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Portfolio ConText Reviews


On the weekend of 21.-23. May 2021 we had the first Portfolio ConText Reviews with experts & participants from the photography & visual arts scenario. Two of the artists won the Curator Ship Prize, which consisted in a virtual exhibition here on our platform. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!


Ex Materia is a battle – it is a battle for life in the nuclear age. More than 30 years following the Chernobyl accident, Eleonora Strano returns to the scene of her childhood in south-eastern France in an attempt to uncover unanswered questions. Ms Strano portrays a world straddling between past and future, amidst a state of disequilibrium evoked by memories of the catastrophe. It is a world where the human and the animal struggle to inhabit altered, threatened landscapes. Emerging from the darkness of this milieu, a new life force takes the form of a dance – one that is subtle, yet also heavily charged with emotion and subterranean energies. A complex choreography surfaces, foretelling the future through the lens of a valley, its mountains, and its scars. The series aims to take the viewer to the depths of this wounded valley, in search of ways to heal.

Born in 1980, photographer Eleonora STRANO lives and works in France. Her works, which have received numerous awards, have been shown in France and abroad: BAL, Musée de la Photographie in Mougins, Photo Vogue Festival in Milan. She has also been listed by the British Journal of Photography as one of the “31 women to watch out for” in 2019 and as one of the 250 visual artists of 2020 by PHmuseum.

LORENA MORIN – Je reste avec vous

Je reste avec vous is an ongoing life project made with images i take of my family, the most valuable, accessible and important subject I could ever have. This project helps me not to lose the connection between us.
They constantly remind me of the value of the affective, of how we must find a way to be together.
These images are not made with the intention of transmitting an idealised concept of love, they are an interpretation of life, a way of embracing it, a gesture of resistance.

Lorena Morin was born 1973 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and is now living in Berlin. She is a mum of 5 children and a member of Tempszero, International collective working with photographs, films, sound and performances, making workshops and exhibitions around Europe.