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MACK First Book Award. Deadline: Jan 20, 2020

The MACK First Book Award is a publishing prize open to artists who have not previously had a book published. The award was established in 2012 to support emerging artists and bodies of work that find a voice through the book form.

The call for submissions emphasises a predilection for projects intended for book form: visual art projects that find a voice through the book. Submissions can include texts, collage and experimental approaches to book-making.

We are looking for unique work of high quality and encourage artists of all ages and nationalities to submit their book projects.


11 November 2019
Submissions open

20 January 2020
Submissions close

10 February 2020
Shortlist announced

14 May 2020
Winner announced during Photo London, alongside exhibition of the work

Submission Guidelines

  • Entries are only accepted from artists who have not previously had a book published.

  • All submissions must either be unpublished or self-published book projects. Books that have already been published by a third party publishing house will not be considered.

  • Submissions must consist of coherent book projects and not portfolios of images in book form.

  • All submissions must be received as printed book dummies. Digital submissions in the form of PDFs, ebooks or apps will not be considered.

  • Any text within the book must be supplied with an English translation.

Submissions must be received between 11 November 2019 – 20 January 2020. Entries received before or after these dates will not be considered for the prize.

Submission Instructions

  • A submission form must be completed for each book entry .

  • Please include your name and project title along with your book dummy.

  • If submitting more than one project, please complete separate forms for each entry.

Submissions must be sent to:
First Book Award
Studio E, Ground Floor
Emperor House, Dragonfly Place
London SE4 2FL
United Kingdom


Submissions will be available for return in March 2020, after the shortlist has been announced.

  • If you would like your book returned, you must email us a prepaid Royal Mail postage label between 1st-31st March 2020. You can generate the postage label via this link.

  • Please include return packaging with your submission.

  • Please email the postage label to fba@mackbooks.co.uk, clearly stating your name and project title.

  • The postage label expires after 1 working day, so please be sure to email us the label immediately after it has been generated.

  • Please buy postage for a small or medium parcel, not a large letter.

Neither MACK nor any of the sponsors will be held responsible for loss or damage to books submitted.

Call for Participation. Book project. Deadline: 30.09.2019

This is a call by Aldobranti, an artist whose work centres on a conceptual photography often approached through performance.

He looks for other contributors to his book project, ‘Critical Moss, making Art Work outside the Metropolitan Bubble’:

The title of this project * is a play on words, artists may be like stones, rolling to places beyond their original intention, far from the critical buzz afforded by art school crits, first nights, gallery visits and rapid transit systems. The research will seek to identify methodologies  for artists in isolated settings to ‘kickstart’ their practice — absent a critical mass of fellow artists.

It seems obvious that Art exists in a setting of dialogue. In its viewing, its reception the dialogue exists between the viewer and the artwork and in most cases is beyond the control of its creator. In its inception however, there is a wider conversation between the Artist , the artwork and the context in which the Artist finds herself. This wider conversation may be a rehearsal for a later reception dialogue, to make the artwork fit for purpose, working on the question ‘what is the artist trying to say‘ through the artwork as mouthpiece

This question may not have an easy answer during a great part of the preparation. A figurative work can perhaps be judged in the extent to which it evokes the subject matter. An abstract artwork may be self justified by its adherence to a formal working method but overall a significant factor in addressing the above question is a discussion formed as words and not mark making. No longer representing things, rather making work about ideas must surely necessitate realising some [small] part of the idea as words.

Thus I am arguing that the context, mentioned above is found as words, interior or exterior to the artist. Art is not made in a Silence. Outside of a metropolitan ‘bubble’ access to a critical context may not be freely available and the purpose of my research is to understand fellow artists’ response to this shortfall both in their words and in executed artwork. In particular I should like to reach out to and include practitioners for whom a material art object may not be the objective.

To thank you for your assistance I shall make a casebound, hardback book of your contributions. The book will feature 20 (approx. ) artists with images and facing text. Each selected participant will receive a free copy and further copies will be made available at cost. The book will have an ISBN, deposited at the British Library and the Legal Deposit Libraries.

Initially, complete the form below, including  an image and an account (200 words) to reflect your work and working method  with a URL for other relevant work. You must confirm that you own copyright in the image and text. With your permission, it could be helpful if I or a fellow researcher might conduct a short telephone interview if we intend to print your contribution.

Please also say how you found this call.

On progress the selected image must be available in hi-res (2500 x 2500 pixels) — the artist will at all times retain control of copyright both of image and text. The text of the book will be published in English, if not your first language the editor may be able to help with language issues.


