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The deadline is in March 2012

OPEN CALL for Austro Sino Arts Program. Deadline: March 19, 2012

OPEN CALL for Austro Sino Arts Program

Left and right – 左右 – links und rechts

application is open to all nationalities

Left as leaving something, left as leftist, art gratuit, art in public space, street art, theft and inspiration, left China, Austro Sino leftists, history left, media left, left Austria, the instant. Right as right, as right side, right as conservative, the one part of Yin Yang, right to do so, fundamental normative rules.

The Austro Sino Arts Program, for its 4th annual exhibition, calls for artwork with focus China or a wider China-European context.

After an initial exhibition at the 798 Festival (September), the exhibition is planed to travel over the course of 6 weeks from Beijing – Chengdu – Shenzhen. Thus the works have to be moveable. Videos will be displayed in moving theater form along the way. Images will be printed on roll out canvases or paper, to be left as permanent footprint at exhibition location or anonymous places.

1st “RIGHT” the pre-curated exhibition, showing selected artworks in each location starting in Beijing.

2nd, “LEFT”, artist can send artworks from remote by Internet which will be a response to the current location of the show. We will make images available from each location and send to selected artist and they can “left” their reply.

The idea is “left” to print out the printable parts of the exhibition on the go and “left” the exhibition in official and unofficial places, legally and illegally, printout on paper or canvas and fixed on walls in, small, medium, large, extra large villages.

We accept art works in the form of video, music as well as wall based printable materials (e.g. photo, printable representations of painting/drawings/sketches, writing).

For each selected artist we will have a production budget available, each artist will receive 10 catalogues for free. ASAP will make photos and dimensions available to each selected artist, for location specific fitting of the artworks in public space. Please consider, ASAP can not make funds available for your traveling or accommodation.

All text and written materials will be copied into google translator. Googled translated English can be found anywhere in China. We will reverse this with Chinese.

By participating in 2nd, “LEFT” exhibition, you explicitly agree and accept that your artwork can be copied unlimitedly for cause, extend of this exhibition. ASAP guarantees that it will not sell your work without your prior agreement.

Information to previous exhibitions can be found on

For application please fill in the following.

Art work title:
Size (if applicable):

Artist statement / about work (max 500 words):

CV (max 250 words – no bullet points):

Images (low resolution max 1000px width) once accepted we will ask you to submit video and high resolution files onto our server.

Participation: 1st “RIGHT”,   2nd “LEFT”  or   1st “RIGHT”  and  2nd “LEFT” ?

Deadline: All materials have to be send by the 19th of March 2012 via email to

Libros Mutantes 2012. Exhibitors application. Deadline: March 15, 2012.

————————————English version below//

La convocatoria está abierta a cualquier autor que edite sus propias publicaciones, a editoriales independientes, distribuidoras o tiendas especializadas, etc.

Descargar pdf y mandar con los datos personales, antes del 15 de marzo, a:

Podéis descargar el pdf en:

También es posible proponer una actividad como: una presentación, un workshop o una charla. Para ello rellenar el apartado PROPUESTA con tus ideas para una actividad en un área designada dentro de la feria si estás interesado/a.

Tu solicitud será valorada por Libros Mutantes y los nombres de los participantes serán anunciados el 20 de marzo. La participación en la feria es gratuita.

————————————English version————————————

Registration is open to everyone who runs an independent publication, works an independent publisher, manages a distribution company or a shop, etc.

Download the pdf and send it with your information, before march, 15th, to:

Download pdf from:

Applying for an activity such as a presentation, a workshop or a lecture is also possible. If you have any suggestion, fill the PROPOSAL area with your ideas for an activity in a dedicated area inside the fair if you are interested.

Your application will be carefully revised by Libros Mutantes and the names of the exhibitors will be announced on March, 20th. There will be no participation fee.

Post-Doc Fellowship in Photo&Film. Leuven, Belgium. Deadline: March 15, 2012.

Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), May 01, 2012
Application deadline: Mar 15, 2012


Within the research project ‘Photofilmic images in contemporary art and
visual culture’ the University of Louvain (Université catholique de
Louvain, UCL), the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography (LGC)
and the FNRS (Research Foundation – Wallonia/Brussels) invite
applications for a two years full time post-doctoral position.

