Calls Deadline 03/2023 Residencies

Residency in Spain: Analog Photographic Experimentation

Deadline: March 14, 2023

Experimentation aims to select eight artists specialized in the field of analog photography or processes so that they can share a workspace for a week, from the 4 to 11 June 2023. The residency will be carried out with the aim of promoting cultural and artistic exchange between the participants and developing a collective project, which exceeds the sum of the individual works.
The working environment will allow participants to share their knowledge, concepts and procedures, as well as work with the various techniques, methods and processes chosen by them. This meeting will result in an exhibition that can be seen at the 2024 Revela’t festival.
The residency takes place during the main weekend of the festival, so participants can attend the activities and experience the festival by themselves.

Who can apply?
Amateur or professional photographers of any nationality, origin, or place of residence, over 18 years of age or with the permission of their legal tutor, can register for the cal. Those who work primarily in the field of chemical photography and who are willing to work individually or as a team during this exchange.
The project must be developed during the festival, but the author will have all year to finish it. The selection of the participants will take into account the professional trajectory, the interest of the work, the suitability of the work to the resources of Revela’t as well as the technique or techniques used and the contribution that it can make to the artistic exchange.
The selection of participants will be decided by the organization and the two coordinators and will be final. The mastery of specific photographic techniques that can bring added value to the rest of the group will be evaluated.

A week of artistic exchange with seven other photographers and two tutors to develop a project that will be exhibited in Revela’t 2024. You’ll find more details of the organization’s coverage in the terms and conditions.