Any Questions or Problems with this form please email on the address below
Deadline 30/09/2019

Keywords : art, book, isolation, participation, publication

Email : aldobranti@gmail.com  .

* English Proverb “A rolling stone gathers no moss” — decisive action must be taken to avoid stagnation


An regularly updated list of events and exhibitions can be found at https://aldobranti.org/#!info/bio.php

Workshop To Photograph – To Think – To Publish 10 > 21 JULY HÉLICE – LISBON

To photograph, to think, to publish

This workshop is aimed to all interested with a finished photographic project, ready to be edited and published.
On a case-to-case basis, classes will evolve around specific solutions for the publication: the narrative, graphic concepts and technical possibilities for the printing process.
The workshop begins with two sessions with Paulo Arraiano (artist and designer), who will focus on InDesign software. We will approach introductory tools and more advanced ones regarding the preparation of documents for the printing purpose.
João Linneu (Void.photo) will be tutoring two weekends. On the first students will be able to discuss the narrative, sequencing and format of the images within the multiple publishing options. The second weekend will be dedicated to a theoretical discussion around design and production.
The workshop goal is to provide the ability to think and produce a project in a publishing format that suits its language, with a coherent narrative and editorial discourse. Students will be autonomous to execute the design and a dummy, if they wish to do so, always with João’s mentoring behind.
You will need a laptop with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, files organized (to be explained later), work prints of around 10×8 cm and a short text about your project for the first class with João.
– 10 and 12 July 19:30 > 22:30 – Indesign with Paulo Arraiano
– 13 and 14 + 20 and 21 July 10h > 18h – Two weekends with João Linneu
– Hélice students or ex-students €220
– External students €350
– 5 places

Apply and more informations:
Rua da Boavista 84 – 2º

Brazilian born, based in Lisbon, João Linneu (1978) graduated in Communication and worked for 20 years as Art Director, Head of Art and Creative Director in several advertising agencies in São Paulo and London. He was awarded in prestigious advertising and design awards such as the D&AD, Cannes Lions, One Show and Clio. For the last 12 years, João has also started developing his photographic projects, an
ended up founding Void in 2016 with Myrto Steirou and Sylvia Sachini.

PAULO ARRAINO [b. 1977, Portugal]
Visual artist based in Lisbon. He has participated in several exhibitions, both solo and collective including Hawaii-Lisbon [Lisbon]; Dimora Artica [Milan]; Pivô (S.Paulo); Art Rotterdam [Rotterdam]; Cidade das Artes Museum [Rio de Janeiro]; MAH Museum [Azores]; Quartier General, Centre d’art Contemporain [La Chaux-de-Fonds]; Aeroplastics Contemporary [Brussels]; Petra Gut Contemporary [Zurich]; TAL Gallery [Rio de Janeiro]; ArtRio [Rio de Janeiro]; Pena Palace [Sintra]; Forty/Forty [Warsaw]; Galeria Graphos [Rio De Janeiro]; Museu do Côa [V. N. Foz Côa; Hifa, Harare International Festival Of Art [Zimbabwe]; Cãmara Municipal do Porto [Porto]; Museé d’Art Moderne [Luxembourg], Scope/Miami Basel [Miami]; National Building Museum [Washington DC]; P28 [Lisbon] among others. Paulo Arraiano has a degree in Communication by ISCEM [Lisbon], and studied Visual Arts at Ar.Co – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual [Lisbon]. He is also co-founder of re_act contemporary, art laboratory and residence program based in the Azores Islands and no.stereo, an independent Artist-run platform.


Just in time before the summer, we have compiled this list of dummy competitions and photobook prizes.

Entries are sorted by date. The ones that are still open (as of June 2018) go first. For more infomation, go to their respective websites. This list is sure to grow as we find out about new ones. If you know of any we should add, please let us know.

Still open:

Fiebre Phonebook: Hurry! Deadline June 26, Fee: 20 €

Photobook Week Aarhus Dummy Award: Hurry! Deadline June 30, No fee.

UNSEEN: Deadline August 10, Fee: 30 € 


Coming Up:

MACK First Book Award: Wait for January 2019

Photobook Kassel:  Wait for April 2019

Nordic Dummy Award: Wait for May 2019

Landskrona Festival: Wait for June 2019

DocFiledBarcelona: Wait for 2019


Many festivals and institutions have prizes for already published photobooks. Here are some of these Book Prizes 

Paris Photo – Aperture PhotoBook Awards Open till September 14, 2018. 

