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Photography Call Guatemala. Deadline: Aug. 31, 2012

———– English Version —– Versión en Español abajo ———–


GuatePhoto opens a call for proposals to photographers around the world
interested in presenting their work. The works presented participate in a selection
process in which 15 finalists will be elected. The works of the finalists
of the Open Call will be exposed in one of the main exhibitions of Guate-
Photo 2012.
The choice of subject matter is free and the call for proposals is open to all
photographers and photography collectives of any nationality. Those interested
in participating must:
1. Fill the application form with all the required data.
2. Upload a portfolio or a photographic series (from 6 to 15 images),
through the official web page of the festival http://www.guatephoto.org in
the section labeled APLICA/SUBMIT, which must be accompanied by a
brief text describing the photographic project. (The images must be in
JPG format, 72 dpi and weigh less than 1 MB.)
3. Pay a USD $20 fee. This fee helps finance the festival production and
grants the right to review by the board of advisors.
The submission deadline is: August 31st 2012.
Of all the works received in the open call, 15 finalist photographers will be
selected. Their work will be shown in the main exhibition of GuatePhoto
2012, from the 7th to the 25th of November.
GuatePhoto will cover printing and exhibition expenses of the finalists’ work.
The selected photographers will be announced on the 10th of September
through the official web page http://www.guatephoto.org and directly contacted
via e-mail.


Of the 15 finalists the winner elected will receive:
US$ 3,000.00 in cash
Solo exhibition in the new gallery of La Fototeca*
Seven page spread published in RARA magazine
An all expenses paid trip to Guatemala to attend the inauguration of the festival
*Includes all exposition expenses
The participation in the Open Call implies granting the rights of use of the photographs to La Fototeca with the sole purpose of promoting GuatePhoto Festival in different printed and digital media. Under no circumstances will GuatePhoto use the photographs to ends other than the diffusion and promotion of the festival.
The organizers commit to the destruction of all printed photographs.


———– Versión en español ——- English version above ———–


GuatePhoto invita a los fotógrafos de todo el mundo interesados en presentar
su trabajo en la convocatoria, Open Call, sección del festival en la que se
elegirán 15 finalistas entre los cuales se escogerá un solo ganador para exhibir
su trabajo en una de las principales exposiciones de GuatePhoto 2012.
La temática es libre y la participación está abierta a todos los fotógrafos y
colectivos fotográficos de cualquier nacionalidad. Los interesados en participar
1. Llenar la Ficha de Inscripción con sus datos completos.
2. Subir un portafolio o serie fotográfica (de 6 a 15 imágenes) a través
del sitio web http://www.guatephoto.org en la sección APLICA / SUBMIT.
Ésta debe ir acompañada de un breve texto que describa el proyecto
fotográfico (las imágenes deben estar en formato JPG, 72 dpi y pesar
menos de 1 MB).
3. Realizar un pago de USD $20. El cual contribuye a la producción del
festival y otorga el derecho de revisión por la junta de asesores.
Fecha límite para presentación de portafolio: 31 de agosto de 2012
De todos los trabajos recibidos en la convocatoria se seleccionarán 15 fotógrafos
finalistas los cuales conformarán una de las muestras principales de
GuatePhoto 2012, del 7 al 25 de noviembre.
Los gastos de impresión y montaje de las obras finalistas serán cubiertos
por GuatePhoto.
Los fotógrafos seleccionados serán anunciados el 10 de septiembre a través
del sitio oficial del festival http://www.guatephoto.org y contactados directamente
vía correo electrónico.


De los 15 finalistas resultará un único ganador quien recibirá:
US$ 3,000.00 en efectivo
Exposición individual en la nueva galería de La Fototeca.*
Publicación de 7 páginas en Revista RARA.
Un viaje todo pagado a Guatemala para asistir a la inauguración del festival
*Incluye todos los gastos de la exposición
La participación en la convocatoria implica otorgar los derechos de uso de las
fotografías a La Fototeca, con el fin único de promover el Festival GuatePhoto en
sus diferentes medios impresos y digitales. Por ningún motivo GuatePhoto usará
las fotografías con otros fines que no sean exclusivos para la difusión del festival.
Los organizadores se comprometen a destruir cualquier impresión fotográfica
expuesta en el Festival GuatePhoto 2012 después del cierre del festival.


