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Lens Culture International Exposure Awards: Closed


Lens Culture International Exposure Awards discover, reward, and promote talented, new, emerging and established photographers from around the world.

We’re looking for exciting images from every continent, and from diverse points of view: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, street photography, nature, sports, fashion, poetic, personal, abstract and human.

An international jury of photography experts will review and judge every photo submitted.

This year, in addition to cash awards and other prizes, we’re delighted to announce that all winning photographs will be featured in well-publicized International Exposure Awards traveling exhibitions at galleries in Paris, New York and San Francisco in 2011. (Additional international gallery venues may be announced soon.) The winning photographs will also get prominent, exclusive photo features in Lens Culture, giving them access and broad exposure to an enthusiastic, influential worldwide audience.

Six photographers will win top honors (3 Portfolio Awards, and 3 Single Image Awards). Additionally, 25 photographers (from either category) will win Honorable Mention Awards.

Last year, we received over 6,000 images from photographers in 48 countries on six continents! Many of the 29 winners from 2009 continue to achieve great success with their careers — winning other awards (including two World Press Photo Awards), signing publishing contracts, getting editorial assignments, group and solo exhibitions, artists residencies, and having their work collected by institutions and private collectors around the world.

Award Categories and Prizes

All levels of emerging and professional photographers are invited to apply for these awards. Two categories of photographs will be judged:

Portfolio Awards

Submit 10 to 15 photographic images that are linked — thematically, aesthetically, as a story, or simply as a range of your photographic talent. Edit your selections carefully, since this category will be judged on the strength of the group of photographs as a whole, and not as individual photographs. Entry fee: $75.

Portfolio Category Prizes:

Grand Prize $2,500 cash
2nd Prize $1,000 cash
3rd Prize $500 cash


Each winning portfolio will be presented in a prominent feature article in Lens Culture (along with the photographers’ names and links to their web pages), PLUS publication in our deluxe 2010 Winner’s Catalog, AND inclusion in the International Exposure Awards traveling exhibitions — all powerful ways to get the attention of hundreds of thousands of photography lovers!

Single Image Photo Awards

Often, a single powerful photograph captures our attention as important, artistic, meaningful, and memorable. A great photo can stand on its own, demonstrating a remarkable level of visual perception, sensitivity, and creativity. Photographs of all genres and all categories are welcome. The jury will choose three cash prize winners in this category. Entry fees: $35 per image, or $60 to submit two to five images.

Prizes for Single Image Photo Awards:

Grand prize: $1,500 cash
2nd prize: $500 cash
3rd prize: $250 cash


All Single Image Winners will be presented in a prominent feature article in Lens Culture (along with the photographers’ names and links to their web pages), PLUS publication in our deluxe 2010 International Exposure Awards Winners Catalog, AND inclusion in the International Exposure Awards traveling exhibitions.

25 Honorable Mention Awards:

25 Honorable Mention photographs (chosen by the judges from either category — Portfolio or Single Image) will win prominent placement of a single photo on the Award Winner’s Page in Lens Culture, including a link to your own personal or professional website. PLUS publication in our deluxe 2010 International Exposure Awards Winners Catalog, AND inclusion in the International Exposure Awards traveling exhibitions.

ALL winners will also be announced in the Lens Culture blog, along with a special mention in the Lens Culture email newsletter that is sent to thousands of subscribers. Prints of some of the winning images may also be eligible for sale via Lens Culture Editions, subject to an optional agreement between the winner and Lens Culture.

Submit your photos by September 18, 2010

Applicants must submit their photos to us online at: After you have uploaded your images and information, you will be asked to pay your submission fee of $75 for the Portfolio category, or $35 (to submit one photo) or $60 (to submit two to five photos) for the Single Image category. For good image quality and fast upload, your image files should be less than 2 MB each, and sized around 1024 x 768 pixels @ 72 ppi. Our online portal offers additional instruction for submitting work. For complete submission guidelines and rules, please see our FAQs and rules.

Winners will be announced on October 15, 2010

Prizes will be awarded, and all winning photographs will be exhibited online, prominently, to coincide with Lens Culture’s extra-special Paris Photo Edition in November 2010.

