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DEADLINE: May 15, 2021

DEADLINE: May 15, 2021


Il Varco s.r.l.s organizes the 8th edition of PRISMA Art Prize, an art prize that takes place every three months online with cash award, that will end with an annual group exhibition at the end of the fourth edition of the same year at Atelier Montez in Rome, with some of the artists that took place in the quarterly editions, chosen by the art direction.

This will be the last edition of the second year. The date of the exhibition will be communicated in due time.

We are looking for paintings, drawings, graphic art and engravings of any size and on any support. The call for entries is open to every artist without limitations of age, place and country of origin.

The submission has a fee of € 25 and it allows the submission of up to three works. However is possible to submit 5 more artworks paying an addiction of 5€ for each further work. You can submit directly on the website and you can pay through Stripe or PayPal. The upload of the pictures of all your works must be done inside the form. In 48 hours from the submission your work will be judged by our artistic direction, that will communicate whether one of the submitted works will be finalist in the competition or not.

All the finalists will be put in the on-line gallery forever and they will compete for the quarterly award of € 500 and for the service’s prizes given by our partners Biafarin inc. and Vivivacolors. They will also be in consideration for the annual exhibition.

Art.2 – SELECTION DISCLAIMER (PRISMA ART PRIZE 16/02/2021- 14/05/2021)

Participation in the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of the Rules and of the judgment of the Artistic Commission regarding the admission of the works to the final stage and regarding the selection of the winning works. The competition includes, after a pre-selection, the selection of an open number of finalists among which the winning work will be chosen. As part of the competition an exhibition event will be held and will see exposed some of the finalist artists of the 4 quarterly editions of this second year; the assignment of the 1st prize in money, of the “Vivivacolors Prize” and of the three “Biafarin Prizes” every three months. The exhibition of finalist works will take place in Rome at Atelier Montez on a date to be established in 2021.


The competition prize is open to all living artists without limits of age, sex, nationality and culture.


Interested artists can register by ​14 May 2021 directly ​online​, via the form that can be filled out at the link:


The evaluation of the works will be carried out by an artistic jury (meet our jurors here ​​) ​. Within 48 hours from registration / receipt of the works, the artist will be notified of the inclusion/exclusion from the finalist stage, which allows them to remain in competition for the quarterly prizes (Cash Prize, Vivivacolors Prize and three Biafarin Prizes) and annual exposure and which involves the indefinite inclusion in the online gallery on the website The artistic direction has the possibility to select an indefinite number of finalists and the winning work will be chosen among them. As already indicated in the Art. 2 Conditions and selection, the jury’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Art. 6- AWARDS

The € 500 prize​, the “​Viviva Colors prize​”and the three “​Biafarin Prizes​” will be awarded to one of the finalist artists of the edition. The winner will be announced by May 31 th 2021.

A cash withholding tax of 22% will be made on the prize money as tax. The awarding of cash prizes to the authors of the works has the nature of work performance compensation. All the participating works, first prizes and finalists will remain the property of the Artists.

The Biafarin prize “Blue package”​ consists on one Blue Annual Artist Development package (more info on ​​)

The Biafarin “Online exhibiition” Award consists of a three-month online personal exhibition on the Biafarin platform

The Biafarin “Website” award consists in the development and maintenance of a bi-lingual website for the artist for a year

1st classified: Cash prize + Interview on our website (​​/)
2nd classified: Viviva Colors Prize + interview on our website
Biafarin prize’s winners will be chosen by Biafarin Inc. between the edition’s finalists.

The Viviva Colors prize​ is established by our partner “Viviva Colors ” and consists of a Watercolor Gift Set. ​(​​)

One artist per month will be selected by the president of the jury for an interview that will be published on the website and on social networks together with those of the winners.

The payment of the amounts relating to the cash prizes will be made within 90 days from the announcement of the winners.


The Artistic director will select a number of artists among the finalists of the four quarterly editions for the organization of a collective exhibition in Rome at Atelier Montez, which will take place in 2021. This selection will be announced by by 31 August 2021. The date is still to be established and will be communicated with adequate advance on the website by updating the call for entires. The selected works will in any case be contacted by the staff and will receive adequate communication regarding every detail. The preparation and organization of the exhibition indicated above will be organized by the Cultural Association Il Varco. Transport costs (round trip) and insurance of the works will be at the expense and care of the individual artists. The exhibitions shown above are inclusive of preparation, press releases by the organization. The works will remain the property of the artists.

On the occasion of the collective Il Varco will directly agree with the artists the commissions on the possible sales.


May 14th, 2021​, will be the last day to submit for the award. By the ​31 May 2021 ​we will proclaim the winner of the quarterly award. By the ​31th August 2021​, the protagonists of the annual exhibition that will take place in the months to follow will be selected.


The registration fee, to partially cover organization costs, is set at Euro 25 with a maximum number of three works. However is possible to submit 5 more artworks paying an addiction of 5€ for each further work. The prices are the following:

1-3 artworks: 25€ 4 artworks: 30€
5 artworks: 35€
6 artworks: 40€

7 artworks: 45€ 8 artworks: 50€

Payment of the registration fee must be made in Euros, without bank fees or commissions charged to the Organization. The registration fee is not refundable. Payment of the registration fee can be made directly via the registration form on the website at the link: