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Hidden Garden Games OPEN CALL

DEADLINE: Mar. 15, 2021

DEADLINE: Mar. 15, 2021

Hidden Garden announces its third open call. We decided that it is time to reach a new level of communication with gardens and invite artists to take part in this.

In our new project Hidden Garden Games, the artists themselves will interact with space. This can be done in any form – the “game” has only a few rules:

  1. You choose the space with which (or where) you want to work, and it must contain some natural aspect – plants, trees, flowers, etc.;
  2. The choice of space must be conscious – it must mean something to you, touch you, surprise, etc.;
  3. The medium you will work with is also up to your choice, but it is important for us that your work is meaningful in the context of space;
  4. The selected location must be available to you for the implementation of the project.

Leaving physical space behind and going online, it often seems that we are getting rid of those familiar boundaries that circumstances build around us. At the same time, it is difficult for us to imagine a world where there are no boundaries, and we ourselves begin to build them anew. In our case, such boundaries are a specific place, a garden where an exhibition takes place, and a theme of the exposition. This time we decided to experiment and explore the boundaries of the virtual. We are ready to give the artists full freedom to implement their projects. And yet, it is difficult for a person to exist in a world without limitations, so we all have to adhere to the rules that are described above.

In order to join our experiment, fill out the attached form and tell us about your project and the place you have chosen to implement it.

No application fees. No review of artworks submitted.

15.03.2021 – deadline for submissions 15.05.2021 – finalization of the list of participants June 2021 – opening of the exhibition

Curators: Ksenia Kasko, Anastasia Senozatskaya, Kristina Syrchikova

If you have questions about your submission, please contact us: hidethegarden [at] gmail [dot] com

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