About Lens Culture

Lens Culture is one of the most popular and influential online magazines about contemporary photography today. The site attracts between 7,000 and 10,000+ unique visitors every day, from more than 50 countries (over 2.7 million visits each year). Our audience includes photography collectors, photo editors, book publishers, museum curators, art gallery owners, agents, critics, journalists, festival directors, and other passionate lovers of photography. Several artists whose photographs have gained attention as a result of their feature in Lens Culture have won book publishing contracts, solo and group art gallery shows, museum exhibitions, participation in international photography festivals, and commissions from around the world. Select artists are offered the opportunity to sell limited editions of their work through Lens Culture Editions, earning them thousands of dollars from sales to international art collectors.

Good luck!

Jan van Eyck Academie Call: Closed Oc. 1, 2010

Application deadline
1 October 2010

Jan van Eyck Academie
Academieplein 1
6211 KM Maastricht
The Netherlands

The Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for research and production where artists, designers and theoreticians work alongside each other.

The JVE has positions available in the Fine Art and Design Departments for the next academic year, starting on 1 January 2011. Artists are invited to submit proposals for individual research projects; designers can apply for one of the projects formulated by the department.

The Fine Art department offers a unique space for experimentation, production, reflection and debate. Researchers conduct their artistic research in an environment that encourages questioning of the assumptions, forms, meanings and contexts that are tied to the practice of making art today. The Fine Art department welcome artists, individuals and groups, without stipulating conditions regarding form, content and media.

Artistic practice is supported by a programme of events and sustained conversations organised by the (advising) researchers. The academy offers expertise in all media and production areas, in-house or in cooperation with partner organisations, and encourages publishing through the Jan van Eyck publication series.

The Fine Art Department is headed by advising researchers Hans-Christian Dany, Imogen Stidworthy and Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi.

Candidate researchers for the Design Department can apply for one of the following projects:

Strijp-S is an urban development plan that tries to turn the 66-acres of the former Philips factory in Eindhoven from a ‘Forbidden City’ into a ‘ Creative City with an unequalled character’. The project is a visual research into new divisions of labour that emerge as soon as heavy industries and mass-production are replaced by what is coined as cognitive, immaterial or affective labour.

The project calls for designers, urbanists, video- and filmmakers.
Advising researcher: Florian Schneider

Exploring the practice, methods and messages of type-design, *Latent stare* proposes a gathering and study of selected typefaces and stories, from the 1900s onwards – when technology had accelerated, and begun to affect, the production and distribution of new types. The selected material is affiliated to a political, social or spiritual set of beliefs which feed back into the typefaces creation, design and/or use.

Advising researcher: David Bennewith

NEUTRALITY_Polity and Space in the Post-Eurocentric City
Researches the modalities and substances that contemporary practices of neutrality give rise to and contribute in sustaining. The project will aim at outlining innovative paths towards design agency and creativity and analyses forms of transformation and control of contemporary space.

Advising researcher: John Palmesino

HTML5 is supposed to open a new chapter in web design and web-based publishing. Open Video will research into past and present open-source video implementations to develop an independent platform that explores the specific potentials of self-authored and self-managed, open-source video publishing initiatives against the backdrop of the overwhelming dominance of mass-media like content providers.

The project calls for code developers, web designers and digital content producers.
Advising researcher: Florian Schneider

REMOTE SENSING_Biopolitical Imagery
Investigates how new remote-sensing technologies are shaping and carving contemporary spaces of operation and sovereignty, and focuses on the agency that these new technologies elicit and entail. The project singles out a series of contemporary situations and traces the complex links and exchanges between the production of new images through remote sensing and the outline of new legal and governmental issues.

The project calls for data visualisation designers, interaction designers, urbanists, architects, photographers, video and filmmakers.
Advising researchers: John Palmesino and Florian Schneider

More information on each project on

The Design Department is currently headed by advising researchers John Palmesino, Florian Schneider and Daniel van der Velden.

Please visit our website at for more information on facilities, applications, and the Jan van Eyck Academie in general.

OPEN CALL: FESTIVAL BAC 11.0: Closed 7th of September 2010



Any artist or collective of artists from all over the World are welcome to participate · Works must be developed after the 1st of January, 2007 with a maximum length of 6 minutes · Each participant can present a maximum of 6 works · The organization can use still frames and/or fragments of the work for its divulgation in the media, always under the Festival framework · Works authorities is responsibility of the participants · The organization is not responsible from the artworks’ content · Shipping expenses will be covered by the participant · The organization does not cover insurances from the artworks exhibition copies presented · The documentation and files submitted will not be returned but destroyed per request · When the participant is a collective, it should have one person designated as responsible for c ommunications with the organization ·


The call for participations opens on Thursday 1st of July 2010 and closes on Tuesday 7th of September 2010.


The highly determinant factors would be:

– Artistic quality of the proposal and its presentation
– Plastic abilities and research with digital and analogical mediums
– Reference of the proposal to the suggested theme
– If not finished yet, viability of the proposal


Organization and chief curator will make the first selection of the proposals received. The curator responsible of each section from the Festival would make the final selection. Jury selection would be final.


Final results will be published in BAC! website:, as well as a nnounced through a VideoArtWorld Bulletin, at the end of September 2010. Once published the organization will contact each artist to inform about the following steps to follow.


*********** ************ ************


One form must be completed for each artwork presented

E-MAIL:     &ensp ;

YEAR OF PRODUCTION (2007-2010) :
DURATION (máx. 6 minutes):
4:3 16:9
NTSC PAL (preferred format)

TECHNIQUES: (please select up to 2)
CAMERA CAPTURING, please select:
HD DV 35mm 16mm Super 8 Other:

Video art (conceptually reflecting about TIME) Analogue Textures
Animation 2D & 3D Stopmotion & Pixilation Micro-short films
Music Clips Motion Graphics & Bootlegs Veejeing & Sound Veejeing
Kinetic Instalations Performance

BRIEF SYPNOSIS OF THE WORK: Conceptual description of the piece (not technical), this text will appear in the catalogue and should have between 300 and 700 characters, including spaces.


– Video File in exhibition quality: Minimum size: 720 x 420 pixels
Formats: .mov, .avi, mpg, .mp4, .wmv , .vob.
– From one to three images in printing resolution (300dpi)


– Digital upload:

Please mention details of the artist / work / section and send form to

– Post mail:
La Santa
Apartado de Correos 64007
08080 Barcelona / España

Premios y Convocatorias en EL PATI DE LA LLOTJA

Premios y Convocatorias


Éste es un espacio de nueva creación que se enmarca en el festival EMERGENT-LLEIDA y, en concreto, dentro de las jornadas Nice To meet You. Un meeting point que pretende establecer intercambios y generar redes y sinergias entre los artistas/fotógrafos emergentes en tanto que creadores y los comisarios, los festivales, las galerías, o agentes del sector artístico. El Pati de la Llotja será la gran “cafetería” del festival donde compartir, gozar y relacionarse a la misma vez con las creaciones de los autores noveles.

En este aspecto, el festival apadrinará cada año, mediante una convocatoria pública internacional, una serie de artistas emergentes —una treintena— ofreciéndoles un espacio en el PATI DE LA LLOTJA donde puedan mostrar su portfolio a los agentes de los sector del arte que el festival convocará específicamente.

FASE 1. Presentación de los trabajos.

Derechos de participación en la Fase 1.


Quién puede participar

Cualquier artista/fotógrafo que se considere emergente, de cualquier país y sin limite de edad.

Trabajos a presentar

Hay que presentar una serie de entre 15 y 20 fotografías en formato digital englobadas bajo un único tema.

Cómo enviar los trabajos

Se deberán enviar a través de la web del festival.
Hay que rellenar el formulario y seguidamente se podrán subir las fotografías que deberán tener las siguientes características técnicas:
Les fotografías no podrán superar los 1000 píxeles por el lado mayor.
Las fotografías no podrán pesar más de 900 KB.
Les fotografías llevarán incrustado el perfeil RGB (1998).

