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Photography Call Kaunas. Deadline: April 15, 2012

Call for works / proposals on theme
“About Photography”

A group exhibition “About Photography” will be in the heart of KAUNAS PHOTO festival 2012 program. It will open on September 6, 2012 at the most important venue for contemporary art in Kaunas, M.Zilinskas Art Gallery of the National M.K.Ciurlionis Art Museum.

For the central exhibition of KAUNAS PHOTO festival 2012 we are launching a call for works on the theme “About Photography”.
Artists and photographers regardless of their nationality, age, profile (professional: press photographers, conceptual artists, studio photographers, advanced amatures, scientists & scolars using photography or reflecting about it visually) are invited to submit works on the theme of photography.

The aim of the exhibition is to cover the today’s photographic mentality of contemporary society, retracing the imprints of the experience of the image media and art.
We expect images about cameras and equipment, photographers and image makers, photographers’ belongings and environments, labs, studios and workplaces, the abundance of images, ancient techniques and the new ways they address the contemporary world, history of photography re-discovered or re-made, photo networking and sharing visual experiences translated into images, installations or performances.

How to send proposals

Proposals must be sent by e-mail only.
A proposal can present a series of images or individual images (not only photographs!), descriptions or documentations of installations or performances. The e-mail must contain:
1) Brief description of concept (minimum 3 sentences, maximum 1 page)
2) one of the following, several or all
a) up to 15 images in jpg files; file size 1200 px on the longer side, 90% jpg quality, RGB;
b) photos plus additional info as PDF files, in case the images need description, captions, etc;
c) links to videos, if such. No videos should be attached to the email itself.
3)  Creator’s CV with the record of artistic practice (maximum 1 page).

The only email address for sending proposals: festival@kaunasphoto.info
Max weight per email: 10 MB
Subject: “About Photography – Name Surname”
Deadline: April 15, 2012, with encouragement to send proposals as soon as possible.

If pictures / ideas respond to our expectations, authors will be contacted immediately for further arrangements.


When works / artists selected, KAUNAS PHOTO festival will take care of return transportation of works or production of materials selected for the exhibition. The festival will cover the hotel accommodation for artists in Kaunas for three days. Moderate contributions to travel costs will be considered.

Inquiries? Questions? Comments?