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GIF Festival. Deadline: Jan. 20, 2016

2nd Annual Savannah GIF Festival

Submission Deadline: January 20th, 2016 at 6PM
NO FEE – Submit as many GIFs as you can muster.

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Art Rise Savannah is looking for the world’s top GIF animations to be featured in one of the largest exhibitions of this particular filetype in the world.

A special opening screening will be held at Telfair Museums Jepson Center on January 28th with live music by three local musicians. Telfair Museums, one of the oldest art institutions in the South, will be hosting their annual PULSE: Arts and Technology Festival throughout the week.

Following last year’s smashing success of over 960 GIF animations from over 150 countries screened at a maximum capacity show, this year’s GIF Festival is expected to be bigger, better, and giffier than ever.

The GIF Festival will feature a special inaugural screening for the second year in a row at the Telfair Museums Jepson Center for the Arts on January 28th during the PULSE Festival. The PULSE Festival is a city-wide celebration of art and technology coordinated by Telfair Museums. More information on PULSE can be found at

The 2nd Annual Savannah GIF Festival will feature multiple categories as well as live music to accompany the silent animations during the inaugural screening. During the first GIF Festival in January of 2015, Savannah musicians Sunglow, Garret Kemp, and unknown, played live electronic sets as hundreds of GIFs flashed behind them in the crowded theatre. The musical artists for next year’s screening are still being finalized and will be announced at the start of the year.

Artists interested in having their animations featured in the upcoming festival can find our submission page at Submissions are completely free and there is no limit to the number of animations that can be submitted. Also on our website is a video preview of last years festival.

GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is the filename for the small animations that have taken over the internet as the go-to filetype for cat memes, small video clips, trippy animations and more. Developed by Steve Wilhite in 1987 while working at CompuServe, a GIF is a bitmap image that supports a palette of 256 different colors and multiple frames. Their small size and flexibility have kept them popular with internet artists for over 30 years. When asked by the New York Times how to correctly pronounce the world GIF, Wilhite responded that it was ‘jiff’ like the peanut butter, and not ‘gif’, however the debate still rages on today.

Media? – Please contact Clinton Edminster at

Analog Photography Call. Spain. Deadline: Jan 31, 2016

In English / españolcatalá

If you have a good photographic project and want to show it to thousands of people, if you would have liked to take part on previous editions or if you just want to repeat, now you have a new opportunity.

We are preparing the analogue photo festival Revela-T 2016 and we are looking for photographers to take part in this exciting project.



The fourth edition of RevelaT is going to take place from 20 May to 5 June 2016. The exhibition rooms will be open during the weekends and during the activities or for on demand” visits with scheduled appointment.

The weekend from 27 to 29 May will be the main one and, in addition to the exhibitions, there will be the Trade Fair, the Photographic market and the traditional meetings of collodionists, pinholers, afghan camera photographers and friends of Leica. This year, as a new feature, we are organizing an Instagram meeting.

In the 2016 edition, all the exhibitions are going to take place at different exhibition rooms, at Cal Garbat Factory and at some restaurants. In this new edition, the micro exhibitions in store windows of the town will not be carried out

This call will be valid from now to 31 January 2016. We will not accept any exhibition project after this deadline.



The subject matter of the work is open and it will be accepted any analogue or chemical process. Mixed techniques will also be accepted, but a jury shall evaluate each case individually.



To submit your work, you must fill in the application form and send an email to with the following information:


  • Subject: Name of the author and work title (it must match with the application form filled)
  • Between 4 and 6 images representing the project in jpg format, without exceeding 1200 px the largest side, nor 300kb for file.
  • If the project has been previously exhibited, a photograph of the set up.


Applicants are free to submit any further documentation they consider appropriate in support of their application.



We will evaluate each application and we will inform by email if the work has been selected.

Recent and non-exhibited works will be highly appreciated.

We will also welcome works ready to exhibit (mounted on frames, passe-partouts, reinforced…). We will also take into account if the work exhibition is already designed and if it requires drawing of the mounting.



The selected authors must send the work to:


Calle Pau Piferrer, 24.

08339 Vilassar de Dalt  (Barcelona) Spain

We strongly recommend that authors should send the work via courier service, certified mail with insurance or hand delivery.

