Athens Photo Festival accepts proposals from artists, curators and organisations. Deadline: July 13, 2013

The Hellenic Centre for Photography invites submissions for the Athens Photo Festival 2013. We accept proposals from established or emerging artists, galleries, curators and organisations world-wide, in all areas of contemporary photography practice and forms, ranging from art and documentary photography to photographic installations, film and video.

The selected projects will be presented in the upcoming Αthens Photo Festival, which takes place in Athens during the months of October and November. The submission deadline is 31 July 2013.

Submission categories
There are two categories for submission:
Photography (still images only)

Each year, the festival focuses on a specific theme, encompassing photography, multimedia, talks, performances and research. This year’s festival theme intends to explore the concept of “Fluid Identities” in the context of the constantly changing state of today’s world, both physical and metaphorical, and on all its reflections, on environments, people, societies and cultures, investigating their changing boundaries. Considering the role of photography as a tool for documentation and expression, this thematic framework brings together a variety of projects, combining a social awareness with an aesthetic dimension. Each proposal should contain a series of 8-12 images. These works can be about “Fluid Identities” in its wider interpretation or work unrelated to this year’s festival theme.

There are two ways in which you as an artist, curator or organisation may submit:
• Online submision through the online form along with your images and/or video web links. Submit online here.
• Submission by post or courier (at the sender’s expense). Please download the form (here) and sent it along with their images and/or video work (digital format or links).

Before submitting, please read the Guidelines for Submission, as it contains all details required for applying

For any general queries about submissions, please contact the Hellenic Centre for Photography by e-mail at or phone at +30 210 9211 750 (Monday to Friday 10:00-16:00, EET / Standard GMT+2).0:00-16:00, EET / Standard GMT+2).


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