The objective of the project is to understand the impact of photofilmic
structures in the production, the function and the perception of images
within contemporary art and visual culture. With Photofilmic images are
meant images that are generated on the basis of both photographic and
filmic processes. Consequently, they mingle different temporal, spatial
and perceptional realities. In this sense, they are transitional images
fluctuating between categories which were once attributed separately to
photography or film, such as stasis and movement, past and presence,
composition and narration. With the advent of digital technology,
photofilmic images are getting increasingly widespread in recent years.
Imovie, photosynth, AutoStitch and PhantaMorph for example are computer
software which allow to create animated images on the basis of
photographs. As such techniques are getting more and more important in
different domains of image production in popular culture and the visual
arts, the impact of photo-filmic images on our visual culture will have
wide reaching consequences for our use, our perception and our
understanding of images and thus for our view on the world given the
fact that our access to that what we call reality is to a large extent
mediated through images. For this reason, the project suggests a study
of photofilmic images, which goes beyond well-established frontiers
between the various disciplines and sectors where such images occur and
where they are discussed, in order to understand how exactly images
operate within our contemporary media society. This interdisciplinary
approach considers different domains such as visual art, cinema, and
popular culture and diverse academic disciplines such as film studies,
photography theory, art history, visual culture studies, and media
theory. Therefore, the following questions are fundamental: What
technologies are used in which contexts and for what purpose? What for
exactly have they been invented and how are they diffused and used in
different contexts? How they are perceived according to these different
contexts and uses?

The successful candidate is expected to advance his own research, and
to contribute to the activities of the project (publications,
organization of conferences, seminars, construction of image data base,
international contacts).

The salary of the post-doctoral position is based on the standards of
the Belgian National Science Foundation.

A PhD (completion not exceeding 6 years) in one of the following
Contemporary Art History – Visual Culture Studies – Media studies –
Film studies
Residence in Belgium is required.

Applicants are required to send a letter of motivation, a detailed CV,
two academic references, and a short account (max. 750 words) of their
research project as PDFs by e-mail to: Prof. dr. Alexander
Streitberger, Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), FIAL – Place
Blaise Pascal 1, bte L3.03.13, B – 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

The closing date for applications is Thursday 15 March 2012.

The successful candidate will start on 1 Mai 2012.

For more information please have a look at the homepages of the
University of Louvain (UCL) ( and the Lieven Gevaert
Centre ( or contact Prof. dr. Alexander
Streitberger (

PhotoIreland’s Portfolio 12. Deadline extended to: March 23, 2012

Portfolio 12
International Portfolio Review
13 – 15 July 2012

***Submissions deadline extended: 5pm Friday 23 March 2012***

PhotoIreland Festival’s portfolio review weekend 2012 will take place from 13-15 July 2012 in Dublin city, representing a unique opportunity for emerging artists worldwide to highlight new photographic projects and meet with international professionals.

During the weekend of the portfolio reviews your work will be evaluated by international and Irish curators, gallery owners, festival directors, publishers and other photography professionals. You will also be invited to our opening networking event on 13 July, where the selected submissions for portfolio reviews will be presented in a series of projections.

The reviews will offer insights, critique and advice on your work, providing you with invaluable feedback on your artistic development and expanding your professional network.

The international portfolio reviewers are:
• Walter Bergmoser – Curator & Photographer, Soul
• Reinhard Braun – Camera Austria, Graz
• Stefanie Braun – Photographers’ Gallery, London
• Gösta Flemming – Journal, Stockholm
• Nora Hauswirth – former CEO Sodapix, independent curator, Zurich
• David Kronn – Private Collector, New York
• Trish Lambe – Gallery of Photography, Dublin
• Dewi Lewis – Publisher, London
• Louise Mazmanian – FORMAT Festival, Derby
• Andreas Müller-Pohle – European Photography, Berlin
• Moritz Neumüller – PhotoIreland, Dublin/Barcelona
• Markus Schaden –, Cologne
• Dagmar Seeland – UK Picture Editor for Stern, London
Find out more about the reviewers

Successful portfolio submissions should consist of a body of work or a project in progress. All submitted portfolios will initially be reviewed by a selected Jury who are looking for new, emerging talent and works by established artists using photography. The members of the selection jury are: Peggy Sue Amison (Sirius Arts Centre), Nora Hauswirth, Leszek Wolnik (, Tanya Kiang and Trish Lambe (Gallery of Photography), Richard Mosse, Moritz Neumüller and Ángel Luis González.