Shipping costs are to be paid by the sender, and the Festival does not take responsibility for any possible damage caused during the shipping.

Revela-T will insure the artworks during the Festival, set up and take down of the exhibition.



Revela-T will return the work in a period of 2 or 3 months since the end of the Festival. The work will be sent through a transport company, and the shipping costs must by paid by the author at the time of the reception. The author is free to pick up his/her work personally.

The author must check his/her work at the moment of the reception to confirm that the material is in good condition. If it was not the case, the transport company should take responsibility.



Revela-T thinks the authors should not pay to exhibit their work, so the participation in the Festival is free.

However, as the Festival expenses are paid by contributions from institutions, companies and individuals, and via different activities organised during the year, we ask the authors to afford the shipping costs.



The author who wishes can voluntarily donate his or her work to take part of the Revela-T Collection.



We welcome photographers who want to mount their own exhibition by themselves. They will indicate this wish in the application form.

If it was not possible, the organization or an external company will assume the set up.

The mounting will take place during the week before the opening.



With the participation in the Festival Revela-T, the author declares having all the rights of the exhibition and publishing of the images presented, especially the right of the own image of all the people appearing on the photographs, and exonerates the Revela-T organization of all economic or any other kind of complaint that might be done by any collecting society.

The author transfers the rights of reproduction of one of the images presented. This image will be used only in promotional material (press kit, leaflet, posters, etc.)

The author exonerates the organization of all kind of conflict or judicial action that might be done by Copyright Associations for not having the rights of the images exhibited.



The organization reserves the right of solving any unexpected circumstance, as well as the right of changing the program of the Festival due to events of force majeure.



According to the law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) and the Organic Law 15/1999 on Data Protection (LOPD), the Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto guarantees the security and confidentiality of the personal information provided in the application form. The user is informed and expresses agreement to the incorporation of his or her personal data to the automatized files of the Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto and to the automatized processing of them, with the aim of receiving news of activities via email.

In any case, the Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto guarantees the exercise of the rights in the terms established by the current legislation.

If you change your mind at any time, you only need to send an email to and we will proceed to delete your personal data.

s gastos del Festival se cubren con las aportaciones de instituciones, empresas y particulares y a través de diferentes actividades organizadas durante el año, pedimos que los autores se hagan cargo de los gastos de envío.

Photography Residency in Riga, Latvia. Deadline: Jan. 3, 2016

Applications open for Flâneur Photography Residency in Riga, Latvia

Inspired by the idea of flâneurism – seemingly aimless wanderings around the city – the Spring 2016 one-month residency in Riga, Latvia is designed for photography artists interested in developing work in and around urban space. The influential 20th century philosopher Walter Benjamin wrote that for a flâneur “the walls are the desk against which he presses his notebooks; news-stands are his libraries and the terraces are the balconies from which he looks down on his household after his work is done”. We’re searching for photography artists with an original perspective on present day city-dwelling.

The residency period is three to four weeks in April – May 2016, and the artists-in-residence are expected to participate in a presentation or pop-up exhibition at the end of their stay, showcasing the work created during their time in Riga. The event will be part of the official Riga Photomonth 2016 ( programme and will be organised in cooperation with the Orbita creative collective of poets and artists (

Applications are invited from photographers and artists working with photography with a European Union nationality. There are no limitations regarding age, background and photographic style. Two residents matching the criteria will be chosen based on the strength of their applications. The artists-in-residence will receive free of charge accommodation for the duration of the stay, a return ticket to Riga, as well as a stipend of 1000 EUR to support their practice and subsistence costs during the residency.

The Flâneur Riga residency is organised by ISSP in the framework of the “Flâneur: New urban narratives” project (, and supported by the EU Creative Europe Programme and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

Application deadline: 3 January 2016

More information and applications:

Flaneur_Photography_Residency, Riga

WMA Commission 2015/16. Deadline: January 15, 2016

The WMA Commission invites entries for proposals from artists and photographers from both Hong Kong and the international community. The Commission recipient will be invited to create new photo-based work in Hong Kong, focusing on the theme of IDENTITY. Project proposals must contextually relate to both the theme IDENTITY and to HONG KONG. A four-member Selection Panel will choose the WMA Commission recipient, who will be awarded a HKD$250,000 grant which will contribute towards production of the successful proposal and a public event featuring the completed work. The call for proposals is open to all local and international applicants. The WMA Commission is a part of the WYNG Masters Award programme.

