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Culture Vultures Open Residency September 2015. Deadline: May 15th, 2015.

If you are looking for an opportunity to develop cultural understanding through a shared artistic process then this unique interactive artist residency in the heart of Morocco is for you.

The open AIR  residency has at its core a concise mission to bring multi disciplinary international artists together by enhancing dialogue and cross cultural exchange through a variety of arts programmes and cultural events in a unique way, that leads towards an enriching and shared learning experience for all participants in the historical town of Sefrou and the imperial city of Fez, the Moroccan capital of crafts as recognized by UNESCO and world’s largest car-free urban metropolis.

The residency provides opportunities for artists, curators, critical writers and art professionals to research and develop their practices, it supports both emerging and established professionals, working in any medium.

The aim of the residency is to generate a fresh creative space for participants at a crucial point in their career and for the participating artists to leave Sefrou with expanded possibilities, new networks and in some cases even new works.

Selection for the programme will follow the criteria of artistic distinction, nature of contemporary practice and a desire to interact and engage with the local community in the Atlas Mountains, with the ultimate aim of developing an artistic response to their intensive four-week cultural experience.

This immersive residential programme incorporates materclasses and interactive workshops, alongside community engagement and individual studio time.

The progarmme is open to all artistic disciplines across the spectrum including designers, visual artists, installation artists, writers, musicians, performers, researchers or conceptual artists wishing to spend four weeks exploring the techniques, materials and personalities of the traditional crafts masters of the area.  Artists will be housed together in the old medina of Sefrou and  given work spaces where necessary. 


When: This residency will take place from 1st September– 29thSeptember 2015

The program includes

  • Orientation in Sefrou.
  • A half day tour of the in the old city of Fez with a historical guide.
  • Artists dinners.
  • Informal dinners where visiting artists are introduced to the local arts community.
  • Lectures, round tables and presentations.
  • Excursions out of Sefrou to get a fresh perspective of the surrounding area.


The Residence Cost is– 950 Euros


Comfortable accommodation in Sefrou.

Professional facilitation between visiting artists and the local community.

Support of professional practice.

The rich program of activities mentioned above.

Does not include:

Travel to / from Fez at either side of the residency.

Insurance or Food


Submissions deadline is May 15th 2015.  

For an application form click here open air 2015

For more information and submissions mail: cvairs@yahoo.com

More Information: http://culturevulturesfez.org/open-a-i-r/

Cherry-Picked Photography Residency. Deadline: April 30th, 2015

For Adventurous Artists of the Lens – Cherry -Picked-Photography-Quest.
Every June, for over 90 years, the market town of Sefrou, nestled at the base of the middle Atlas Mountains in North Morocco, has celebrated the cherry season with its Cherry Festival.
Culture Vultures and ASIL Visuals invite practicing photographers to dive deep into the festivities through the perception of a camera lens on a 4 –day, photo focused discovery of the local festival.
Residency / Festival Dates –  4th – 8th June 2015

The 4-day program incudes

  • Orientation visit of the town and festival site.
  • A lecture on the local culture and Sefrou’s Cherry Festival by a Fez University Professor.
  • Facilitation around the festival.
  • Local network and knowledge and support.
Places area limited to six practitioners.  Selection is made through an application process and submission committee. Note that the deadline has been extended to April 30th

Cost of residency 550 Euros *

Includes: Comfortable Accommodation / A rich program / One delicious, main meal a day.

Does not include: Your adventure to or from Sefrou  / Travel or Medical Insurance / Cameras or Technical Equipment.  A proportion of meals.

More information: http://culturevulturesfez.org/cherry-picked-photography-quest/

Applications Call. Artist in Residency Sidi Ali, Morocco. Deadline: December 10, 2012

Artist in Residency (AiR) Sidi Ali, Morocco

23rd – 30th January 2013.

Artist’s Call out

Culture Vultures announces an artists’ call-out for an 8-day artist residence program around the Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch pilgrimage festival (Moussem), pulling participants deep into a fusion of Islam and Moroccan folklore.  With the collaboration of the French Insitute in Fez, the research and work fed by this rich experience will be showcased in a presentation in July of 2013.


