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6th annual LensCulture Exposure Awards. Deadline: Dec 22, 2014

6th annual LensCulture Exposure Awards Call for Entries, available in 15 different languages — and  accepting applications in the “native languages” of all applicants!


In addition to the top six winners earning cash awards, a total of 31 winners and finalists will get these specific benefits:

• Museum-quality exhibition in London in 2015
• Projections at major international photo festivals and events throughout the year
• Inclusion in a deluxe printed annual that will be distributed to LensCulture Insiders, our growing group of influential photography experts around the world
• Significant, ongoing online exposure to LensCulture’s audience of 900,000+ photography lovers

LensCulture Awards and Exposure have led to remarkable career-boosting opportunities for almost every single photography who has won or who has been a finalist — there are more than 30 success stories on our website.


Photography Residency in Murcia, Spain, 2015. Deadline: Dec. 12, 2014

Shoot baroque! or the culture of excess.

Photography program in Murcia, South East Spain.

——————- Spanish Version below / Versión en español abajo ——————-

Baroque is a form of artistic expression most commonly associated by its character of excess, but also being object of spectacle, virtuosity, commerciality, mythic proportions, and intertextuality.
The word ‘baroque’ does originate, after all, from the Romance languages, meaning “rough pearl” or “elaborate” when seeking the Latin root “roca”, meaning stone. Logic would dictate that baroque, and consequently the neo-baroque, are founded on the idea of creating something of a lasting and sculpted effect.
LA POSTIZA residency is based in Murcia, a city with a long old baroque tradition. Music, arquitecture, sculpure, literature and other manifestations are visible in its heritage. From the 16th century, and particularly the 18th century, onwards that Murcia achieved an urban splendour that lead to its expansion beyond the city walls. We would like to start from this point to build a contemporary photography project about the ‘culture of excess’ traditional influence in Society, even in hugely depressed environments, as a twentyfirst-century manifestation.

Residency starts
Residency ends 
Deadline: 15/12/2014

More information:

Contact LA POSTIZA for more information:

——————- Spanish Version / Versión en español ——————-

Shoot baroque! o la cultura del exceso.

Programa de Fotografía en Murcia , sudeste de España.

El barroco es una forma de expresión artística más comúnmente asociada a su carácter de exceso, pero también objeto de espectáculo, virtuosismo, comercialidad, proporciones míticas  e intertextualidad .

La palabra ‘barroco’ procede de las lenguas romances , que significa “perla en bruto” o “elaborar” en la búsqueda de la raíz “roca” en latín significa piedra. La lógica dictaría que barroco, y en consecuencia, el neo – barroco, se funda en la idea de crear una especie de efecto duradero y esculpido.

LA POSTIZA  es una residencia ubicada en Murcia, una ciudad con una larga tradición barroca. Música, arquitectura , escultura , literatura y otras manifestaciones son visibles en su patrimonio. Desde el siglo 16, y en particular el siglo 18 , en adelante Murcia alcancza un esplendor urbano que conduce a su expansión más allá de las murallas de la ciudad.

Nos gustaría empezar desde este punto para comenzar a construir un proyecto de fotografía contemporánea sobre la ‘cultura del exceso ‘ tradicional influencia en la sociedad, incluso en entornos sumamente deprimidos, como una manifestación del siglo XXI .

Fecha de inicio
10 / 01 / 2015

Fecha de cierre
10/ 04 / 2015

Fecha límite de inscripción: 15/12/2014
Más información:
Póngase en contacto con LA postiza para obtener más información :

Artist Fellowships at Drury University (USA). Deadline: December 8, 2014

The Summer Institute for Visual Arts at Drury University is currently seeking applications for Summer 2015 Visiting Artist Fellowships.

Established in 2007, the Summer Institute for Visual Arts (SIVA) at Drury University is dedicated to advanced
research and practice in the field of contemporary visual arts. Each summer, SIVA offers four Visiting Artist Fellowships to internationally recognized artists and a Master of Arts in Studio Art and Theory (MART) program for emerging and aspiring artists.
SIVA supports innovation and cross-disciplinary activity, and encourages participants to utilize the resources of the university to inform and deepen their artistic vision.

Visiting Artist Fellowships are awarded to internationally recognized artists representing a range of
practices and disciplines. During their five-week residency, each Visiting Artist Fellow is provided housing, a private studio space, access to the University’s resources and facilities, and a substantial stipend. In turn, Visiting Artist Fellows serve as
mentors in the MART program. They are responsible for a Visiting Artist Studio (offered in the second and third year of the program) and play an active role in SIVA through program-wide studio visits, workshops, reviews and lectures.

Applications are sought from internationally exhibiting artists who have an established body of work and
exemplary professional record. An MFA or equivalent, teaching experience and a growing record of exhibitions and/or other activities is required. Preference will be given to candidates possessing knowledge and interest in historical and contemporary art issues
across disciplines. The review committee will consider the applicant’s experience and his or her appropriateness to the Summer Institute of Visual Arts mission and curriculum, as well as quality of work and written statements.

Fellowship Award
Each Summer Institute of Visual Arts Visiting Artist Fellow receives $4500.00 USD in compensation to manage a 5-week Visiting Artist Studio course (Monday-Thursday, 1-5pm),
offer a one-day technical workshop and give a public lecture. Fellows additionally receive on-campus housing, a private studio in the Warmack Faculty Studios building and exhibition opportunities when available. Fellows are expected to be in residence full-time.

Applicants must submit a letter of interest, artist and/or teaching statement, CV, portfolio images or
website (including examples of student work if possible) and the names and addresses (postal and email) of three references.

Applications must be received by December 8, 2014.
Please see the website for more information:

OPEN CALL for SMBH ISSUE18 ‘Studio’. Deadline: Dec 3, 2014

For this issue we are looking for photography projects that deal with the creative spaces and studios in which work is made, whether it is a painter’s or sculptor’s studio, a TV or film studio, or a photography studio we want to see the working environment in which artwork is created before being shown to the world.

Images // IMÁGENES
Send 3-5 images from a single body of work. 300 dpi and at least 1200 pixels on widest side. Saved as RGB, Jpg (do not optimize).
Se deberán enviar entre 3-5 imágenes de un solo proyecto con las siguientes características: 300 dpi y por lo menos 1.200 pixeles en su lado más largo. Favor de guardar las imágenes en JPG (sin optimizar) y en el espacio de color RGB.

All images and projects should be accompanied by a statement relevant to the specific submission. No more than 400 words long contained within email body along with a Bio (200 words max).
Todas las imágenes y los proyectos entregados deberían ser acompañados por un escrito sobre el proyecto y una biografía corta.  Favor de escribir no más de 400 palabras en el escrito y 200 en la biografía.

Writing // ARTICULOS
We are also interested in any writing on photographic practices or subjects, reviews of an exhibition, book or website. Submissions should not exceed 1000 words, and emailed along with a Bio (200 words max).
También estamos interesados en cualquier escrito sobre practicas o temas fotográficos, reseñas sobre una exhibición, libro o sitio web. Estos textos no deben exceder 1000 palabras, acompañadas de la biografía.
Remember // RECORDAR
Please LABEL your images with the correct TITLES (images with no titles will be labelled ‘untitled’) and include a website address if you have one, as well as your country of residence.
Due to the high volume of submissions we can only notify successful candidates of publication. Do not send portfolios.
We suggest  We Transfer for sending large files.
Favor de nombrar sus imágenes con los títulos (las imágenes que no tengan títulos serán etiquetados ‘sin título’) e incluir la dirección de su página, si usted tiene una, así como su país de residencia en el cuerpo del correo en cuál envía la entrega.
Debido al gran volumen de entregas sólo podemos comunicarnos con los candidatos aceptados para publicación.
Sugerimos el uso de WeTransfer para el envío de archivos de gran tamaño.

If you want your work featured on our blog just send a link in an email to your project on your personal website. Please include “Blog Submission” in the subject line of your email.
For photobook submissions we only review individual books sent to us.