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The Routledge Companion to Photography, Representation and Social Justice 

Edited By Moritz Neumüller

Edition 1st Edition, First Published 2022

eBook Published 30 December 2022


Pages 454

eBook ISBN 9781003219279

While the hardback copy costs a small fortune, the eBook is very reasonably priced at £31.99

Including work by leading scholars, artists, scientists and practitioners in the field of visual culture, The Routledge Companion to Photography, Representation and Social Justice is a seminal reference source for the new roles and contexts of photography in the twenty-first century.

Bringing together a diverse set of contributions from across the globe, the volume explores current debates surrounding post-colonial thinking, empowerment, identity, contemporary modes of self-representation, diversity in the arts, the automated creation and use of imagery in science and industry, vernacular imagery and social media platforms and visual mechanisms for control and manipulation in the age of surveillance capitalism and deep fakes, as well as the role of imagery in times of crisis, such as pandemics, wars and climate change. The analysis of these complex themes will be anchored in existing theoretical frameworks but also include new ways of thinking about social justice and representation and how to cope with our daily image tsunami. Individual chapters bring together a diverse set of contributions, featuring essays, interviews, conversations and case studies by artists, scientists, curators, scholars, medical doctors, astrophysicists and social activists, who all share a strong interest in how lens-based media have shaped our world in recent years.

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