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acePIRAR Artist-in-Residences, Buenos Aires. Deadline: Jan 31, 2017

‘acePIRAR Artist-in-Residence International Program aims to support all kind of contemporary artistic practices (including performance and curatorial proposals) through research and production residencies, promoting the exchange, debate, experimentation and collaborative work. A program that provides TIME, SPACE and GUIDANCE to explore expanded as well as traditional print media, while it connects the artists with the art scene of Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the Latin America cultural capitals.

We offer different types of residencies in order to best fit to each artist and project’s interest and needs:
PRODUCTION | EXPLORATION | SUB30 (for artists under 30 with a special fee) | Palimpsest (for mural painting) | Micro-residency (short format of 5 days)

Production residencies [4 weeks]: intended to produce new work, a project or a site-specific installation with the possibility to show the finished work at the end of the stay. We welcome all kind of projects and encourage submitting those that question the singularity of the art object by using new media, design and/or their interfaces, blurring their boundaries.

Exploration residencies [4 weeks]: intended to emphasise the process over the presentation of the results, encouraging residents to get inspiration from the new experiences achieved through the interaction with other residents and the cultural environment that the city of Buenos Aires provides.

Duration of residency
The program encompasses a period of 4-weeks. Slots can be selected here: http://www.proyectoace.org/slots.

Artists can apply for any slot for next year among those posted at the website. Residency working time starts on first Monday at 10am and ends on last Friday at 6pm.

NOTE: There is not a minimum or maximum age to apply for a residency (although there is a lower fee for artists younger than 30 years old), as well as there is not discrimination regarding country of origin, race, language or gender identity when candidates are selected.

Artists have two different possibilities of lodging:
A) Aloj´ace is our guesthouse, an apartment equipped to accommodate artists and curators located in the city center of Buenos Aires, next to all the cultural attractions and at only 20 minutes distance from the ‘ace studio. The apartment is fully furnished with a full kitchen and bath and all cost (Internet WI-FI, cable television, local phone usage, cleaning, linen and utilities) included. This apartment can receive up to two artists or a single artist with accompaniment.

B) The artist may arrange its own lodging by renting an apartment, staying with friends or in hostels, hotels, B&B, etc. Buenos Aires is a city that offers many lodging options.

Studio/ workspace
Artists that choose the Production Residency use the ‘ace workshop (www.proyectoace.org/en/talleres): a large, quiet space with lots of light coming from several large windows and two skylights. The shop includes equipment to facilitate a variety of traditional and new print processes including Intaglio, Monotype/Monoprint, Woodblock, Waterless Lithography, Silk-aquatint, Photpolymer Intaglio, as well as artists’ books and Drawing.

Artists who choose the Exploration residency work in The Tower (www.proyectoace.org/en/torre): a quiet and luminous studio located on the second floor with open view, accessibly by a spiral staircase. It is ideal to research, study, write and create.

Fees and support
Non application fee. The production residency has a basic fee and the artist can select other options: lodging, materials or technical assistance. Basic fee covers studio space, access to equipment, reviews from a professional team, meals and refreshments at studio hours, studio accident insurance, guidance through the city and cultural events, public transportation card, cellphone for local calls, networking. The residency fee does not include travel, health insurance and shipping expenses.

Application information
Ask for the complete guidelines here: www.proyectoace.org/additional_info
After receiving all the information for the specific type of residency (Production, Exploration, SUB30, Palimpsest mural painting residency or micro-residency) artists complete an application form which the ‘ace team will provide.

Alicia Candiani
Phone: + 54911 4551 3218

Fundación ‘ace para el Arte Contemporáneo
Conesa 667
1426 | Buenos Aires

Artist-in-Residence International Program
Call for artists, researchers, curators
Production | Exploration | Mural Painting

Call for entries. Portfolio Reviews. Internacional Portfolio’s Forum, Buenos Aires. Deadline: Until full

Name: Internacional Portfolio’s Forum / Foro Internacional de Portfolios

Organizer: Encuentros Abiertos

Date & Place: August 6-10, 2012. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Application Deadline: Until full

Profiles of Reviewers: Curators, museum and festival people, publishers and picture editors, mostly from Argentina, Latin America, and other countries.

Registration Fee: For Argentines: $1.200 ARS for 5 reviews, or $ 1.500 for 10. For Foreigners: 200 USD for 5 reviews and 250 for 10

Number of reviews: 5 or 10

Price / Review Ratio: 20-25 Euros per review

Web: www.encuentrosabiertos.com.ar

Email / application: portfoliosfestivaldelaluz@gmail.com.

