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Open Call: Finnish Museum of Photography’s Project Space. Deadline: May 8, 2016


Project Space at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland, is an open-application exhibition space. The open call for next year’s exhibitions is now organized for the seventh time.

Photography professionals and students as well as visual artists making photographic art can apply. Applications can also be submitted in the name of workgroups.

The Project space is intended for exhibitions and projects that use photography or other lens-based media as tools for art or research. The space shows stimulating exhibitions by both fresh talents and more established artists. Applications can also be submitted for exhibition time for screenings, public talks and discussions.


How to apply?


This year the museum only accepts applications that consist of a single pdf file. However, if the exhibition includes video, you can add a link to it instead of sending the video file as an attachment.

The pdf should contain the following elements:

1) A cover page with the name of the applicant (and/or the workgroup), e-mail address and a phone number (country code included).

2) Application letter that gives brief but complete details of the proposed exhibition (max 2 x A4). The letter should involve information of who is/are the applicant/s, what kind of an exhibition you would like to have and, if possible, what kind of sections does the exhibition consist of. It is okay to not have an existing exhibition when applying – just be as precise as possible with your explanations of what kind of an exhibition you’re planning.

3) Include a portfolio containing photos of the works to be in the planned exhibition. Indicate each work’s year of completion, dimensions, mode of production etc., and include any information that will help give a picture of the exhibition as a whole. In case the works for the planned exhibition have not been produced yet, please send some reference material of your earlier works.

If you are planning to show moving image, please add a link where we can see the work.

4) Include your full contact details and your CV to your application. If the exhibition is produced by a group, please include everyone’s CVs.

Name the pdf file as “Projekti2017_YOURNAME”. The size of the pdf file should not exceed 10MB.

Applications for the year 2017 should be sent to finnishmuseumofphotography@gmail.com by 12PM on Sunday, May 8, 2016.

Please write Projekti2017 as the headline of the message.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail once we have received your application. Please contact museum’s curator Tiina Rauhala ( tiina.rauhala@fmp.fi ) if you have not heard back from us with a week from sending your application.

What the Museum provides for exhibitors?

The Museum provides exhibition space, free, for 7-8 weeks. Applicants can indicate a preferred exhibition period, but the Finnish Museum of Photography reserves the right to decide on the order of the exhibitions. There are five exhibition periods during the year 2017.

The Project space has a floor area of 50 m² and a ceiling 4.5 m high (see floor plan).

The Museum offers exhibition installers a fixed production grant of 400 euros. The Artist is responsible of other production costs. The Museum provides help with installation and dismantlement, exhibition supervision, and opening arrangements. The artist should be personally present during the construction and dismantling of the exhibition.

The Museum is responsible for exhibition lighting and cleanliness during the exhibition period. The Museum has a limited amount of technical equipment available for loan to artists. The Museum is not able to provide any audio or video equipment for the exhibitions.

The Museum provides insurance for the construction, dismantlement and exhibition periods. The Museum does not insure works during transportation.

The Museum provides publicity, publishes exhibition details and sends press releases and posts information on the Museum’s website and social media channels.

The Museum does not provide paper invitations or postage. Artists who make and post invitations at their own expense can use the museum’s geographic mailing list if they wish.

Exhibition installers are responsible for transportation of works and for their own travel costs.



Project space.

The decision-making process

The applications are reviewed by the Finnish Museum of Photography’s exhibition team: Chief Curator Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger and Curator Tiina Rauhala.

All applicants will be informed of the curators’ decision by e-mail by June 17, 2016. The selected projects will also be published on the museum’s website.

Further details

Send your application to:  finnishmuseumofphotography@gmail.com

Further exhibition details:
Curator Tiina Rauhala: +358 50 432 7562, tiina.rauhala@fmp.fi
Chief Curator Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, +358-(0)50-518 7619, annara@fmp.fi

Deadline for applications is May 8, 2016.

Further details:
Curator Tiina Rauhala
tel. +358-(0)50432 7562,  tiina.rauhala@fmp.fi
Chief Curator Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger
tel. +358-(0)50-518 7619, anna-kaisa.rastenberger@fmp.fi

Call for Exhibition Proposals. Finnish Museum of Photography’s Project Space. Deadline: May 3, 2015


The Finnish Museum of Photography’s Project space at the Cable Factory (Helsinki, Finland) is an open-application exhibition space. The open call is now organized for the sixth time.

Applications are open to anyone worldwide – both professionals and students – making photographic art. Applications can also be submitted in the name of workgroups.
The Project space is intended for exhibitions and projects that use photography or other lens-based media as tools for art or research. The space shows stimulating exhibitions by both fresh talents and more mature artists. Applications can also be submitted for Project-space exhibition time for screenings, public talks and discussions.

Applications for the year 2016 should be sent by 12pm on the 3rd of May 2015.

