LITTLE BIG PRESS. NEW CALL FOR ENTRIES. Deadline: September 1st., 2015

Little big press >  The book’s space
Imagine a book as a project, as a story, as an object
Curated by 3/3

Little big press is a project started in 2010: a series of exhibitions, a travelling library and  bookshop devoted to self- and indipendent photobooks. The first exhibitions tooks stock of the most interesting publications both in Italy and abroad, and contributed spreading in Italy the photobook culture and events where photobooks were conceived as art objects. Little big press then deepened the research through setting up strategies the aim of which was to underline the peculiarities of the book form, the publishers and book designers role, the questions connected on the one hand to the layout and materials and on the other to the photographic project narrative dimension.

FotoGrafia – festival internazionale di Roma, 2015
Call for entries:

3 ingredients:

– 1 photobook

-1 photographer

– 1 book designer

5 questions:

The book as a project:

1 F: Which are the 5 indispensable pictures for this book?

BD: What is the framed structure of this book?

2 F: How did you choose your book designer?

BD: What was your approach to get into the photographic project?

3  F / BD: How did you develop the work on the book?

The book as a story:

4  BD: Which narrative slant did you choose for this book and why?

F: What’s the difference between the book and the photographic project slant?

The book as an object

5  BD: How did you choose the materials and the kind of printing?

F: How the materials’ choices are connected to the photographic project?

7 selected works:

On the occasion of FotoGrafia 2015, “The Present”, Little big press* focuses on 7 books published between 2014 and 2015 investigating their peculiarities through an exhibition both in horizontal and vertical plane, engaging in a dialogue both the photographic project and the book object, the designer’s and the photographer’s work.

The setting up will be integrated with brief interviews with photographers and designers and enriched by the presence of the book itself, of elements such as inserts, covers, the first dummies realized or materials that inspired the different stages of the book project and making.

Download here the application form!

There’s time to participate up to September 1st., 2015

20 book among the most interesting proposed will be on show beside the 7 selected books.

The books will become part of Little big press library, available for consultation and used in future exhibitions.


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