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Easttopics RESIDENCY PROGRAMME booklet online.

Easttopics has launched its third Residency programme booklet for the 2019 Spring/Summer season, picking and gathering actual calls and programmes dedicated to visual and perfomative arts in the Central and Eastern European region

The booklet is available online here: www.easttopics.com/calls

Easttopics is a non-profit initiative launched in 2013, led by young art professionals based in Hungary and Serbia and dedicated to the promotion of the Eastern European contemporary art field. Working as a think tank for the Eastern European art communities, Easttopics is a genuinely interdisciplinary cooperative which goal is to draw the Eastern contemporary art field and the international art scene closer to each other.

Easttopics aims at mapping and providing more visibility to protagonists of the Eastern European art life, should they be artists, art professionals, institutions, events or publications. It also wishes to act as a dynamic platform fostering connections, exchanges, community building, and cooperation for both practice-based and research-based projects on a local, regional, and international level.

This cross-border project takes form as an expanding online website and database focusing on the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Easttopics is also accepting call, residency and programme announcements for the upcoming 2019-2020 Fall/Winter season.





Fruzsina Kigyós, Róna Kopeczky, Alexandra Nagy


Szpilman Award. Residency in Poland and Cash Prize. Deadline: Sept. 30, 2013

Call for application – Szpilman Award 2013

The Szpilman Award is initiated, organised and financed by a group of artists, based in Berlin, Germany and is awarded to works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time. The purpose of the award is to promote such works whose forms consist of ephemeral situations.

The Szpilman Award is awarded annually. The prize winner receives a cash prize, 10 days of residency in Cimochowizna (Poland) and a challenge cup.
The amount of money is dynamic. Szpilman is raising money parallel to the competition. The prize winner receives the money that is raised until September 30, 2013.

Among the applicants, one award winner will be identified.
The challenge cup will be handed over to the next prize winner in the subsequent year.

Everyone can apply for the Szpilman Award, both individuals and groups of persons.

The work must have been realized between October 1, 2012, and September 30, 2013.

To apply, send in a significant documentation. To that, fill in the application form (PDF) with name, e-mail, telephone, address, title of the work, and date of construction. Send in application plus documentation by post.

Application form
Deadline: 30/09/13
Contact: Patrick Koch



Submissions for Open Programme at WARSAW PHOTO DAYS. Deadline: September 5, 2013

A message from our friend Katarzyna Majak, about the possibility to participate in the open program of the Warsaw Phot Festival. I like the “There is no entry fee” part … Great job, KitKat!

“Dear Captain (and a cleaning Lady)no cleaning after Warsaw Photo Days – a brand new photo festival in Warsaw headquarters :)please tell other photography pirates to react to our open programme call 🙂 Grazias!!! Katarzyna”


Submissions are now being accepted for the first edition of Warsaw Photo Days Open Programme based under the theme ‘CLASH’.

Open Programme welcomes entries from visual artists both nationally and internationally, supporting all disciplines of photographic (and photography-based) practice.

Our Jury will select 3-5 projects which will be exhibited during the festival (Warsaw, Poland).

Our theme – ‘CLASH’ – may be understood and interpreted in a number of ways e.g.: mixed media practices, opposites, meetings, collisions, borders, body / spirituality, male / female, pixel / grain, full / void, culture / nature, passive / active, tradition / modernity, life / death, open / closed, light / dark, synthesis, pop culture / kitsch / high culture, global / local, documentary / fiction and others.

We are looking for both photographic and mixed media projects using photography and/ or video.

Submissions sent by email to open@warsawphotodays.com have to include the following:
pdf containing a set of photographs from the project (resolution 72 dpi), file size up to 5Mb;
description in pdf – max. 1800 characters, that obligatory includes:
-project statement (and how it relates to the theme);
-information whether or not the project has already been presented (if so, where);
-proposed formats and technical description;
-brief artist’s bio;
-for video work – a link to a web page;
-contact information (email, phone, Skype, mailing address).
Our Jury will decline your submission if it does not follow all the guidelines.

All applications must be received by September 5, 2013 (23:59 CET).

One artist can submit one project for consideration.

There is no entry fee.

Application deadline: 5 September 2013 (23:59 CET)
Results: 15 September 2013 – announced on http://www.warsawphotodays.com
Exhibitions: 4-31 October 2013
Terms and Conditions of participation: http://www.warsawphotodays.com/docs/TermsAndConditionsProgramOpen_WPD_2013_EN.pdf



Krakow Photomonth Portfolio Review. Deadline: May 24, 2013.

 Name:  Krakow Photomonth Portfolio Review

Organizer: Krakow Photomonth Festival

Date & Place: June 1, 2013. Krakow, Poland

Application Deadline: May 24, 2013

Number of Participants: Up to 100

Profiles of Reviewers: professional photographers, photo-editors, editors, critics, curators, owners of galleries and photography publishers

Registration Fee: 40 Euro for 4 meetings / 50 Euro for 6 meetings

Number of reviews: 4 to 6 reviews of 20 minutes

Price / Review Ratio: 8,33 to 10 Euro per review

Web: http://www.photomonth.com/

Email: portfolio@photomonth.com

Presentation Text: Over the course of one day, you’ll have the chance to meet a group of experts from Poland and abroad. The meetings with reviewers can provide you with an excellent form of promotion, as well as offering the opportunity to make contacts and begin cooperation with professionals whose experience, advice and opinions have often been responsible for participants’ further photographic development.

Please note: This and other international Portfolio Reviews are listed in our Curatorship post Portfolio Reviews 2013 

Open Call: Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2013 competition – International Photography Festival Lodz. Deadline: December 10, 2012.

OPEN YOUR EYES! The International Festival of Photography in Lodz, Poland would like to invite you to submit your projects to the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2013 competition. The jury consisting of international curators shall choose one winner and seven finalists from the sent pictures. The winner shall receive the prize of 10,000 PLN (± 2200 Euros) and his/her works will be displayed during the exhibition. The prize for seven finalists is the participation in the exhibition. All selected pictures will be exhibited during the 12th edition of the Fotofestiwal between June 6th and 16th, 2013.

Grand Prix Fotofestiwal is a competition organized every year, during which we are awarding the prizes to those artists who present cohesive ideas, brave visions as well as excellent photographic technique and who use the photographic language in a conscious manner. We want to present interesting personalities and new trends of contemporary photography. This invitation is directed at individual photographers. The formula of the competition is open and there are no thematic, age or geographical restrictions.

DEADLINE: December 10, 2012.

JURY (biographies)

  •  Peggy Sue Amison, director of Sirius Arts Center, Cobh, Irlandia
  • Alison Nordstrom, director of George Eastman House, Rochester, USA
  • Irina Tchmyreva, Artistic director International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa, Krasnodar/Moscow, Russia
  • Rui Prata, director of Braga Image Museum, Encontros da Imagem, Portugal
  • Tomasz Ferenc, University of Lodz, lecturer
  • Joanna Kinowska, Zacheta National Gallery of Art
  • Adam Mazur, curator of the Centre for Contemporary Art “Zamek Ujazdowski” in Warsaw
  • Krzysztof Candrowicz, director of FOTOFESTIWAL International Festival of Photography in Łódź
  • Marta Szymańska, programme director of FOTOFESTIWAL International Festival of Photography in Łódź

More information: gp@fotofestiwal.com


A complete application of the project shall be submitted:
– via E-mail to gp@fotofestiwal.com (GRAND PRIX in the title of the message, file size up to 5MB)
– in person / by posy to:
Fundacja Edukacji Wizualnej
ul. Tymienieckiego 3
90-365 Łódź, Poland

The project application should be sent in an envelope or packed in any other way that reduces the possibility of damage to the work. Packaging should be labelled “GRAND PRIX”.

If the application is sent by post, the date of registration is the postmark date.

An application should include: 
– a completed form
– all the works included in the project
– payment confirmation (scan, photocopy)

The registration fee: PLN 100 (≈ 25Euro, ≈35USD;

Website / Applications: http://www.fotofestiwal.com/uni/news/otworz-oczy-zglos-swoje-prace-na-fotofestiwal/?lang=en

Curators’ Network: Call for artists based in Poland. Deadline: Oct 14, 2012

Polish or Poland-based artists can now apply for participating in the week-long Krakow gathering, that will take place beginning of December. It will provide a unique opportunity for the 20 selected artists, to introduce their work (and themselves) to curators from across Europe. The open call for artists began on September 17, 2012 and will continue through October 14. For more information on the application process, please consult the terms and conditions below (Polish only).

Powodzenia, żeglarze!
Twój kapitan

——- Polish version of the Terms and Conditions ———-


Międzynarodowe spotkania służące poznaniu środowiska artystycznego każdego z krajów

1. Cel konkursu

Celem niniejszego konkursu jest wybranie 20 artystów mieszkających i pracujących w Polsce oraz zaproszenie ich do wzięcia udziału w przeglądzie portfolio podczas spotkania Curators’ Network w Krakowie. Twórcy wybranych projektów zaprezentują swoje portfolio międzynarodowemu gronu Curators’ Network oraz innym zaproszonym działaczom kultury; będą mieli również możliwość pokazania swoich najnowszych prac szerszej publiczności podczas krótkiej prelekcji. Wydarzenia te odbędą się w dniach 4–8 grudnia 2012 roku.