By facilitating and supporting original, creative interpretations of IDENTITY the WMA Commission encourages a unique perspective on how Hong Kong is affected by an issue that has global implications, while increasing public awareness and knowledge. The HKD$250,000 award grant covers artist fee, creation (including such activities as research, travel and production; resources such as an assistant or translator and daily expenses) and a public event [1]. It does not include accommodation (for overseas artists) [2] and venue costs for public presentation which are covered by the organisers. Overseas participants should ensure that they are able to stay for at least one month for the project and also set aside time for the public presentation.

Grant Total: HKD$250,000

Approximate breakdown:
Artist fee – $50,000
Creation & Expenses – $100,000
Public presentation – $50,000
Others – $50,000

Submission Period
October 15, 2015 – January 15, 2016.
Project period – June 2016 – June 2017 (1 year period)


“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else” – Margaret Mead

Certain aspects of one’s individual identity such as race, gender, ancestry, genetic makeup and so on, come naturally at birth.  One could, however, consciously choose other aspects such as nicknames, profession, religion, hairstyles, ways of life, gender expression et cetera, to make oneself more unique.
Between choice and nature, there are aspects such as nationality, history, psyche and social roles, which influence our sense of identity. Identity could simply be personal disposition, or an unwilling imposition by the society at large.

If identification of self makes the person, collective identity allows for mutual recognition—security as well as solidarity.  Group attributes, though, could be real or virtual, lasting or ephemeral, like one’s profile on social media. Overemphasis of the collective, however, could result in alienation, prejudice, confrontation and even enmity.

In the age of globalization, a local majority could easily become a minority in the wider world.  As global citizens, we hope for and embrace the belief that elastic and flexible identities can bring diversity and progress, rather than confrontation.

If defining our collective identities in this city seems like an almost impossible pursuit, images could, perhaps, provide a platform to start.

“Most people are other people.  Their thoughts are someone else’s opinion, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation”  – Oscar Wilde

Objective of the Commission

The WMA Commission is committed to programs and activities that foster deeper understanding of issues facing Hong Kong. The grant brings focus to the issue of Identity through artistic means introducing new perspective and expanding public awareness and knowledge. It presents the opportunity to explore the particularities of this global issue as it specifically relates to Hong Kong.

Who Should Apply

This is a grant for experienced and professional photographers and visual artists. Potential applicants can reside and practice anywhere in the world. This grant is meant to enable further professional development and to support the creation of work that provides additional information and perspectives on the issue addressed. A successful applicant must have experience working independently and be resourceful in the development of his/her project.

How To Apply

Project applications should be submitted in the form of a PDF. Each applicant is required to put together materials listed below into a single PDF document (size under 20Mb). Included in the PDFis the following: 1) project proposal 2) budget and timetable 3) a brief expression of interest 4) basic personal information 5) professional biography or Curriculum Vitae (CV) 6) portfolio of past work 7) a written recommendation.
Submissions can be made in English or Chinese and submitted digitally by email to or any large files transfer services.

1. Project proposal serves to outline the applicant’s proposed project related to the theme of IDENTITY, detailing what it is and how it would be approached. The form in which the final work might be presented to the public can also be included if the applicant has already developed ideas. Images, drawings, video links supporting the project idea may be included in the PDF proposal.

2. Budget and timetable for the project.

3. A brief expression of interest (max 500 words/1 page) answering the following questions: 1) Why do you want to do this project with WYNG Masters Award? 2) What will you get out of it? 3) What would you bring to the project?

4. Personal information basic information should be provided by the applicant on the cover page of the PDF proposal. The following basic information is required: full name, mailing address and country of residence, email, skype and telephone contacts.

5. Professional biography or Curriculum Vitae

6. Portfolio a minimum 12 images / maximum 20 images of existing photographic project(s). Purpose of portfolio is to show that the applicant can sustain a long-term project, convincingly articulate an idea and to showcase applicants’ photographic style, aesthetics and formal strategies.

