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Workshop with Cristina de Middel & Ricardo Cases in India. Deadline: May 20, 2014

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Shooting, Editing and Photo-book Making with Cristina de Middel and Ricardo Cases in Mussoorie

The recent success of the Spanish photobook has produced much curiosity and a quest for the reasons for this development. In addition to the international prizes for books by Spanish authors and their success on the market, one of the leading figures of the photobook-movement (if there is one), Martin Parr, has recently spoken of a “new generation of Spanish photographers that has to be taken into account.”
Since four or five years, the number of Spanish photobooks has exploded and we can find excellent works, often self-published or published by micro publishers, such as Ricardo Cases’ Fiesta Editions. Cristina de Middel’s The Afronauts, a fictional documentation of the Zambian space program in the 1960s, has been shown more than 25 times all over the planet, and the sold-out first edition now has a market value of more than a thousand euros.
From this point of view, one could speak of a very healthy state of photography in Spain, maybe even of a new generation of Spanish photographers who has managed to use the photobook as a vehicle to become known internationally. Cristina de Middel and Ricardo Cases will give two parallel, yet intertwining workshops on the themes “Documenting fiction” and “Fotoziti”.

Cristina de Middel: Documenting fiction (4 days)
Ricardo Cases: Fotoziti (4 days)
Complimentary Editing Workshop and Portfolio Review by Moritz Neumüller and Manik Katyal
The workshops will be held in Mussoorie  from 19th to 22nd June, 2014, as a joint project of EMAHO Magazine and the IED Madrid.

The workshop is addressed to both students and professionals in the field of photography: Photographers, book designers, artists in the Photography or Publishing Sector. Graduates or students of Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communications,Publicity, Journalism, Art History, or Humanities who want to specialize in the theory and practice of Fine Art Photography and Photobooks.
The purpose of the workshop is to educate photographers about the possibility of disseminating and exhibiting their work through the physical medium of photobooks.

Dates: June 19-22nd June, 2014.
Location for both the workshops: Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India

Minimum Seats required for  each workshop – 9
Maximum seats for each workshop– 14
Tuition fee: Rs. 30,000 / $500 / 350 Euros
Application Deadline – 20th May, 2014

Please Note
•Chosen applicants will be notified by 23rd May, 2014
•Fees and costs must be paid in advance by 30th May, 2014
•Chosen participants are expected to bear their own travel and stay costs.
Please note that your final participation is subject to realization of fees and is non-refundable.
Please note that the participation in either workshop can be validated as 2 ECTS credits of the following courses at IED Madrid:
International Photobook Course (Sept 2014 – Jan 2015)
European Master of Fine Art Photography (April 2015 – March 2016)
One Year Introduction to Photography (Oct 2014 – July 2015)
Contemporary Art Photography (Oct 2014 – Jan 2015)

Send an email to MANIKKATYAL@EMAHOMAGAZINE.COM with “WORKSHOP APPLICATION: From visual narrative to book: Crafting a handmade photobook” written in the subject line, and attach the following:
20 to 30 low-resolution JPEG photos. Bodies of work / projects are preferred.
(Please note that each photo should be 800 pixels on the longer side saved in a zip folder. Maximum size of the zip folder should not be more than 5 MB.) Also:
•A brief description of your project (not more than 300 words)
•A CV or a short biography

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—-Versión en español (English Version below)—-

Los docentes Cristina de Middel y Ricardo Cases impartirán talleres de photobook en India

Maestros de la fotografía como Martin Parr, docente en European Master of Fine Art Photography, y reconocidas publicaciones coinciden en destacar a una nueva generación de fotógrafos españoles que está revolucionando la disciplina a nivel internacional. Este éxito ha despertado la curiosidad de la publicación india Emaho Magazine que, junto al IED Madrid, ha organizado unos talleres sobre photobook en la ciudad de Mussoorie que serán impartidos por Ricardo Cases, tutor del European Master of Fine Art Photography y director del Master of Professional Photography, y por Cristina de Middel, reconocida fotógrafa y docente en los dos másteres.
Del 19 al 22 de junio de Middel, a través del workshop Documenting fiction, y Cases, desde Fotoziti, acercarán a estudiantes y fotógrafos profesionales el concepto del photobook como una nueva forma de exhibir y difundir su trabajo. Los participantes podrán asistir también a un taller de edición, donde Moritz Neumüller, director del Área de IED Fotografía, y Manik Katyal, fundador de Emaho Magazine, les asesorarán sobre sus portfolios.
Desde hace cuatro o cinco años el número de photobooks creados por fotógrafos españoles ha crecido enormemente, tanto los autoeditados como los publicados por pequeñas editoriales como Ediciones Fiesta de Ricardo Cases. Algunos de estos proyectos han tenido un sonoro éxito como The Afronauts, un documental ficticio realizado por Cristina de Middel sobre el programa espacial de Zambia en los años sesenta, que ya ha sido expuesto más de 25 veces en todo el mundo.

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