Fecha límite para la presentación de trababajos on-line

Día 12 de septiembre de 2010.

Quién hará la seleccón de los autores que asistirán al Pati de la Llotja

El equipo del fanzine 10×15 serán los reponsables de hacer la selección de trabajos y autores finalistas que participarán en el Pati de la Llotja.

FASE 2. Sobre los trabajos seleccionados

Los autores finalistas se comprometerán a estar presentes con su porfolio impreso en el Pati de la Llotja los días 21 y 22 d’octubre de 2010 en Lleida. Allí dispondrán de un espacio físico para mostrar sus trabajos tanto a los visionadores como al público en general, a la vez que optarán a los distintos premios vinculados a la actividad de El Pati de la Llotja.

Los autores traerán sus fotografías impresas a una tamaño d 30×40 cm sin montar, ya que la organización facilitará una caja/contendeor con carpetas para mostrar los trabajos. Cada participante podrá adjuntar el material que considere necesario para su promoción y que complemente su porfolio.

Derechos de participación: 69 €

Los artistas seleccionados abonarán 69 € al festival en concepto de derechos de participación. Una vez hecha la selección la organización contactará con los participantes y éstos dispondrán de una semana para hacer el ingreso. Los derechos de participación no incluyen ni alojamiento, ni viajes ni dietas.

Los visionadores y programadores

Algunas de les personas que ya han confirmado su participación como visionadores de los trabajos son:
Christian Caujolle (Fundador de la agencia VU y director del festival de fotografía de Camboya), David Balsells (Fundació Forvm), Mariona Fernández (Talleres Islados), Vicenç Boned (Galería Tagomago), Jordi Bernadó (Fotógrafo), Antoni Jove (Centre d’Art la Panera), Maria Cerezo y Emma Llensa (Carpaccio Maganzie), Joana Hurtado (Crítca de La Vanguardia y comisaria independiente), Joaquim Ruiz (Galería H2O), Fernado Peracho (Galería Valid Foto), Roser Xandri (Galería Espai Cavallers), Júlio Álvarez (Galería Spectrum Soto), Maribel Nadal (Galería UNA –París), Andrea Algueró y Héctor Velázquez (EFE24), Ricardo Juarez (Revista News-Papers), Tatiana Kourochkina (Galeria TK, BCN), Gustavo y Ángela Alemán (Galería Gatos de Marte de Múrcia), Pedro Vicente Mullor (profesor visitante de teoría de la fotografía de la Universidad UCA, Farnham (Reino Unido) y co-director del postgrado de fotografía de la Escuela Elisava de Barcelona), Laura Clemente (Galeria de arte: La Pan, Barcelona / Pantocrator Gallery, Berlín), Sílvia Omedes (directora Fundación Photographyc Social Vision), Jesús Micó (fotógrafo y responsable de programación de la sala KURSALA de la Universidad de Cádiz), Pablo Pérez Losada (responsable área de fotografía Centre Cívic Can Basté), Glòria Picazo (directora del Centre d’Art La Panera), Núria Gras (directora de talleres y seminarios La Magistral), Manel Úbeda (fotógrafo, professor y co-fundador de La Magistral), José Manuel Macrillante (The Private Space Books), Silvia Giorgetti (The Private Space Gallery), equipo de Piel de Foto, Cecilio Puertas Herrera (PA-TA-TA. Festival de Fotografía Emergente de Granada), Moritz Neumüller (Comisario independiente, director de Loop’08 y dirigirá l’European Master of Fine Art Photography del IED Madrid), equipo fanzine 10×15 y más……… la lista se irá ampliando.

Espacio web para los artistas seleccionados

Los artistas seleccionados dispondrán de un espacio concreto en la web del festival con el objetivo de dar a conocer su trabajo a través de Internet. Este espacio estará siempre activo y tiene como objetivo llegar a cualquier programador del mundo interesado en encontrar a nuevos artistas. El apartado “artistas” de nuestra web será el que acojerá a los distintos autores seleccionados.


