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The deadline is in May 2012

Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for International Photography Call for Applications for Annual Grant Program. Deadline: May 31, 2012.


The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for International Photography is currently seeking to award one outstanding global, social documentary photographer with a grant of  $5,000 USD to be utilized in the production or completion of a social documentary project. The pre-approved project must be produced in the photojournalistic tradition of Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, Foundation Founder & President. The winning project must be based on such pressing social issues in developing nations as health, poverty, oppression, war, famine, religious/political persecution, and much more.


Photographers of all nationalities who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to apply. Submit a one-page proposal and a portfolio sample of your black & white or color (PDF if possible) current work. Only new and continuing projects are eligible to apply. Our Director, Founder, and Board of Trustees will select a winner from all accepted entries.


Only digital file submissions will be considered. Digital files should not exceed 10 MB in size. Please submit a PDF contact sheet of your work consisting of no more than 15 images, alongside a written essay of up to 1000 words stating the purpose of your work, why you should be awarded this grant, and a little about who you are and how you developed a passion for photography. Also include in your statement a line or two about your photographic process, and the inspiration behind your work. It will be your responsibility to insure that your entry has been received. We are not responsible for submissions sent but not received. Final proposals that have been selected must include a description of the social issue to be funded by this grant, a proposed completion date/schedule (projects must be completed within 6 months following receipt of award) and a detailed budget for final approval. Grant funding will be disseminated in installments as the project is completed and submitted for approval. No signature, stamp or any other identifying mark is to be printed anywhere on submitted images.


Submissions must be accompanied by a one-page (only) resumé, headshot, as well as pertinent supporting materials not to exceed a total of 10 pages to: Images (which contain titles of text) should do so on a separate page or text document (.doc or .pdf) properly numbered, dated and labeled. Submissions, which do not follow these guidelines, will not be considered.

Entries must be postmarked no later than May 31, 2012.

The Manuel RiveraOrtiz Foundation for International Photography retains the right to refuse any entry for any reason without explanation. Winning photographer agrees to grant The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for International Photography nonexclusive reproduction rights of his/her images, essay and resume for exclusive promotional, editorial and publicity purposes.


All entries will remain catalogued in our files in perpetuity under your name bearing your copyright.


By submitting you entry you agree to allow your image(s) to be included in an online year-end group exhibition to be held on, or at the first anniversary of this award. There will be only exposure for this exhibition and no monetary compensation. Our editorial staff will select group exhibition photographers from all submitted entries for this award. Selected images will be showcased on our website. Should your image(s) be among those selected, you will be contacted about our decision.


Copyright and all other rights remains with you the author. Any photograph(s) we use will carry the photographer’s credit line. All entrants understand that The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for International Photography may use images of the winning project for marketing and promotional purposes of Foundation activities including at media events such as exhibitions, print and digital media directly related to our award competition. There will be no monetary compensation for such events. Use may include publication on our website, media sponsored publications and promotional materials. By winning or placing in the competition you are agreeing to be included in the winners’ circle on our website.Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your work. Submit your best images today.

Entry Deadline: May 31, 2012

For more information on the Grant Program and the activities of the Foundation, check our website: or contact the Executive Director, Mr. Didier de Faÿs, at

Photo Center NW Long Shot 2012: OPEN CALL Deadline: May 31, 2012

LONG SHOT is an event that celebrates photography, creativity, and our greater community, while raising funds for education and outreach programs at Photo Center NW. It is a fun, 24-hour photography event where photographers hit the streets to capture a theme, community, or subject of their choice. Just a few pledges can help us bring new tools to the Photo Center, keep our doors open 7 days a week all year, and support public programs, outreach, and exhibitions.


At least one image from each participant will be featured in the LONG SHOT exhibition at Photo Center NW.



How To Participate:

1) Sign Up:  Connect by signing up online. You’ll receive updates about the event as the 24 hour event approaches.

2) Seek out family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else to pledge their support for your participation.

3)  Between June 1-2, from 6pm-6pm, shoot with any camera, any format, anywhere!

4)  Send us 10 of your best images from the 24 hour period and we’ll select one for the July 28 exhibition.

* Check out the free workshops happening during LONG SHOT

More info:

Photography CALL for entries: International Award “ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro” 2012. Deadline: May 30, 2012.