Call for entries. Encounter Portfolio Review, Daegu Photo Biennale. Deadline: August 17, 2012

Name: Encounter

Organizer: Daegu Photo Biennale

Date & Place: September 21-22, 2012 / Daegu, Korea

Application Deadline: July 16 – August 17, 2012

Number of Participants: 60

Profiles of Reviewers: 12 – 15 curators, photo editors, festival founders, critics from abroad and about the same number of local experts

Registration Fee: 175 USD

Number of reviews: 10 or more

Price / Review Ratio: 17.50 per review

Web: www.daeguphoto.com

Email: dgphotob@gmail.com

Presentation Text:

Encounter was first launched in 2008 at the second Daegu Photo Biennale as a portfolio review program. It is designed to provide actual opportunities to competent Korean photographers by giving them a chance to meet with both local and foreign reviewers. For those reviewers from outside the country it is also an excellent occasion to broaden their perspectives on contemporary Korean photography. Works by those 5 photographers of the year who are selected by the reviewers are to be exhibited during the consecutive Daegu Photo Biennale. The group of reviewers consists of 15 foreign and 12 local experts.

The Curator Ship – Portfolio Reviews 2012: https://thecuratorship.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/296/#pf12

Photography Workshop with Dinu Li in Madrid

Dinu Li. Madrid – Mapping the Invisible

————> versión en español abajo <————

The book Invisible Cities (1972) by Italo Calvino explores the relationship between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan, as the Venetian merchant adopts the role of confidant to the aging emperor and thus, shares the impressions of many Mongolian cities he has visited. Due to the physical enormity of the empire, Khan himself could only experience the vastness and minute details of some of these places through Polo’s eyes and words, and through his own imagination. Calvino’s book therefore, offers an alternative approach to thinking about cities, how they are formed and how they function.

Taking Calvino’s intentions as a point of departure, students will be lead through an intense 2-day workshop of lectures, presentations and tutorials to develop individual photographic representations of their city, Madrid, and its people. Students will be residents in Madrid, or come from outside, as does Dinu Li. Together, they will create a mosaic of viewpoints, which live from the contrast, responding to the city’s very own qualities. Participants will contest the tourist gaze, to subvert the exotica and look at Madrid from many angles, in order to perceive the city in new and challenging ways.

In this assignment, students critically engage with the different forms of practice manifest in the works of key influential artists both contemporary and historical. Case studies including John Smith and Simon Faithfull will be analysed to determine modes of practice that reconfigures the symbiotic relationship between man and place.

The 2-day programme places an emphasis on developing a strong visual language as opposed to demonstrations on camera operations and computer post-production techniques.

Due to an evening commencement of the photographic assignment, students may wish to consider the use of tripods for nighttime shoots, especial for landscapes and cityscapes.

Student’s 5-minute presentations should include a tight selection of images from the project brief, supported if possible, by images from their own portfolios.

Dinu Li_IED Madrid_Máster Europeo de Fotografía

Teacher: Dinu Li
Course length: 11 hours
Schedule: Friday 20: 15-20h/Saturday 21: 11-17h July
Price: 180€

Class size: The maximum IED class size is 22 students.

Students: Photographers, artists in the Photography or in area of Communications, Advertising and Design.

Requirements: Please bring your camera and one portfolio of past work that fits in the context of the workshop.

IED Madrid provides: Computers, studio and lights, as well proof-printing. Tech support provided by departmental technicians. There will be simultaneous translation for English and Spanish


Brief curriculum vitae Dinu Li

Dinu Li is a British based artist working across a range of media including film, installation, performance, photography and video. Throughout his practice, Li places himself in a variety of circumstances, responding to his immediate surroundings in an attempt to understand the many cultures he encounters. Li’s output offers a visceral reaction to the world around us within the context of the times we live in. He explores the nuances of the everyday – its many rituals, routines and patterns, in relation to local and global concerns. Recent works have been situated between modes of representation, the vernacular, specific geographic and historical contexts and the intersection between the personal and the political.

 Li’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including: the 53rd Venice Biennale; the 3rd Bucharest Biennale; Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden; Oldenburger Kunstverein, Germany; Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea; Danielle Arnaud, London; Chalk Horse, Sydney through Para/Site Hong Kong; Petra Rietz Salon, Berlin; SVA, New York through Artprojx; Rivington Place, London; White Space 798, Beijing and Christian Roellin, Zurich. He has undertaken residencies with OCAT in Shenzhen, China; ArtSway Production Residency in Hampshire and Chengdu, China; and a Cornerhouse and Space Artists Exchange Residency in Central Asia. He has been a guest speaker for Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Museum and is a visiting lecturer across educational institutions in the UK and abroad.


