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Tokyo International Photography Competition. Deadline: Feb. 21, 2020



Photo ©: Daniel Castro Garcia, Ayumi Tanaka, Lydia Goldblatt, Bénédicte Vanderreydt, Seunggu Kim, Christian Vium 

Have questions before you submit your images on climate change to the 7th Edition of the Tokyo International Photography Competition? Check out a few of our most frequently asked questions below.


Yes. The entry fee is $40 per set of 5–10 images. There is no limit to the number of entries allowed per person.


Scholarships are available for photographers from countries without acess to credit cards or where the $40 entry fee would be prohibitive. To apply, please fill out the scholarship application form.


The Tokyo International Photography Competition is open to all photographers around the world. Note: Photographers must be 18 years of age or older at the time of submission.


Please write your statement in the language you feel most comfortable in.


A select group of internationally renowned jurors from around the world will review all the images submitted and select the winning entries.


Selected photographers will be invited to have an exhibition of their work at the Tokyo Institute of Photography in Tokyo, Japan; the United Photo Industries Gallery in Brooklyn, New York; Wonder Foto Day in Taipei, Taiwan; and the PhotoIreland Festival in Dublin, Ireland.


Check out our full FAQ page or get in touch with a member of our team via our contact page, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts’ “Young Portfolio” Section. Deadline: May 15, 2013

Guidelines of Submissions for the Young Portfolio 2013

Application Period
Rules and Conditions
Submitting prints
The Selection Committee

Application Fee
How to Apply
Registration and Payment Details

1) How to register on the Website
2) Payment of the Application Fee
How to bring or ship your work
Announcement of selections and returning work
Other points
For Submitting Applications and Further Information

Applicants must have been born after January 1, 1978 (i.e., must not be above 35 years of age); applications from photographers and artists who work in the medium of photography, regardless of gender, nationality or professional or amateur status, are welcome.

Application Period
Period for application via the Website and for receipt of submissions April 15 – May 15, 2013

Rules and Conditions
1. Submissions on CDs or other digital recording media will not be accepted. All submissions must be in the form of prints.
2. Previous publication of an image will not be a cause for disqualification.
3. Any theme or technique is acceptable. The images must, however, be of archival quality both in technique and materials, since they will become part of the Museum’s permanent collection.
4. Each applicant may submit up to 50 images, whether single-image or multi-image works.
5. An applicant who has submitted work for previous years’ Young Portfolio is welcome to apply again, as long as the applicant is not above 35 years of age; previous selection of a work for purchase for the Young Portfolio collection will not be a cause for disqualification.

Submitting prints
1. Works must be 20 cm x 25 cm or larger but no larger than 1 meter on either dimension.
2. If the print you are submitting is not in the size planned for the finished print, please include a note indicating the intended finished print size. If the Museum decides to acquire that image, the photographer must bear the cost of producing and shipping a print of the intended size. Bear in mind, however, that the selection committee will be basing its decision on the print submitted, including its size and quality.
3. If the Museum decides to acquire an image for which an ink-jet print of unsatisfactory permanence has been submitted, the photographer must then provide an archival quality color print, using pigment-based inks, suitable for long-term conservation. The cost of producing and shipping the new print is borne by the photographer.
4. Prints in black and white must be printed on fiber-based paper and processed for long-term conservation. Submissions for selection, however, may be RC paper prints; if the Museum decides to acquire an image on RC paper, the photographer must provide a print on fiber-based paper and processed for long-term conservation. The cost of producing and shipping the new print is borne by the photographer.
5. Works must be signed, either on the face or on the back. Use a pencil for prints on fiber-based photographic paper and a Stabilo pencil or other pencil that can write on plastic for prints on plastic-based photographic paper.
6. Each print should be placed a separate transparent polypropylene or other plastic envelope; the entry form for each print should be attached with adhesive tape to the back of the envelope. Do not place more than one print in an envelope.
7. Works that are panel mounted, framed, or mounted on mat board are not acceptable.

The Selection Committee
Selection will be made by a selection committee appointed by the Museum. The 2013 selection committee members are Kikuji KAWADA, Masato SETO and Eikoh HOSOE (Director of the Museum).

Selected works will be purchased by the Museum at prices from JPY30,000 to JPY100,000 per work. In the case of multi-image works, the selection committee may, at its discretion, choose to purchase only some of the images. Photographers (copyright holders) whose work is selected for acquisition will be requested to sign the purchase agreement prescribed by the Museum.

The “Young Portfolio Acquisitions 2013” exhibition is scheduled to open in March, 2014, at the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts.

Application Fee
< For applications from Japan>
The application fee is JPY2,000 for applicants submitting one to 30 prints; for applicants submitting 31 to 50 prints, the application fee is JPY3,000.
< For applications from other countries>
The application fee is US$15 regardless of the number of prints submitted.

How to Apply
1. Applications are made via the Internet by registering on the Young Portfolio website. Thus, to apply, applicants must use a personal computer with Internet access, a browser able to open the Young Portfolio website, and a printer.
2. To apply, go to the Young Portfolio website, http://yp.kmopa.org/ and register the requested information about yourself and the work you are submitting.
3. Applicants whose environments do not support registration via the Website should contact the Young Portfolio Section of the Museum by telephone, e-mail, fax, or postal mail (see below) to provide the address to which the application form should be sent. Follow the instructions we will provide for registering your application. The deadline for receipt of requests for application forms is April 30, 2013.
4. To apply, the applicant must submit the followings:
❶ One or more works, each with the prescribed entry form attached.
❷ One copy of print-out of the personal information registration confirmation form.
❸ One copy of print-out of the works submitted registration confirmation form.
❹ One copy of a document identifying the applicant and stating his or her birth date.
❺ One copy of print-out of the e-mailed receipt from Pay Pal (or other payment method).

Registration and Payment Details

1) How to register on the Website
Please have the prints you are submitting organized and at your side before starting to register via the Website.
First, register the requested information about yourself on the Website.
After entering all the information, click the “Confirm” button, and the confirmation screen will appear. Check that the information you have entered is correct. If it is, print out a copy of this confirmation screen, to include with the work you are submitting. Note that you must complete the next step to complete your registration: After printing out the confirmation screen, click the “Register” button. When you have completed your registration, you will be issued a Web Registration Number.
The Web Registration Number
When you have completed registration of the information about yourself on the Website, you will be issued a Web Registration Number on-screen. A confirmation of your registration, with your Web Registration Number, will automatically be e-mailed to the e-mail address you provided in the information you registered.
Now register the requested information about the works you are submitting on the Website
Input the Web Registration Number, your name, your e-mail address, and then the information requested about the works you are submitting. When you have input all the requested information, click the “Confirm” button, and the confirmation screen will appear. Check that all the information you have input is correct. If it is, print out two copies of this confirmation screen. Cut up one copy into separate entry forms, one for each title you are submitting. Attach one entry form to the back of each transparent plastic envelope in which you have placed one work. Do not cut up the other copy of the confirmation screen printout. Enclose it, along with the print out you made of your personal information confirmation screen, when you submit your works. After printing out the confirmation screen, click “Register” to complete registration of the works you are submitting. Please note that the procedure for registering works differs depending on whether you are submitting one to 30 or 31 to 50 images. A message confirming the information you have registered will automatically be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

2) Payment of the Application Fee
1. Payment is via PayPal. Go to the Young Portfolio site http://yp.kmopa.org/ and click on “Young Portfolio Application,” then “Application Fee Payment” to complete payment by PayPal. Click the “Pay Now” button to transfer to the PayPal site. There, fill in the required items, and pay the application fee. When you have completed payment, a receipt will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you provided in the information you registered. Print out the receipt and enclose it with the works you are submitting.
2. If you are unable to pay using PayPal, consult the FAQ on the Young Portfolio site or contact the Young Portfolio Section.

How to bring or ship your work
1. Applicants wishing to bring their work directly in the Museum should take it to the Museum’s reception desk during the hours the Museum is open, within the application period.
2. Applicants in Japan may send work by mail, by one of the small parcel delivery services, or by the post office parcel service. Applicants overseas may send work by airmail (including registered mail), EMS, or courier. The Museum will not pay any customs duties or other attendant fees.
3. The applicant must bear all the costs incurred in submitting. For applicants from other countries, the cost of returning work, however, is included in the handling fee.
4. The applicant is responsible for taking out, for instance, shipping insurance on the work, if necessary.
5. To confirm that your work has been delivered, contact the shipping company or post office directly. Please do not inquire of the Museum.

Announcement of selections and returning work
1. We plan to announce the selections and return work not selected in August to September, 2013. Any major deviation from that schedule will be announced on our Website.
2. Applicants whose work is chosen will be notified in writing.
3. In lieu of a notification, we will return the works not chosen to the applicants.
4. Applicants who would prefer to pick up their work in person should enter that information in advance when they register their personal information. Works must be removed from the Museum within three months of the Museum’s sending written notifications of the selections. Notify the Museum in advance of when you will be arriving to remove your work.

Other points
1. Acquisitions will be kept in the Museum’s collection and exhibited.
2. While the photographer will retain the copyright, the Museum reserves the right to use images of acquisitions in Museum publications such as catalogues.
3. The photographer will be responsible for any objections raised by the subject of the photograph or the owner of that subject.
4. The Museum will keep on file biographical information on the photographers whose works are acquired, as reference material.
5. Applicants who change addresses after submitting their work or who will be away in August or September, when the Museum is scheduled to return their work, should let us know immediately by telephone, fax, or e-mail. If we have no valid address for the applicant and are not informed of a change in address within three months after the notification of results, we will dispose of work not selected.
6. The Museum will not be held liable for any damages unless the Museum is clearly proven to be fault.
7. All applications are made in compliance with these rules and regulations.
8. The personal information you have registered here will be protected appropriately in accord with the museum’s privacy policy.

For Submitting Applications and Further Information
Please Contact the Young Portfolio Section

Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Young Portfolio Section
3545 Kiyosato, Takane-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi 407-0301 Japan
Tel :+81-551-48-5599