PHOTOGRAPHY CALL FOR ENTRIES International Award ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro 2012

Beauty is in the movement, in the vitality,
in the absence of any physical or moral coercion.
Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.

“ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro” is an international award open to photographers, professionals and amateurs, from all over the world, with no limitations of age.
At its first edition the award was created , with the confidence to assert itself as a permanent appointment within the international photo festival Cortona On The Move photography in travel.

The main theme is Happiness On the Move.

Its interpretation is left free to the vision, creativity and sensitivity of the authors who are called to reflect on the theme, moving away from its purely literal meaning and to develop it in its various aspects.

The purpose of the International award “ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro” is to tell visually all the manifestations of joy and celebration of life. Participants are invited to submit works that develop in an original way the general theme of the competition.

Special attention is given to the theme of movement as a real or figurative journey and to the happiness that follows:

I do not want to trap my thoughts, but the smell of my joy.
Jaques Henri Lartigue

Happiness is a choice, as an ideal image within a wider and more complex story, it’s something inner, that you find despite the problems, but not without problems. Happiness is a fleeting moment that can occur in a series of random events and we have to recognize it or pass by indifferently… Happiness is suspension, poetic digression, a picture that brings your memory back to a place, glancing details, fragments of joy like those “in between moments” that are held on to in order to be revised and re-lived, and that in every moment of our existence constantly nourish life.
Happiness as dynamism, vitality, joie de vivre.
Happiness as movement that is the inner essence of becoming.

Man as a body in motion, moved to action by the desire of chasing a possible happiness. Happiness seems then inseparable to movement.
Thomas Hobbes


The award has a valor of 5.000€, which will be delivered to the selected author during the festival Cortona On The Move, photography in travel. The winner will also have the opportunity to see his project mounted in a solo exhibition during the 2013 edition of the festival.


The jury is exclusively online and is made up of professionals and experts.

The jury will inform the winner on June 30, 2012. The award ceremony will take place during the opening days of the Festival.
The work selected will be displayed, printed at the expense of the organization on the 2013 edition of the Festival. Those participating give consent – if they are selected – to the use of their images by the organizers of the event for exposure and for all and only the future publications and promotional activities related to the competition, without having paid any compensation to the author or to any third parties.
Participation in the competition implies that the author is in possession of the use of any images of the subjects depicted, using which he assumes all the responsibilities. The rights of the works will remain property of the author.

The international jury for the 2012 edition of the “ONTHEMOVE Tenimenti d’Alessandro” award is composed of :

James Estrin, editor of the New York Times’ Lensblog, USA
Giovanna Calvenzi, freelance curator and photo editor, Italy
Tina Ahrens, co-founder of, USA
Elena Boille, deputy director of Internazionale magazine, Italy
Jamie Wellford, senior photo editor of Newsweek, New York, USA
Sujong Song, senior curator, Hanmi Photography Museum, Seoul, Corea
Silvia Omedes, director of the Photographic Social Vision Foundation, Barcelona, Spain
Fiona Rogers, cultural coordinator, Magnum Photos and founder of, UK
Arianna Rinaldo, artistic director, Cortona On The Move photo festival, Italy


Applying to the competition is free and online, open to all.
The user can upload the photo project after filling the registration and the application form.
Images must be submitted as digital files, the longest side the size of 800 pixels, at a resolution of 72 dpi, color or b/w, in JPG format.
The files should be named as follows:


Each author may submit one project containing a minimum of 8 images to a maximum of 15.
It is mandatory to attach to the images a short text that explains the project in addition to a brief biography (no more than 1000 characters per document.)

Projects must be received by May 30, 2012

Application form at:

For more informations:
You can check the award even on PhotographyCompetitions.Net

MEET THE PUBLISHER – 24 May 2012 Portfolio/dummy presentation at MiCamera, Italy.



4pm.  dummy / portfolio presentation:

Mirjam Fischer, Patrick Frey editions’ director and Marco Walser, founder of the studio studio ELEKTROSMOG will be at MiCamera to meet the public and to review book projects.

The portfolio review will be held from 4 pm. to 7 pm. and is reserved for those with apublishing project to be submitted to the publisher or seeks for a suggestion for the publication of his book.

The portfolio/dummy review is an opportunity to submit an editorial project to the publisher or receive professional advice on the design.

