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THE FENCE 2014 – outdoor photographic exhibition. Deadline: April 9, 2014

Curate Award. Deadline: Dec. 31, 2013


The Curate award, a joint initiative from the Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) and the Prada Foundation, search for “a genuinely fresh and forward-looking take on curatorial practice”. Participation in the competition is not limited to aspiring or established curators; anyone with a great concept is encouraged to enter. Worldwide.

Invitation to Submit

Curate, a unique award launched by Fondazione Prada and the Qatar Museums Authority, is a global search for curatorial talent.

The competition recognises that we are all curators. Everything we choose and collect to surround us has meaning. Great curatorial expressions and ideas on how to exhibit can be communicated in all artistic forms and media, by anyone, whether in the art world or not. Participation in the competition is not limited to aspiring or established curators; anyone with a great concept is encouraged to enter.A world-renowned jury will judge ideas on their creativity and social importance, rewarding those with a contemporary and culturally relevant point of view. They will be looking for an exemplary exhibition that is both far-sighted and critical of the future. The jury will select 20 finalists from which the overall winner will be decided.

The winning curatorial idea will be realised in an exhibition in either or (but not limited to) Qatar and Italy. There are no limits to the form or language in which your curatorial concept can be realised. Your exhibition can include any media. Enter the award by explaining your curatorial idea in a short video. Upload your proposal here.

To illustrate and celebrate the diversity of curatorial concepts, we have invited some of our community to curate their own digital exhibitions on Pinterest. Explore their ideas here throughout the duration of our competition.

How and When?

To enter, upload 1 x video and 1 x page document that explains your concept.Video must be no longer than 2 minutes or bigger than 250MB. Supported formats include .mov .mp4 .avi .wmv .flv

Submission Page

Deadline: 31.12.13

FINALISTS Announced 01.02.14

WINNER Announced 15.04.14

Curatorial Residency at La Galerie, Paris. Deadline: Dec. 2, 2013



Residency dates: 10 April – 11 July 2014
Exhibition dates: 24 May – 12 July 2014
Deadline: application is to be emailed at the latest December 2nd 2013 included.
Each candidate must submit an exhibition proposal which he/she would be able to implement with the help of
La Galerie’s team. The exhibition can be a group show (5 artists maximum), a duo, a solo show…
In addition, the application would be required to:
– Take into consideration the general artistic program of La Galerie
– Have an interest in the French art scene.
To facilitate communication with the team and the public of La Galerie, the curator should speak French or
During the residency, the curator should engage as much as possible with the context of the art centre and
participate actively in public talks and events organised by La Galerie.
The curator should also write an introductory text and accompanying texts on the works for the press release
and the journal of the exhibition.
Deadline: application is to be emailed at the latest December 2nd 2013 included.
to: lagaleriecac@gmail.com
to the attention of: Nathanaëlle Puaud, Residency coordinator
Applications should contain only 2 attached files in PDF format (maximum total weight: 4 Mo)
The two PDF files should include:
1) The curator’s CV/biography with his/her name, date of birth, address, phone and email, a list of curated
exhibitions and a bibliography.
2) An exhibition proposal including:
– 4 lines which summarise the exhibition project
– a text (maximum 2 pages) explaining the idea of the exhibition project
– a list of considered artists (even if they’re obviously not confirmed at this stage)
– a short text about each considered artist specifying how his/her work relates to the exhibition (5 lines
– one picture (of an art work or exhibition view) for each artist.
In the case of a duo or a solo exhibition, please provide pictures of various works.
– ideas about public events and workshops to be organised during the exhibition.
Applications sent by post mail and applications which are incomplete will not be accepted.
For any additional information please email: lagaleriecac@gmail.com

Full information as PDF: Call for Residency for curator 2014

Open Call for exhibition “Myths and legends of Eastern Europe”. Deadline: Oct. 30, 2013


Project “Myths and legends of Eastern Europe” is an international project. It is an opportunity to advance your artistic career on the international art scene and is open to all artists worldwide. We welcome entries from all age ranges and experience levels, from upcoming talents to established practitioners.   Project “The Myths and legend of Eastern Europe” will comprise of the exhibition taking place from 23.11.2013 – 14.12.2013 at the Gallery LWW in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The Project will present selected works from 12 artists selected from an open submission. Will be published catalog with works and CV of all the selected artists.

Exhibition will take place at Gallery LWW Amsterdam

Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 5c

1016 KR Amsterdam


The deadline for entries is 30.10.2013


Project “Myths and legends of Eastern Europe”

From time immemorial the East has been believed to be the area of wisdom whereas the West was seen as the zone of practical implementation of synthetic ideas. Evolutionary loops, moving from east to west and back, generate extrapolated and sometimes grotesque cultural stereotypes.

The archetype of place and space has a certain effect on the structure of the external manifestations of human emotions and cultural ideologies. This is where the West perceives the eastern part of Europe as something mysterious, as the place where the world is similar to the alternative reality. However, the eastern peoples themselves consider their own soul as a kind of mystery. It is misunderstood and obscure to the end. In the minds of people there used to live a religious principle, then it was replaced by the communist ideology during the days of the Soviet Union. This basis also disappeared with the collapse of the gigantic empire. The past is forever gone and the present is in the process of formation.

Philosophical views are like disassembled puzzles of a tangled labyrinth. Ideology that unites society is blurred. Precisely during such periods there come moments to form myths, myths that organize society. There comes a period of comprehension of self-identity. Artists meld the chaos of space with the fragmentation of consciousness and thus form a new mental world. A world that reveals the essence of things, the depth of all processes that are taking place in Eastern Europe. The exhibits are a focus of thoughts and set concrete form to the floating space of abstract ideas. New vectors of development are taking place. A comprehension of mentality and the process of probing the new codes of mythologies is occurring.

