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Eloi Gimeno Photobook Award

Deadline: May 14, 2023

The second edition of the Eloi Gimeno Prize for the best photobook will be held at the Artslibris Barcelona 2023 fair (9-11 June).

The career of this artist revitalised Spanish photography through photobooks, taking aesthetic risks, self-publishing, working with elegance in the design of his books and setting in motion processes of collective creation.

Eloi Gimeno is a fundamental figure in understanding the history of the photobook in Spain, and the prize that bears his name is intended to continue writing this history as well as to pay tribute to our friend and keep alive his memory and his special way of understanding life and his profession.

This award seeks to support and reward those photobooks that honour the creative and collaborative spirit of Eloi Gimeno. Works promoted by small publishers, self-published or collectives that constitute innovative, risky proposals and that demonstrate creative freedom will be especially valued. Likewise, the design work, the discourse and the synergy between designer, photographer and the rest of the publishing team will be judged positively.

The jury will be made up of Roc Herms @rocherms, Tanit Plana @tanitplana and Manuel Outomuro @outomuro_oficial.

The reception of the books in digital format will take place from 31 March to 14 May 2023.

The prize will have a financial award of €2000 for the author, which will be provided jointly by Foto Colectania and Artslibris. The winning book will also be disseminated by the three organising entities during the following year and, among other things, will be presented at Foto Colectania and will be included in the library of the Friends of Eloi Gimeno Association.

The winner will be announced on the closing day of Sunday 11 June at the Artslibris fair.

For more information, see the rules of the prize at