To book a review,  please send an email to:, indicating with whom you would like to book the review.

The portfolio review is free.

7 pm. meeting:

Mirjam Fischer and Marco Walser will introduce the publishing house based in Zurich and more specifically the publications they have realized together, like Universen by huber.huber, an unconventional mix between artist book and retrospective monograph, and Armand Schulthess by Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf, a complicated documentation of the collection and the house / garden that were the expression of the Swiss artist, destroyed after his death in 1972.

The exhibition by huber.huber – UNIVERSEN and the display of the publications by EDITION PATRICK FREY will be up through May 26

More information:

OCEMX Photography call. Deadline: May 31, 2012.

————————————Spanish version below//

The Embassy of Spain’s Cultural Office, in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico, presents OCEMX Photography call.

Spanish photographers, regardless their place of residence, and not exceeding 35 years of age are invited to submit proposals without topics restriction. Maximum cash prize will be of 3000 euros for the production of the winning work plus a travel assistance of 1000 euros will be bestowed to the artist to attend the opening of the exhibition.

An international jury will select the winning proposal to be presented at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico during the second half of this year.

Those wishing to participate should send their completed Form to OCEMX Photography, along with their photos in high resolution, before May 31, 2012 at the following email:
Check out rules and form at:

————————————Spanish version————————————

La Oficina Cultural de la Embajada de España, en colaboración con el Centro Cultural de España en México, presenta la 2ª Convocatoria OCEMX de Fotografía.

Están invitados a participar fotógrafos y fotógrafas de nacionalidad española, independientemente de su lugar de residencia, que a la fecha no superen los 35 años de edad.  Podrán presentar sus propuestas sin restricción de temas. La dotación económica máxima será de 3000 euros destinados a la producción de obra y una ayuda de viaje de 1000 euros para que el artista pueda estar presente en el montaje y en la inauguración de la muestra.

Un jurado internacional seleccionará la propuesta ganadora que será presentada en el Centro Cultural de España en México durante el segundo semestre del año en curso.

Quienes deseen participar deben enviar debidamente cumplimentado el Formulario de la 2ª Convocatoria OCEMX de Fotografía, junto con sus fotografías en alta resolución, antes del 31 de  mayo de 2012 a la siguiente dirección de mail:

Consulta las bases en:

Residences for European cultural agents in Spain. Deadline: May 25, 2012.

————————————Spanish version below//

Residences for European cultural agents in Spain

International meetings to discover the emerging cultural scene in each country.

Where?: Centro de creación contemporánea Matadero Madrid

When?: Aug, Sept, Oct 2012

Who?: Cultural agents (curators, cultural managers, journalists etc.) from all over Europe

During their stay in Spain, the residents will be accompagnied and supported by local curators and cultural managers and are invited to give a short public conference at Matadero Madrid in which they present themselves, their organization and their project to the local art community.”Hablar en Arte” launches an open call to select three european art professionals (curators, cultural managers, journalists, …) for three-week-residencies in Madrid. They consist of a tailor-made tour, designed to meet the specific Spanish and Madrid-based contemporary artists, that best match with specific interests of each resident.

Back in their home-countries, the residents will develop a cultural project that includes artists and art-projects they have come to know during their stay in Spain. Each of the residencies will have a duration of three weeks. Each applicant can choose among the following months:

  • August 2012
  • September 2012
  • October 2012

Documentation, Submission Procedure and Timeline

Projects must be submitted between April 26 and May 25 , 2012 to:

Each participant must submit the following documents:

  • A brief biography (700 characters max.)
  • resume of the presented project and a description of what would be the specific interests of the applicant during the residency (700 characters max.)
  • A project dossier in PDF format that includes proof of feasability (max. 2,5 Mb)
  • A dossier in PDF format containing a summary of past projects (max. 2,5 Mb)
  • A scanned document in JPG format, attesting the viability of the project (eg letters of confirmation of the entities or persons involved, institutional support, performance spaces, sponsorships, etc.).. (max. 0,5 Mb)
  • All texts and documents must be submitted in English.

