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Fotofestival SOLAR Call

Deadline: 28 November 2022


Fotofestival SOLAR invites local and international authors to apply for the portfolio review and for the night of projections of photo and video essays.
In its second edition, SOLAR proposes a reflection on the importance of dreams and their transformative power, as they build new imaginaries and give new meanings to the future.
SOLAR if part of a strategic plan for the strengthening of culture and arts through photography, devised by Ceará’s Department of Culture and by Mirante Institute of Arts and Culture, defining itself as an anchor event in Brazil.
Fotofestival SOLAR invites authors around the world to participate, enabling a dialog between the city and the national and international art scenes, all focused on the theme of dream and magic, a motto capable of generating hope, kindling the imagination and our urges.
In a time when the world projects itself through algorithms and statistics, reducing dreams down to folly or delusion, it’s pressing to go back to imagining and uncovering leads for possible futures.
To not be afraid to dream – that is the essential theme for understanding our time, which spreads to every realm of life – political, economic, social, and cultural.
And so, we seek to highlight the aesthetic importance of image in society, encouraging a reflection on the paths we dream to tread from now on, including collaborative, affection-restoring relationships with planet Earth.

The NOITE SOLAR and the PORTFOLIO REVIW will take place during Fotofestival SOLAR’s opening week, from December 7 to 11, in Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará, Brazil.


Applications until 21 November.

Applications until 28 November.