The first aim of this project is an attempt to familiarize the residents of the Far West with the myths and legends of the newly formed East. It is the place where the newborn self-identity manifests itself in the flows of human mentalities, one that constructs new myths that become visible to the rest of the world.

The second aim is an attempt to look at the East through the eyes of Western Europeans.


How to enter

We invite to the project “Myths and legends of Eastern Europe” international artists involved in practice of painting, sculpture, drawing, object, photography, mixed media and installation.

Work previously exhibited elsewhere is eligible for entry and all work submitted must be available for an exhibition in November-December 2013.

Read more…


Submit application

Submit your application online

Deadline for submission 30.10.2013 / Wednesday 30th October 2013

Notification of the Selection Panel’s decision by Wednesday 4th November 2013


Should you have any further questions, please contact us


  Submit application

Call for Nordic Photography. Deadline: March 1, 2013

Hasselblad Foundation’s Call for New Nordic Photography

and for the Victor Fellowships to Glasgow, Farnham and New York

Every summer, the Hasselblad Foundation introduces young photographers with the exhibition New Nordic Photography. In conjunction with the exhibition,
the Foundation also awards grants to encourage higher education at under- and postgraduate level at renowned universities and residencies in Great Britain and the United States.



  • Photographers and photo-based artists with a recent BA and MA degree (Graduation year 2011–2013).
  • You must be a Nordic citizen or educated in one of the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland or the Faroe Islands.
  • For detailed information please visit http://www.hasselbladfoundation.org.

Experts in photography select 10 participants for the annual exhibition New Nordic Photography.

The participants of the exhibition all compete for two Victor fellowships. The BA’s compete for a Master’s degree at either Glasgow School of Art or at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. The MA’s compete for a five-month residency at ISCP in New York.

Professor of Photography at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
Head of the Fine Art Photography Department at the Glasgow School of Art
Research Manager at the Hasselblad Foundation
Curator at the Hasselblad Foundation


MARCH 1ST, 2013

Jenny Blixt, Information Manager
Phone: +46(0)317782154
E-mail: jenny.blixt@hasselbladfoundation.org


Daylight Photo Award. Deadline May 15, 2012.

Daylight Magazine Photo Award is an international photography competition.

Multiple entries are permitted, but must be for different bodies of work.

Applicants upload work and submit payment online at http://daylight.slideroom.com, The online system (slideroom) provides a video tutorial as well as step-by-step instructions on how to register and submit your photographs, written materials, and payment.

• You will be asked to provide the following:

20 images, captions, one-page artist’s statement, and CV

There is an entry fee of $40

Submissions due May 15
Winners announced July 1
Exhibition and multimedia features begin September 1

2012 JURY:

David Bram, Fraction Magazine 

Alexa DilworthCenter for Documentary Studies

Jim Estrin, New York Times

Taj Forer + Michael ItkoffDaylight

Paul Moakley, Time Magazine 

Jessie Wender, New Yorker Magazine

Daylight Photo Award recipient wins:

-$1000 Cash prize

-Solo exhibition at the Daylight Project Space

-Feature in Daylight Magazine

-Daylight Multimedia podcast production

-Complete set of Daylight Books (published to date)

Juror Picks win:

-Portfolio feature in group Daylight Multimedia production

-Copy of Photographs Not Taken: A Collection of Photographers’ Essays


More Information: http://www.daylightmagazine.org/content/daylight-photo-awards


Call for submission for Photography exhibition in Budapest. Deadline: Jan. 31, 2012



We are expecting pictures which show the coexistence of different people, groups, nations, religions, cultures, subcultures be it peaceful or conflict-loaded.

The exhibition will be first set in Budapest, at the Artbázis gallery in February 2012, one month later in March 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia at the Dunaj cultural center. We are planning to travel the exhibition in other countries as well.


The pictures will be selected by Gábor Kasza, who is the curator of the exhibition.

The organizers of the submission will undertake the printing of the selected pictures, so the applicants if their pictures are selected – must assure pictures with the appropriate quality.

The LFP center will be responsible for the printing of the images with an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer, on high-quality Tecco-Photo paper.


How can you apply?

You can apply only online through the www.phelwidek.com website. We are not accepting any material sent by post.

1st step. Registration. By registration the applicant is accepting the terms and conditions of the announcement.
2nd step. After registration a password will be sent to your email address, which might be changed by the first log in.

You will be able to make any necessary changes on your material until the deadline of the competition. You will find all information in your account


Technical conditions:

Digital submissions must be minimum 1580pixels and maximum 1600 pixels on the longest side and saved as Jpegs (.jpg), in RGB format (ICC profile: sRGB)

You can upload up to 5 pictures (series are counted as one image)

Video projects send to the following address: video//at//phelwidek.com

You can apply from the 12th December 2011 until 31st January 2012, 12p.m. CET


Other information:

The Phelwidek Photo is a photo competition and exhibition series founded two years ago. The expression Phelwidek isa variation of the Hungarian word “Felvidék” which is a term used to name the region of Slovakia inhabited by both Hungarians and Slovaks.

The announcers of the competition are the Felvidéki Magyarok és Barátaik Egyesület (Association of the Slovakian Hungarians and their Friends) and the Gurigongo symposium

Copyright: Artists are the only owner of the copyright of their images. Submitted photographs may be reproduced for the purpose of marketing and promoting Phelwidek project. By application the applicant is accepting to be sent information on the Phelwidek Photo and other photo projects to their email address. Applications uploaded after the deadline of the competition are invalid applications.

There is no possibility for doing any modifications after the deadline. By application the applicant is accepting the terms and conditions of the competition.

Eligibility: Open to all photographers worldwide. No age limit.

No entry fee.