IED Madrid Photography Workshops

Two years ago, the IED Madrid launched its European Master of Fine Art Photography, which has already become one of the most ambitious educational proposals in artistic photography in Europe. Therefore, we have decided to open this prestigious program for students of all disciplines, to give them the opportunity to participate in some of the highlights of the program.

The first of these workshops is among the most popular ones, with the Master Students: Dinu Li’s interdisciplinary take on the global and the local in contemporary art photography. This class will help students in photography, as well as designers and curators a vast toolkit for understanding (and capturing) today’s world. Dinu Li is an experienced speaker and known for his empathic teaching methods. This will be a weekend full of new insights, personal experiences and creative outbursts.

————> Versión en español <———–

Workshop de fotografía con Dinu Li en el IED Madrid

Dinu Li_IED Madrid_Máster Europeo de Fotografía
Taller de Dinu Li durante el Máster Europeo de Fotografía de Autor, 2011

Hace dos años, el IED Madrid puso en marcha su Máster Europeo de Fotografía de Autor, convertido en una de las propuestas más ambiciosas en la educación de la fotografía artística en Europa. Por esta razón, hemos decidido abrir este prestigioso programa a estudiantes de todas las disciplinas con el fin de darles la oportunidad de participar en algunos de los talleres más destacados del programa.

El primero de estos talleres es uno de los más populares entre los estudiantes del máster: el enfoque interdisciplinar de Dinu Li sobre lo global y lo local en la fotografía artística contemporánea. Esta clase aporta a los estudiantes de fotografía, así como a diseñadores y comisarios, un conjunto de herramientas para la comprensión del mundo actual de la mano de un profesor experimentado y conocido por sus empáticos métodos de enseñanza.

Disfruta de un fin de semana (20 y 21 de julio) lleno de nuevas ideas, experiencias personales y explosiones creativas.

Madrid – Mapping the invisible

El libro Las ciudades invisibles (1972) de Italo Calvino explora la relación entre Marco Polo y Kublai Khan, en la cual el mercader veneciano adopta el papel de confidente del anciano emperador y, por tanto, comparte sus impresiones sobre muchas de las ciudades de Mongolia que ha visitado. Debido a la gran magnitud física del imperio, el mismo Khan sólo puede experimentar la inmensidad y los pequeños detalles de algunos de estos lugares a través de los ojos y las palabras de Polo, y a través de su propia imaginación. El libro de Calvino, por lo tanto, ofrece un enfoque alternativo para pensar en las ciudades, cómo se forman y cómo funcionan.

Tomando las intenciones de Calvino como punto de partida, los alumnos serán guiados a través de un taller intensivo de dos días de clases, presentaciones y tutorías para desarrollar individualmente representaciones fotográficas de la ciudad de Madrid y de su gente.

Los estudiantes serán residentes en Madrid, o de fuera, como el propio Dinu Li. Juntos crearán un mosaico de puntos de vista, que se nutrirá del contraste, lo que responde a las cualidades propias de la ciudad. Los participantes retarán la mirada del turista, para subvertir el exotismo y mirar Madrid desde muchos ángulos, con el fin de percibir la ciudad de maneras nuevas y desafiantes.

En esta tarea, los estudiantes analizarán de forma crítica las diferentes prácticas manifiestas en las obras de los principales artistas influyentes, tanto contemporáneos como históricos. Los casos de estudio como John Smith y Simon Faithfull serán analizados para determinar las prácticas que reconfiguran la relación simbiótica entre el hombre y el lugar.

El programa de 2 días da prioridad al desarrollo de un lenguaje visual sólido frente a las demostraciones técnicas sobre operaciones de cámara y post-producción.

Debido a que la tarea fotográfica comenzará por la tarde-noche, los alumnos podrían considerar el uso de trípodes para las tomas nocturnas, en el caso de querer tomar paisajes urbanos y rurales.

Las presentaciones de 5 minutos de los alumnos deben incluir una selección coherente de imágenes del proyecto, apoyadas en lo posible por imágenes de sus propios porfolios.

Currículum Vítae Dinu Li

Artista afincado en Inglaterra que trabaja con diferentes medios como el cine, la instalación, la performance, la fotografía y el vídeo. A lo largo de su práctica, Li se sitúa en múltiples circunstancias en respuesta a su entorno inmediato, en un intento de entender las muchas culturas con las que se encuentra. Como resultado, ofrece una reacción visceral al mundo que nos rodea en el contexto de los tiempos que vivimos. Li explora los matices de la vida cotidiana: sus rituales, rutinas y patrones en relación a las preocupaciones locales y globales.

