Back to Life, Back to Reality (Ready for Autumn)

Welcome back from vacations! Now that your shore leave is over and we are all in the same boat again, let’s have a look at opportunities for visual artists and curators, starting as of today. Switch on the background music from Sould II Soul and let’s get moooovin’.

Now, I am sure you will have some preferences of how to look for Grants, Prizes and Calls, but maybe some of these starting points are new for you. And if you know some good ones to add, please leave a comment or write to me.

Let’s get started with some general ones: If you are based in Latin America or want to go there with a stipend or grant, have a look at It operates on the whole continent and is a great ressource. For artists’ mobility in Europe, check On-AiR Mobility. Artists-in-Residence programs around the world can be found best on Res Artis and Trans Artists, other useful sites are AIR World Guide, Artists Communities, and Japan’s AIR programs.

Deadline reminders, such as and artservis, both located in Central Eastern Europe, are very useful and highly recommended.

Some of the current postings of the Curator Ship are the Call for Warsaw Photo Days’ Open Programme  under the theme ‘CLASH’ (Deadline Sept 5); the Scholarships for the European Master of Fine Art Photography (and two more courses, on Photobooks and on Professional Photography) in Madrid, with Deadline Sept. 17; and the 8th International Arte Laguna Prize, in Venice, dedicated to contemporary visual art (Deadline: Oct. 30).

There is really no excuse for not getting back on your feet… but please always hold on to the guard rail, so you don’t fall over board.

Have a great start into the fall! Your Captain.


One thought on “Back to Life, Back to Reality (Ready for Autumn)”

  1. I just discovered Jasmine DeFoore’s Photo Contests and Grants Calendar (
    According to this list, the next photo contests are:

    BJP International Photography Award
    FotoVisura Grant

    American Photo Images of the Year (not sure if it’s happening again this year)
    Terry O’Neill Award
    Unicef Photo of the Year International Award (by nomination)

    Aftermath Project
    American Photography
    Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar Contest
    Magenta Flash Forward

    Hasselblad Masters Awards
    The Julia Margaret Cameron Award for female photographer s

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