Rencontres Arles: Wait for mid-2019

PHotoESPAÑA: Wait for mid-2019

(more to be added soon)



Finally, here is a list of other photobook events around the globe:

Photobook Fest Russia


Katerina Zueva: zueva@lumiere.ru

Photobook Bristol



Self Publish Riga


+371 26 728 549


The NY Art Book Fair



PhotoIreland Festival’s Book & Magazine Fair



Organ Vida, Zagreb



secretary: +385 91 9523 370

Istanbul Photobook Festival


+90 212 252 16 00


Melbourne Photobook



+61 (0) 401 679 496

New Zealand Photobook




Artist Call for participation in book project. Extended Deadline: Mar. 31, 2018

Call for submissions
Artists who explore the relationship between the Self and the Other are invited to respond with images and short positional statements for publication.

Self and Identity have become major themes of our connected lives. The ease with which we gravitate to like-minded people, the bubble we comfortably find ourselves in means that we only sometime manage to discern the difference between ourselves and other people. The bubble remains intact; wars, elections, referenda rattle our security but for many life continues as before.
As artists, we need to reach further than most. We need to approach the Otherness of the outside world with more generosity. To accept it may be that  we cannot answer questions about selfhood without a recognition that the differences between people, experienced as alienation and separation, are unreal : following Paul Ricoeur and his work “Oneself as Another”, we must accept that we have too much Otherness within ourselves.

This call is to reach out to you as an artist with this shared interest and to join with me in a community of shared research. I found this line of research beginning with the cast shadow of the self and through exploring its independent, isolated and wayward behaviour. I have previously made a short monograph “Shadow:Other:myself” (ISBN 978-1977535535, preview https://goo.gl/TC6DqV )

To take this goal of community building further my intention is to make a limited edition, hardback book publication of your contributions. The book will feature 20 (approx. ) artists with images and facing text. In the first instance, two copies will be posted to each published participant. We can then discuss our next steps.
Initially, send an image and an account (200 words) to describe your Self’s response to the Other with a URL for other relevant work. The artist must confirm that they own copyright in the image and text.
On progress the selected image must be available in hi-res (3000 x 3000 pixels) — the artist will at all times retain control of copyright both of image and text. As editor I can help you with any translation from your own words, the text of the book will be published in English.

Deadline 31/03/2018
Keywords : alterity , ipseity , intersubjectivity
Email : aldobranti@gmail.com
Web : http://aldobranti.eu/ and https://goo.gl/VfViie

Full text of this call at https://goo.gl/fd1xPj

Artbook Open Call. Deadline: May 24, 2015

—-> Spanish version below <—-

In the past decade, with the rise and consolidation of new technologies, we have seen how the book has become an excellent support for the work of many artists.
Publishing books, fanzines and other publications is now therefore one of the most relevant and contemporary expressive phenomena, to the point that many authors create their works specifically thinking it to be published.
In parallel, we have also seen the birth of many small publishers that have clearly contributed to the promotion of the book as an art object.

For this reason, the EMBARRAT festival, a showcase of most emerging art of Catalonia, ARTBOOK propouse, three new actions on artist publications:

Download the call (spanish only)

Registration form (spanish only)

More information: Roser Cambray


—-> Spanish version <—-

En los últimos diez años, con el auge y consolidación de las nuevas tecnologías, hemos visto como el libro se ha convertido en un excelente apoyo para la obra de muchos artistas.
La edición de libros, fanzines y otras publicaciones es hoy, pues, uno de los fenómenos expresivos más relevantes y contemporáneos, hasta el punto que muchos autores crean su obra pensándola específicamente para ser publicada.
Paralelamente, también hemos visto nacer muchas pequeñas editoriales que en connivencia con los nuevos artistas, han contribuido claramente al impulso del libro como objeto de arte.

Por este motivo, el festival EMBARRAT, como escaparate del arte más emergente en las tierras del interior de Cataluña, impulsa ARTBOOK, tres nuevas acciones en torno a las publicaciones de artista:

Descargar la convocatoria

Formulario de inscripción (leer antes la convocatoria)

Más información: Roser Cambray

Daylight Photo Award. Deadline May 15, 2012.

Daylight Magazine Photo Award is an international photography competition.

Multiple entries are permitted, but must be for different bodies of work.

Applicants upload work and submit payment online at http://daylight.slideroom.com, The online system (slideroom) provides a video tutorial as well as step-by-step instructions on how to register and submit your photographs, written materials, and payment.

