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Photobook Club Aarhus

If you live in the Jutland area and want to help us in setting up a Photobook Club in Aarhus — something which would extend the  conversations that happen around Aarhus Photobook Week throughout the year, please get in touch with us.

This new association would be part of the worldwide Photobook Club Network.

Hoping to hear from you!



LAND-SHAPE: Open Call for Land Art. Deadline: November 1, 2014

LAND-SHAPE, Land Art North Denmark invites artists, designers, architects, scientists and entrepreneurs to submit proposals for visionary, site-specific, Land Art for Northern Jutland.

Key information:
– 10 winning projects will be selected
– 10.000,- DKK (1.350 EUR) in order to participate in the LAND-SHAPE festival 2015 with a conceptual representation of a site specific land art piece for North Jutland
– 10 day stay in Denmark, highlighting the winners at the LAND-SHAPE Land Art North Denmark Festival June 2015 where further development and actual realization of the projects will be investigated, negotiated and planned
– LAND-SHAPE festival Prize: 50.000,- DKK (EUR 6.700 EUR)
– LAND-SHAPE public choice Prize: 25.000.DKK (3.300 EUR)
– Realization of a site specific land art piece in North Jutland, Denmark including help for matchmaking in Denmark with professionals, assistants, materials etc. during the period June 2015 – December 2016.

LAND-SHAPE aims at establishing innovative and cutting-edge, site specific, land art works, for the northern region of Denmark: North Jutland. The project calls for land art proposals in a widened artistic perspective: Investigates the potentials of contemporary land art and its relation to society. We recognize both the roots and historical emergence of “classical” land art form together with new approaches through cross aesthetics, different medias, relational aesthetics, new material art, all kinds of collaborative forms. LAND-SHAPE challenges artists and artist groups to submit proposals for sites in North Jutland to activate:

– Hidden potential though cultural heritage of the region or special locations in North Jutland
– New narratives suggesting future potential of the sites. Cross going collaboration with local “resources” such as: primal matter, industrial products typical of the area, innovation areas of North Jutland, special materials produces in the area, institutions, villages, volunteers etc.
– Social engagement though art, involving the citizens, special social groups etc.
– Projects that can enhance the common understanding of the notion of landscape it self.

North Jutland is known for its great nature and wide variation in landscape types. The region has a strong sense of self-consciousness and a deeply embedded tradition for local collaboration. North Jutland is by Danish standards located far away from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. This determinates a strong regional focus on both business and cultural fields and opens up to unique initiatives and a strong will to define local identity. This is a condition known to many other regions internationally. The aim of LAND-SHAPE therefore is to investigate in to and hopefully their by increase, the potentials and freedom of being perceived as the periphery/outskirts in any country. LAND-SHAPE deals with the question of how land art, interdisciplinarity and self-organizing can lead to new perspectives for the future society bound to this condition.

Submission period open: August 4 – November 1, 2014.
Selection of 10 winning land art proposals: November 2 – December 1, 2014.

An international jury of 5 highly skilled artists/landscape architects/ art historians etc., from at least 3 different countries, will select 10 winning proposals. LAND-SHAPE is in the process of electing the team for the jury, which will be announced by the end of August on LAND-SHAPE´s website.

More info: http://www.land-shape.dk

Call for Nordic Photography. Deadline: March 1, 2013

Hasselblad Foundation’s Call for New Nordic Photography

and for the Victor Fellowships to Glasgow, Farnham and New York

Every summer, the Hasselblad Foundation introduces young photographers with the exhibition New Nordic Photography. In conjunction with the exhibition,
the Foundation also awards grants to encourage higher education at under- and postgraduate level at renowned universities and residencies in Great Britain and the United States.



  • Photographers and photo-based artists with a recent BA and MA degree (Graduation year 2011–2013).
  • You must be a Nordic citizen or educated in one of the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland or the Faroe Islands.
  • For detailed information please visit http://www.hasselbladfoundation.org.

Experts in photography select 10 participants for the annual exhibition New Nordic Photography.

The participants of the exhibition all compete for two Victor fellowships. The BA’s compete for a Master’s degree at either Glasgow School of Art or at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. The MA’s compete for a five-month residency at ISCP in New York.

Professor of Photography at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
Head of the Fine Art Photography Department at the Glasgow School of Art
Research Manager at the Hasselblad Foundation
Curator at the Hasselblad Foundation


MARCH 1ST, 2013

Jenny Blixt, Information Manager
Phone: +46(0)317782154
E-mail: jenny.blixt@hasselbladfoundation.org


FotoTriennale.dk Portfolio Review. Booking starts today. Deadline: Until full

Call for entries. FotoTriennale.dk 2012 Meeting Place Portfolio Review. Deadline: Until full. Online booking will open at 12 noon on 1 August.

Name: FotoTriennale.dk 2012,Meeting Place Portfolio Review.

Organizer: Museet for Fotokunst at Brandts.

Date & Place: 4 – 7  October 2012.  Odense, Denmark.

Application Deadline: Until full. Online booking will open at 12 noon on 1 August.

Number of Participants: In the last edition of FotoTriennale.dk in 2009 more than 80 photographers from all over the world participated in Meeting Place Portfolio Review.

Profiles of Reviewers: 28 international curators, museum directors, gallery owners, magazine editors, publishers and festival directors from around the world will be reviewing portfolios at the FotoTriennale.dk 2012 Meeting Place Portfolio Review. Read more about the reviewers  here: http://www.fototriennale.dk/en/portfolio-review/reviewers

Number of reviews: You have a choice between 5, 10 and 15 reviews. If you book 15 reviews you will also be able to sign up for FotoTriennale.dk´s special event on Saturday, 6 October where photographers and reviewers take a time out from Meeting Place to go on a bus trip around Funen to visit some of the festival exhibitions.

Price / Review Ratio:

5 reviews – 1500 DKK (200 Euros) : 40 Euros / Review

10 reviews – 2600 DKK  (350 Euros) : 35 E / Review

15 reviews – 3300 DKK  (450 Euros) : 30 E / Review

Web: http://www.fototriennale.dk

Email: info@fototriennale.dk

Presentation Text

In conjunction with the opening days of FotoTriennale.dk, the popular, international Meeting Place Portfolio Review will once again take place at Brandts in Odense. Meeting Place Portfolio Review is a professional forum for one-to-one meetings between photographers and international experts. In the course of four intense days, participating photographers will have the opportunity to present their work to 28 international curators, museum directors, gallery owners, magazine editors, publishers and festival directors, who can offer constructive feedback, good contacts and assist with advice on future career development – or perhaps facilitate an exhibition or a publication. The invited reviewers, on the other hand, will have the chance to discover new talent as well as seeing the latest work of established photographers.

The FotoTriennale.dk portfolio review at Brandts is the only international review in Denmark. Since the event was first held in 2000 it has contributed significantly to the career development of both national and international photographers. In 2009 more than 80 photographers from around the world took part in this major photographic event. The invited reviewers came from 14 countries to partake and the event was very successful. You can read a selection of reports and success stories from both photographers and reviewers at http://fototriennale.dk/en/portfolio-review/success-stories


The Curator Ship – Portfolio Reviews 2012: https://thecuratorship.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/296/#pf12