The Jury will select 30 portfolios for review from all submitted work. Among those 30 selected portfolios one overall winner will be chosen by the reviewers on July 15th, who will get the opportunity to exhibit in a solo show during the 2013 festival.

While there is an open theme for the portfolio submissions, we particularly welcome portfolios and photobooks around the festival theme of ‘Migrations: Diaspora and Cultural Identity’, to enjoy the opportunity to participate in the main exhibition of 2012.

***Submissions deadline extended: 5pm Friday 23 March 2012***

MAP Toulouse, Festival de la Photographie: European Photo Contest 2012, Deadline: March 16th, 2012

A) The Photo Contest / January 20th – March 16th, 2012

– Participants : all of the registered students in one of the partner schools (yours included) are allowed to participate. Each student can participate up to 1 photography.

– Photo Contest subject : Man and Water.

This subject is at the discretion of students. Just a clue : the audience of the Festival is a general public, broad and large ; the exhibitions are installed in busy areas, and often outdoors.

– How to participate? :

The contest entering is free. You can participate by two means :


Send by email at :

Your picture in low resolution (maximum size : 1Mo)

Your agreement to participate in the contest. This agreement may be made as follows :

• By stating in the body of the email the following information : Name, Address, ZIP Code, City, Telephone, Email address, School of participation and approval of the statement : “Assignment of the photographer : I authorize the organizers of this contest to use my photos as part of all publicity and promotional events or communication, as well as all publications or exhibition related to this contest.”


1) Gather the following documents :

1 hard copy (30cm x 40cm ; 11,81 in x 15.74 in) of the photograph ; indicating on the back the first and last names, email address and school of the participant.

1 CD with the photography (in low resolution).

The attached form (you can download the form here : ), completed and signed by the participant.

2) Send all those documents to the following address :

Agence MAP – Concours Européen – Gabrielle CHEVRAT 5 Place Wilson – 31 000 Toulouse – France.

B) Decisions : March 19st – March 24th, 2012

Panel of Judges : as announced above, the Panel of Judges will be embodied by professionals. The results will be communicated to all of the participants in the same breath. The 25 winning students will have to send within three days their photograph in high definition by email.

C) The Exhibition : May 2012

The 25 selected photographs will be displayed in large format on canvas, in the heart of the Festival on the banks of the Garonne, a perfect place in the “pink city”. The photographs will be only used in our lead-up communication and in the exhibition itself, the assigned right being depleted at the end of the exhibition.

Prints will be sent to every prize-winner at the conclusion of the festival.

Constant contact throughout the contest :

Gabrielle CHEVRAT,


Amnesty International Media Awards 2012 Call. Deadline: March 1, 2012

Amnesty International Media Awards 2012

Call for Entries


Closing date 1 March 2012


about the awards

The Amnesty Media Awards were established in 1992 to celebrate the best in human rights journalism. From print and broadcast journalism to photographic and digital content, they recognise the vital role journalists play, and the serious risks they face, in highlighting injustice around the world.


The awards honour established journalists and photographers as well as rising stars.

Winners in 2011 included Channel 4 News, More 4, CNN International, BBC Radio 4, the Independent, the Guardian, GQ Magazine, Marie Claire, Guardian Weekend Magazine and the Sunday Times Magazine. The event finished with a short address by Aung San Suu Kyi who spoke of the “great importance” of the media in “promoting the cause of democracy and human rights in Burma”.




We are looking for real innovation in digital news delivery. Entries must be digitally “native”, using new and creative ways to bring human rights issues to growing online audiences.