Application has to follow the instructions.
You will find detailed instructions on the museum’s website:

Further details:
Curator Tiina Rauhala
+358-(0)50432 7562  tiina.rauhala@fmp.fi

Chief Curator: Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger


Call for site-specific works made for public space, Finland. Deadline: Nov 30, 2013

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival / Call for Proposals 2014

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival / Call for Proposals 2014
Deadline: 30 November 2013
Submission fee: none

Call for Proposals 2014

Innovative works for young people

ANTI is an international contemporary arts festival presenting site-specific works made for public space. ANTI presents live, sonic, visual and text-based art from today’s most exciting and innovative artists. A truly international festival and Finland’s foremost presenter of Live Art, ANTI is a meeting place for artists and audiences fascinated by how art shapes the spaces of everyday life.

We are looking for innovative and exciting live art works for children and young adults. We are especially keen to receive proposals for projects where young people have a participatory or collaborative role in the work. All works will be presented to a mixed, public audience.

Projects may take any form – lasting 30 minutes or many weeks, for an audience of one or many. Please note ANTI is a site-specific festival – we do not show projects in traditional cultural spaces, thus projects have a direct relationship with the spaces and places they are shown in. When proposing a project please make it clear where your project would ideally be located, and why.

Before making your proposal it may be beneficial to visit www.antifestival.com to spend some time with the festival’s annual archive.

The proposal process

All proposals must be sent using the electronic form found on the festival’s website. The form allows a link to be made to online documentation of previous work and for applicants to attach a CV and three images. Proposals that do not strictly conform to these guidelines will not be considered.

The proposal deadline is 30.11.2013

Further information: info@antifestival.com

Call for Nordic Photography. Deadline: March 1, 2013

Hasselblad Foundation’s Call for New Nordic Photography

and for the Victor Fellowships to Glasgow, Farnham and New York

Every summer, the Hasselblad Foundation introduces young photographers with the exhibition New Nordic Photography. In conjunction with the exhibition,
the Foundation also awards grants to encourage higher education at under- and postgraduate level at renowned universities and residencies in Great Britain and the United States.



  • Photographers and photo-based artists with a recent BA and MA degree (Graduation year 2011–2013).
  • You must be a Nordic citizen or educated in one of the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland or the Faroe Islands.
  • For detailed information please visit http://www.hasselbladfoundation.org.

Experts in photography select 10 participants for the annual exhibition New Nordic Photography.

The participants of the exhibition all compete for two Victor fellowships. The BA’s compete for a Master’s degree at either Glasgow School of Art or at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. The MA’s compete for a five-month residency at ISCP in New York.

Professor of Photography at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
Head of the Fine Art Photography Department at the Glasgow School of Art
Research Manager at the Hasselblad Foundation
Curator at the Hasselblad Foundation


MARCH 1ST, 2013

Jenny Blixt, Information Manager
Phone: +46(0)317782154
E-mail: jenny.blixt@hasselbladfoundation.org


Call for Media Artists from Northern Ireland and Finland. Deadline Oct. 14, 2011

Galleria Rajatila and Catalyst Arts, call for submissions, deadline October 14

Featherweight Portable Museum

MediaHolidays group from Art Association Rajataide, Tampere, Finland and
Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland are collaborating on a
media art happening taking place in both countries. MediaHolidays and
Catalyst Arts invite artists based in Finland, Northern Ireland and Ireland
to apply. We are accepting submissions of video art (max 5 mins), portable
m…edia installations, sound art, performances and art talks or

Submissions should include:
– a proposal of the work intended
– C.V.
– Max 6 images, good quality photographs of the work can be sent in hard
copy, via email or artists can send a link to a website containing the
– For video and time-based work, please send us a web -link or DVD, each
video should be no longer than 5 minutes (max 4 videos)

The submissions from artists based in Northern Ireland and Ireland should be
sent to:
Galleria Rajatila
Hämeenpuisto 10
33210 Tampere

The submissions from Finnish based artists should be sent to:
Catalyst Arts
Ground Floor
5 College Court
BT1 6BS, Northern Ireland, UK

Deadline for submissions is 14.10.2011.

Featherweight Portable Museum – media art happening consists of two events.
The first event is held at the end of November 2011 in Catalyst Arts
Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The second event is held at the
beginning of February 2012 at Rajatila Gallery in Tampere, Finland.
Featherweight Portable Museum aims to bring non-profit art associations
together in collaboration between different art associations around Europe.

Featherweight Portable Museum is a concept borrowed from Susan Sontag’s
book, On Photography, in which she analyses how we perceive photography and
how it transforms our self-image and society. We want to see the beautiful,
the strange and something that makes us see the extraordinary in the

Featherweight Portable Museum addresses the problem of how emerging artists
can show their work without undue economical strain and offers the answer by
using galleries slack time in between exhibitions and other unused spaces.
With a portable museum -concept we are collecting art works that are easy to
transport around art associations in different countries. The mix of Finnish
and Irish/British art in this event is a celebration for the art in slack
spaces, a tour of media art where nationalities come together, give
presentations about their actions and uses empty free space to show media
art in different forms. After the events in Tampere and Belfast the media
art screening will travel to different art associations, who are willing to
have a screening in their space for a day or two.
Enquires should be directed to catalystarts@gmail.com