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Photography CALL: Encontros da Imagem, Portugal. Deadline: April 30, 2014

The International Photography Festival Encontros da Imagem invites all authors for submitting applications for the 2014 edition, based on the theme: “Hope & Faith”.
At a time when ideals are being renovated and the territories of the photography expanded, the Festival reaffirms its willingness to launch discussions on the place of faith and hope in society, motto given by the alternative rock band Pixies: “Where is my mind?”. When the values and dreams go asleep, the Festival aims to promote reflections on contemporary art and culture, recognizing the importance of photography in this quest .
The application deadline is extended until April 30, 2014, on which date will be announced the results of selected authors, after review by the curatorial board of the Festival. The organization will support the logistics of the project, through subsistence and/ or transport of works .
The Festival kicks off in September 2014 and the project will be exhibited in various places in the city of Braga, Porto and Lisbon until the end of October of the same year.

Send us your project(s) [up to 30 pictures] with the following informations to If you have any question, please contact us:

Autor | Author
Biografia | Biography

Título do projeto | Project title

Ano e local | Year and place

Produção (exposição/ vídeo) | Production (exhibition/ video)

Sinopse | Synopsis

Notas | Notes

SELF PUBLISH RIGA Call. Deadline: Apr. 20, 2014

Submissions open for the SELF PUBLISH RIGA international book dummy contest

Until April 20, photographers and visual artists are invited to submit their photobook dummies and self-published books for the international SELF PUBLISH RIGA competition. The winning entries will be featured in an exhibition as part of Riga Photo Month in May 2014.
Self-publishing makes it possible for artists to make and distribute their books themselves, avoiding the restrictions dictated by mass production. Bookmaking has become a more democratic process, available to everyone. The aim of SELF PUBLISH RIGA is to introduce a wider audience to the concept of self-publishing, using succesful examples to focus on its possibilities.

Entries will be judged by an international jury: Markus Schaden (founder of the, DE), Teun van der Heijden (photobook designer, NL), Ania Nalecka (photobook designer, PL), Matt Johnston (founder of the Photobook Club, UK), Juris Petraškēvics (artist and professor, Art Academy of Latvia) and Nico Baumgarten (photographer and bookmaker, DE). Members of the jury as well as other international partners from Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania will visit Riga in May for the SELF PUBLISH RIGA event, including a photobook exhibition, discussions, lectures and workshops.

The winner of the contest will have the chance to attend an International Summer School of Photography 2014 ( workshop of their choice free of charge; the three best entries will receive individual porfolio reviews with the jury members. Top Ten books will receive a special online feature. More information on the competition and submission requirements:

Arab Documentary Photography Program. Deadline: April 15, 2014

The Arab Fund for Art and Culture and the Prince Claus Fund in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in partnership with the Magnum Foundation in New York, USA, are launching the Arab Documentary Photography Program (ADPP). The ADPP is a program jointly funded by AFAC and PCF and will run from 2014 to 2016, targeting creative documentary photographers in the Arab region. A jurors’ committee comprised of Arab and international experts will select up to 10 grantees to receive financial and professional support to complete their proposed photography projects.

Documentary photography sheds light on important neglected and unknown narratives. However, in the Arab world it remains an under-developed genre. With most current visual production going to journalistic mass-media outlets, there is little opportunity for documentary photographers to explore creative, personal, long-term, and analytical approaches to their work.  Additionally, there is little access to the needed resources and adequate professional support to initiate and complete compelling documentary photography projects.

The focus of the Arab Documentary Photography Program is to support compelling non-stereotypical and unconventional visual documentation of important social issues and narratives relevant to the Arab region. In recognition to the image’s power to document, educate and advocate, the ADPP will also explore ways by which such a body of work will reach out to wider audiences and engage with them in a compelling and impactful ways. Photographers may propose to work in a range of non-fiction narrative styles, from classic documentary photography to more experimental visual storytelling, and may propose to include audio and video elements.

1. To raise the level of creative documentary photography in the Arab region;
 2. To train photographers and expand their approaches to visual storytelling; 
3. To share strong visual narratives from the Arab region regionally and internationally; and
 4. To explore wider access to documentary photography and a more active engagement with its audiences

Timeline of the 2014 call
Close call: April 15th 2014

Announcement of grantees: June 15th 2014

First Workshop: July 21st 2014

Second Workshop: January 15th 2015

Please consult the Grant Guidelines before applying.

To apply, please login with you username and password. Once you login you will be directed to the applications page. In case you don’t have an existing account, please create one here.


