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Submissions on the Post-Photographic Condition for Montreal 2015. Deadline: Jan 6, 2014

Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal 2015 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Around the theme The Post-Photographic Condition proposed by Catalan curator and artist Joan Fontcuberta, Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal 2015 will explore the dramatic transformations the image has undergone due to the impact of the second digital revolution, in which the Internet and smartphones play a prominent role. It will feature works of artists who critically react to the massive presence of images and their absolute availability in our current visual culture.

The Post-Photographic Condition
We find ourselves at a crucial moment in the history of images. The proliferation of cameras and digital point-and-shoot devices, the incorporation of picture taking into cell phones, the Internet,
social networks, new surveillance techniques, the development of virtual reality mechanisms – all this and more is configuring a second digital revolution in which the identity of photography
must be rethought. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay, and Blurb have become tools for experimentation and new creative processes.
Today, how can we define photographic quality? Is it possible to identify the photographic canon that is being created in the new vernacular spaces of the image?

The deadline for submissions for artists is January 6, 2014.

Download the complete submission guidelines for artists.


L’appel de dossiers d’artistes est en cours jusqu’au 6 janvier 2014.
Sous le thème La condition post-photographique proposé par le commissaire et artiste catalan Joan Fontcuberta , Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal 2015 examinera les transformations radicales qu’a subi l’image dans la foulée de la seconde révolution numérique, caractérisée par la prédominance d’Internet et des téléphones intelligents. L’événement présentera des œuvres d’artistes qui posent un regard critique sur la présence massive des images et leur disponibilité absolue dans la culture visuelle d’aujourd’hui.

Téléchargez les directives de l’appel de dossiers d’artistes.