Además de tener la oportunidad de mostrar ámpliamente su obra, los aturoes seleccionados optarán a los siguientes premios:

1. Premio 10×15
Los comisarios del equipo del Fanzine 10×15 seleccionarán aquellos autores y trabajos que consideren necesarios para confeccionar un número especial del fanzine que se publicará on-line el próximo mes de noviembre.

2. Cuadernos editados por The Private Space Books
Entre 5 y 6 autores serán seleccionados y se les editará su obra en unos cuadernos. La edición irá a cargo de The Private Space Books y se presentará en Barcelona durante el mes de julio de 2011.

3. Exposición colectiva en The Private Space Gallery
Entre 5 y 6 autores serán seleccionados para participar en la exposición colectiva que producirá The Private Space Gallery y que se inaugurará durante el mes de julio de 2011 en la galeria que The Private Space Gallery tiene en Barcelona.

4. Exposición individual en la galería Valid Foto Bcn
Fernando Peracho de Valid Foto BCN seleccionará a uno de los artistas y se le producirá una exposición individual para el 2011 en la galería. Al mismo tiempo el artista será representado por la galería en los eventos y ferias a las que ésta asista.

* Los premios se anunciarán en la gala de clausura de las jornadas Nice To Meet You el día 22 de octubre de 2010.
* El Pati de la Llotja se celebrará en la Sala Martina Castells del nuevo centro de congre sos de La Llotja en Lleida.
* La organización del festival se reserva el derecho a resolver cualquier aspecto no incluido en estas bases.

Premis i Convocatòries: EL PATI DE LA LLOTJA

Premis i Convocatòries


El Pati de la Llotja és un espai de nova creació que s’emmarca dins el festival EMERGENT-LLEIDA 2010 i, més concretament dins les jornades Nice To meet You. Un meeting point que el que pretén és establir intercanvis i generar xarxes i sinèrgies entre els artistes/fotògrafs emergents en tant que creadors i, els comissaris, els festivals, les galeries o les editorials. El Pati de la Llotja és l’espai que proposa el festival Emergent-LLeida per a que puguis donar a conéixer el teu treball inclús més enllà del propi festival.

En aquest sentit, el festival apadrinarà cada any, mitjançant una convocatòria pública internacional, un seguit d’artistes emergents -una trentena- oferint-los un espai físic en el PATI DE LA LLOTJA i un de visrtual a la web d’EMERGENT-LLEIDA on puguin mostrar el seu portfoli als agents del sector de l’art que el festival convocarà específicament.

FASE 1. Presentació de treballs.

Drets de participació en la Fase 1


Qui pot participar

Qualsevol artista/fotògraf que es consideri emergent, de qualsevol país i sense limit d’edat.

Els treballs a presentar

S’ha de presentar una sèrie de entre 15 i 20 fotografies en format digital englobades en un únic tema.

Com enviar els treball

Els treballs s’enviaran a través del web del festival.
Abans d’enviar els treballs cal omplir el formulari (web del festival, apartat premis).
Seguidament es podran pujar les fotografies una per una amb les següents condicions tècniques:
Les fotografies no podran superar els 1000 píxels pel costat més gran.
Cada fotografia no podrà pesar més de 900 KB.
Les fotografies s’enviaran amb el perfil RGB (1998) incrustat.

Termini de presentació dels treballs

El termini per a presentar els treballs finalitzarà el dia 12 de setembre de 2010.

Qui farà la selecció dels autors que assistiran al Pati de la Llotja

L’equip del fanzine 10×15 és el responsable de fer la selecció de treballs i autors finalistes que participaran al Pati de la Llotja.

FASE 2. Dels treballs seleccionats

Els autors que hagin estat seleccionats hauran d’estar presents a Lleida els dies 21 i 22 d’octubre de 2010. Allí disposaran d’un espai per mostrar els seus treballs als visionadors del Pati de la Llotja i al públic assistent a la vegada que optaran als diferents premis vinculats a aquesta activitat.

Els autors portaran les fotografies impreses a una mida de 30×40 cm sense montar, ja que l’organització els hi facilitarà una capsa contendor amb unes carpetes de protfoli per ensenyar els treballs. Podran adjuntar tot alló condierin necessari per tal de complementar el treball exposat.

