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CURATORIAL PROGRAM CALL for South America. Deadline: Jan. 5, 2016

THE CURATORIAL PROGRAM FOR RESEARCH (CPR) is the core facilitator of an international network of curators, artists and institutions. Through open calls and full research scholarships, CPR has three goals: first, to enable a direct, in situ communication between international curators and local artists. Secondly, to promote equal access to knowledge. And third, to act as a platform for promotion and practice for the participating curators and hosts.

With a nomadic and intensive format, CPR promotes dialogue between international curators and local artistic scenes. The program was created by curators and for curators, and is a non-profit international organization based in Indianapolis, USA, with satellite locations in more than 12 cities throughout the world. Each satellite city develops its activities through partnerships with local institutions, designating a host curator for each case. CPR draws up an academic program, with specialized readings about art history and general knowledge, together with visits to museums and artist studios, and discussions with scholars and experts.





Independent curators and those with institutional affiliations may apply. Applications from curators with 2+ years of professional experience will be considered. A jury comprised of CPR’s executive board as well as CPR local hosts will select the participants.

To be considered a candidate for the CPR 2016: South America, please submit a full application that contains the following:

• A completed application form (2 pages)

• A statement of up to 400 words. This statement should include your knowledge of the area to be visited as well as your expectations about how the Program will expand your existing body of work and/or enhance your professional development.

• A Curriculum Vitae (abridged to no more than 2 pages)

• US$ 25 application fee. Please, note that no application will be considered until the application fee is paid. 

To download the APPLICATION FORM please click here

To pay the APPLICATION FEE please click here

SMBH Photography Call: ‘The Face of Latin America’. Deadline: Aug. 1, 2014

We are now accepting submissions for  ISSUE 17 ‘The Face of Latin America // La cara de América Latina’.
We are looking at contemporary portraiture from Latin America, at people from across the full spectrum of society. Who teaches in the schools? Who runs businesses or stands on street corners at night? Who is shaping policy in an office in the city and who plants seeds in the countryside?
Estamos mirando las tendencias contemporáneas del retrato en América Latina, de personas que representan un espectro completo de la sociedad. ¿Quién enseña en las escuelas? ? ¿Quién dirige las empresas y quien esta parado en una esquina en la noche? ¿Quién define la política en una oficina en la ciudad y quien siembra semillas en el campo?

SMBH ISSUE 17 will be co-edited by Tom Griggs

Images // IMÁGENES
Send 3-5 images from a single body of work. 300 dpi and at least 1200 pixels on widest side. Saved as RGB, Jpg (do not optimize).
Se deberán enviar entre 3-5 imágenes de un solo proyecto con las siguientes características: 300 dpi y por lo menos 1.200 pixeles en su lado más largo. Favor de guardar las imágenes en JPG (sin optimizar) y en el espacio de color RGB.

All images and projects should be accompanied by a statement relevant to the specific submission. No more than 400 words long contained within email body along with a Bio (200 words max).
Todas las imágenes y los proyectos entregados deberían ser acompañados por un escrito sobre el proyecto y una biografía corta.  Favor de escribir no más de 400 palabras en el escrito y 200 en la biografía.

Writing // ARTICULOS
We are also interested in any writing on photographic practices or subjects, reviews of an exhibition, book or website. Submissions should not exceed 1000 words, and emailed along with a Bio (200 words max).
También estamos interesados en cualquier escrito sobre practicas o temas fotográficos, reseñas sobre una exhibición, libro o sitio web. Estos textos no deben exceder 1000 palabras, acompañadas de la biografía.

Remember // RECORDAR
Please LABEL your images with the correct TITLES (images with no titles will be labelled ‘untitled’) and include a website address if you have one, as well as your country of residence.
Due to the high volume of submissions we can only notify successful candidates of publication. Do not send portfolios.
We suggest  We Transfer for sending large files.
Favor de nombrar sus imágenes con los títulos (las imágenes que no tengan títulos serán etiquetados ‘sin título’) e incluir la dirección de su página, si usted tiene una, así como su país de residencia en el cuerpo del correo en cuál envía la entrega.
Debido al gran volumen de entregas sólo podemos comunicarnos con los candidatos aceptados para publicación.
Sugerimos el uso de WeTransfer para el envío de archivos de gran tamaño.

If you want your work featured on our blog just send a link in an email to your project on your personal website. Please include “Blog Submission” in the subject line of your email.
For photobook submissions we only review individual books sent to us.
Email: submissions@smbhmag.com

Concurso RM Fotolibro Iberoamericano 2012. Deadline June 29, 2012.

——————————- English version bellow//

Orientada principalmente hacia la fotografía, el arte contemporáneo y los tesoros o “rarezas” de la literatura, la editorial RM se ha caracterizado por el esmerado cuidado que pone en cada una de sus publicaciones, no sólo en lo que al contenido se refiere, sino también a la difusión y distribución de éstas en las mejores librerías y museos del mundo.

Interesados en difundir la fotografía Iberoamericana, RM convoca el Concurso Fotolibro Iberoamericano 2012.

Anteriormente enfocado a América Latina, en esta edición, se amplia la convocatoria a fotógrafos residentes en España y Portugal, con el objetivo de abrir un espacio de diálogos visuales más enriquecedor.

Más información: http://concurso.editorialrm.com/index.php/bases

————————————English version————————————

Focusing primarily on photography, contemporary art, and little-known literary treasures and “rarities,” RM is known for the meticulous care lavished on its publications, in terms not only of content but also of their distribution through the best bookstores and museums in the world.

With a view to bringing the contemporary photography of the Ibero-American world to a wider public, RM is announcing its 3rd 2012 Ibero-American Photobook Competition.

Previously focused exclusively on Latin America, this year the competition is open to photographers resident in Spain and Portugal, in the aim of opening up a space of richer visual dialogues.

More Information: http://concurso.editorialrm.com/index.php/general

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