The itinerary summary  – Organized daytime and nighttime visits to the Moussem of Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch interwoven with a program of talks, presentations, in-house concerts and feedback dinners with locals involved in the moussem and academics specializing in the field of Islamic and folkloric Morocco.  The program also incorporates cultural activities such as a hammam visit and local trips to the surrounding area rich in heritage and fertile landscape.

The artists – the program is for visual artists, performers, writers, musicians, and multi-media artists interested in the rich culture, ceremonial festival and spiritual pilgrimage who want to gain insight, draw inspiration and obtain material to feed their work and artistic practice. The definition of artist is broad.

Moussem Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch – Every year on the anniversary of the prophet Mohammed’s  birth, (‘Eid al-Mawlid) many Moroccans take part in pilgrimages to sacred places, saintly tombs, shrines and grottos, and places frequented by ‘junuun,’ those mystical beings from the Qur’an who hold a special place in Moroccan folklore and popular culture.

Thousands of pilgrims descend upon Sidi Ali to  commemorate Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch and to delve into the world of the supernatural, the trance, the aura of the junuun, to experience the ritual bath at the spring of Aïsha Ben Hamdoucha and incantations that bring spirits and humans together in remembrance of God.

During the week of the pilgrimage, tents and stalls line the streets of the small town. The smells of tea and grilled meat mix with those of live sheep awaiting slaughter and the sweet incense used in ritual offerings. Music fills the foggy mountain air as impromptu street performances take place in every corner.

Musicians playing anything from the Ahidous native to the Atlas Mountains to Sufi music in the Hamadsha or Gnawa traditions descend upon Sidi Ali, set up camp in a ground floor garage or room in an apartment for the week to perform ceremonial ‘Lillas’

 Spectators are slowly brought into the ritual – dancing, swaying and being offered breaths of incense until some fall into a trance. Participation with the mystic during the pilgrimage of Sidi Ali ben Hamdouch is very much like all mystic experiences: it requires initiation, belief and surrender.  The sweet smell of incense and the rhythmic clapping of metal castanets and chanting of the Gnawi form an experience that flows between the spiritual and the sensory – between mere curiosity and more esoteric meanderings. Hardly advertised, the pilgrimage of Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch is known by most Moroccans. This is an opportunity to be transported deep into Moroccan tradition. This text is taken from an article written on last years Mousseem by Joe Lukawski for more  go to – http://culturevulturesfez.org/2012/02/14/aisha-kandisha-spirits-and-trance-at-the-moussem-of-sidi-ali-ben-hamdush/


Culture Vultures is a Moroccan cultural company that was set up in 2009 to cover arts and cross-cultural activities. Culture Vultures has worked with local, national and international artists from a broad portfolio of media assisting and facilitating the realizations and presentations of their work in the Fez region.

See http://culturevulturesfez.org

Jess Stephens the facilitator;  a practicing artist and cultural coordinator originally from the UK. Jess has lived and worked in Morocco for the past five years. Her interest in a cross-cultural and grass roots approach to Morocco is what feeds and benefits her facilitation and the design of this AiR Sidi Ali project. Inspired and fired by her visit to last year’s Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch Moussem, Jess realized the potential and broad range of matter that can feed an artist’s practice.


The accommodation – Dar Zerhoune guesthouse is a traditional Moroccan house restored by a woman from New Zealand with a love of Morocco. Dar Zerhoune has western toilets, comfortable beds and wifi, yet keeps a time-honored character reminiscent of the ancient Moroccan town of Moulay Idriss.

See http://buttonsinn.com/

 Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch – Is a small town situated some 10 kilometers from *Moulay Idriss, and 15km from Meknes, the nearest city. The capital city of the region, the ancient imperial city of Fez is located 70 kilometers from Sidi Ali. The Fez region is set in the North central area of Morocco, north Africa.

Moulay Idriss, the project’s home base, is a holy and important historical town. Moulay Idriss offers calm and quiet residence, in comparison to the high energy of Sidi Ali during the week of the Moussem.