برنامج التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي العربي

يعلن الصندوق العربي للثقافة والفنون (آفاق) وصندوق الأمير كلاوس في أمستردام في هولندا، بالشراكة مع مؤسسة ماغنوم في نيويورك في الولايات المتّحدة، عن إطلاق برنامج التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي العربي. البرنامج ممول بالشراكة بين “آفاق” وصندوق الأمير كلاوس. يطلق البرنامج في 2014 ويستمر حتى 2016 مستهدفاً المصورين الفوتوغرافيين العاملين على مشاريع وثائقية في المنطقة العربية. يستقبل البرنامج المشاريع عبر دعوة عامة لتقديم الطلبات تطلق في شباط/فبراير 2014، وتختار لجنة تحكيم مؤلّفة من خبراء عرب وعالميين 10 مشاريع كحدّ أقصى. يقدّم البرنامج للمصورين الفائزين دعماً مالياً وتقنياً لمساعدتهم على إستكمال مشاريعهم المقترحة.

بالرغم من الدور الهام الذي يلعبه التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي في الإضائة على قصص مهمّة ومهملة، إلّا أنه لا يزال غير متطوّر بما يحفي في المنطقة العربية. فأغلب الإنتاج البصري لا يجد له متنفّساً سوى في الصحافة المنشورة مما يحدّ من فرص المصورين في العمل على مشاريع على مشريع إبداعية وشخصية وتحليلية طويلة الأمد. من ناحية أخرى، تبقى فرص المصورين في الحصول على الموارد اللازمة والدعم المتخصص لإطلاق وإنتاج مشاريع تصوير فوتوغرافي وثائقي محدودة جداً.

يركّز برنامج التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي العربي على دعم توثيق فوتوغرافي محترف ومبدع ومتحرر من القيود، لمواضيع وقصص إجتماعية هامّة مرتبطة بشكل وثيق بالمنطقة العربية. سيساعد البرنامج في إستكشاف كيفية عرض الشاريع المدعومة أمام الجمهور العريض وكيفية تفاعل هذا الجمهور مع المشاريع،إيماناً منه بقدرة الصورة على التوثيق والتثقيف والمناصرة. يمكن للمصورين إختيار أي أسلوب روائي توثيقي، من التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي التقليدي الى أساليب تجريبية وغير مألوفة في الرواية البصرية، كما يمكن لهم إستخدام وسائل صوت وفيديو داعمة للمشاريع.

أهداف البرنامج:
1- رفع مستوى التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي المبدع في المنطقة العربية،
2- تدريب المصورين وتوسيع أفق مقاربتهم للرواية البصرية،
3- مشاركة قصص بصرية عربية مؤثّرة مع الجمهور في المنطقة والعالم،
4- إستكشاف وسائل لمشاركة مشاريع التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي مع أوسع مجموعة ممكنة من الجمهور

يسرنا دعوة جميع المصورين مستوفي الشروط والراغبين في المشاركة لتقديم مشاريعم للبرنامج. الطلبات وشروط المنحة متوفّرة فقط باللغة الإنكليزية.

عن الصندوق العربي للثقافة والفنون (آفاق)
تتعبر “آفاق” المورد الفضّل للفنانين المستقلين والناشطين في مجال الثقافة في المنطقة العربية. تأسست “آفاق” في العام 2007 وهي مؤسسة مانحة فريدة من العالم العربي وبإدارة عربية وتمميز بأنها مفتوحة للجميع وتتمتع بشفافية وإحترافية. تدعم “آفاق” أوسع مجموعة ممكنة من المفكّرين والفنانين والمبادرين في مجال الثقافة في المنطقة العربية مركّزة على نوعية الأعمال، والإبداع التي تتميز به وإرتباطها الوثيقة بالمنطقة.

عن صندوق الأمير كلاوس
يدعم صندوق الأمير كلاوس الفنانين والمفكرّي النقديين والمؤسسات الثقافة في أماكن حيث حرية التعبير الثقافي مهددة بالصراعات والفقر والقمع والتهميش والمحرّمات. إنطلاقاً من فكرة أن الثقافة حاجة أساسية، يسعى الصندوق الى البحث عن التعاون الثقافي وبناء شبكة علاقات عابرة لجكميع الحدود ومبنية على الثقة والمساواة. كما يعمل الصندوق على بناء ودعم شبكات تواص ممتازة في مناطق نشاطه. يعتبر الصندوق شريكاً مميزاً في المناطق حيث الموارد والفرص المتاحة للتعبير الثقافي محدودة، وحيث الإرث الثقافي مهدد بالإندثار. تضم هذه المناطق أفريقيا وأميركا اللاتينية ومناطق البحر الكاريبي وآسيا ودول أوروبا الشرقية غير العضوة في الإتّحاد الأوروبي.

