentamos.
Omnivore Photo es una iniciativa sin ánimo de lucro. Todos los
beneficios derivados de sus actividades están destinados a financiar
proyectos para la difusión de la fotografía.