Terms and Conditions

  • The contest is open to all European art professionals that do not live and work in Spain.
  • The open call seeks especially for participants who do not yet have a consolidated international career, as one of the primary goals of Curators’ Network is to gather art-professionals who are still not well known in a larger European context.
  • Each applicant must submit a CV and a dossier on a project that has not yet been realized and that should pretend to include Spanish or Spain-based artists or art-related proposals. This could for example be an exhibition or book projects as well as press or networking initiatives. Selection will be mainly based on the quality of this dossier.
  • The feasability of the project should be endorsed as best as possible, for example through confirmation letters of involved entities or personalities.
  • Applicants may submit their solicitude individually or collectively (in the latter case, a representative of the group should be designated).
  • Three projects will be chosen out of all those submitted.
  • There is no age limit and participation is free of charge.
  • The residency covers the use of a flat in the neighbourhood of Legazpi, in the surroundings of Matadero Madrid and the travel cost (inbound and outbound) to the European country of residence. Each resident receives 500 Euros to cover other travels and daily expenses.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality, coherence, innovation and originality of the presented project
  • Feasibility of realization of the project
  • Suitability of the project in light of the contest’s purpose
  • Professional background of the participant/s


The jury will consist of members of “Hablar en Arte”, Matadero Madrid centro de creación contemporánea and AC/E. Its decision will be conclusive.

Acceptance of Contest Terms

Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of these terms.

Subscription form:

More information:

————————————Spanish version————————————

Residencias para descubrir la escena cultural de España.

Hablar en Arte organiza, a través de su iniciativa “Curators’ Network”  una convocatoria para seleccionar a tres profesionales del arte  contemporáneo europeos para tres residencias de investigación en  Madrid.

La convocatoria se dirige a todos los gestores y promotores culturales,  comisarios, editores y periodistas europeos con interés en conocer  de primera mano el entramado artístico y cultural contemporáneo emergente español. Es destinada especialmente a candidatos que aún no cuentan con una consolidada carrera internacional, ya que uno de los principales objetivos de Curators’ Network es reunir a profesionales que todavía no hayan ampliado su ámbito de actividad a un contexto europeo más amplio.

Las solicitudes deberán presentarse entre el 26 de abril y el 25 de mayo de 2012 en la web de Curators’ Network:

En total se realizarán tres residencias entre los meses de agosto y octubre de 2012 en colaboración con el centro de creación contemporánea Matadero Madrid. Los agentes internacionales vivirán durante tres semanas en la residencia de Matadero Madrid y conocerán, a través de un programa de citas y eventos adoptados a sus intereses, el entramado cultural contemporáneo que les sea útil para su proyecto. Además, presentarán en una conferencia y unos talleres públicos su modelo de gestión cultural al público profesional de Madrid.

La beca de residencia incluye el alojamiento durante tres semanas en la residencia “El Ranchito”, de Matadero Madrid, un piso ubicado en el barrio de Legazpi, en el entorno inmediato de Matadero Madrid. Además se costeará el costo del viaje (ida y vuelta) al país europeo de residencia. Cada residente recibirá además de 500 euros para cubrir otros viajes y gastos diarios.

Archivo digital:

Todos los residentes dispondrán de un perfil permanente y autogestionable en el archivo audiovisual de Curators’ Network, que les servirá para promover su trabajo a nivel internacional. Podrán agregar y / o editar todos los contenidos de su perfil como deseen, con la única condición de que todos los textos publicados estén escritos en inglés.

Términos y Condiciones:

» La convocatoria está abierta a todos los profesionales del arte de Europa que no vivan ni trabajen en España.
» De entre todas las propuestas presentadas serán escogidos tres proyectos para cubrir las tres residencias disponibles en los meses de agosto, septiembre y octubre de 2012. Cada residencia tendrá una duración de tres semanas. Los candidatos tendrán que indicar su preferencia de fecha en el formulario de aplicación.
» No hay límite de edad y la participación es gratuita.
» Los solicitantes podrán presentar su solicitud de forma individual o colectiva (en este último caso, deberá ser designado un representante del grupo).
» El objetivo de la convocatoria es incitar la creación de lazos de colaboración viables y concretos entre agentes culturales europeos y españoles. La participación en la convocatoria está, por lo tanto, condicionada a un compromiso por parte de los solicitantes de que la experiencia, los contactos y conocimientos adquiridos durante la residencia serán aplicados a la hora de realizar el proyecto presentado en la convocatoria.

