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DEADLINE: 30. Nov, 2021

DEADLINE: 30. Nov, 2021

Open Call for the production of Art & Science projects

Key dates

Call: From September 10th to November 30th, 2021.

Deadline: November 30th 2021 (11:59:59pm CET)

Announcement of the winning proposals: February 2022.


Da Vinci Labs will be a multi-disciplinary research centre, harmoniously and artistically integrated with its surroundings in the Touraine region of France, which combines three residential blocks and three non-residential laboratories in an avant-garde sustainable complex. This project aims to reconcile technological innovation with sustainable development by creating physical spaces allowing all stakeholders (citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers, industrial and decision-makers) to experiment with technologies that can address the major societal problems of our era.

In the spirit of its founding philosophy, Da Vinci Labs is launching LEONARDO REBOOTED, a grant to support the production of Art & Science projects. Aimed to artists and artistic collectives who produce ground-breaking artworks at the intersection of Art and Science.

Da Vinci Labs aims to engage critical contemporary issues and topics, and promote the experimentation and innovation of Art & Science practices.

The only restriction of this production is that the final projects must be presented in digital or video format, in other words, projects that do not require a physical location.

All entrants, by virtue of their participation, fully accept the following rules of contest.


This year’s submission categories are:

Artificial Intelligence and Quantum:

Artificial intelligence (AI) has performed breathtaking feats over the past few years. From the shockingly inventive strategy used by AlphaGo to defeat the world champion in the ancient game of Go to the eerily human-like texts produced by GPT-3, there is no doubt that  AI has reached new heights. Now, a new computing paradigm is coming of age—quantum computing (QC).  With QC, we’ll be able to tackle enormously complex problems with a gentle environmental footprint. Together, AI and QC will usher in a new computation revolution, allowing us to solve the unsolvable. 

Synthetic Biology:

We have reached a new level of understanding of biology’s basic principles. Now, we can redesign biological devices and systems to harness their unique capabilities for solving some of humanity’s critical challenges. The field of synthetic biology opens exciting avenues for human endeavour and invites reflection on questions about life and our relationship with nature. 


– This call is open to applicants of any age, country and nationality.

– Entries will be submitted exclusively by email to

– Download and fill out the application form HERE

– Attach a single pdf (maximum 5 MB) to describe your project proposal

– Please state “Category – Artist Name” (for example: ‘Synthetic Biology – Artist Name), as the subject of the email.

– The application must be written in English.

– The project must be presented through digital formats (ex. video, photo, animation, videogame, website, sound, etc).

– Only one project is eligible per applicant, however, the applicant can submit in both categories.

– The final stage of both projects will be presented at Leonardo’s birthday anniversary (April 15th).

– Both projects must be completed by May 2022.

– No entry or administration fee is required to submit your application


  1. The selected proposal in each of the two categories will receive a total sum of €5,000 (split in two payments)
  2. Applicable VAT/taxes, if any, are included in the fee described above
  3. The grant should cover the artist fee and production costs.
  4. The selected projects will manage the production directly, presenting a series of reports to the organization.


Da Vinci Labs LEONARDO REBOOTED is a creation of Da Vinci Labs.


Da Vinci Labs LEONARDO REBOOTED is curated and coordinated by QUO ARTIS Foundation.