Artist residences in the sunny middle of nowhere. Open for applications

If you need some time off, to create, produce or “just” to think, consider this artistic residency in Portugal.
Micaela Ferreira, the artitic director defines the project this way: “Arterra is a private multidisciplinary rural artistic residency in north/central Portugal. We are placed in a very green and quiet village with privileged connections between the local community and Tondela the nearst city (5kms). Artists can apply to our residency contacting by email ( and sending the requested materials and application forms.”

To learn more about us Arterra, check ou their website,blog and facebook pages:

or contact directly with

ARTErra Residências Rurais Artísticas

Micaela Ferreira
Skype: Arterraportugal

Before bombarding them with inquieries, please have a look at the FAQ section, where they explain most of the details, such as installations, duration (3 days to 6 months), and so forth;

Over and out.


One thought on “Artist residences in the sunny middle of nowhere. Open for applications”

  1. If you like this kind of artistic retreat, have a look at the following, also:

    Meditation Artistic Retreat

    This fellowship will bring together twenty-five Artists from all around the world with different backgrounds and specialties in a two-week Artistic and Meditation Retreat which aim to educate, encourage and inspire these Artists through meditation, as well as exploring and understanding themselves. Afterwards, they will have the opportunity to help spreading the benefits and positive effects of meditation and self-development into their communities and around the world through their art and creativity.

    The I Meditation Artistic Retreat will take place from January 14th to 27th, 2014 at the Mooktawan sanctuary, a stunning picturesque location situated on the top of one of the islands on Thailand’s Southern Coast. It will consist of a two-week meditation and self-discipline training, where the participants will be guided into meditation by the Teaching Monks four times a day, including self-development activities, connecting cultures and ethics lessons.

    As closing event of the Retreat, it will be held an exhibition for invited guests with the finest selected works presented by the Artists in a circuit within the Sanctuary installations. Furthermore, three days after the Retreat ends, the Artists will star the opening ceremony of the Peace Revolution Art Gallery in Bangkok, where their artworks developed during the Meditation Retreat will be exhibit.

    Later on, there will be a permanent online exhibition, in the shape of a dynamic website that will store and offer a database with all Artists as well as their artworks developed under Peace Revolution’s Sponsorship. It will mean a great opportunity for the Artists to promote their work, achieve global recognition and push up their careers.

    The online application process will open on 15th August and the deadline for applying to participate in I Meditation Artistic Retreat will be 15th September.

    The Scholarship includes:

    – Full or partial sponsoring of airfare*.
    – Partial sponsoring of artistic working tools and materials.
    – Free accommodation.
    – Free catering.
    – Free local transportation.
    – Free meditation retreat fee.

    Everyone is welcome to join the fellowship. But to be eligible for the partial sponsoring of airfare, candidates must be between 18-30 years old.

    Elegibily Criteria:

    Artists from all around the world, different backgrounds and practicing any artistic discipline are encouraged to apply and participate in the self-development program, the first step towards taking part in the I Artistic Meditation Retreat in Thailand, January 2014.
    – Artists from any age above 18 are welcome to apply.
    – Candidates must complete the 35 days online self-development program before the 30th November. Please kindly note that in order to submit the application form, candidates do not need to have completed the online self-development program.
    – Candidates must have completed at least one online Special Ops.
    – Candidates have good proficiency in written and spoken English language.
    – Candidates have confidence on their artistic skills and they are enthusiastic to share their art with the world, whatever the discipline is.
    – Candidates believe a better world is possible and feel they have the chance of using their artworks to send messages of hope and kindness to the world.
    – Candidates should be optimistic, open-minded, show leadership potential, and have a genuine interest in peace.

    After completing the self-development program and Special Ops, the Peace Revolution selection committee will make an interview appointment based on your performance, artistic portfolio and motivation statement. There is no need to write a request for an interview. If you are qualified, we will contact you by ourselves.

    Should you need more information about the fellowship programs in Thailand, please contact

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