Sus trabajos recientes se han situado entre los modos de representación, lo autóctono, los contextos específicos geográficos e históricos y la intersección entre lo personal y lo político.

El trabajo de Li ha sido expuesto nacional e internacionalmente: Bienal de Venecia; Bienal de Bucarest; Bildmuseet, Umea, Suecia; Oldenburger Kunstverein, Alemania; Alternative Space Loop, Seúl, Corea; Danielle Arnaud, Londres; Chalk Horse, Sydney a través de Para/Site Hong Kong; Petra Rietz Salon, Berlín; SVA, Nueva York a través de Artprojx; Rivington Place, Londres; White Space 798, Pekín y Christian Roellin, Zúrich. Asimismo, ha realizado residencias con OCAT en Shenzhen, China; una residencia de producción ArtSway en Hampshire y Chengdu, China; y otra residencia de intercambio Cornerhouse y Artists Space en Asia Central. Además, ha sido conferenciante invitado en la Tate Modern, el Victoria and Albert Museum, el Museo Británico y es profesor visitante en diversas instituciones educativas en el Reino Unido y en el extranjero.

Workshop de fotografía en el IED Madrid
: Dinu Li
Duración del curso: 11 horas
Horario: Viernes 20 de julio: 15-20h
Sábado 21 de julio: 11-17h
Precio: 180 €
: IED Madrid
C/ Larra, 14.
Número de alumnos
: el tamaño máximo es de 22 alumnos.
Alumnos: fotógrafos, artistas del campo de la fotografía o profesionales de las áreas de comunicaciones, publicidad y diseño.
: trae tu cámara y un porfolio de trabajos anteriores que encaje en el contexto del taller.
IED Madrid ofrece:
ordenadores, plató, luces y pruebas de impresión. Asistencia técnica proporcionada por los técnicos del departamento. Traducción simultánea Inglés-Español.

Inscripciones: +34 91 448 04 44
Skype: master.iedmadrid

Galería de Imágenes | Workshop de fotografía con Dinu Li en el IED Madrid

Press The Star_Dinu Li
Age of Transition_Dinu Li
Age of Transition_Dinu Li
Age of Transition_Dinu Li
Press The Star_Dinu Li
Press The Star_Dinu Li
Secrets Shadows_Dinu Li
Secrets Shadows_Dinu Li
Secrets Shadows_Dinu Li

Prix Pictet Shortlis announced

The names of twelve photographers shortlisted for the fourth Prix Pictet, Power, were announced this week at Les Rencontres d’Arles, during an evening screening in the Theatre Antique. Here it is:

Pictet shortlist 2012 on Power

PhotoIreland Festival 2012 • Migrations • 1 – 31 July, Dublin

PhotoIreland Festival 2012 • Migrations • 1–31 July
323 Artists | 73 Exhibitions | 50 Venues | 45 Events
| 150 Publishers | 700 books

Official Opening 7pm Thursday 5 July – Gallery of Photography

PhotoIreland Festival 2012PhotoIreland Festival 2012 – Full programme online.

PhotoIreland Festival 3rd Edition

Ireland’s International Festival
of Photography & Image Culture

Vibrant, friendly, all-inclusive: 
A festival for all to enjoy.

Join us for a night of celebration with 13 exhibitions opening around the city of Dublin, and come together at the Meeting House Square for the opening of Evelyn Hofer ‘Dublin and Other Portraits’ at the Gallery of Photography, and David Monahan & Maurice Gunning, Living-Leaving exhibition at the National Photographic Archive. The official opening of the festival will take place at the Gallery of Photography at 7pm, to coincide with Evelyn Hofer’s keynote exhbition.
We will conclude the evening with a special outdoors video projection in Meeting House Square from 10.30pm.

Evening Schedule, 5 July
El otro lado del alma / The Other Side of the Soul Instituto Cervantes
6pm Mark McCullough/Suzanne Mooney Disparate Geometry, Monster Truck
6pm Adrian Reilly Several Distances at Once, Monster Truck
6pm FLUX South Studios
6pm Evan Buggle Ballyfermot – A Migrating Landscape, Leinster Gallery
6pm Tristan Hutchinson Took Strength To Tackle Those Hills, Filmbase
6pm Ciara O’Halloran The Other Room, Eight Gallery
6pm Nicolas Reuland Up in Smoke, No Grants Gallery
6pm Ailbhe Greaney A View Is Where We Are Not, The Little Museum of Dublin
6pm Paul McCarthy Na Caipíní, The Market Bar
6.30pm Evelyn Hofer Dublin and Other Portraits, Gallery of Photography
7pm David Monahan & Maurice Gunning Living – Leaving, National Photographic Archive
7pm Paul Tierney Reflected City, Designist
7pm Official Opening of PhotoIreland Festival 2012, coincinding with Evelyn Hofer opening, Gallery of Photography.
8pm Presentation of David Monahan & Maurice Gunning Living – Leaving, National Photographic Archive.
10.30pm Special Video Projections at the Meeting House Square, Temple Bar.

Let’s celebrate! »

PhotoIreland Festival 2012


Main Exhibitions

On Migration 14 — 22 Jul
Moxie Studios
Opening: 6pm Fri 13 Jul

Dinu Li, Max Becher & Andrea Robbins, Mark Curran, Francisca Lopez, 
Gergely Laszlo, Anthony Luvera, Carlos Albalá, Roger Eberhard and James Nizam, 
Tina Remiz, Darek Fortas, Ieva Baltaduonyte, and Debbie Castro.

El otro lado del alma / The Other Side of the Soul
 6 Jul — 1 Sep
Instituto Cervantes Dublin
Opening: 6pm Thu 5 Jul

Living — Leaving, David Monahan & Maurice Gunning 6 — 22 Jul
National Photographic Archive, Temple Bar Square
Opening: 6.30pm Thu 5 Jul

Unsettled, Isabelle Pateer
 29 Jun — 12 Jul
The Copper House Gallery
Opening: 6pm Wed 4 Jul
Finissage: 7pm Thu 12 Jul

Sarah on The Bridge, Jean Revillard 16 Jul — 4 Aug
The Copper House Gallery
Opening: 8pm Sat 14 Jul

Books On Migration 13 — 22 Jul
Curated by Irène Attinger
Moxie Studios
Opening: 6pm Fri 13 Jul

Featuring works by Augustus Sherman, Lewis Hine, Dorothea Lange, John Berger & Jean Mohr, Donald McCullin, Sebastião Salgado, Josef Koudelka, David Goldblatt, Frederic Brenner, Ad van Denderen, Alex Webb, Rip Hopkins, Ito Barrada, Joakim Eskildsen, Andreas Seibert, Patrick Zachmann, Jean Revillard, Alban Kakulya & Yann Mingard, Espen Rasmussen, and Thomas Mailaender.

Featured Exhibitions

Evelyn Hofer Dublin and Other Portraits 6 Jul — 31 Aug
Gallery of Photography Ireland
Opening: 6.30pm Thu 5 Jul

The Seán Hillen Collection:
Photographs from the North
of Ireland 1979-1990
27 Jul — 30 Sep
National Photographic Archive
Opening: 6pm Thu 26 Jul

Kimura Ihei in Paris: 1954-55 3 Jul — 15 Sep
Alliance Française Dublin
Opening: 6.30pm Mon 2 Jul

Full list »

Book and Magazine Fair

Book & Magazine Fair
Moxie Studios
14 — 15 Jul
Opening: 6pm Fri 13 Jul

With 15 publishers present, and a programme of talks, workshops, 
and book presentations, the fair has been designed for your delight.
Showcasing ‘The Library Project’, the festival collection of over 700 books from 150 publishers worldwide.

More details »

OPEN Programme

OPEN Programme 2012

From the National Botanic Gardens to Bray, 51 shows around the city of Dublin and beyond: a vibrant element to the PhotoIreland Festival.

Frank Miller, Minority Report
Kate Nolan, Neither
Oksana Afonina, 13.raw
Greg Constantine, Nowhere People: The World’s Stateless
Paul McCarthy, Na Caipíní
Sergey Sergeev, Pilgrimage
NCAD PDI Students, Fourteen 12
Mid-Twentieth Century
Chasing Shadows III
20 x 20: Peripheries – Moments From The Side
John Lalor, Signed Out
Homeless Gallery
Phil Behan, The Karen of Mayo
DICE, Encounters
Dublin Camera Club Annual Exhibition 2012
Close to Closure
Paul Tierney, Reflected City
Tristan Hutchinson, Took Strength To Tackle Those Hills
Evan Buggle, Ballyfermot: A Migrating Landscape
Nicolas Reuland, Up in Smoke
Ciara O’Halloran, The Other Room
Ailbhe Greaney, A View Is Where We Are Not
Slideluck Potshow Dublin
Vincent O’Byrne, Post Photography
Conor Blundell, Dublin Lights
The Hidden City
UU MFA Students, Finding Fragments
BurnIn Company, Half Afraid to Think
Jamie Young, Water Towers of Ireland
Andrzej Rozycki, Photosophy
Jos Menting, Circle of Light
Joby Hickey, 20,000km
Helena Tobin, A Space Between
Doreen Kennedy, Mono No Aware
Stephen Doyle, Time Served
Gianluca Gamberini, Cinecitta
Katerina Mistal, Mapping Europe
Rory O’Neill, Limbo
Steve Ryan, Sometimes They Move
Sean Breithaupt, Crude
Brian Cregan, The Glass Garden
Paul Kelly, Landless in Chaco
Slide Project(or)
Moira Sweeney, Stevedoring Stories