7. Written recommendation applicants are required to get one referee to support her/his submission with a written recommendation. Referees can be anyone with a standing in the professions of photography, art, visual arts or art media, this includes past or current WYNG Masters Award advisors and judges, except for those who are currently on the Selection Panel of the WMA Commission. The referee’s recommendation should include her/his full name, title, organisation and/or title, email and phone contact.

Selection Process

Phase 1: Submission period October 15, 2015 to January 15, 2016.

Phase 2: Selection Panel members review submissions independently and each chooses a shortlist of proposals to consider with the full panel. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an in-person or skype interview. Those applicants will be contacted by late February 2016 to schedule the interview which will be conducted in early March 2016.

Phase 3: Selection Panel meets in Hong Kong to discuss shortlisted proposals. Shortlisted applicants are interviewed by the panel either in-person or by skype one day to be confirmed during the first two weeks of March 2016, after which the grant recipient is chosen and announced in early April 2016 at the WYNG Masters Award exhibition in Hong Kong.

Selection Panel

1. Fung Ho Yin, Assistant Professor, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2. Melissa Lee public art curator, consultant, and on the faculty at the English Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

3. Ying Kwok artist and curator and founder of the Collector Club

4. WYNG Foundation Trustee

[1]  Public event could take a number of forms including a press conference, seminar, press conference and or a workshop.

[2]  Accommodation costs covered is restricted to overseas artists only and is for a maximum period of 2 months subject to discussion with organisers.

Deadline for photography stipend at IED Madrid extended to Jan. 11, 2016

THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 11. So if you have not sent you portfolio, now is the moment!!

The 6th edition of the European Master of Fine Art Photography at IED Madrid will start in April 2016. As every year, we are looking for two exceptional students to join the course with a stipend, which covers 70% of the tuition fees (a 50% of the total, which means six thousand Euros, instead of twelve). The stipend is given to exceptional talents, who are willing to lead the group and help the other students grow. We have had some very very talented winners for this grant in the last years, such as Duarte Amaral Netto, Alena Zhanderova, Jorge Fuembuena, Nafis Gazi, Nikita Pigorov, and Yutaka Nozawa. If you know of anybody who might be suitable and interested in this opportunity, please send them the following link:

European Master of Fine Art Photography Scholarships 2016

Thank you so much and have a great New Year!


Twelve Month Residency for a Visual Artist in rural Northumberland, GB. Deadline: Jan 8, 2016

Applications now open
Visual Arts in Rural Communities

Based in rural Northumberland, the VARC Artist in Residence package includes a studio, flat, utilities, line rental and broadband, exhibition costs, catalogue & promotional material produced plus fee and materials budget.

The artist is required to produce work for a final exhibition and undertake community projects.

Start dates in 2016 and 2017

Deadline for applications 8th January 2016

Applications are now welcomed for residencies October 2016 – September 2017 and October 2017 – September 2018. The deadline for applications is 8th January 2016.

Janet Ross
Phone: +447903 825 038

NE48 1RP

Two scholarships for Photography Master Program in Madrid. Deadline: Jan. 8, 2016

European Master of Fine Art Photography Scholarships 2016

Do you want to get ahead in the field of art photography? Train with our benchmark program, the European Master of Fine Art Photography, which begins its sixth edition in April, 2016.

We offer practical and innovative training with a unique master program based on the development of a personal project, which will have individualized monitoring by our team of internationally renowned tutors and teachers, including Joan Fontcuberta, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Ricardo Cases, Martin Parr, Cristina de Middel, and Simon Roberts, to name just a few.

Take part in the competition and win a scholarship!


Two scholarships covering 70% of course fees, the equivalent of 6,000 euros.

