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Foam Talent Call. Deadline: March 18, 2018.

Calling emerging photographers worldwide to submit latest work

Foam kicks off its annual open call: 1 February – 18 March 2018
Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20-5516500
The Foam Talent Call is an international search for artists between the ages of 18 and 35 who make use of the medium of photography in fresh or striking ways. Selected artists will have their work published in Foam Magazine and participate in a touring exhibition, among other career-building opportunities.

Foam Talent Call 2018
This year’s edition of Foam Talent Call runs from 1 February until 18 March 2018. The selection process takes place between April and July, and the names of the selected artists are announced in September 2018. Selected photographers are first published in Foam Magazine’s Talent issue, which then forms the basis of an extensive international programme devoted to stimulating their artistic careers.

The starting point: Foam Magazine Talent
From an ever-growing pool of talented applicants, the editors of Foam Magazine select around 20 portfolios to feature in the Foam Magazine Talent issue. Devoted to showcasing new names and interesting tendencies, the Talent issue is regarded as a yearly phenomenon closely watched by photography and creative professionals alike.

Extensive international opportunities
The publication of the Talent issue marks the start of a year of touring exhibitions that give physical form to the vision of these talented image makers. Artists work alongside a curatorial team to actualise their project within a collective setting, while staying true to their personal technique and practice. Once realised, the exhibition travels during key moments of the art/photography agenda to locations such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, New York and Paris, where the work on display can be appreciated by a burgeoning and vibrant audience.

The Foam Talent Call 2018 also offers, for the first time, the chance for selected works by one of the Foam Talents to be acquired by the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation and added to their prestigious collection of contemporary photography, the Art Collection Deutsche Börse.

How to submit
Photographers from around the world, aged between 18 and 35, are invited to submit their work at foamtalent.com by 18 March 2018. The submission requirements are: 2 projects with 8-10 JPEG images per project, a brief description of each project (Word or PDF in English, maximum of 500 words per project description) and an abridged CV. There is an entry fee of €35.

Want to learn more about the submission process? Visit foamtalent.com

The annual Talent Programme and Foam Magazine Talent issue are supported by the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation and the Niemeijer Fund. Foam Magazine is sponsored by Igepa Netherlands BV, supplier of excellent paper.


Unseen Photobook Dummy Award. Deadline: Aug. 1, 2015

The Unseen Dummy Award is back for its fourth edition! During last year’s fair, Swiss artist Simon Rimaz was announced the winner of the Dummy Award at Unseen 2014. His book Unusual View of Unknown Subjects, published by Lecturis, will be presented this September at Unseen 2015.

Unseen and Lecturis will continue their collaboration and join forces once again to showcase the work of exceptional photographers and designers from around the world and to give them a chance to realise and publish their photobook dummy. The Unseen Dummy Award will give the winning photographer an entry into the international photography industry. An esteemed international jury will come together at Unseen 2015 to select one photobook dummy as the winner. We will announce the jury shortly.

The winning photobook will be published by Lecturis in editions varying between 500 and 1,000 copies, depending on the book specifications. The artist(s) receives up to a 100 copies, while Lecturis makes the printing, sales and distribution of the winning publication possible. The launch of the publication takes place during Unseen Photo Fair the following year.

Unseen Dummy Award is open to all designers and photographers.

– Submission must be a physical photobook dummy. It can be a scrapbook or self-published book.
– Books with a registration number (ISBN) will not be considered.
– Self-published editions cannot be sold prior to Unseen.
– All image and text rights must be secured upon submission.
– There is a limit of one book-entry per submitter.

Submissions will be accepted by post starting the 1st of May 2015 up until and including the 1st of August 2015. Submissions arriving after this date will not be considered. Please note, due to the overwhelming amount of applications, an administration and return-postage fee will be charged beforehand.
For more information, please download the Terms & Conditions and the Submission Form. If you have any questions, please contact the Unseen Dummy Award Manager, Zhenia Sveshinsky, at dummyaward@unseenamsterdam.com.

Open Call for exhibition “Myths and legends of Eastern Europe”. Deadline: Oct. 30, 2013


Project “Myths and legends of Eastern Europe” is an international project. It is an opportunity to advance your artistic career on the international art scene and is open to all artists worldwide. We welcome entries from all age ranges and experience levels, from upcoming talents to established practitioners.   Project “The Myths and legend of Eastern Europe” will comprise of the exhibition taking place from 23.11.2013 – 14.12.2013 at the Gallery LWW in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The Project will present selected works from 12 artists selected from an open submission. Will be published catalog with works and CV of all the selected artists.

Exhibition will take place at Gallery LWW Amsterdam

Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 5c

1016 KR Amsterdam


The deadline for entries is 30.10.2013


Project “Myths and legends of Eastern Europe”

From time immemorial the East has been believed to be the area of wisdom whereas the West was seen as the zone of practical implementation of synthetic ideas. Evolutionary loops, moving from east to west and back, generate extrapolated and sometimes grotesque cultural stereotypes.

The archetype of place and space has a certain effect on the structure of the external manifestations of human emotions and cultural ideologies. This is where the West perceives the eastern part of Europe as something mysterious, as the place where the world is similar to the alternative reality. However, the eastern peoples themselves consider their own soul as a kind of mystery. It is misunderstood and obscure to the end. In the minds of people there used to live a religious principle, then it was replaced by the communist ideology during the days of the Soviet Union. This basis also disappeared with the collapse of the gigantic empire. The past is forever gone and the present is in the process of formation.