Discover the OPEN Programme »

PhotoIreland Festival 2012
1-31 July 2012
Dublin, Ireland.

PhotoIreland Festival PhotoIreland Festival
64 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland.
Twitter: @PhotoIreland
Facebook: /PhotoIrelandFestival

The 1000 Words Photography Award. Deadline: July 23, 2012

The 1000 Words Award

The 1000 Words Award for European photographers is a major initiative in collaboration with The Other European Travellers, a project co-ordinated by Cobertura Photo and co-organised by Atelier de Visu, 1000 Words and Festival Voci di Foto in partnership with Magnum Photos. It is part-funded by The Education Audiovisual and Culture Exchange Agency (EACEA) under the auspices of the EU Culture Programme.

Photographers are invited to apply for an opportunity to realise a new body of work with the supervision of several high-profile photographers and industry experts.

Applications can be submitted online only. The closing date is 23 July 2012. There are 4 places available.

Fee: £25.00 (GBP)

The 1000 Words Award includes:

• £1,000 cash prize
• 18 month mentorship programme
• 3 workshops with Jeffrey Silverthorne, Antoine d’Agata and a Magnum photographer in London, Marseille and Seville respectively, including financial assistance with accommodation and travel
• Travelling group exhibition through the UK, France, Spain and Italy
• Catalogue and DVD
• Feature in 1000 Words Photography Magazine.

The 1000 Words Award is open to photographers born or based in the EU.

An internationally renown jury will review each entry submitted. Their final 4 will join 8 other European photographers selected by Cobertura Photo and Atelier de Visu.

The 1000 Words Award selection panel is:

• Simon Baker, Curator of Photography at Tate
• Brett Rogers, Director of The Photographers’ Gallery, London
• Dewi Lewis, Director at Dewi Lewis Publishing
• Tim Clark and Michael Grieve, Editors at 1000 Words Photography Magazine.

All participants will be selected according to criteria of excellence of their artistic approach, gender parity, mix of backgrounds, diversity of concepts and the multiplicity of approaches.

How to apply

1. Please email a portfolio of 10-15 images from a current project (JPEG format, 72 dpi, each image no larger than 1MB). Links to work online will not be considered
2. An artist statement of up to 150 words or a CV (You do not need to send a proposal for the new body of work at this stage)
3. Submission fee: £25 (Through Paypal please enter your name and use the “Buy Now” button below, or send a cheque made payable to 1000 Words Photography Ltd: to 1000 Words Photography, 29 The Arthaus, 205 Richmond Road, London, E8 3FF, UK)

Deadline: 23 July 2012
Email submissions to: awards@1000wordsmag.com

Call for entries. Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review, Atlanta. Deadline: July 2012

Name: ACP Portfolio Review

Organizer: Atlanta Celebrates Photography

Date & Place: October 13, 2012. Atlanta, USA

Application Deadline: July 2012

Number of Participants: ca. 51

Profiles of Reviewers: 17 reviewers – Curators, dealers, editors, collectors and agency representatives from the United States

Registration Fee: 300 USD

Number of reviews: Minimum of 5 reviews

Price / Review Ratio: 47 Euros

Web: www.acpinfo.org

Email: info@acpinfo.org

Presentation Text:

Added in 2005 at the request of photographers, the ACP Portfolio Review and Walk offers artists the opportunity to meet with highly respected curators, dealers, editors, and agency representatives from across the United States. A lecture by one of the reviewers is also included. The Portfolio Walk (following the review sessions) gives participating photographers the opportunity to present their work to the general public at an evening reception, open to all.

The Curator Ship – Portfolio Reviews 2012: https://thecuratorship.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/296/#pf12