Deadline for the submission of works: 8th of January, 2016 at 18:00 h, Madrid time (GMT+1).
The winners will be announced on the 14th of January, 2016 at 18:00 h, Madrid time (GMT +1).
The winners will be announced live at the Design Your Day event (Open Day of the IED Master Madrid) and will be published on


  1. People of any origin or nationality can take part.
  2. The scholarships are awarded on a discretionary basis, based on the documentation received and the development potential of the candidate. The pre-selected applicants will be contacted for a brief interview in person, by telephone or skype.
  3. The European Master in Fine Art Photography is given in English. There are some activities, case studies and lectures which are given in Spanish with simultaneous translation. A medium-high level of English is required.
  4. Dynamics of the competition: the participants will have to fill out the competition entry form, attaching their curriculum vitae, portfolio and a motivation letter.
  5. PRIZE. Two scholarship covering 70% of the tuition fees, equivalent to 6,000 euros.The winners must pay the course registration fee (€4,000) + 30% of the tuition fees (€2,500).
  6. In no case are the scholarship amounts repayable in cash.
  7. To receive the scholarship it is ESSENTIAL to enrol and pay the registration fee within a period of 15 days starting from 14th of January, 2016 the date of the announcement of the winners.
  8. Rules. The winner must be aware of and observe the rules contained in the general regulations of the IED Madrid, and accept and sign the specific regulations for scholarship holders within a period of a week from the announcement of the awarding of the prize.
  9. The winner must study the whole of the Master in the IED Madrid, and will lose the scholarship if he/she transfers to another centre.
  10. 90% minimum attendance at classes.
  11. The scholarship holders must actively participate in all the special and multidisciplinary projects proposed by the school: presentation events, supervised competitions and workshops.
  12. The scholarship holders must actively participate in the documentation of the Master activities, maintenance of the blog, description of journeys, workshops, lectures, etc.
  13. The Master course will not take place if the minimum number of students is not reached. This will mean the loss of the scholarship.
  14. Refusal to do the course during the official announcement of 2016 will give rise to the loss of the scholarship.
  15. Failure to comply with any of the obligations described will mean the loss of the scholarship.
  16. The scholarship holders give their consent to their name appearing in the Newspoint bulletin and other promotional materials of the IED.
  17. The participation period ends on the 8th January, 2016 at 18:00 h, Madrid time.
  18. The judges’ decision will be announced on the 14th of January, 2016 at 18:00 h, Madrid time, during the Design Your Day event (Open Day) and through
  19. In accordance with Organic Law 25/1999 of the 13th of December, regarding Personal Data Protection, we inform you of the inclusion of your personal and professional data in an automated file entitled STUDENTS and FORMER STUDENTS, managed by the Istituto Europeo di Design S.L., with the aim of offering you information on the administrative processing of your academic record, course and training applications, information, scholarships and grants, events, workshops and any other promotional purpose. You are likewise informed of your right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the use of your data, by writing to the following address: Istituto Europeo di Design, calle Larra, 14 28004 Madrid o
  20. Participation in this competition entails the acceptance of these conditions **.

*The expenses of additional didactic activities are not included in the scholarship amount.

**These conditions are correct except for printing errors and can be found at

CURATORIAL PROGRAM CALL for South America. Deadline: Jan. 5, 2016

THE CURATORIAL PROGRAM FOR RESEARCH (CPR) is the core facilitator of an international network of curators, artists and institutions. Through open calls and full research scholarships, CPR has three goals: first, to enable a direct, in situ communication between international curators and local artists. Secondly, to promote equal access to knowledge. And third, to act as a platform for promotion and practice for the participating curators and hosts.

With a nomadic and intensive format, CPR promotes dialogue between international curators and local artistic scenes. The program was created by curators and for curators, and is a non-profit international organization based in Indianapolis, USA, with satellite locations in more than 12 cities throughout the world. Each satellite city develops its activities through partnerships with local institutions, designating a host curator for each case. CPR draws up an academic program, with specialized readings about art history and general knowledge, together with visits to museums and artist studios, and discussions with scholars and experts.





Independent curators and those with institutional affiliations may apply. Applications from curators with 2+ years of professional experience will be considered. A jury comprised of CPR’s executive board as well as CPR local hosts will select the participants.

To be considered a candidate for the CPR 2016: South America, please submit a full application that contains the following:

• A completed application form (2 pages)

• A statement of up to 400 words. This statement should include your knowledge of the area to be visited as well as your expectations about how the Program will expand your existing body of work and/or enhance your professional development.

• A Curriculum Vitae (abridged to no more than 2 pages)

• US$ 25 application fee. Please, note that no application will be considered until the application fee is paid. 

To download the APPLICATION FORM please click here

To pay the APPLICATION FEE please click here

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