Presentation Text:

Addressed to all the photographers who wish to increase the possibilities of dissemination and sale of his works, this event was an opportunity for performers are those that can help the knowledge of his work, presenting their work to a qualified group of personalities of national and international photography: Directors of festivals, Museum Directors, gallery ownerscurators, collectors and publishers. Each interview is personal, with a duration of 20 minutes. Within such period, each participant shows his work to the reviewer previously chosen who in turn makes a return on it. Please bear in mind the time for each interview, as well as the usefulness of deliver to each reviewer an element that works to assist visual memory, together with a brief curriculum vitae. PrizesGuest reviewers and the Festival Selection Committee will select the 3 best portfolios and will be awarded the following prizes:

• An exhibition of the three selected in the open meetings 18th – 2014 light Festival. They will have a space featured on the website of the Festival.

• FotoFest award. A scholarship to the best portfolio to participate in the International Meeting Place of the FotoFest Houston 2014.

• Editions Larivière – Festival of light prize. The work of the three selected authors will be published in a book of art carried out by Editions Larivière, which will be presented at the next edition of open meetings.

The Curator Ship – Portfolio Reviews 2012: https://thecuratorship.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/296/#pf12

BUENOS AIRES PHOTO 2011 Contest. Deadline: Sept. 16, 2011

This post is in Spanish only. Please run it through an Online Translator, in order to get the idea, which is: Open Theme contest, portfolio of prints (20 x 30 cm) has to be sent by ground mail to Buenos Aires, exhibition of selected works & cash prizes….


La empresa Petrobras Energía S.A. y la Editorial Arte al Día, invitan a participar del concurso fotográfico “Petrobras-Buenos Aires Photo”. El tema del concurso es libre y el objetivo del mismo es apoyar las nuevas manifestaciones fotográficas.

Bases de participación
1. El concurso es abierto a todos los fotógrafos aficionados y profesionales sin distinción de nacionalidad o lugar de residencia. No pueden participar familiares directos ni empleados de los organizadores o miembros del jurado.
2. Cada autor podrá participar con una sola imagen en una medida aproximada a los 20 x 30cm. (enviar sin montar)
3- De entre todas las obras presentadas, el Jurado seleccionara 20 trabajos finalistas, que deberán preparar la presentación definitiva para su exposición en el predio Palais de Glace de Buenos Aires.
4- Los trabajos en 20 x 30 cm deberán ser entregados hasta el día 16 de septiembre de 2011 a nombre de “Premio Petrobras – Buenos Aires Photo”, personalmente o por correo en Arte al Día, Thames 2215, piso 2º A Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Código Postal C1425FIE, de lunes a viernes de 10 a 17.30 hs.
5- El tamaño final de las obras finalistas no deberá exceder de 1 x 1,20 m. Las obras finalistas deberán ser montadas con sus marcos respectivos y listas para colgar.
6-En un documento adjunto ( papel o archivo digital) se consignarán los datos del autor: nombre completo, documento de identidad, título de la obra, técnica utilizada, dirección postal, correo electrónico y teléfono.
7- El jurado estará integrado por: Valeria González, Rodrigo Alonso, Ana María Battistozzi, Alicia de Arteaga y Victoria Verlichak
8- Premios:
De entre los 20 trabajos seleccionados se elegirá:
1º Premio Adquisición: $ 17.000 (Diecisiete mil pesos)
2º Premio Adquisición: $ 8.000 (ocho mil pesos)
3 Menciones epeciales de $1000 cada una No Adquisición

Premio Adquisición: La primer copia del tiraje de cada una de las 2 obras premiadas quedará en poder de Petrobras Energía S.A., reservándose el artista las demás copias del tiraje, así como los derechos de autor sobre las mismas. Los 18 trabajos restantes, finalistas, participarán junto a los premiados en la exposición Buenos Aires Photo 2011 como parte del Premio Petrobras – Buenos Aires Photo (edición 2011)
9- Los autores de los 20 trabajos finalistas autorizan a que sus obras sean exhibidas, publicadas y/o utilizadas como parte de actividades culturales, mencionándose en todos los casos el título y nombre del autor, quien conserva sus Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual (Ley 11.723).
10- Calendario de fechas importantes:
-Fechas para la presentación de trabajos: 20 de Junio al 16 de septiembre de 2011
-Notificación de resultados de los finalistas: A partir del 26 de septiembre estarán en http://www.buenosairesphoto.com
-Presentación final de los 20 trabajos elegidos: 18 de octubre
Entrega de premios: 26 de octubre, hora a confirmar.
Lugar: Palais de Glace
Exposición: 26 al 30 de octubre en el Palais de Glace en ocasión de la Feria “Buenos Aires Photo 2011”
Devolución de los trabajos no aceptados: Deberán ser retirados de la Editorial Arte al Día desde el 1 de noviembre hasta el 15 de diciembre de 2011. Pasada esa fecha no se aceptan reclamos por los materiales no retirados.
11- Toda otra cuestión no prevista en las Bases de Participación será resuelta por los organizadores.