Morocco has a deeply traditional culture with a population of 99 percent Muslim, made up of both Berber and Arab ethnicities. Before the establishment of Israel, Morocco also hosted a large Jewish population, and has also been influenced by past colonizing cultures such as Spanish and French.

Itinerary breakdown

Day 1 – Meet in Fez – Inaugural dinner with orientation *

Day 2 – Transfer to Moulay Idriss. Check in. Visit Sidi Ali (day) Gnaoua concert and presentation.

Day 3 –Tour of Moulay Idriss . Visit Moussem (night).

Day 4 –  Lunch with feedback. Visit Moussem (day)

Day 5 – Lunch with lecture. Sufism in Islam. Visit Moussem (night)

Day 6 – Visit Moussem (day) – herbalist and clairvoyant talk

Day 7 – Hammam. Visit to Moussem (night )

Day 8 – Breakfast feedback session. Return to Fez.

*Participants are required to arrange their own accommodation in Fez.

See http://www.fez-riads.com/

Cost –  825 euros

 What you get for your money –

  • The rich and informative Artist in Residence program described above.
  • A exhibition or performance showcase, facilitated by Culture Vultures supported by the French Institute in Fez 6 months after the Moussem.
  • Transport to and from Fez and inaugural dinner.
  • Transport from Fez to Moulay Idriss
  • Accommodation for 6 nights in Dar Zerhoune in Moulay Idriss
  • Breakfast and one delicious and typically Moroccan main meal per day
  • Much inspiration, exploration and amazement

How to apply – e-mail 3 – 5 examples of your work ( images –  jpeg, text -word.doc, video – mp4) and a short text ( 400 words) on how you anticipate AiR Sidi Ali will nourish and inspire your work.

Submission deadline –  December the 10th 2012.  Participants will be announced on the 15th of December 2012


Note – Full residency places are limited to 5 people. Places are confirmed after affirmation from the organization and a deposit is paid.

Travel grants and Residencies in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Deadline: September 30, 2011

Press Release
In order to prepare Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012, the Roberto Cimetta Fund and Guimaraes 2012 have opened a new joint Mobility Fund. This Fund supports artistic mobility from Guimaraes to the Euro-Arab region and from the Euro-Arab region to Guimaraes.
The Euro-Mediterranean region is comprised of: the European countries including EEA countries, the countries from the East and South coasts of the Mediterranean: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, the countries of the Balkans: FYROM (Macedonia), Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, the countries of the Arabian Gulf: (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen).
If you are an artist or cultural operator and you want to travel to Guimaraes, Portugal or from Guimaraes to prepare a collaborative artistic project, take part in a residency, run or attend a workshop, attend a meeting of professionals, a seminar or conference, then you can apply to this Fund to cover your travel and visa costs to and from your destination provided that your travel takes place after the date of the opening of the call ( 1st September 2011).
Priority will be given to applications concerning the following artistic sectors: music, performing arts, cinema, contemporary art,
design and architecture preferably within a “residency” project.
The “RCF/Guimaraes12 Mobility Fund” is run by the RCF. Please note the following general criteria of RCF that apply to this fund.
1) The aim of your trip must directly or indirectly show potential for a constructive and long term impact on the arts sector in the Mediterranean basin. This means that your travel must contribute to your own capacity building, which in turn can be shared in a “networking” fashion that will benefit connecting artists and operators in your own country or region so as to maintain, renew and develop contemporary arts.
2) Your trip must take place AFTER the date of the opening of the call for applications. This implies that you may have to pay for your ticket before the selection date without knowing if your application for a grant has been successful or not.
3) Applicant’s profile
– No nationality or age criteria: Applicant lives or works in the Euro-Arab region.
– Profession: performers, creators, teachers, cultural organisers, administrators, project leaders.
– Financial means: applicants who are unable to find the financial resources themselves.
4) Applications must be made on an individual basis by email to grant@cimettafund.org. Only 3 members of a group can apply for a
grant concerning the same project. A grant holder can only reapply twice. Applicants must choose the cheapest form of transport and can only apply for one international return travel ticket and visa costs (local transport is not reimbursed).
The date of the selection committee is:
1st December 2011 (Deadline for receiving applications: 30/09/2011)
If you want to apply, please visit the Roberto Cimetta Fund’s website and fill in the contact form on the website
http://www.cimettafund.org. The “RCF/Guimaraes2012 application form” will be sent to you.
For more information on the Guimaraes 2012 project, please check the following website http://www.guimaraes2012.pt

