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European Union Prize for Citizen Science

Deadline: March 13, 2023

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The European Union Prize for Citizen Science recognizes outstanding achievements in the advancement of knowledge through the empowerment of civil society in the development of the future.
The Prize honors Citizen Science Initiatives in the European Research Area that enact change, expand knowledge, and demonstrate innovative Open Science processes that rethink existing practices while addressing social, cultural, environmental, educational, and political advancement.
Citizen Science is demonstrated by “general public engagement in scientific research activities when citizens actively contribute to science either with their intellectual effort or surrounding knowledge, or with their tools and resources” (European Commission, 2014).
The Prize invites submissions from a diverse range of initiatives that demonstrate outstanding examples of both citizens engaging with science and research, and scientists and researchers engaging with society. An initiative could consist of a project, a series of projects, an activity, or series of activities.
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The Prize is open to initiatives operating within a wide-ranging scope of scientific and social activities that engage citizens and aim to deliver scientific advancement and social benefits, support communities, and foster an open and inclusive civil society.
The Prize is awarded annually by Ars Electronica on behalf of the European Commission. The Prize ceremony takes place at Ars Electronica Festival in September. No fees are charged to enter the competition. Each application has to refer to a project that, at the time of submission, is either completed or advanced enough as indicated by e.g. preliminary outcomes to allow the jury to assess its merit. Further on, the submitted initiatives/projects should not be older than two years or, if completed more than two years ago, must still show a significant update or further development through active work within the last two years.

Examples of types of eligible initiatives include:
• (digital) humanities research engaging with citizens
• science engagement for and with citizens
• science and research communication with citizens as well as citizen engagement in science and research communication
• participatory and participatory artistic-led research
• science education that engages citizens
• and other outstanding initiatives in the field of citizen science e.g. in terms of activities and results, stakeholders involved, or policy impact

Grand Prize: € 60.000
Diversity & Collaboration Award: € 20.000
Digital Communities Award: € 20.000

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