Calls Contest Deadline 12/2020 English Photography Prize / Award


Sink or Swim!
Photography Contest

We would like to present you the prizes you can win if you participate in our Sink or Swim! Photography Contest on Instagram:

  1. PRIZE: Soria Moria by Ronny Rønning + Mentoring Session

Not since WW2 have more people been on the run than now, and in the media we have seen an endless number of pictures of refugees in boats on the Mediterranean, in overcrowded refugee camps in Greece and Italy, wandering through Europe and waiting in queues at border crossings. While these images have been important in raising our awareness of the extent of the refugee crisis, refugees are often presented only as a number, a cost, a problem – which threatens our society, our culture, our way of life.
In Soria Moria, Ronny Rønning tries to go behind the general media coverage, meet individual people, give them a face and tell their stories as they try to create a new life in a country that is both geographically and culturally far away from their own home countries.

2. PRIZE: The book of sand by María Primo + Mentoring Session

“The Book of Sand” tells the story of the Dune of Valdevaqueros as a metaphor of the absurd will of humanity to dominate nature, while remaining separate from her. It presents a multifaceted approach which delves into the social, environmental and political facts that led to the formation of the dune, relating it to philosophical questions. It’s a local history that takes place in Punta Paloma (Tarifa, Spain) – an idyllic enclave in the Strait of Gibraltar, just 14 km away from Africa – where the dune originated as a result of the military intervention which took place in 1939, at the end of the Spanish Civil War. This operation radically changed the physiognomy  of the area and generated long-term environmental and social consequences that remain to be resolved. The dune has been witness of stories of the military, frontiers, wars, deaths, climate change, immigration, oblivion, environmental degradation, which are all interconnected.

3. PRIZE: Some of You Killed Luisa by Valeria Cherchi + 50% off voucher for Mentoring Session

In Some of You Killed Luisa, Valeria Cherchi (IT) attempts to decode the complex structure of the kidnapping phenomenon that has crossed her homeland, the Italian island of Sardinia. Between the 1960s and the 1990s almost 200 people were kidnapped for ransom.

On the 16th of June 1992 the upper part of a human ear is found by a priest on a mountainous road in Barbagia, central Sardinia, while a young boy, Farouk Kassam, is spending his fifth month in a hidden cave. He is held captive by a group of masked strangers. He is only six years old and about the same age as Cherchi. Like most kids, she was also terrified of being taken away from her home.

How to tell a story bound by uncertainty? How to talk about histories that are just partially ended and shrouded in silence? Cherchi is one of the few artists to deal with this dark chapter of Sardinian history by exploring the parts of the story that appear reliable. After several years of field research, interaction with local communities, digging of media archives and her family’s video tapes she presents a kaleidoscopic story mixing photos, video stills and a log of her research, where memories, sociological and anthropological observations wittily mingle. 

4. PRIZE: The first issue of Over Journal & Issue 106 of European Photography Magazine.

5. PRIZE: The first issue of Over Journal & Issue 106 of European Photography Magazine.  

6.-10. PRIZE: The first issue of Over Journal

Come on mates, get your pictures ready to sail away!! ⛵️

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Title photograph © Verónica Losantos