Communiqué de Presse
Afin de préparer Guimaraes, capitale européenne de la culture en 2012, le Fonds Roberto Cimetta et Guimaraes 2012 ont ouvert un nouveau fonds de mobilité. Ce fonds soutien la mobilité artistique au départ de Guimaraes vers l’ensemble de la région euroméditerranéenne comprenant notamment le monde arabe et la mobilité de cette même région vers Guimaraes.
Zone Sud : Maroc, Algérie, Tunisie, Libye, Egypte, Mauritanie, Jordanie, Syrie, Israël, Palestine, Liban, Turquie et les pays du Golfe arabique Emirats arabes unis, Arabie Saoudite, Koweït, Bahreïn, Oman, Yémen
Zone Est : Macédoine, Albanie, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Monténégro, Kosovo, Serbie, Croatie, Slovénie, Bulgarie, Roumanie, République Tchèque, Slovaquie, Hongrie, Pologne, Arménie
Zone Nord : Europe du Nord – Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Danemark, Estonie, Finlande, France, Irlande, Lettonie, Lituanie, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni et Suède, Islande, Liechtenstein, Norvège ; Europe du Sud – Chypre, Espagne, Grèce, Italie, Malte, Portugal
Si vous êtes un artiste ou un opérateur culturel et vous souhaitez voyager de Guimaraes, Portugal ou vers Guimaraes pour préparer un projet de collaboration ou d’échange artistique, si vous participez à une résidence, si vous animez un atelier ou souhaitez participer à un atelier, si vous assistez à une réunion de professionnels, à un séminaire ou une conférence, alors vous pouvez candidater pour ce fonds afin de couvrir vos frais de voyage aller/retour et votre visa. Votre voyage doit avoir lieu après la date de sélection.
Les critères d’éligibilité au Fonds s’appliquent à cette ligne de financement.
1) Le voyage doit contribuer directement ou indirectement au développement culturel local. Le candidat doit pouvoir développer à son retour des initiatives locales et contribuer au dynamisme culturel de son propre pays ou de sa propre région. Il doit s’engager à transmettre ses acquis et faire profiter de son travail en réseau à d’autres artistes et professionnels de son entourage.
2) Le voyage doit avoir lieu APRES la date d’ouverture de l’appel à candidature.
3) Profil des candidats
– Nationalité : la nationalité n’est pas un critère d’éligibilité. Age : aucune limite d’âge
– Profession : artistes (interprètes, créateurs, pédagogues) ou professionnels du secteur culturel (organisateurs, administrateurs,
porteurs de projets).
– Moyens financiers : candidats dans l’impossibilité de trouver par eux-mêmes les financements de leurs déplacements.
4) La candidature doit être déposée par un individu et non pas par une structure. Le Fonds ne dépassera pas un maximum de 3 bourses par projet. Un boursier ne peut candidater que trois fois au total. Les candidats doivent choisir le moyen de transport le moins cher et la demande de bourse concerne uniquement le billet international aller/retour et les coûts de visa (les frais de transports locaux ne sont pas remboursés).
La date du prochain comité de sélection est :
1er décembre 2011 (Date limite de réception des candidatures : 30/09/2011)
Pour soumettre votre candidature, remplissez le formulaire de contact sur le site du Fonds Roberto Cimetta http://www.cimettafund.org. Le bureau du Fonds vous enverra le formulaire le plus approprié à votre demande, qu’il faudra remplir et retourner à grant@cimettafund.org.
Vous recevrez une réponse une semaine après la date de sélection au plus tard. Pour toute information sur le projet Guimaraes 2012 vous pouvez visiter leur site :