Calls Deadline 08/2020

Back to the streets, shop windows Exhibition. DEADLINE: AUG. 2


Theme: Back to the streets
Place: shop windows of Algorta, Getxo
Collaborators: Algortako dendak and Basque Government


Game Over, by Emilio Nasser. Popular participation 2019

The popular participation of GETXOPHOTO is a space open to people, professional or amateur, who would like to participate in the Festival sending their potos about the theme proposed in each edition. The result of it is a diverse and rich mix of styles.

This call revolves around the theme Back to the streets, that is, how to return to normal life after the confinement to which we have been subected due to Covid-19. We are looking for images related to the uses of the public space as an updated place for meeting, enjoyment, play or protest. We want each participant to send us what it is considered to be the best image in relation to these ideas.

Everyone. All those who wish may participate: interested, amateur or professional photographers, sending only one image per participant. If you are a child, with the permission of your parents.

To participate you have to fill out the registration form and send your image to The photograph must be a file in .jpg format with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 682 pixels and a minimum weight of 2 MB.

All the photographs received will be edited in a video that can be seen on the web during the entire month of the Festival and 41 of them (selected by the organization according to the suitability of the format and place of exhibition) will be displayed in the windows of some Algortako Dendak shops: Adore, Algorta Centro Veterinario, Amaren, Amets, Bea Moda y Complementos, Berezi, Calzados Vito 52, Centro Diétetico, Cerebrito Pérez, Conformata, Croissanterie Getxo, Eko Denda, Ferretería Elorri, Flores Arantza, Foto Ricardo, Fresa Decoración, Her, Ilestimakeup, Iñaki Bi, Irati, Kala, Kantxa Kirol Moda, Librería Itxas Ikus, Librería Zugatzarte, Mabe, Mercería Maite Lencería, Mi mundo de azúcar, Next, Óptica Algorta, Oso, Peke Shoes, Peluquería Itziar Olabarria, Peluquería Marsun, Reformas Mareva, Snoopy, Supersonido, Teima, Tuink, Uranga Moda, Ytaluca, Zapatería Vázquez.

As a novelty in this edition, the Algortako Dendak Association will select the one that it considers as the best photograph made by an author from Getxo and will award a prize consisting of a € 100 voucher to be consumed among the participating shops of the association.

In addition, for second consecutive year a guide will be published where the selected images and the shops where they will be placed will appear.

The deadline for receiving images is from June 24 to August 02, 2020 The winners will be published on Thursday, August 10, 2020

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