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Blog post on Curating

The absorption of the word “curating” into everyday speech perhaps signals the democratization of a notoriously inaccessible profession within a notoriously inaccessible industry. It can only be a good thing if an encounter with curating in a new context encourages people from more diverse backgrounds to be attracted to the profession.

Read more on this interesting blog post on job title of “curator”, which “is no longer limited to a specialist position within a cultural institution”. As the author Barnie Page well explains, from restaurant menus to playlists, listicles to Instagram feeds and shopping “edits,” all sorts of miscellany claim to have been curated. Fun fact: “There is even a beef jerky brand called The Curator”.  

One doubt: While Page claims in the post that “In the 10-plus years I’ve worked in the world of contemporary art, I have never had a job with the word ‘curator’ in its title”, on his website he says “I am a curator and consultant with more than 10 years’ experience of working with artists and galleries and other cultural organisations.”

So which will it be? Especially taking into account that in 2015, he finished an MFA in “Curating, Goldsmiths, University of London”.

Anyways, have a look!

Best wishes, the Captain of the beefy and jerky, the one and only Curator Ship.

[Prompt of image: “photograph of museum curators having fun on the deck of a luxury sailing yacht in the evening, blue color dominant, the sun set 10 minutes ago, cinematographic shot”.]