Drets de participació: 69 €

Els artistes seleccionats hauran d’abonar al festival l’import de 69 € en concepte de participació en aquesta activiat. L’organització es posarà en contacte amb els seleccionats i aquests hauran d’abonar els diners en un termini màxim d’una setmana. (Aquest import no inclou ni allotjaments, ni dietes ni viatges).

Visionadors i programadors

Algunes de les persones que ja han compromés la seva participació com a visionadors dels treballs: Christian Caujolle (Fundador de l’agència VU i director del festival de fotografia de Cambotja), David Balsells (Fundació Forvm), Mariona Fernández (Talleres Islados), Vicenç Boned (Galeria Tagomago), Jordi Bernadó (Fotògraf), Antoni Jove (Centre d’Art la Panera), Maria Cerezo i Emma Llensa (Carpaccio Maganzie), Joana Hurtado (Crítca de La Vanguardia i comissaria independent), Joaquim Ruiz (Galeria H2O), Fernado Peracho (Galería Valid Foto), Roser Xandri (Galeria Espai Cavallers), Júlio Álvarez (Galería Spectrum Soto), Maribel Nadal (Galeria UNA –París), Andrea Algueró i Héctor Velázquez (EFE24), Ricardo Juarez (Revista News-Papers), Tatiana Kourochkina (Galeria TK, BCN), Gustavo i Ángela Alemán (Galeria Gatos de Marte de Múrcia), Pedro Vicente Mullor (professor visitant de teoria de la fotografia de la Universidad UCA, Farnham (Reino Unido) i co-director del postgrau de fotografia de l’Escola Elisava de Barcelona), Pablo Pérez Losada (responsable àrea de fotografia Centre Cívic Can Basté), Laura Clemente (Galeria d’art: La Pan, Barcelona / Pantocrator Gallery, Berlín), Sílvia Omedes (directora Fundació Photographyc Social Vision), Jesús Micó (fotògraf i responsable de programació de la sala KURSALA de la Universidad de Cádiz), Glòria Picazo (Directora del Centre d’Art La Panera), Núria Gras (directora de tallers i seminaris La Magistral), Manel Úbeda (fotògraf, professor i co-fundador de La Magistral), José Manuel Macrillante (The Private Space Books), Silvia Giorgetti (The Private Space Gallery), equip de Piel de Foto, Cecilio Puertas Herrera (PA-TA-TA. Festival de Fotografía Emergente de Granada), Moritz Neumüller (Comissari independent, ha estat director de Loop’08 i dirigirà l’European Master of Fine Art Photography del IED Madrid), equip del fanzine 10×15 i més…..…Aquesta llista és oberta i s’hi aniran afegint altres persones.

Espai web per als artistes seleccionats

Els artistes seleccionats al Pati de la Llotja disposaran d’un espai específc en la web del festival amb l’objectiu de donar a conéixer la seva obra més enllà del propi festival. Aquest espai estarà visible mentre el festival estigui actiu i qualsevol persona interessada en la recerca de nous talens en podrà consultar la informació. Aquest espai el podreu trobar al menú principal de la web del festival en el submenúl: Artistes.


A més de tenir la oportunitat de mostrar àmpliament la seva obra, els autors seleccionats al Pati de la Llotja optaran als següents premis:

1. Premi 10×15
Els comissaris de l’equip del Fanzine 10×15 seleecionaran aquells autors i treballs que considerin necessaris per confeccionar un número especial del fanzine i que es publicarà on-line en col·laboració amb el festival.

2. Quaderns editats per The Private Space Books
Entre 5 i 6 autors presents al Pati de la Llotja seran seleccionats i se’ls editarà la seva obra en uns quaderns (llibre) que editarà The Private Space Books i que es presentaran a Barcelona durant el juliol de 2011.

3. Exposició col·lectiva a The Private Space Gallery
Entre 5 i 6 autors presents al Pati de la Llotja seran seleccionats per participar en l’exposició col·lectiva que produirà The Private Space Gallery i que s’inaugurarà durant el mes de juliol de 2011 a la galeria de The Private Space Gallery té a Barcelona.

4 Exposició individual a la galeria Valid Foto BCN
Fernando Peracho Valid Foto BCN seleccionarà a un dels artistes presents del Pati de la Llotja i se li produirà una expo individual que es mostararà a la mateixa galeria durant el 2011. Al mateix temps aquest artista estarà representat en les fires on la galeria es presenta.

*Els diferents premis s’anunciaran a la gala de colenda del festival que se celebrarà en el marc de les jornades Nice To Meet You el dia 22 d’octubre de 2010.
*El Pati de la Llotja se celebrarà a la Sala Martina Castells del nou centre de congressos La Llotja de Lleida i dins els actes del Nice To Meet You entre els dies 20 i 22 d’octubre de 2010.
*L’organització del festival resoldrà els imprevistos que surgeixin.

Premio Fotocam 2010

Premio Fotocam 2010. XVI Edición

  • Tipo de evento: Premios y Concursos
  • Fecha inicio de presentación: 27 Julio de 2010
  • Fecha fin de presentación: 30 Septiembre de 2010
  • Más información sobre el Premio/Concurso:
    La Excelencia en Fotografía de Naturaleza / Bases del Concurso
  • Entidad organizadora: Obra Social de la CAM
  • Dotación: Cada categoría recibirá un primer premio de 1.500 euros y uno de 500 al finalista. Además, el Premio Absoluto Fotocam 2010 será de 6.000 euros (en los que se incluye los 1.500 de la categoría correspondiente).
  • Ubicación actual : Doctor Gadea, 1
    03007 Alicante
    Tel.: 965 905 298


C A L L   F O R   E N T R I E S

||||||| LAST DEADLINE: JULY 30, 2010


The call for entries is open until July 30, 2010, for the ‘Rencontres Internationales’ that will take place in Paris at the Centre Pompidou from Nov. 25 to Dec. 4, 2010, and in Madrid and Berlin in 2011.
Those three events will feature an international programming focusing on film, video and multimedia, gathering works of artists and filmmakers recognized on the international scene along with young artists and filmmakers.

ANY INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION CAN SUBMIT ONE OR SEVERAL WORKS. THE CALL FOR ENTRIES IS OPEN TO FILM, VIDEO AND MULTIMEDIA WORKS, without any restrictions for length or genre. All submissions are free, regardless of geographical origin… [click here >>>]

• FILMS AND VIDEOS – any film and video format
* Video / Experimental video
* Fiction, exp. fiction / Short, middle and full length
* Documentary, exp. documentary
* Experimental film
* Animation

* Video installation, multimedia installation * Net art * Multimedia concert, multimedia performance

You may choose between two types of registration:
• Until July 30, 2010: Entry form to use with regular mail
• Until July 30, 2010: 100% online entry form with video upload

PLEASE FORWARD this information to art and film organizations, art networks, production organizations, artists and filmmakers you are in contact with.

The ‘Rencontres Internationales’ offers more than a simple presentation of the works. It introduces an intercultural forum gathering various guests from all over the world – artists and filmmakers, institutions and emerging organizations – to testify of their reflections and their experiences, but also of artistic and cultural contexts that are often undergoing deep changes.
The ‘Rencontres Internationales’ reflects specificities and convergences of artistic practices between new cinema and contemporary art, explores emerging media art practices and their critical purposes, and makes possible a necessary time when points of view meet and are exchanged.
The event aims at presenting works to a broad audience, at creating circulations between different art practices and between different audiences, as well as creating new exchanges between artists, filmmakers and professionals.
It seeks to contribute to a reflection on our contemporary culture of image via a compelling program opened to everyone..

In 2007, the Rencontres Internationales, which initially took place in Paris and Berlin, opened up to a third city: Madrid. The event constitutes a unique artistic and cultural platform in Europe for artists, professional networks and various audiences. The venues in the three cities are in particular the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, the Reina Sofia National Museum and the Spanish Cinematheque in Madrid.

The ‘Rencontres Internationales’ is a non-commercial event without competition, supported by French, German, Spanish and international institutions.