Television News

Television news continues to play a vital role in keeping human rights issues in the public eye. We’re looking for a news item (or up to three news items if part of a series), broadcast predominantly to a UK audience or  hosted online.



Documentaries provide one of the most powerful and most accessible ways to bring complex human rights issues to wide audiences. Entries should be a single programme of 20-120 minutes duration, broadcast predominantly to a UK audience, or given a theatrical screening in the UK.



Radio has the ability to take large audiences on some incredible journeys. Entries in this category should be either a news item, podcast, a single programme, or a series  of up to 120 minutes total duration, broadcast predominantly to a UK audience.


International TV and radio

We’re looking for innovative programming on an international radio or TV channel. Guidelines as for a television or radio entry (above) but seen or heard on a channel that has a broadcast platform in the UK and is available internationally.


National newspapers

National newspapers have broken numerous stories this year with far-reaching repercussions, demonstrating their enduring impact and influence. Entries in this category should be an article or series of up to three articles published in a UK newspaper.


Magazines (two awards)

A vividly written and illustrated magazine article can have a profound effect on its readers, giving an in-depth assessment of an issue in an eye-catching and unforgettable way. We are looking for an article, or series of up to three articles, published in a consumer magazine, or a magazine-style weekly or monthly UK newspaper supplement.


Nations and regions

Open to print or broadcast entries from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English regions:

• a newspaper or magazine article or three articles (if part of a series);

• a TV or radio news item or series of up to three news items (if part of a series);

• a single radio or TV programme (including documentary and drama) of up to 60 minutes duration.



Photojournalists have brought us some of the most memorable and iconic images of our time, putting a human face to human rights issues. Entries should include a series of up to six photographs from a portfolio, all or part of which has been published or publicly exhibited in the UK.


Gaby Rado Memorial Award

For an up-and-coming journalist who has covered national or international human rights stories in broadcast, online or print media for less than five years. The judges will particularly look for coverage that brings to the fore the human stories behind the headlines. This award was established with the help of the family, friends and colleagues of the journalist Gaby Rado, who died in Iraq in 2003.


more information

For details of the sponsorship fund, entry requirements for the awards, and guidelines on how to enter, see


Kassel Photobook Dummy Award 2012. Deadline: 31 March 2012

International Photobook Dummy Award 2012

Submit your unpublished photobook for a chance to win a complete book production. A preliminary jury will select the best 50 dummies from all entries for the exhibition at Le Bal. The winners will be chosen from this selection.

Enter your book here
Entry conditions
Shortlist of 55 dummys 2011

Dummy Prize

International Photobook Dummy Award 2012

Photographers are invited to present their so far unpublished photobooks to an international expert jury. The best 50 books will be exhibited as part of the festival in Paris. From these 50 titles, the winners will be awarded at the location. The first prize is a complete book production by publishers Seltmann+Soehne. The registrations costs are 32 Euros. Entries close on 31 March 2012. Entries for the Photobook Dummy close on 5 April 2012 (post marked).

The 50 exhibited books will be selected by a pre-jury. This pre-jury comprises Markus Schaden (Bookseller, Publisher, Cologne), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books, Paris), Inga Schneider (International Photobook Festival, Cologne), Laurence Vecten (Lozen Up, Paris), Dieter Neubert (International Photobook Festival, Kassel).

The main jury comprises Gerry Badger (Critic, Photographer, London), Todd Hido (Photographer, USA), Markus Schaden (Bookseller, Publisher, Cologne), Dieter Neubert (International Photobook Festival, Kassel), Oliver Seltmann (Publisher, Berlin), Diane Dufour (Director Le Bal, Paris), Andreas Müller-Pohle, European Photography, Berlin), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books, Paris), Laurence Vecten (Lozen Up, Paris).

The winning book will be produced by our printing and publishing partner seltmann+soehne. This work will also be presented in the art magazine European Photography. The 2nd and 3rd prizes will be supplied by our partner blurb: the 2nd prize is books to the value of 500 Euros, the 3rd prize books to the value of 300 Euros. One of the aims of the dummy award is to raise the quality of the photographic book. We appreciate all ideas and suggestions which support this goal.