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Zines of the World exhibition, London. Deadline: Oct 1, 2017

ZINES OF THE WORLD is an open submission project from Doomed Gallery and The Photocopy Club. Starting in 2015 a call out was made for photographers and zine makers to submit there zine to be part of an exhibition in London. The exhibition featured over 300 zines from around the world and had around 1000 visitors over it’s four day opening at Doomed Gallery. All the zines are displayed in a hanging system and labeled by the country of origin.

The project was also exhibited in Lodz Poland as part Fotofestiwal 2016 which you can see below. You can also see all the submissions submitted below.

For 2017 the Zines of the World exhibition will be part of Photoblock this October at the Truman Brewery. Over the course of the 4 day exhibition we will have a series of workshops, talks, film screenings and more.

ZOTW 2 is now open for submissions and you can follow the project via @zinesoftheworld Instagram.



*Please no sign for mail.

DEADLINE 1.10.17

Please contact matt@doomedgallery for more info.


Photobook Blogs

Olga Yatskevich has put together a list of blogs/pages on photography books (in no particular order) on her blog http://photolia.tumblr.com.

Great work!


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Word Press

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Matthew Greenburgh
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Atsushi Saito Blog (in Japanese)
American Suburb X
A Japanese Book
25 books
GUP Magazine
Japan Photo
De livres and des photos (in French)
748 on Japanese Books (in French)
200 Days, 200 Photo Books (in German & English)

Nordic Dummy Award. Deadline: Aug. 9, 2013

The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (FFF – Forbundet Frie Fotografer), in collaboration with Fotogalleriet, welcomes you to the fourth edition of Various Sides of Photography (Flere Sider Fotografi), a seminar on photo books taking place 13 – 15 September 2013 in connection with the Oslo Book Festival. The seminar aims to look at the phenomenon of the photo book, which is increasingly used both as an artistic tool and an alternative form for presenting photographic works.

The Nordic Dummy Award for photo books will be arranged for the second time as a part of the seminar, and the winner will have the possibility to work with Press Books, the printing house Elanders Fälth & Hässler and FormEtc. Submit your photo book dummy by 9 August to Forbundet Frie Fotografer/Fotogalleriet. The jury will select the best dummies to be exhibited during the seminar, and the winner will be announced on 13 September 2013.

The Nordic Dummy Award jury 2013 consists of: 

Nina Strand (NO) Artist and editor, Objektiv 
Heli Rekula (FI) Professor of Photography, Bergen Academy of Art and Design  Beate Cegielska (DK) Director, Gallery Image 
Thor Arvid Dyrerud (NO) Editor, Press Books 
Henrik Haugan (NO) Designer, FormEtc. 
Thomas Ek (SE) Operations Director, Elanders Fälth & Hässler 

To participate in the Nordic Dummy Award send:
-A physical dummy (suitable for exhibition)
-CV (maximum 2 A4 pages)
-Project description (maximum 2 A4 pages)
-Correct return postage (if you want your dummy in return)


Forbundet Frie Fotografer/Fotogalleriet
Møllergata 34
N-0179 Oslo

Application deadline: 9 August 2013

Return postage from outside Norway: Go to your local post office and weigh your package. Buy an IRC – international response coupon that you attach to your shipment. We will exchange your IRC into stamps when we ship your dummy in return.

+info: http://fotogalleriet.no/

Iberoamerican Photobook Competition. Deadline: June 30, 2013

With a view to bringing the young talents of Iberoamerican photography to international attention and opening up a space for richer visual dialogue, RM announces its 2013 Iberoamerican Photobook Competition.

Professionals, students, and photographers in general from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal, are eligible to participate.

The registration period is from May 1st to June 30th, 2013 (the deadline for submissions will be July 31st, 2013).

Participants must register solely and exclusively through the official RM webpage (www.editorialrm.com), using the “Registration” link and after having read and accepted the terms and conditions.

  • Participants who register between May 1st and May 31st will receive a special discount of 50%. The registration will therefore be 500 pesos in Mexico, or 30 Euros or 40 US dollars for international registrations.
  • Participants who register between June 1st and June 30th must pay 1,000 pesos in Mexico, or 60 Euros or 80 US dollars for international registrations.


First Place

  • Publication of the winning submission in book form, in Spanish and English, with international distribution.
  • 50 complementary copies for the author.
  • Publicity through the distribution of 200 review copies to prominent critics and opinion makers.

Honorable Mentions:

  • A packet of 2012 RM titles.
  • Promotion and media publicity through a press kit.

+ info: http://concurso.editorialrm.com/en/

———————— Versión en español (English version above) ————————

Con el objetivo de difundir a jóvenes talentos de la fotografía iberoamericana en el mundo y abrir un espacio de diálogo visual más enriquecedor, convoca a su 4.o Concurso Fotolibro Iberoamericano 2013.

La convocatoria está abierta a profesionales, estudiantes de fotografía y fotógrafos de América Latina, España y Portugal.
El periodo de inscripción y registro será del 1.o de mayo al 30 de junio de 2013 (la fecha máxima para el envío de trabajos será el  31 de julio).

El concursante deberá registrarse única y exclusivamente a través de la página oficial de RM (www.editorialrm.com), en el apartado “Inscripción”, no sin antes haber leído y aceptado los términos y las condiciones.

  • Los participantes que se inscriban del 1.o al 31 de mayo tendrán un descuento especial del 50%. Deberán pagar 500 pesos para inscripciones en México, o bien, 30 euros ó 40 USD para inscripciones internacionales.
  • Los participantes que se inscriban del 1.o al 30 de junio deberán pagar 1,000 pesos para inscripciones en México, o bien, 60 euros u 80 USD para inscripciones internacionales.


Primer lugar

  • Publicación del trabajo ganador en un libro con distribución internacional en español e inglés.
  • 50 ejemplares del libro para el autor.
  • Difusión mediante la asignación de 200 cortesías que serán enviadas a importantes críticos y formadores de opinión.
  • Promoción y difusión mediática a través de un dossier de prensa.

Menciones honoríficas

  • Paquete de libros RM 2012.
  • Promoción y difusión mediática a través de un dossier de prensa.

+ info: http://concurso.editorialrm.com/es