عن مؤسسة ماغنوم
تهدف مؤسسة ماغنوم الى تأمين إستدامة التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي المستقل كأداة نقدية تخدم المجتمع عبر تحفيز التضامن والتعاون والتغيير الإجتماعي الإجابي. تسعى المؤسسة لتطوير إستراتيجيات جديدة لرفع مستوى إنتشار وتأثير التصوير الفوتوغرافي الوثائقي في إطار مشهد إعلامي دائم التغيّر. أسس مصورو شركة ماغنوم مؤسسة ماغنوم المستقلّة غير الربحية في العام 2007 كرافد لجهود ماغنوم في تأمين إستمرارية الرواية البصرية الوثائقية العالية الجودة في القرن الواحد والعشرين.

THE FENCE 2014 – outdoor photographic exhibition. Deadline: April 9, 2014

Prix Elysée 2014-2016. Deadline: April 25, 2014

Oh, la la. Big money from a Swiss luxury watchmaker and a pharma concern have allowed the Musée de l’Elysée to launch Le Prix Elysée, “a new prize intended to encourage creativity and the production of new work”. The Prize will emphazise the link between photography and print, with two publications being produced as part of the prize. Firstly, each nominee will be invited to introduce a project in a book published and distributed as part of the prize. Secondly, the winner will have the opportunity to publish a book of his or her project.

The bait: A contribution of CHF5’000 to each of the eight nominated photographers and a prize worth CHF80’000 to the winner, half of which is to be used to produce the project,and half for the book publication.

The hooks: The photographers may only use these sums to carry out the work required as part of the Prix Elysée.
Proposed projects must never have been previously exhibited or published, and must not have been submitted to any other prize.
To participate, you need a recommendation by a “reputed professional in the fields of photography, cinema, fashion, journalism, publishing, or contemporary art”.
Looks like a fair offer to me.
But check it out yourself, here are the rules.


Noorderlicht Photofestival Submissions. EXTENDED Deadline: Apr. 27, 2014

Deadline extended

Noorderlicht received recently the demand of many photographers for some more time for submitting material for An Ocean of Possibilities, the theme of the Noorderlicht Photofestival 2014. Noorderlicht and the Singapore International Photo Festival have therefore decided to extend their joint call with 4 weeks.
Your subsmission can be sent through 27 April, 2014.
Please visit our website for the theme text and the entry guidelines

Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2014 theme: An Ocean of Possibilities

Call for submissions!

Noorderlicht 2014 focuses on restless spirits. In a contemporary parallel to the vision of the Frisian author Jan Slauerhoff, the main exhibition looks at people around the world who want to think ‘outside the box’ and who, dissatisfied with the status quo, set out in search of alternatives. The exhibition will be presented simultaneously in the Fries Museum during the Noorderlicht 2014 International Photofestival and by the Singapore International Photofestival 2014.

Alternatives: for the established politics that has taken root at all levels of the society, for a global economy that is dominated by multinational companies and short-term profits, for traditions and religions that set out limits on what is permissible, for the ubiquitous tourist industry that offers us exotic adventures choreographed down to the last detail. These well-worn paths are at the same time barriers; overcoming them on a broad scale will require a social transformation, the beginnings of which are perceptible today at many levels.

An Ocean of Possibilities turns the spotlight on people who plot their own course. They may be individuals, small communities, businesses that think in terms of sustainability, or social enterprises. Whatever their form, they set out to realize a better future, not only for themselves but also for others, even if that means an uncertain outlook.

The subjects cited above – challenges in the fields of politics, economics, tradition, travel – are possible starting points for the photo series to be shown, although other points of departure are also welcome.

Jan Slauerhoff (1898 – 1936) is the best-known writer to come from the province of Friesland. He refused to accept the narrow minded bourgeois lifestyle, the status quo of his time, and opted for a restless, wandering life. As a ship’s doctor he roamed the oceans, visiting many countries in Asia (including ‘sweltering Singapore’), South America and Africa. Was his quest for a place where he felt at home in vain? His spirit never came to rest. In the end, he wrote: ‘I am at home only in my poems.’

An Ocean of Possibilities is being jointly curated by Noorderlicht and SIPF. We are seeking to present photographers from every continent. Submissions and suggestions of photographers and curators are welcome. These can be sent to the curator Wim Melis, via ftp (see website for details) or by email to, starting from the third week of January 2014 through March 30, 2014

For Submission guidelines, click here.

Please note! Due to the special collaboration with the Singapore International Photo Festival, we ask a contribution of 20 Euros per entry. Please keep an eye on our website for the procedure, it will be announced mid-January 2014.

Correspondence regarding the theme can be sent directly to the curator Wim Melis, at his email address: