OPEN CALL FOR ARTIST: ​The Penitentiary: Battery Project

The Penitentiary: Battery Project is holding an open call for local artists for its August 1st opening.

They are looking for artists who are interested in transforming Patarei Prison, located in Tallinn, Estonia, while still reflecting upon the space’s past.

The Penitentiary is a collaborative umbrella project by artists Marina Andrijcic-Ojeda and Catarina Ferreira. Under this title the artists will operate a series of independent, site-specific art exhibitions to take place in abandoned war-era prisons throughout Eastern Europe. They will create personal works as well as curate that of other international artists to instill an open dialogue of national memory through creative action. With this unity of worldwide culture, the project will explore what it means to be democratic; to possess the privilege of free speech; to live a life where expression is encouraged and government is overtaken by the hands of those who thrive in these same freedoms.
As a span of dictators and regimes have occupied this region for hundreds of years, in present day the project will shed light on each prison’s overhead political history concurrent to its state of physical abandon. By hosting this series in the very prisons haunted by the Communist era, The Penitentiary will gain first-hand experience of the aftermath impacting nearby communities and their landscapes. The project invites the community to reconnect with these reinvented spaces and introduces the use and availability of unrestricted public art as a means of closure and new purpose.

The Battery Project is The Penitentiary’s first exhibition and will take place at Patarei Prison, located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The Battery Project will accompany Estonia’s upcoming art scene to expand creative action.

With largely-projected videos obscuring intimacies of human relationships and the spaces they are shown, experimental sound installations moving through echoing rooms, dangling sheets of paper casting shadows of hand-cut pattern, and angular light sculptures illuminating colored air, The Battery Project will showcase the contrasting translations of Patarei’s history from the hands and minds of multiple artists.

In addition, The Penitentiary will host a program of supporting events to coincide with the exhibition. These events will offer public engagement, education and entertainment to Tallinn’s community with featured screenings, interactive installation, opening and closing receptions and beyond.

For more info:

All mediums are encouraged to apply, but preference will be given to sculptural installations..


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