Documentación a aportar:

» Una breve biografía (700 caracteres máx.) (en inglés)
» Un resumen del proyecto presentado y una descripción de los objetivos que el solicitante quiere cumplir durante la residencia (700 caracteres máx.) (en inglés)
» Un dossier del proyecto en formato PDF que incluya la acreditación de viabilidad (máx. 2,5 Mb) (en inglés)
» Un dossier en formato PDF con un resumen de los proyectos anteriores (máx. 2,5 Mb) (en inglés)
» Documentación escaneada (formato PDF o JPG, máx. 0,5 Mb) que avale la viabilidad del proyecto (por ejemplo cartas de confirmación de las entidades o personas involucradas, apoyos institucionales, prestaciones de espacios, patrocinios,etc.)

Criterios de Selección:

» Calidad, coherencia, innovación y originalidad del proyecto
» Viabilidad del proyecto
» Adecuación del proyecto a la finalidad de la convocatoria
» Experiencia profesional del solicitante


El jurado estará compuesto por miembros de Matadero Madrid, Hablar en Arte y AC/E. Su decisión será definitiva e inapelable. La participación en este concurso implica la plena aceptación de estos términos.

Formulario de subscripción:

Más información:

Photonic Moments Festival 2012. Portfolio Review. Deadline: May 17, 2012.

Portfolio Review 2012

Festival Photonic Moments – Month of Photography invites photographers all around the world to submit their works on the Photonic Moments Portfolio Review that will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on June 8th and 9th at the Jakopič Gallery. During two intense days, your work will be evaluated by a team of international and Slovenian curators, festival directors, photo editors, gallery owners and publishers in individual 20-minutes face-to-face appointments. The competition starts with entries of works by internet. The jury will select 30 portfolios to be reviewed from all submitted work. Among those selected, one winner will be chosen by the reviewers on 9 June who will get the opportunity to show his/her work in a solo exhibition!

The applications / portforlios should be emailed on the address below due to 17 May 2012:

The jury will select 30 portfolios from all submitted work. Among those selected, one winner will be chosen by the reviewers on June 9th who will get the opportunity to show his/her work in a solo exhibition in the Vžigalica Gallery in 2013! The prizes for the 2nd and 3rd places winners are annual submissions for Revija Fotografija, Slovene magazine of Photography.

Portfolio reviews are great opportunity to present your work to influential members of the photographic community. It’s an important moment to engage on a critical discussion about a body of a project. Photographers receive critique and advice about their portfolios, with invaluable feedback on their development and also expanding professional network.


Jan Babnik (Slovenia): Jan Babnik is a free lance editor, curator, critic and photographer. He is editor in chief of the Slovenian magazine on photography Fotografija.

Michaela Bosáková (Slovakia)Michaela Bosáková is a curator and project manager of the Central European House of Photography in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Beate Cegielska (Denmark): Beate Cegielska is director of Galleri Image in Aarhus. She has curated numerous group and individual exhibitions and cultural exchanges of Danish and foreign artists since 1990. Among many countries she has curated shows in South Korea, China and India.

Paul Di Felice (Luxembourg): Doctor of Visual Arts, Paul di Felice is in-charge of the Visual Arts Laboratory and Senior Lecturer on Art History and Visual Arts Pedagogy at the University of Luxembourg. He has been one of the two workshop leaders of the annual Art Workshop organised by Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain in collaboration with University of Luxembourg, since 1998.

Primož Lampič (Slovenia): Primož Lampič is curator for photography at Museum for Architecture and Design, Slovenia.

Thomas Licek (Austria): Thomas Licek is Managing Director of Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna. Working as an Art Manager since 1991 he is organizing this event since its beginning in 2004.

Katarzyna Majak (Poland): Editor, curator and artist, Katarzyna Majak is PhD from the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at University of Fine Arts in Poznan.

Fernanda Prado (Brazil): Fernanda Prado is a photo editor, independent curator, journalist and photographer.

Peter Rauch (Slovenia): Peter Rauch is a photographer and lecturer of contemporary and fine art photography at the Higher School of Applied Sciences (VIST).

Katia Reich (German): Katia Reich is an art historian based in Berlin. Since 2012 she is the curator of the European Month of Photography Berlin. Since 2005 she has been the project manager of the Berlin Biennale and KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

Photonic Moments festival is part of European Month of Photography and is organized byPhoton Centre for Contemporary Photography.

More information: