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BURO STEDELIJK – Call for Participation

Deadline: January 31, 2023


Recently, the newly formed Buro Stedelijk announced Rita Ouédraogo and Azu Nwagbogu as its founding curators. The Buro Stedelijk is an initiative of the Stedelijk Museum in close collaboration with de Rijksakademie and De Ateliers, with the aim to bridge the missing link between studio practice, academic training programs, and the galleries into close dialogue with the museum. Buro Stedelijk is conceived as a multidisciplinary space, with a focus on the production process, fueled by the creative scene in Amsterdam, with an international dimension. A place where curators, artists and other makers have the freedom to create and present new work which will give fresh impetus to Amsterdam.

“We believe that the present and future of the art world require deeper collaborative practices and good listening— not just between institutions and artists, but between everybody in the art world ecosystem. This means paying close attention to what they are saying in their practice, knowing how to probe and engage by posing the right questions and providing a platform for this engagement. We imagine Buro Stedelijk as an observatory offering alternative, experimental ways of seeing and being through radical artistic principles.”

Buro Stedelijk invites proposals and papers from those willing to participate in this initial performative discourse session that hopefully will guide the future of Buro Stedelijk. We aim to explore ideas which go beyond institutional critique and that delve into remediative practices. The idea is to tap into the reiterative power of discourse to produce new phenomena and logic to shift current status quo.

A one page/500-word/audio recording in any preferred language with proposals that offer new ways towards institution building in and with Amsterdam are welcome. Please send your proposals to before January 31, 2023. Invited participants will engage in a two-day workshop at Buro Stedelijk.