Zjazd Curators’ Network w Krakowie jest czwartym z serii pięciu spotkań w pięciu krajach Europy. Konferencje te pozwolą polskim artystom, kuratorom i działaczom kultury na wymianę myśli z innymi europejskimi przedstawicielami świata kultury, stymulując dialog, debatę i porozumienie, których celem ma być nawiązanie międzynarodowej współpracy.

2. Zasady konkursu

Konkurs jest otwarty dla artystów polskich oraz tych artystów zagranicznych, dla których Polska jest podstawowym miejscem pobytu. Szukamy artystów jeszcze bez ugruntowanej pozycji międzynarodowej, gdyż jednym z podstawowych celów konkursu jest promocja i publikacja prac artystów nieznanych w szerszym kontekście europejskim.

Każdy artysta, lub grupa artystyczna, zobowiązany jest przedłożyć dossier projektu artystycznego, który dopiero ma powstać lub powstał niedawno, ale nie jest znany na forum europejskim (nie był wystawiany ani publikowany). Na konkurs można zgłosić prace na dowolny temat, tworzone przy wykorzystaniu dowolnego medium i w dowolnej formie (grafika, rzeźba, fotografia, instalacja, sztuka wideo, sztuka dźwiękowa, performance itd.).

Artyści mogą zgłaszać projekty indywidualnie lub zbiorowo (w tym wypadku należy wyznaczyć przedstawiciela grupy).

Ze wszystkich zgłoszonych projektów zostanie wybranych dwadzieścia.

Nie ma ograniczenia wiekowego.

Udział w konkursie jest bezpłatny.

3. Dokumentacja, forma zgłoszenia i terminarz

Projekty należy zgłaszać w formacie PDF za pomocą cyfrowego formularza rejestracyjnego dostępnego na stronie Curators’ Network:


Oryginały prac i dossier w formie papierowej nie będą przyjmowane.

Zgłoszenia będą przyjmowane wyłącznie w dniach 17 września–14 października 2012 roku.

Każdy z uczestników musi wypełnić formularz uczestnictwa (dostępny od 17 września na stronie http://www.curators-network.eu/krakow), na który składają się:

– Biogram artysty (w języku angielskim) nie dłuższy niż 700 znaków.

– Krótki opis projektu (w języku angielskim) nie dłuższy niż 700 znaków.

– Dossier projektu w formie pliku PDF nieprzekraczającym 2,5 MB (w języku angielskim).

– Dossier w formie pliku PDF nieprzekraczającym 2,5 MB, zawierającym streszczenie poprzednich projektów (w języku angielskim).

– Fotografia w formie pliku JPG nieprzekraczającym 550 kB, przedstawiająca wybrany projekt.

Wszystkie teksty muszą być dostarczone w języku angielskim, ponieważ pliki nadesłane przez wybranych artystów zostaną automatycznie włączone do cyfrowej bazy danych Curators’ Network, której zawartość będzie dostępna wyłącznie po angielsku (punkt 8).

4. Kryteria oceny

– Jakość i spójność projektu

– Artystyczne nowatorstwo i oryginalność

– Zgodność z celem konkursu

– Przygotowanie zawodowe uczestnika/-ów

5. Werdykt

Obrady jury odbędą się do dwóch tygodni po upływie terminu nadsyłania zgłoszeń. Werdykt jury będzie ostateczny.

6. Publikacja

Wszyscy uczestnicy, którzy zostaną wybrani, zobowiązani są dostarczyć do 4 listopada 2012 roku wszelkie teksty oraz obrazy niezbędne do przygotowania informatora na temat spotkania.

7. Wydarzenie

Sesje Curators’ Network (punkt 1) odbędą się w dniach 4–8 grudnia w Krakowie. Każdy artysta zostanie poinformowany o dokładnej dacie swojej prezentacji z odpowiednim wyprzedzeniem. Artyści zobowiązani są dostarczyć przykłady swoich prac w formie uznanej za najbardziej odpowiednią (cyfrowej lub analogowej), jak również zapewnić sobie zaplecze techniczne oraz sprzęt umożliwiający dogodny przegląd treści (laptopy itp.).

8. Cyfrowa baza danych i platforma Curators’ Network

Wszyscy wybrani artyści otrzymają stały edytowalny profil w cyfrowej bazie danych Curators’ Network, którego będą mogli używać w celu promocji swoich prac na szczeblach europejskim i międzynarodowym. Artyści będą mogli dodawać i/lub edytować zawartość profilu według własnego uznania, z zastrzeżeniem jednak, że wszystkie publikowane teksty na profilu muszą być w języku angielskim.

Użytkownicy będą również mieli dostęp do narzędzia pozwalającego zamieścić im profil utworzony w bazie Curators’ Network na własnej stronie internetowej. Zespół Fundacji Sztuk Wizualnych, oficjalny gospodarz polskiego spotkania, pomoże wybranym artystom efektywnie zarządzać profilami, zapewniając poradę oraz wsparcie.

9. Zastrzeżenia prawne i zgoda na warunki konkursu

Wraz ze zgłoszeniem do Curators’ Network artysta udziela Fundacji Sztuk Wizualnych niewyłącznej, nieodpłatnej, niepodlegającej wypowiedzeniu, nieograniczonej w czasie ani terytorialnie licencji na korzystanie ze zgłoszonego projektu w celu organizacji, promocji, reklamy i dokumentacji konkursu Curators’ Network. Artysta zgłaszający się do konkursu Curators’ Network oświadcza i gwarantuje, że ani projekt, ani udzielona licencja nie są obciążone jakimikolwiek wadami, prawami ani roszczeniami osób trzecich, a w tym w szczególności oświadcza, iż uzyskał niezbędne zgody na rozpowszechnianie wizerunku osób przedstawionych w projekcie. W razie wystąpienia osób trzecich z roszczeniami związanymi z projektem artysta zobowiązuje się zwolnić Fundację Sztuk Wizualnych ze wszelkiej odpowiedzialności. W sprawach nieuregulowanych niniejszym Regulaminem stosuje się przepisy prawa polskiego. Spory związane z niniejszym konkursem, których stroną będzie Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych, rozpatrywane będą wyłącznie przed sąd miejsca siedziby Fundacji Sztuk Wizualnych. Udział w konkursie oznacza wyrażenie pełnej zgody na powyższe warunki.



Deadline for applications: 31.01.2012


A three month long residency between 15.03–15.06.2012
The artists-in-residence programme laboratory at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw announces an Open Call for international artists and researchers working in the fields of visual and performing arts as well as design and architecture to take part in a residency in 2012.

Artists would be invited to work on research held in the frames of Studio Warszawa (Studio Warsaw), a platform for conducting artistic research projects on the basis of an international residency and study programme. Studio Warszawa is based on a collaboration between various cultural organisations in Warsaw and involves the mutual use and exchange of resources. The programme features a regular series of seminars with the participation of A-I-R’s residents and organised by A-I-R in conjunction with the Institute of Polish Culture.

We would like selected artists to respond to a proposed topic:
“Images are more real than anyone could have supposed. And just because they are an unlimited resource, one that cannot be exhausted by consumerist waste, there is all the more reason to apply the conservationist remedy. If there can be a better way for the real world to include the one of images, it will require an ecology not of real things, but of images as well.” (On Photography, Susan Sontag)

Selected artists are asked to join and enrich research on the relations between people and images in the times of a proliferation of self-representation demands from a variety of groups in public spaces. A popular diagnosis regarding “image overproduction” engages images in an ecological discourse. Taking up this language, we want to ask questions about the possibility of engaging in practices of image recycling, ethical stances of image production and dissemination; the symbiosis of people and images; efforts of determining the “healthy” number of images in an urban environment; as well as endangered kinds of images (exemplified by the fear of the passing away of analogue photography).

The choice will be made based on the quality of portfolios presenting past projects and a motivation letter, including the artist statement. The description of the proposed project to be realized in Warsaw is not obligatory and will not influence the results of the call.

A three month long residency between 15.03–15.06.2012
Deadline for applications: 31.01.2012

We are offering:
– Individual living space connected with the working space
– Grant of 3000 PLN per month / approx. 700 EUR
– Travel costs reimbursement up to 1600 PLN / approx. 370 EUR
– Project budget of 3000 PLN / approx. 700 EUR

How to apply:
Portfolio – electronic version – preferred format: pdf – in English, including:
1. documentation of selected works
2. artist’s statement
3. motivation letter – short explanation why you would like to take part in our program
4. CV

Please send the portfolio to: air.opencall@gmail.com

Additional audio and video materials on CD/DVD please send to:

Open Call, artists-in-residence laboratory
Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski
ul. Jazdów 2
00-467 Warszawa, Poland

*the submitted materials will not be returned.

About the Artists-In-Residence Laboratory

The A-I-R Laboratory program has been organising residencies for international artists at CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw since 2003. In parallel, it seeks to promote Polish artists internationally by facilitating their participation in creative residencies hosted by the laboratory’s partner programs throughout the world. At present the A-I-R Laboratory can host up to seven artists at one time in studios placed in the CCA and the adjacent Laboratory building opened in 2010.
Resident artists receive an opportunity to present their projects to a public at the CCA as lectures, projections, public discussions, exhibitions and performances. The laboratory also strives to encourage visiting artists to realise their work in the public spaces of Warsaw or in one of the A-I-R Laboratory’s numerous independent partner galleries.

More: www.csw.art.pl/air

* select language and then select A-I-R on the top right menu.

About the Institute of Polish Culture at University of Warsaw
The Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw (IKP) is a leading academic centre in Poland in the field of study of culture. An anthropological approach constitutes the theoretical foundation for both the research programme and the curriculum with courses covering anthropology of culture, anthropology of the word, anthropology of performance, and – most of all, in the perspective of residency programme – anthropology of film and visual culture. Courses are based on an inquiry into the nature and the historical uses of the basic media of culture: word, performance, image, as well as their technical actualisations: spectacle, different genres of literature, film, photography, mobile and digital media and so forth.
Contact: filmav@uw.edu.pl

More: www.ikp.uw.edu.pl

About the Bęc Zmiana Foundation
The Bęc Zmiana Foundation is a non-profit organization. We support the development and advancement of contemporary art and culture. We carry out projects of artists/architects/designers/interdisciplinary minds who are receptive to change, open-minded and imaginative.
We do art projects, exhibitions, design competitions, publish books, magazines, guides and maps. We run a very small space where we turn theory into practice – this multifunctional place is a gallery space, a bookshop, a cultural information for locals and foreigners, and more – we can shape its function according to our current needs.
We also strive for facilitating encounters between artists and the audience, filling the gap that exists between the artwork and its public. That is why creating common ground where these two can easily meet is essential for us. We try to achieve it by inventing actions that push the artwork out into the streets and public spaces, make it accessible for all social groups. Since we are based in Warsaw, we also try to emphasize the city’s peculiarity in many of our projects.
Bęc Zmiana creates a path for an undisturbed flow of energy, ideas and thoughts. We do not interpret art – we tunnel it.

More: www.funbec.eu

Partners: Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw

This programme is co-finanaced by the City of Warsaw

Call for Participation, Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland. Deadline: Nov. 15, 2011

PRIZE: 10.000 zł (≈2.500€)
DEADLINE: 15.11.2011
MORE INFORMATION: http://www.fotofestiwal.com | gp@fotofestiwal.com

Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2012 is an opportunity to present your photographs at one of the greatest photography events in Central Europe and a chance to win PLN 10 000 (≈2.500€).

Submit your projects for the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2012 competition. This time, the format of the annual contest and exhibition will be different. An international jury of curators will choose the winner and 9 finalists. The jury members are world-class specialists, among others Xavier Canonne – director of Belgian Charleroi Museum of Photography, Simon Bainbridge – editor of “British Journal of Photography”, and Adam Mazur – curator of the Centre for Contemporary Art “Ujazdowski Castle”. We encourage you to read the biographies of the Jury.

The winner will get a prize of PLN 10 000 (≈2.500€) and the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2012 title. The winning project will be presented during an individual exhibition at Fotofestiwal in May 2012. The works of the 9 finalists will be displayed in the form of a slide show during the main festival weekend (10-13 May 2012). It is then that the official results will be announced and the winner’s name will be revealed.

Our invitation, addressed to photographers and curators, brings hundreds of applications every year. The competition is open and there are no thematic, age-related or geographic limitations, thanks to which we can present diversified works and personalities.

Xavier Canonne, director of Museum of Photography in Charleroi, Belgium
Simon Bainbridge, editor of „British Journal of Photography”, Great Britain
Adam Mazur, curator of the Centre for Contemporary Art “Ujazdowski Castle”, Warsaw, Poland
Krzysztof Candrowicz, director of FOTOFESTIWAL International Festival of Photography in Lodz, Poland
Marta Szymanska, programme director of FOTOFESTIWAL International Festival of Photography in Lodz, Poland

Application Form
Detailed rules of participation can be found in the terms and conditions of the competition and in the invitation