Philosophical views are like disassembled puzzles of a tangled labyrinth. Ideology that unites society is blurred. Precisely during such periods there come moments to form myths, myths that organize society. There comes a period of comprehension of self-identity. Artists meld the chaos of space with the fragmentation of consciousness and thus form a new mental world. A world that reveals the essence of things, the depth of all processes that are taking place in Eastern Europe. The exhibits are a focus of thoughts and set concrete form to the floating space of abstract ideas. New vectors of development are taking place. A comprehension of mentality and the process of probing the new codes of mythologies is occurring.

The first aim of this project is an attempt to familiarize the residents of the Far West with the myths and legends of the newly formed East. It is the place where the newborn self-identity manifests itself in the flows of human mentalities, one that constructs new myths that become visible to the rest of the world.

The second aim is an attempt to look at the East through the eyes of Western Europeans.


How to enter

We invite to the project “Myths and legends of Eastern Europe” international artists involved in practice of painting, sculpture, drawing, object, photography, mixed media and installation.

Work previously exhibited elsewhere is eligible for entry and all work submitted must be available for an exhibition in November-December 2013.

Read more…


Submit application

Submit your application online

Deadline for submission 30.10.2013 / Wednesday 30th October 2013

Notification of the Selection Panel’s decision by Wednesday 4th November 2013


Should you have any further questions, please contact us


  Submit application

Open Calls for Grants. Hangar, Barcelona. Different Deadlines.

————————————Spanish version below//

————————————Catalan version below//

Through its grant programme, Hangar lays out procedures for collaborating with art centres all over the world, both in terms of residency exchanges and in its willingness to participate in joint research and creative experimentation projects.

Hangar’s grant programme is open to Spanish artists or artists residing in Spain who would like to travel to centres abroad.

Through its International Exchange Programme, Hangar lays out procedures for collaborating with art centres all over the world, both in terms of residency exchanges and in its willingness to participate in joint research and creative experimentation projects.

The programme seeks to promote artists’ mobility so that they may have the opportunity to develop their work in research, creation and production areas in specialized production centres. Contact and interaction in a different setting favours the artistic working process.

Hangar does not currently award grants to overseas artists travelling to Barcelona. All artists, of any nationality, may apply to work in one of Hangar’s studios. Travel expenses and accommodation in Barcelona, as well as the cost of studio rental must be met by the artist.

More Information: http://hangar.org/en/category/beques/convocatories-beques/


Joana Cervià
+34 93 308 40 41 ext. 21

————————————Spanish version————————————

Con el Programa de Intercambios Internacionales, Hangar establece líneas de colaboración con centros de todo el mundo, tanto para intercambios residenciales como para abrir y participar en proyectos comunes de investigación y experimentación creativa.

Destinatarios: Artistas de nacionalidad española  y artistas extranjeros residentes a el Estado español.
Solicitudes: Mediante convocatoria abierta, una vez al año. La solicitud se realiza telemáticamente.
Se puede solicitar más de una beca, en el caso de ser sel·leccionat/da a varias sólo se podrá optar a una sola residencia.
El texto del formulario se puede escribir en catalán, castellano o inglés. Los artistas preseleccionados tendrán que transcribir la documentación al inglés para pasar a la selección final, a excepción de las becas de México y de China.
El proceso de sel·lecció corre a cargo de la comisión de programas (primera fase) y el futuro centro de  acogida del artista becado (segunda fase y final).

Hangar no cuenta, actualmente, con ninguna beca dirigida a artistas residentes en el extranjero que quieran viajar a Barcelona. Cualquier artista, de cualquier nacionalidad, puede optar a trabajar en un taller de Hangar. Los costes del viaje y estancia en Barcelona y el alquiler del taller corren a cargo del artista.

Más información: http://hangar.org/es/category/beques/convocatories-beques/

Joana Cervià
+34 93 308 40 41 ext. 21

————————————Catalan version————————————

Amb el Programa d’Intercanvis Internacionals, Hangar estableix línies de col·laboració amb centres de tot el món, tant per a intercanvis residencials com per obrir i participar en projectes comuns d’investigació i experimentació creativa.

Destinataris: Artistes de nacionalitat espanyola  i artistes estrangers residents a l’Estat Espanyol.
Sol·licituds: Mitjançant convocatòria oberta, un cop l’any. La sol·licitud es realitza telemàticament.
Es pot sol·licitar més d’una beca, en el cas de ser sel·leccionat/da a vàries només es podrà optar a una sola residència.
El text del formulari es pot escriure en català, castellà o anglès. Els artistes preseleccionats hauran de transcriure la documentació a l’anglès per passar a la selecció final, a excepció de les beques de Mèxic i de Xina.
El procés de sel·lecció corre a càrrec de la comissió de programes (primera fase) i el futur centre d’ acollida de l’artista becat (segona fase i final).

Hangar no compta, actualment, amb cap beca dirigida a artistes residents a l’estranger que vulguin viatjar a Barcelona. Qualsevol artista, de qualsevol nacionalitat, podrà optar a treballar en un taller a Hangar, per la qual cosa haurà de passar el concurs estàndard.
Les despeses del viatge i l’estada a Barcelona i el lloguer del taller corren a càrrec de l’artista.

Més informacio: http://hangar.org/ca/category/beques/convocatories-beques/


Joana Cervià
+34 93 308 40 41 ext. 21