• You will be asked to provide the following:

20 images, captions, one-page artist’s statement, and CV

There is an entry fee of $40

Submissions due May 15
Winners announced July 1
Exhibition and multimedia features begin September 1

2012 JURY:

David Bram, Fraction Magazine 

Alexa DilworthCenter for Documentary Studies

Jim Estrin, New York Times

Taj Forer + Michael ItkoffDaylight

Paul Moakley, Time Magazine 

Jessie Wender, New Yorker Magazine

Daylight Photo Award recipient wins:

-$1000 Cash prize

-Solo exhibition at the Daylight Project Space

-Feature in Daylight Magazine

-Daylight Multimedia podcast production

-Complete set of Daylight Books (published to date)

Juror Picks win:

-Portfolio feature in group Daylight Multimedia production

-Copy of Photographs Not Taken: A Collection of Photographers’ Essays


More Information: http://www.daylightmagazine.org/content/daylight-photo-awards


The History of European Photography Presentation

Máster de fotografía de autoOn Tuesday, 15 March, we will present the book The History of European Photography in the bookshop Gloria, in Madrid. The first complete encyclopedia on the history of European photography in the 20th century counts with essays on more than thirty countries, written by local experts. The first part of the ambitious project, covers the time from 1900 to 1938, in two volumes and a total of over 700 pages, including hundreds of images, as well as maps, indexes, time-lines, etc. The book will be presented in the new bookshop and gallery Gloria, in cooperation with the European Master of Fine Art.

Download the first pages of the book The History of European Photography .
Download the program of the European Master of FineArt Photography in English.

Presentación del libro The History of European Photography en colaboración con el Master Europeo de Fotografía de Autor

El  martes, 15 de marzo a las 18:00, se presentará en la librería Gloria, en Madrid, el libro The History of European Photography.

Estarán presentes Michaela Bosakova, coordinadora del Mes de la Fotografía de Bratislava y editora del libro; Juan Naranjo, historiador de la fotografía, Barcelona, escritor del capítulo sobre la fotografía española 1900-1938; Alejandro Castellote, comisario de fotografía, Madrid y Moritz Neumüller, Director del Máster Europeo de Fotografía de Autor del IED Madrid.

Se trata del primer volumen (1900-1938), en dos tomos, 700 páginas sobre 34 países. Los autores son: Rubens Shima (Albania), Anton Holzer (Austria), Nadya Savchenko (Belarus), Georges Vercheval, (Belgium), Katerina Gadjeva (Bulgaria), Zelimir Koscevic (Croatia), Vladimir Birgus, Jan Mlcoch, (Czech Republic), Mette Mortensen, scientific editor Finn Thrane (Denmark), Peeter Linnap (Estonia), Kimmo Lehtonen (Finland), Marc Tamisier (France), Ivo Kranzfelder (Germany), Gerry Badger (Great Britain), Nina Kassianou (Greece), Bela Albertini (Hungary), Asa Sigurjonsdottir, (Iceland), Justin Carville (Ireland), Gigliola Foschi (Italy), Vilnis Auzins (Latvia), Margarita Matulyte, Agne Narusyte (Lithuania), Irina Grabovan (Moldova), Tamara Berghmans, scientific editor Frits Gierstberg (The Netherlands), Sigrid Lien (Norway), Lech Lechowicz (Poland), Emilia Tavares (Portugal), Adrian-Silvan Ionescu (Romania), Irina Tchmyreva, scientific editor Evgeny Berezner (Russia), Milanka Todic (Serbia), Vaclav Macek (Slovakia), Lara Strumej (Slovenia), Juan Naranjo (Spain), Jan-Erik Lundstrom (Sweden), Martin Gasser (Switzerland), Tetyana Pavlova (Ukraine).

Máster Europeo de Fotografía de Autor

El Central European House of Photography fue fundado en 2005, como parte de la FOTOFO Foundation que organiza del festival de fotografía de Bratislava desde hace ya 20 años. Aparte de espacio expositivo y librería, esta institución pública la reconocida revista IMAGO y libros de fotografía, como la Historia de la fotografía europea, un proyecto de investigación que se publica en 3 volúmenes: 1900-1938, 1939-1970 (sale en el 2012) y 1971-2000 (sale en el 2014).

Gloria es una librería y galería de arte, que incluye además en su actividad la edición de libros, la producción de exposiciones y la programación de actividades culturales. Su espacio expositivo, que incluye dos salas, presenta exposiciones que abarcan la fotografía, la arquitectura, el diseño y otras artes visuales. Gloria pretende fomentar la creación emergente y divulgar la obra no suficientemente reconocida o representada.

Organizado por el Istituto Europeo di Design de Madrid, la Librería Gloria y el Central European House of Photography.

Presentación del libro The History of European Photography

Día 15 de marzo, 18:00h
Librería GLORIA
C/ Hortaleza 116, Madrid

Entrada libre

Máster Europeo de Fotografía de Autor

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