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CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Call

Deadline: January 9, 2023

Film Submission for 2023

Films for CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz 2023 can be submitted from September 16, 2022 onwards. More information, rules & regulations and a link to the entry form will then be available on this page.

The upcoming festival edition will take place from 26 April till 1 May 2023. Deadline for film submissions for all program sections (European feature films, documentaries and Local Artists) is January 9, 2023

Please address questions related to the film submission to


European Films

European films (feature-length fiction or documentary films – (minimum length: 60 minutes; no short films!) produced in 2022/2023 can be submitted. We are looking for innovative European films, which reflect current political and social realities of Europe‘s changing societies. CROSSING EUROPE wants to trace a cinema that tells of regional peculiarities and different conditions for living on this continent. We aim to open up new cinematic territories, which are underrepresented in the everyday movie business.

What is considered a “European Film”?
According to the Crossing Europe Festival regulations, a film is considered “European” if it was (co-)produced in one of the countries of the continent. In addition, the plot of the film should tell stories from, related to or about Europe.