Photoreporter Festival Call. Deadline: Mar 17, 2014

The third edition of the International Festival Photoreporter in the Baie of Saint
Brieuc launches its call for applications. The festival continues its desire to help
produce photo documentaries that show our world in its diversity, hence
applicants are completely free to choose their thematic.
The artistic director of the coming edition of the Photoreporter festival in the
Baie of Saint Brieuc is Marc Prüst, photography consultant and specialist in
photographic storytelling.
The winning photographers will receive a grant that corresponds to their
proposed budgets, between the amounts of 5 000 and 10 000 euro. The budgets
should be detailed per post including the fees for the photographer.
The festival will produce and finance the prints for the exhibitions. Once
selected, the photographers will have until mid July to create their reportage so
that their projects can be exhibited during the festival from Saturday 11 October
to Sunday 2 November 2014.
The production and realization of these photographic projects is the result of a
mobilization of private enterprises who have created together a collective fund (a
so-called Fond de Dotation) to support Photoreporter in Baie of Saint Brieuc.

Photoreporter Call PDF

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